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Page 42 Married.] J.B TREVANION, Esq. of Caerhays, Cornwall, to Susannah, second daughter of Sir F. BURDETT, Bart. M.P. At North Shoebury, Essex, Captain OAKLEY, of the 20th Regiment of Infantry, to Lydia Anne, only daughter of T. COMMINS, Esq. of Bodmin, in the county of Cornwall.

Page 43 There has been a partial rising of the workmen at some of the mines in the neighbourhood of Saint Austell, in order to prevent the shipment of wheat at Fowey; but being met by some of the neighbouring gentlemen, who reasoned with them on the folly and evil tendency of their conduct, they were induced to return to their work. Measures are being taken to send petitions to the House of Commons from different parts of this county, praying for a reform in Parliament.


Page 91 CORNWALL The Fishermen of the parish of Paul, near Penzance, have been thrown into a state of agitation by the demands of the leasees of the fish-tithe to which they are liable. The poor men have not been at all successful, and are many of them in want of bread for their children; and they declare they are wholly unable to pay the demand, which they assert is exhorbitant. They were lately visited by a solicitor, who came to enforce the propriety of compliance with the demand of the tithe-holders, but he was roughly handled, and was glad to escape with his clothes torn from his back. A few weeks since, a bailiff went to Mousehole to serve writs relative to the tithe, when he was surrounded by the women; he pulled out a pistol to intimidate them, but it was soon taken from him and thrown into the sea, and almost all his clothes torn off. He was glad to escape towards Newlyn, but here fresh disasters awaited him, as the women rose and belaboured him so severely that he was scarcely able to reach home. The fishermen have resolved to resist every attempt to enforce more than the usual sum; they have prepared for battle, and have posted placards with the following words:- "It is better to die than starve. No tithe; we will die first, one and all." How the affair will end is uncertain.


Page 140 CORNWALL A county meeting was held lately, at Bodmin, petition the Legislature for a Reform of Parliament. The meeting was addressed by Mr. PENDARVES, M.P. and several of the most influential gentlemen of the county. Lately, about three hundred miners of St. Just entered Penzance in a body, and proceeded to the quay there, for the purpose of a quantity of barley then in course of shipment by Messrs. BRANWELL and Sons. The two resident magistrates of the town, Robert RICHARDS and Edward Collins GIDDY, Esqrs., with several of the inhabitants, repaired to the quay, when they found that the shippers had promised they would not export the corn, which was accordingly taken back to the warehouses. This measure completely satisfied the miners, and they returned at once to their homes.

Before the appearance of this body of men in the town, no intimation whatsoever was given of their intentions, and the magistrates instantly, as a matter of precaution, swore in about forty special constables, who were prepared, with the inhabitants, to have resisted the slightest attempt at violence. Had not the miners immediately dispersed, the Riot Act would have been read, and measures taken to secure the public peace: happily these measures were not necessary.

In consequence of the assemblage of the stream-tinners and miners, before stated, the Royal Cornwall Militia, at Bodmin, have received notice to hold themselves in readiness to march at a moment's notice, should their assistance be necessary, which we trust and believe will not be the case.


Page 188 CORNWALL The Trustees of the Truro roads have completed their improvements upon the great mail line, by means of which several very dangerous hills have been avoided and the distance considerably lessened; this will, without doubt, give very general satisfaction.


Page 236 Births Deaths Marriages Died.] At Pendennis Castle, the lady of G. Hall, Esq. Storekeeper of the Ordnance Department.

No 'Occurences' entry for Cornwall in May.


CORNWALL The quantity of ore sold in Cornwall, in the Quarter ending the 30th of December, 1830, was 36,137 tons, producing 3000 tons 11 cwt. of copper; the average produce of the ore in copper, was 8 1/4 per cent.; the total value of the ore was 209,903l. and the Average Standard was 100l. 18s.


No BMD entry for Cornwall in July.

Page 379 CORNWALL An important improvement in the fitting of steam-vessels is now in progress, under the direction of Captain KING, R.N., the superintendent of his Majesty's packets at Falmouth. The vessel selected is his Majesty's steamer Echo, which is now undergoing the necessary alterations in the Royal Dock-yard at Devonport. The principal alteration is the substitution of the Cornish cylindrical boilers in the place of the square ones now in use, by which safety, economy, space and comfort, will be obtained. In the first place, these boilers are much cheaper, and less bulky than the square ones. The square boilers, at the utmost, cannot bear more than 6 lb. on the inch, and are seldom worked at more than 1 1/2lb; the cylindrical boilers will bear 100 lb on the inch, but it is proposed to work them at only 15 lb. on the expansive system peculiar to Cornwall. In the next place, there will be a saving of fuel to the extent of one-third, if not one-half; consequently a vessel will be able to keep at sea a much longer time more than she can possibly do. There will also be a saving of many tons weight of water, &c., the new boilers not requiring near so much as the old; and thus room will be procured for the better accomodation of the crew and passengers.


Page 426 No entry for Cornwall in September.


Page 468 CORNWALL There is now raising, from a mine in the parish of Budock, a new and peculiar mineral; it has been assayed at the Commercial Assay Office, Redruth, and a hundred ounces of silver to the ton, and twenty-six per cent. of fine copper, were obtained from the same sample. This mineral ought to call the attention of the chemists of the neighbourhood. Tolgue mine still continues to give upwards of 3000l. per month profit. Tresavean very rich.

Very large quantities of Pilchards have been secured at different points along both coasts of this county. At New-quay, near Padstow, upwards of 3000 hogsheads have been taken, great quantities of which have been sold to the inhabitants of the neighbouring parishes. In some places the quantity of fish taken is so great, that it is with difficulty cellar-room can be procured for saving them.


Page 508 No entry for Cornwall in November.


Page 549 No entry for Cornwall in December.

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