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William Walker, Sr., Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandfather

William Walker was born July 1725 most probably Virginia. He died October 1806 in Virginia (will written Goochland County). He married, first, to an unknown lady who died prior to April 1800, since it has been found that he married Jane Burton on/or near April 04, 1800 in Virginia. Of this marriage record it is stated that William Walker was of Goochland County and Jane Burton, (daughter of Edmund Burton & presumably Mary Charity Walker), was stated as being "of Louisa County, Virginia". Jane was born about 1783 (since her marriage record stated she was 17 years of age) in Virginia (most likely, Louisa County). Jane died about 1816 in probably Shelby County, Kentucky. In 1810 Jane is shown in the Shelby County, Kentucky census records with her four young children near her brother Prettyman Burton. In December 1811, as a young widow, Jane Walker married Nathaniel Hankins. It is stated she died when Thomas was 9 years of age, thus putting her death circa 1815/1816. There is no information as to whether there were any children born to the union of Jane Walker & her second husband, Nathaniel Hankins.

The eight children of William Walker's first marriage are, as follows, not of any particular order: Elverton (shown as Executor of his father's estate along with Jane Burton (William's young widow); George, who married Eliza Green July 31, 1787; James; Peyton, who married Hannah Thompson; Elizabeth (she was shown as Elizabeth Rite in her father's will) who married John Wright September 24, 1794; Ann, (shown as Ann Lemay in father's will) ; Mary F., who married Isaiah Humphreys May 4, 1801; Lewis F., who married Jane Freeman December 23, 1809;

The four children of William Walker & Jane Burton, are as follows, namely: Ann; Sarah B.; William S. (who is my direct line); Thomas B.

1. Ann Walker, born circa 1800 in Virginia. Ann married John Newlon circa 1820. John was a son of John Newland, aka Newlon and/or Newlin and Catherine Wierman. John was born about 1796, and died about 1842.
2. Sarah B. Walker, born circa 1802 in Virginia. Sarah married Alexander McCormack (aka McCormick) on September 07, 1821 in Shelby County, Kentucky. Alexander was born February 25, 1800, and drowned on June 17, 1826 in Clear Creek, Kentucky. Sarah, a young widow with 3 children removed to the household of her brother Thomas B. & wife in Indiana.

The children born to the union of Sarah & Alexander are, as follows:

a. Martha Jane McCormack was born about 1822 in Shelby County, Kentucky.

b. Rebecca McCormack was born about 1824 in Shelby County, Kentucky (1850 Floyd Co., IN census states age 22); married Daniel South on September 27, 1840 with the marriage performed by James B. Britton, Rector, St. Pau'ls Episcopal Church, New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana. Daniel South born about 1812, Pennsylvania (Floyd County, Indiana 1850 census states age 38). Rebecca & Daniel South had 3 known children, namely: Alexander Hamilton South born June 11, 1841; Benjamin Rogin South born October 15, 1843; Sarah M. South born about 1850.

c. James Thomas McCormack
was born about 1826; married Mary L. (nee ?)

3. William Sanders Walker,
(see a family story here) born January 14, 1804 in Goochland County, Virginia, and died November 29, 1898, at Chestnut Hill, Washington County, Indiana. He married Louisa Leffler (aka Eliza) March 25, 1824 in Shelby County, Kentucky, daughter of Jacob Leffler and wife. She was born March 18, 1805 in Shelby County, Kentucky, and died January 28, 1892 in Chestnut Hill, Washington County, Indiana (newspaper article states 1-17-1892). William & Louisa had 11 children, as follows:

a. Mary Jane Walker was born December 9, 1828; died August 25, 1900 and is buried at Conaway Cemetery. Mary Jane married Benjamin Brim on April 20, 1876. Benjamin Brim was born about 1826. Born to the union of Mary Jane Walker and Benjamin Brim were, the following children, namely: Marion; Robert; Emma J.; Lewis E.; and Mary C.

b. Thomas Burton Walker was born October 4, 1829, South Boston, Washington County, Indiana and died May 19, 1911, Salem, Washington County, Indiana. Thomas B. married Julia Ann May on October 13, 1857. Julia Ann May was born February 9, 1836, Washington Twp, Washington County, Indiana and died August 06, 1906, Salem, Washington County, Indiana. Thomas & Julia are buried at Conway Cemetery, Franklin Township, Washington County, Indiana. Thomas Burton Walker & Julia Ann May had the following children, namely: Harvey C., Elizabeth F. "Lizzie"; Laura A.; Thomas Jefferson; Lulia May; Mary Viola; Flora Dell; Charles O.

c. Nancy E. Walker
was born about 1830 and died June 27, 1922, at the age of 92 and is buried at Conaway Chapel, Franklin Township, Washington County, Indiana. Nancy never married, but stayed at home and cared for her parents.

d. Sarah A. Walker was born about 1832 (was shown alive in 1892 in Clark County, Indiana). Sarah was married to Benjamin F. Smith on September 2, 1852. Benjamin F. Smith was born about 1827 in Kentucky. Sarah A. Walker and Benjamin F. Smith had the following children, according to the 1870 census: Alice F.; George W.; Thomas J.; Andrew J.; Margaret.

e. James H. Walker was born June 30, 1834, Washington County, Indiana (another date has been shown as June 20, 1834) and died March 8, 1915, Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington. James married Phoebe Ann Goss on October 25, 1855, Washington County, Indiana. Phoebe Ann Goss was born January 2, 1836, Washington County, Indiana and died May 7, 1910, Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington. Children born to the union of James H. Walker and Phoebe Ann Goss are, as follows, namely: William Alexander Walker born September 20, 1856; Philena Belle Walker born February 2, 1859; Edmond Burton Walker born April 8, 1861; Amos Jackson Walker born October 23, 1863; Ida Catherine Walker born May 7, 1866; Lewis Henry Walker born May 19, 1869; George Marion Walker & John B. Walker (twins) born October 2, 1872.

f. Elizabeth Burton Walker was born October 14, 1838, South Boston, Washington County, Indiana and died August 11, 1910, Scottsburg, Indiana. Elizabeth married James Alexander Williams on May 10, 1860. James A. Williams was born May 26, 1835, Indiana and died September 4, 1883, Chestnut Hill, Washington County, Indiana. Elizabeth & James are both buried at Conway Cemetery, Franklin Township, Washington County, Indiana. Children born to the union of Elizabeth Burton Walker and James Alexander Williams are as follows, namely: Walker Alexander Williams born February 26, 1861; Mary Ellen Williams born April 26, 1862; Samuel M. Williams born April 26, 1864; Dora Amelia Williams born April 3, 1866; Eliza C. Williams born September 28,1867; Benjamin Franklin Williams born October 10, 1870; Thomas Burton Williams born April 23, 1876; Hannah Mariah Williams born August 26, 1879.

g. William Sanders Walker, Jr. was born July 25, 1839, Washington County, Indiana and died January 6, 1914, Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington. William S. Jr married Nancy Malissa Robertson on September 18, 1862, (C. A. Hunter has September 12, 1862). Malissa (as she was known) was born February 4, 1837, Clark County, Indiana and died December 5, 1913, Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington. Children born to the union of William Sanders Walker Jr. and Nancy Malissa Robertson are as follows, namely: Annie & Ida (twins) born July 6, 1863; Minnie E. Walker born April 22, 1865; Lieuella Ozena Walker born June 27, 1867; Emma Cordelia Walker born January 3, 1870.  These are my Maternal Gr Gr Grandparents.


Children of William Sanders Walker, Jr. and Nancy Malissa Robertson:

Minnie E. Walker April 22, 1865 ~ April 23, 1892 Minnie E. Walker was a daughter of William Sanders Walker Jr & Nancy Malissa Robertson.  She was united in marriage to Daniel Tucker Dudley on September 11, 1887 in Salem, Washington County, Indiana. To this union was born three children ~ a daughter, Cleo M. Dudley; two sons, William Tucker Dudley & Winnie Walker Dudley.

Lieuella Ozena Walker
was a daughter of William Sanders Walker Jr & Nancy Malissa Robertson.  They were my Maternal Great Grandparents (Thomas Sinex & Lieuella Ozena Walker) See the Sinex Line here.

Emma Walker
is the youngest daughter of Wm S Walker & Nancy Malissa
and is pictured here with her husband, Noah E. Rush.



h. Andrew Walker was born about 1840 and died during the Civil War. He served with the
66th Regt at Chattanooga. No other information is available for him at this time.

i. Martha Walker was born about 1842 and died ater 1922 (alive in 1922/Daviess County, Indiana). Martha married W. Randolph Meadors who was born about 1833. Martha Walker and W. Randolph Meadors had the following known children, namely: Thomas; Dora; Virgil; William; Mella; Newton, Frederick; Flora; Bertha.

j. Lucinda B. Walker was born October 04, 1845, Washington County, Indiana and was shown as (alive in 1892/Clark County). Lucinda married Richard Elrod on February 20, 1867. Richard Elrod was born August 10, 1840. Children born to the union of Lucinda B. Walker and Richard Elrod are as follows, namely: William D.; Artha S.; Lewis B.; unnamed son dying in infancy.

k. Benjamin F. Walker was born October 1847; died about 1907 and is buried at Bunker Hill Cemetery. Benjamin married (1) Nancy Meadors on November 22, 1866; and married (2) Lydia B. (Lida) Nelson on January 7, 1887, (I had 1877/C.A. Hunter 1887). Lida was born September 1857 and died about 1936. Lida is buried at Bunker Hill Cemetery.

4. Thomas Burton Walker, born December 23, 1806 in Goochland County, Virginia, and died April 3, 1896 at Orleans, Orange County, Indiana. Thomas married Nancy Crane Woodruff, daughter of Seth Woodruff, on November 25, 1830 in Floyd County, Indiana. Nancy was born about 1810 in New Jersey, and died February 15, 1873. On August 30, 1877 Thomas married Mrs. Margaret Parks. Children born to the union of Thomas Walker and Nancy Woodruff are, as follows, namely: William S. Walker; Thomas W. Walker; Mary Ann Walker (who married Benoni Shindler); Catherine W. Walker; Sarah Jane Walker; Nancy C. Walker (who married W. L. Reed); John B(urton) Walker; Martha Ellen Walker (who married Joseph K. Howard; Edward P. Walker; 2 unknown children.

Left to Right ~ ~ Charlie Snyder, Meggie Snyder, Weber Snyder, Wayne Snyder, Nancy Malissa (Robertson) & William Sanders Walker Jr (my great great grandparents), unknown lad, Miss Bertie Snyder.
I am not sure who the Snyder's are, but have wondered if Meggie might be the former Mittie Ford Sinex who married Winfield C. Snyder (and man shown as Wayne Snyder might possibly be Winfield C. Snyder).