My "Wallace Line" Connection

I make my connection to the Wallace line through my Grandmother, Ella Lee Wallace Barnhill. She was the daughter of William Bland Wallace and Martha Jane Horrell. She was the younger of two daughters born to Martha Jane and Bland. Her sister was Mattie Marie. They had an adopted brother, Arthur Bland,who was brought into the family later.

William "Bland" Wallace, my great grandfather was the oldest child and only known son of William Glisson and Katie Woodcock Wallace. He was born in Bladen County, in the Frenches Creek area. He was the oldest of 6 children, with 5 children reaching adulthood. One child was born and died prior to 1900. "Bland" had 4 sisters. They were:

Florence Virginia
Ethea Lou
Mary Fredia
Tinie C.

In the 1880 census in Bladen County, in the township of Frenches Creek "Bland", age 2, is shown with his parents, William Glisson "Gliss" and Catherine "Katie" Wallace, my 2nd great grandparents.

William James "Jim" Wallace and Catherine "Katie" Barnhill, my 3rd great grandparents lived in Bladen County in the township of Frenches Creek. They are shown in the area in 1850 with son Eli and then again in 1860 with an additional 3 children.

The children of James and Katie Wallace were:

Mary B.
James B.
William Glisson

William James is believed to be the son of Andrew Jacob and Mary Wallace, shown in Frenches Creek with two daughters, Esther and Rebecca, sisters of William James. Jacob was shown in Bladen County as far back as 1830.

Jacob and Mary died in Bladen County and James and Catherine are believed to also have died in Bladen County, most likely in the area of Frenches Creek, where they lived. I have not uncovered any information on their deaths or if they in fact may have moved into Pender County at any time. Their son, Eli, did marry and move into Pender County, but by the next census had returned to Bladen County, where he lived the remainder of his life.

At sometime after 1880 and prior to 1900, Gliss and Katie move into Caswell Township in Pender County, NC where he owns land and a grist mill, which was used for grinding corn and such. They live near George W. and Martha M. Horrell and Bland Wallace's future wife, Martha Jane Horrell. It might be noted here, that Bland's mother Ann Catherine Woodcock and Martha Jane Horrell's mother, Martha M. Woodcock are sisters. So, yes, Bland and Martha Jane were 1st cousins.

Sometime after the census in 1900, Bland and Mattie Jane married and they lived in Caswell Township near both sets of parents. Katie Wallace, my 2nd great grandmother, died in 1916.

My 2nd great grandfather, Gliss Wallace, is shown with his son and family in the 1920 census. Gliss has stated in his will that his land and properties go to Bland and in return all his needs were to be met until his death. Gliss died in 1926.

My great grandfather, Bland Wallace died in 1931 and my great grandmother, Mattie Jane Horrell Wallace died in 1958.

So this is a brief picture of my connections to the "Wallace" Family line and how I fit in.

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