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Laura Adele Rivers
School Teacher
1896 - 1995

Unidentified Family Photos

  • Papers of the Reverend Joel Rivers
  • (For the Tract Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church)
    "The Power and Excellence of Religion,
    Exemplified in the Happy Conversion
    and Triumphant Death of
    Miss Ruina J. Williams"

    Papers of Hinchey Petway Rivers
  • Family Bible - Births [1][2] Marriages [1]
  • (currently offline)
    Gin House and Farm Register: 1860 - 1865
    • You can crack your whip and come on
    • Confederate Memorial Day
    • Grant and Sherman's Armies in Alabama

    Papers of Joel Mason Miller Rivers
  • Extracts from Confederate Camp letters: 1861 - 1862
  • 1887 Poll of residents near Choctaw Corner,
    Clarke Co., AL

    Papers of Laura Ann Philen
  • (currently offline)
    "Wreaths of Friendship" 1860 - 1877
    Presented by W. R. Kirk, May 28, 1860.
  • Personal letters: 1861 / 1864

    Papers of Laura Adele Rivers
  • Correspondence with George Washington Carver, 1934
  • World War II Letter from former student
    Navy Lt.(jg) T. Turner, February 1943.
  • Rivers Family Chart TIFF
    The accuracy of this chart is unknown. Most data is
    from the W. W. Rivers book A Partial Geneological
    History of the Huhuenot Branch of the Rivers Family
    1678 - 1935
  • * Rural Education in Alabama in early 20th Century
  • * Memoirs
    Manuscripts by Adele Cobb Kerrigan
  • "A Soldier's View" (Spanish American War)
  • * "Unseen Hands"
  • "My Riches" (Poetry)
  • Tall Tale Adventures of Patty Donahue TIFF
    as told by Richard Mitchell about 1880.
    ©Lois M. Mahan
* Incomplete