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New Monthly Magazine 1816 Vol V From January to July

compiled and transcribed by Sue Dent, OPC for Lansallos

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At Padstow, Lieut. DENSTAN, R.N. to Susan, youngest daughter of the late Hoblyn PETER, esq. of Percothan. At Launceston, Mr. T.F. MORGAN, to Miss ROSS.


At Camborne, Wm. HARRIS, esq. who is supposed to have died worth more than 200,000. He has left only one child, a daughter, unmarried.At Falmouth, Mr. BAKER, late surgeon in his majesty's packet service. - Francis, infant son of Mr. Rob. SYMONS. - John GWENNAP, esq. 78. - Charlotte, eldest daughter of F.S. SYMONS, esq. 19.At Lower St. Columb, of a fever, Miss HUGO, 16. It is remarked that her father and brother died some time since, and her mother and sister at present lie ill of the same complaint.At Illogan, Mr. John FOX, 89. At Liskeard, Mrs. C.F. Williams, 55. At Boskenna, Mr. Wm. FREETHE. At Penzance, Mr. Thos. PENNY, 84. - J. HUSSEY, esq. of Salisbury.At Mousehole, near Penzance, Mr. Thos. JOHNS, 100. At Fowey, Capt. John HOSKINGS, 28. At Padstow, Mr. John Peters, 35. At St. Columb, Mrs HICKS, 88.




At Penryn, Mrs. KNOX, wife of the Right Hon. Geo. K, and sister to Chichester FORTESCUE, esq. of Glyde Farm, co. Louth. - Capt. Jas. COCK, of his Majesty's packet Chichester, 36. Page 175 At Truro, Mr. Wm. TOMPION, 83. - Mrs. SIBLEY, only sister of the late Adm. REYNOLDS, 80. At Bodmin, Mr. John PARNALL At East Looe, Mrs. M. WYNHALL, 85. At St. Dennis, Mrs. E. COWLIN. At Camelford, Mr. Fras. TRELEAVEN, 91. At Penzance, Miss BADCOCK. - Mr. Abr. CHERGWIN, 82. - Mrs. HARVEY, 53. - Mrs. ROBERTS.



Birth.] At Trenant Park, the lady of Capt. MULCASTER, R.N. of a daughter.

Married.] At St. Mary's Scilly, John TAYLOR, esq. staff surgeon, to Miss DOUGLAS. At Stithians, Collan HARVEY, esq. of St. Day, to Mrs. TREGELLAS, of St. Agnes. At Falmouth, the Rev. Sampson HARRIS, to Marianna, third daughter of the late Capt. KEMPTHORNE, of Flushing.

Died.] At Truro, Mrs. VIVIAN, wife of John V. esq. and mother of Major-gen. Sir HUSSEY V.K.C.B. 62. At Launceston, Mr. LAWRENCE, son of the late Humphrey L. esq. 17. - Mr. Edward PEARSE - Miss E. ROWE, daughter of Wm. R. esq. senior alderman and justice of the peace for that borough, 34. At Penzance, Captain JELL, of Dover, 28. - John WHITE, esq. 20. At Helston, Mrs. James, wife of Mr. J. conveyancer. - Mrs. HIGGS, midwife, who in the course of her practice had attended upwards of 1000 births. At St. Austell, Mrs. TRETHEW. - Mrs. MARTIN. At East Looe, Mr. Wm. POPE, 86. At Lifton, Mr Rich. BICKLE At St. Ives, Capt. Thos PAYNTER, 50. At Marazion, Mrs. BANFIELD, 90. At Bodmin, Mrs. RENORDEN, 98. At Truro, Ann BARKER, 100. At Helston, Mary Ann, wife of Dr. Jas. LANE, and second daughter to Mr. Edw. HICKES of Plymouth.



Married.] At Falmouth, Mr. Thos. WEBSTER, excise officer, to Miss M.A. SHARE, of Penryn. At Penzance, the Rev. Mr. SCURROE, methodist minister at Helston, to Miss BOSUSTOW, of Paul.

Died.] At St. Columb, Simon, son of Mr. John CARDELL, of Phillack, 45. He was followed to the grave by his seven surviving brothers. At Bodmin, Susanna MENHENIOTT, who had lived 60 years in the service of one family. At Pilaton, the Rev. Dr. WOOLCOMBE, rector of that parish. At Launceston, Mr. Thos. GOODMAN. At Quoite, Mr. Mich. BASELY.



Capt. Thomas GARLAND of Wheal BASSETT Mine, has constructed a very ingenious model of a steam-engine, which is likely to prove more advantageous to the miner than to the coal-merchant or the iron-founder.

Married.] At Falmouth, Fras. Jas. TEMPLER, esq. R A. to Ellen, second daughter of Henry WILLIAMS, esq. At St. Winnow, R.B. MABLEY, esq. of Treglines-House, to Jane, fourth daughter of Mr. Rich. DINGLE, of Henson Cot Farm.

Died.] At Padstow, Mrs. Catherine PENNINGTON, a maiden lady, 90. At Polsue-House, near Tregony, the lady of Admiral KEMPE. At Liskeard, Mrs. ALLEN, wife of Mr. John A. and daughter of Mr. FOX of Perran Wharf. At St. Austell, Henry LAMBE, esq. 68.



The Church at Bodmin has long been in a ruinous state, and public worship has been performed in the Assize Hall; nor is there any probability that the case will be speedily altered. The corporation are, by prescription, liable to keep the church in repair; but their funds are stated to be inadequate to the expense which these repairs would now require.

The late meeting of the Cornwall Agricultural Society was well attended. The show of rams was particularly good. That to which the first prize was adjudged, was of the pure Leicester breed, from the flock of Mr. BURGESS, and brought into the county by Mr. RODD, who signified his intention of letting the rams bred from him for the improvement of the stock in Cornwall.

Married.] At St. Agnes, Capt. Thomas STEPHENS, to Miss TREGILLAS, of Goonvrea. - Capt. SEYMOUR, to Mrs. NICHOLS. At St. Hilary, Mr. Thos. P. GURNEY, surgeon, to Lydia, eldest daughter of Mr. Rich. MOYLE, surgeon, of Marazion. At padstow, Capt. John HOGAN, of the sloop Dick and Harry, to Miss GUY. At East Looe, Capt. CLEMENTS, of Polperro, to Miss Rebecca REATH. At Budock, T.S. BEAUCHAMP, of the Royal Marine Artillery, to Georgiana, only daughter of the late Rev. Geo. ALLEN, of Redruth. At Truro, Mr. MARTIN, chief mate of the revenue cutter Alarm, to Miss ODGERS, daughter of the Rev. Jas. O. of Bodmin. At Madron, Wm. GRENFELL, to Jane WERRAN. As they are both deaf and dumb, the mother of the former and the father of the later made the responses.

Died.] At Launceston, Mrs. POPE, many years of the White Hart Inn, 74. At Callington, Mrs. M. HAWKE, 77. At St. Austell, Mr. John GAWLER. At Penryn, Mrs. WHITEWAY, 43. - Mrs. Grace GEORGE, 77. At Liskis, Mrs. VINCENT. At Pillaton, Mr. John RENNELS, 71. At Falmouth, Alice, sister of Mr. Lazarus HINGSTON. At Redruth, Mr. J. WILKINSON, a traveller in the woollen trade, from London. At Truro, Mary, widow of Mr. Peter REYNOLDS, 78.

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