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George Reeves
of Grayson County, Virginia

Although there are no historical documents that have currently been located which prove the connection between William Reeves of Wake County NC and George Reeves of Grayson County, VA, there is an indisputable connection based upon DNA of their descendants. The origins of George Reeves are unclear. He was born around 1735 presumably in Virginia. Some have speculated that he came from the area of Drewry's Bluff in Chesterfield County and was the son of Thomas Reeves of Essex, later Spotsylvania County, but thus far, there is nothing to document this connection.

In testimony given in 1809, George Reeves states that he was present in the New River area of current Grayson County, Virginia as early as 1767. Accordingly, the first record found of him in that area is in the titheables of now extinct Fincastle County, Virginia where he is listed in 1774. The New River area changed state and county designations several times and by 1793, George and his son, Jesse, are listed in the tax lists of Wythe County, Virginia.

George Reeves served as a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War from Montgomery County, Virginia, taking the Oath of Allegiance in 1777. He was appointed Lieutenant in McDonald's Company on April 3, 1782. After the revolution, he received numerous land grants in Montgomery and Grayson Counties of Virginia.

He served as a justice of the Grayson County, Virginia court as evidenced by the county court minutes of March 1811: George Reeves, Esq. By an instrument of writing directed to the court resigns his commission of Justice of the Peace for this county.

The children of George Reeves and Jane Burton as evidenced by various probate records of Grayson County as well as deeds relative to his estate were:
  1. Jesse Reeves, m.1 Obedience Elizabeth Terrell, m.2 Mary Bower
  2. William Reeves, m. Anne Terrell
  3. Anne Reeves, m. Bartholomew Austin
  4. Mary "Polly" Reeves, m. Joseph Doughton
  5. Susanna Reeves, m. William Toliver
  6. George Reeves, Jr., m. Jane Osborne
  7. Lucy Reeves, m. David Cox, Jr.
  8. Prudence Reeves, m. Andrew Cox
  9. Charity Reeves, m. Zachariah Osborne
  10. John Reeves, m. Phoebe Osborne
  11. Elizabeth Reeves, m. Samuel Phipps
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