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Melissa Lucile "Lucy" WATSON Trant

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Father: William H. WARD (607)

Mother: 1st UNKNOWN (608) Could be Annie NORRIS - April 1824

2nd wife m: 1844: Cyntha KIRKLAND Bright Armstrong



John Ervin WARD


June 25, 1840 - Alabama

December 18, 1927 - Texas, Leon County

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery - Plot B-24 - (map) (Gate)

(His Stone)

87 Years 5 Months 23 Days



September 12, 1865 - Alabama, Henry County

he: 25 Years 2 Months 17 Days

she: 18 Years 5 Months 15 Days



Sarah Ann Elizabeth MURPHY (508)


March 28, 1847 - Georgia, Sumter County

August 11, 1919 - Texas, Leon County, Centerville

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery - Plot B-25

(Her Stone)

72 Years 4 Months 14 Days

(Douthitt Family Hotel Photo)


Father: William N. MURPHY (609)

Mother: Lydia Ann DAVIDSON (610)


Name of Child, Where Born

Date of Birth / Death

Married To, Date, Where




Eudora Eugenia "Dora" (1) 1866 - Aug 28 James Dorson "Doss" DOUTHITT (1855 TX - 1939 TX)

Alabama, Henry Co., Newville 1942 - October 21 m: 1887 March 21 - Texas, Leon Co., Flynn

(family photo) (Hotel Photo) Obituary (Stone) Both: Douthitt Cemetery TX, Leon Co. (map)

(Stone) (Her Death Certificate) (His Death Certificate)




Edward Ranson (2) (photo) 1868 - September 30 Hollon Rebecca DICKEY (1873 TN - 1960 TX) (photo)

Alabama, Abbeville 1950 - November 27 m: 1895 January 16 - Texas, Leon Co.

TX, Anderson Co. Both: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Leon Co., TX

(Shared Stone) Plot F-22 and F-23

(His Death Certificate) (Her Death Certificate)





William Sylvester (3) 1870 - January 3 Lucy Adeline MARSHALL (1876 TX - 1966 TX)

Alabama, Henry Co., Newville 1939 - February 9 m: 1897 December 29 - Texas, Leon Co.

(family photo) TX, Leon Co. Both: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Leon Co., TX

(Stone) Plot C-26 and C-27

(His Death Certificate) (Her Death Certificate)





Augustus Adolphus (4) 1871 - February 17 Katie WARD (1876 TX - 1943 TX)

Alabama 1951 - March 14 m: 1900 August 19 - Texas, Leon Co.

(His Death Certificate) Both: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Leon Co., TX

(His Stone) (Her Stone) Plot O-25 (Her Death Certificate)





Mary Cardelia "Delia" (5) Photo 1874 - March 17 William Capus LANE (1874 TX - xxxx ??)

Alabama, Henry Co., Abbeville 1957 - April 6 m: 1902 January 12 (Book D, page 57). TX, Leon Co

She: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Leon Co., TX

(Her Death Certificate)

(Stone) Plot B-26 as Mary Cardellia Lane



Homer Terrell (6) Photo 1876 - November 17 Le Ola BYARS (1880 TX - 1965 TX)

AL, Henry Co., Newville 1963 - December 6 m: 1898 July 31 - TX, Bastrop Co.

TX, Bastrop Co. Both: Pleasant Grove Cemetery (Shared Stone)

(His Death Certificate) TX, Bastrop Co., Elgin (gate) (historical Marker) (map)

(Her Death Certificate) (Her Photo)



Lucy Melissa (404) 1882 - January 7 Tate KING (403)

Alabama, Henry Co. 1951 - April 14 m: 1906 December 19 - Texas, Leon Co.

TX, Leon Co. Both: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Leon Co., TX

(Her Death Certificate) Shared Stone Plot J-36




Grover Cleveland (8) Photo 1885 - June 9 Anna Evalena HUMBERSON (Feb 1890 TX - 1958 NC)

Alabama 1958 - July 8 m: 1908 January 5 - Texas, Leon Co.

TX, Madison Co. Both: Mt. Tabor Cemetery & site has gate photo

(His Stone) TX, Madison Co (map1) (map2) (gate) (Her Stone)

(His Death Certificate) (Her Death Certificate) (Her Photo)




Thanks so much to Bill BOYD for many of the photos of Stones in Pleasant Ridge, as well as children of John & Sarah.


John joined Liberty Volunteers - Henry Co. Ala and served with Co. E. Georgia Vol Inf. C.S.A.


John is with his father, William H. WARD and step-mother, Cyntha, in Henry Co., AL 1850 & 1860.

He married Sarah in 1865. William died February 1869 and I cannot find any family member 1870.


In 1880, John and his wife Sarah are still in Henry Co., AL. John's step-mother is living in Henry Co., AL with her son (John's brother) Isaiah Caraway WARD (1854 AL - 1927 AL).

Isaiah is last found in 1920 Slocomb, Geneva Co., AL. He is age 65 AL AL AL, wife Nellie 42 AL AL AL and son Wyatt age 12.


John & Sarah's youngest child was born in Henry Co. in 1885.

Their oldest daughter Eudora married in Leon Co., TX March of 1887. So, they probably moved in December 1886.


John is on the 1890 Leon County Tax List as J.E. WARD.

Source: Publication; Leon County Census of 1880 & Tax List of 1890. Page 315.

The family is in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 Census in Leon Co., TX.


John's father (William) married Cynthia KIRKLAND Bright Armstrong on October 11, 1837 in Henry Co., AL. John would have been only four and Cynthia was the only mother he knew. However, he named none of his children after her.


Here is my transcription of each Census which John is found.

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery on FINDAGRAVE has many photos and stones of this WARD line.

I cannot find a DC for John.




Sarah, age 3, is with her parents in Sumter Co., GA (3rd District) in 1850.

She has a younger sister age two named Emeline.


In 1860, her family is in Henry Co., AL. Sarah's siblings are Emeline 11, Mary R. 8, Martha A. 7, Francy J. 5, Christopher 2. Francy and Christopher show as born in AL - this calculates that the family moved from GA to AL between 1853 and 1855.


this site: states John and Sarah married one year later (typo?) - one month after the birth of Dora. Their source is: Henry's Heritage, Vol. II Marriage Records 1821-1868.






Second site showing Douthitt Cemetery




Edward Ranson WARD & Hollon Rebecca DICKEY


Write-up in the Leon County History Book (1986). Page 846, Family 1113 which contains Photo of the Couple

The write-up indicates that John Ervin's father was Artemus. See Census in (A)


Color Photo of the couple.


There are many spellings of his middle name. However, I will go with his headstone at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

His death certificate spells it Ransom. It also states he died from accidental burns.


Hollan was the daughter of Johnathan Reeves DICKEY (Sr) & Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" GREEN both found in Pleasant Grove Cemetery (gate), Leon Co., TX. Not to be confused with the Pleasant Grove in Bastrop County where Ranson's brother, Homer, is buried.




Write-up in the Leon County History Book - 1986. Page 848, Family 1117

Lucy Adeline MARSHALL daughter of James Love MARSHALL (1836-1912) & Lavina HUMBERSON


Daughter Ouida Pearl WARD Robinson (1898 - 1959)

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Shared Stone w/William Bryan ROBINSON (1896-1987)




Katie WARD Ward was the daughter of Calvin WARD and Clara Jane PATE (site includes photo of Calvin WARD).


Stone of Calvin WARD and Stone of Clara Jane PATE Ward (Pleasant Ridge Cemetery)


Tate (403) KING's sister Victoria KING, married 1st. Calvin WARD's son Charles E. WARD.


5 shows that Delia's husband was William Capus LANE.

There is a Capus LANE working as a hired hand in the 1900 Census of Leon Co., TX. He is documented as age 25, May 1875, TX AL GA.


Delia married W.C. LANE in January 1902.


Texas birth index shows "infant of Cape LANE" was born October 23, 1904.

This is the birthday of Henry Starley LANE (1904-1979), son of Delia.


1906 birth of Mary C. LANE; William died between her birth and and Delia being a widow in 1910. Delia's daughter Mary never married (Death Certificate) and was a waitress. Mary's DC shows her father was William C. LANE.


1910 - Widow Delia is living with her parents. Delia's children Henry Starley LANE, age 5 and 'baby' 3 also there.


1920 - Widowed Delia is living with her widowed father. Her son Henry Starley 15 (=1905) and dau Mary C 12 (=1908) also there.


Delia and her family are the LANEs in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery near her parents.


Henry Starley LANE died May 6, 1979 and his wife Dorothy Louise died July 17, 1979. See: Texas Death Index

They were married May 27, 1943.

His SS# 450-60-1996 & Her SS# 455-62-0093


Henry Ervin LANE born July 10, 1944 to Henry Starley LANE & Dorothy Louise KING





Homer Terrell WARD (1874-1963) & LeOla BYARS (1880-1965)


1930 calculates as 1872

Homer's WWI draft registration card which he signed, documents birth as November 17, 1873.

His Stone reads 1874,

Homer's DC shows he was born November 17, 1876.

1900 Census shows 1877


The 1880 Census of this WARD family taken June 7th 1880. Ages would have been reflected "as of "June 1st 1880.

John E 38 (=1842), Sarah A 34 (=1846), Dora 14 (=1866), Edd 12 (1868), William 10 (=1870), Adolpus 8 (=1872), and Della 6 (=1874).

Homer is not shown.


The 1900 Census of Bastrop Co., TX shows his age as 23, birth month as "Don't Know", 1877, married two years (=1898) AL SC AL.

Ola is shown as April 1880, age 20, children born are 1 of 1, married two years, TX SC SC. They have one son, Eugene, November 1899, TX AL TX. DC for Eugene shows his parents names.


1910 Williamson Co., TX - H T Ward, 35 = 1875, AL AL AL

Ola Ward 30 TX SC SC; Earlene Ward 10, Edward Ward 8, Ernest Ward 5, John Ward 3




1930 TX Lee Co.

Homer 58 (=1872) m@26 AL AL AL, LeOla 48 m@18, TX SC SC

all kids TX AL TX: son W.B. 17, son H.T. 15, son Ross R 13, son Dupont W. 11, dau Dora E 10.

note: son Ernest is on same page.




my Great-GrandParents have their own page




Grover Cleveland WARD & Anna Evelena HUMBERSON


1930 TX Madison Co. (Part of Precinct 1)

Grover 44 AL AL AL m@22, Evalina 38 TX TX TX m@18, and their daughter Christine age 6.

note: Same page is her brother Marion Allen Monroe HUMBERSON & his wife Lena Ellie BROWN.

Also, Marion's mother-in-law Mary Brown 49, sister-in-law Joe 11 and GrandMother Rinnie Adams 67 TX AL AL.




Grover's DCertificate states his birthday is June 29, 1885, the Cemetery Website shows June 9, 1885 which was copied from the Madison County Cemetery Book, Vol.5 p.378. Grover's WWI Draft Registration Card signed September 12, 1918 shows he was living in Centerville and married to Evalena. It shows a birth date of June 28, 1884.


Grover's DC was signed by Mrs. Christine Thomas, his daughter. His Usual Residence shows as Moore Co., NC.

He was apparently visiting his daughter when he died - he had been in Madisonville for only 11 days.

Grover's wife, Anna, died September 16, 1958 in Troy, Montgomery Co., NC.

I finally found a Death Certficate for Anna Evelena HUMBERSON Ward

She too is in Mt Tabor Cemetery, Madison Co., TX.


Transcribed Family Bible of Anna's father Francis Marion HUMBERSON found here:

Francis also as F.M. HUMBERSON in Mt. Tabor Cemetery in Madison County, TX (map). His birth shows as March 25, 1845. The Bible shows his death as 1884 but is noted as 1927. However, there are four public trees showing his death as April 15, 1925. He is with his second wife Mary Ann Virginia FREEMAN (1863-1916) in Madison Co., census of 1900, 1910.