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Historical Documents

  • Alabama


  • Department of Geography, University of Alabama

  • Records of the American Revolution

  • Alabama Department of Archives and History, 1911.
    updated Alabama Historical Quarterly - Winter, 1944.

  • Records of the Confederacy

  • Service records and Pension files archived by the
    Alabama Department of Achives and History,
    Montgomery, AL
  • Muster Rolls

    Clarke County
    Marengo County
    Wilcox County
  • James E. A. Bishop Family
    by James W. Turnipseed, Jr., 11 August 1986.
  •  ©1991 by Mary Kennedy Reynolds
    Davis, Hicks, and Kennedy family data.
  • Journal of William R. Kirk, 1864 - 1866
    Kirk and Walker family data.
  • Descendants of Peter Philen, Sr. of Irish Descent
  • My Rivers Ancestors TIFF
    by James W. Turnipseed, Jr. September 1, 1989
    There are some genealogical errors in this paper.
  • Descendants of Andrew Walker, Sr. of Irish Descent

    Fredrick Arthur "Pink" Walker and Virginia Bradford

  • * History of Cane Creek (Methodist) Church,
    Chance / Lower Peachtree, AL
    © Mary Kennedy Reynolds

    Lauderdale County
  • Early Lawson Family History by W. Henry Quillen
    Limestone County
  • Stewart Cemetery, Tanner, Limestone Co., AL
  • UCV Reunion, Athens, 1910

    Walker County

  • Georgia

    United Methodist Church

  • Pitts Theology Library, Emory University,
    Atlanta, GA

  • Records of the Confederacy
  • Yankees in Atlanta, September - November, 1864
    Photographed by George N. Barnard for Gen. Sherman.
  • *
    Pension files archived by Georgia State University
    for the Georgia Department of Archives and History,
    Atlanta, GA
  • Muster Rolls (from Lillian Henderson's
    Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia)
  • UCV Reunion, Atlanta, 1898(?)

    Coweta County
  • * , Haralson, Ga.
    • Records from Norma Gunby's
      "Coweta County Chatter", June 1977 - Sept 1981
      -Introduction   -First Communion   -Church Council  
      -Baptisms   -Marriages   -Deaths  
  • * Haralson United Methodist Church
    • History  
  • Masons Lodge - Haralson 142 - Officer Group Photo 1908

    Fayette County
  • Northern relatives of Francis Price.
    Peck and Burnham families, near Buffalo, NY.
  • Personal papers of Quintus Samuel "Sam" Price.
    Lincoln County
  • Descendants of Henry Caver
    Caver connections to the Florence and Sistrunk families.
    Meriwether County
  • Meriwether Inn, Warm Springs, Georgia

  • Central of Georgia Railroad Map, 1899
    Courtesy of the University of Alabama Historical Map Archive

  • * History of County Line (Methodist) Church,
    near Durand, GA.
  • Trinity United Methodist Church, Durand, Ga.
* Incomplete