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Antoine L. Dunston and Ella Heberling were married on November 18, 1879, in Boscobel, Grant County (all places listed in these web pages are in Wisconsin unless otherwise noted).

They had 5 children - Golda, Mabel, Sylvia, Rose, and Frank - and then divorced in 1901 in Richland Center. The children got dispersed.

In September 2001 I found the two daughters of Golda's daughter Rosella. In June 2004 a descendent of Goldie's previously unknown daughter born February 14 1903 and given up for adoption found me via these web pages.

In January 2002 I found the son of Mabel. Here is a picture of him (Robert Michels) and me in June 2004.

Sylvia died in 1909 at age 21.

Rose married Stephen Theodore ("Theo") Holum, had three children, and died in 1928. In November 2000, I found her children. We got together on May 29, 2001. Here is a picture of me with all of Rose's children and Frank's children (except Mabel who died in 1945). This is the first time these first cousins have gotten together, unless perhaps the older ones were together back before they remember in the 1920's.

I am a descendent of Frank. Frank married Lydia Will and had eight children, the last of whom was born a few days after he died in 1929.

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1900 census data (index image here)
Dunston, Antoine, born Oct. 1846 - 54 years, birthplace - Wisconsin, (current) City - Richland Center, Richland County, Street - Haseltine, House # - N.R. (not recorded).
others in family  relation    birth        age
Ella              wife        Oct. 1865    34
Goldie            daughter    April 1884   16
Mabel             daughter    July 1886    13
Sylvia            daughter    June 1888    11
Rosa              daughter    July 1892    8
Frank             son         Aug. 1897    3

Antoine’s father was born in Ohio, mother born in Kentucky. Ella’s father was born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Ohio. They’ve been married 20 years. She’s had 5 children, all living. They rent a house. All can read/write/speak English except Frank. Mabel and Rosa attended school 8 months (I presume that’s in the 1899-1900 school year; Goldie and Sylvia zero). Antoine’s occupation is hard to read but apparently “Teamster” like some others in the area. Zero months not employed.

Another 1900 census entry for Goldie - (index image here)

Goldie (with same birth date info) listed under Leonard Tracy in nearby Lone Rock, street of “Liberty”. Goldie was listed as his servant, and single. Tracy, Leonard, born June 1831, 68 years old, him and parents born in Vermont, divorced, stone mason, 5 months not employed, owns home, has mortgage, can read/write/speak English.

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