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1830 Census of Sterling Twp.

My intent here is to cross index those listed on the census with those buried in local cemeteries.
I used the information from The Wayne County Site. Check out their site!
The DSD Data website also lists census information, please visit them if you are interested in other census names taken in Wayne County.

Sterling Township 1830 Census

Please see below for list of names. Cross index can be found by the page number.

Page 180

Page 181

Page 182

Sterling Township

Page 180

Stephens, Valentine
Traim, Elizabeth
Nevins, John
Long, Jacob
Williams, Joseph
Bartleson, Bartle
Bartleson, Gabriel
Richardson, Jonathan
Newton, Heman
Gilpin, Richard
Bennet, Jeremiah
Beach, Benjamin
Wolf, Charles
Lancaster, Richard
Robacker, Jacob
Robacker, William
Acres, William
Kizer, Frederick
Acres, John C.
Bennet, John
Bennet, Nathaniel
Frively, Christian
Able, Philip
Hufley, Charles
Frively, John
Huck, Philip
Ritz, Johannes A.
Page 181

Vernon, Robert
Brown, John
Moore, Edward
Barnes, Lewis
Frazer, Charles
Kitterson, John
Goodrich, Hiram
Kitterson, Robert
Kitterson, William
Manna, Daniel
Hart, James
Wheeler, Simon
Noble, James
Noble, David
Norton, Lyman
Sterns, George
Simons, Edward
Magargil, James
Ketchum, John
Noble, William T.
Mullensford, Edward
Orr, William
Stephens, Henry
Stephens, Nicholas
Ducar, John
How, Phineas
How jun, Phineas
Page 182

Ritz, Charles
Krous, Philip
Krous jun, Philip
Bean, Magdalena
Belar, Michael
Watt, George Adam
Ransbury, Jesse B.
Lee, Davidson
Gilpin, Richard
Bortree, William
Gilpin, William
Correll, Benjamin
Bortree, Robert
Magargil, Amasa
Simpson, Joseph
Bortree, Edward
Bortree, John
Hazleton, Abraham
Cross, Edward
Cleft, Charles
Magargil, Joseph
Simons, Richard
Bortree jun, Thomas
Clementz, John
Lee, Thomas
Bortree, Thomas
Lee, Samuel
Jones, Elisha
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