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Father:   John SHREWSBURY (Stone)

Mother:  Sarah Ann DENNY



Charles Albert SHREWSBURY

mm/dd/1846 - Kentucky, Hardin  Co.

September 15, 1877 - Texas, Leon County




October 17, 1872  - Texas, Leon County

He: ~25

She: 18 Years 8 Months 29 Days


Nancy Ellen MORGAN  (504)

January 19, 1854 - Alabama, Marshall County

October 27, 1894 - Texas, Leon County

40 Years 9 Months 8 Days

Russell Cemetery, Leon County - unmarked


                                                                                                                                                                                        Father: David C. MORGAN (605)

                                                                                                                                                                            Mother: Martha Caroline BLACK (606)


Name of Child, Where Born

Date of Birth / Death

Married To, Date, Where



Martha Emma (1)                                       1873 - July 20                                      James Borie LOCKHART (1858 AL - 1925 TX) [photo]

  TX, Leon Co.                                              1900 - March 18                                  m: 1892 August 11 - Texas, Leon County

                                                                        26 Years 7 Months 29 Days              James:   Gause City Cemetery - East Section

                                                                        TX, Leon Co.                                        TX, Milam Co.,  (gate)

                                                                        Russell Cemetery ?                              His (Shared Stone) with 4th wife Elizabeth Alice ANGEL (1882-1957)




Ida Mae   (402) (2)                                      1875 - June 3                                       Thomas Henry Thedford WATSON (401) (1869 AL - 1967 TX)

   Texas, Leon County                               1930 - February 17                            m: 1895 May 2 - Texas, Leon County

                                                                        TX, Leon Co.                                       Both: Old Liberty Cemetery, Leon Co., TX

                                                                                                                                        (Shared Stone) as Tom T. & Ida M.



Charles Alice (3)                                          1876 - November 19                           Jerome Webster BLACK (1862 AL - 1937 TX)

   TX,  Leon Co.                                            1958 - January 1                                 1897 - mm/dd - where

                                                                        TX, Jones Co.                                       Both: Highland Memorial Cemetery (His Stone) (Her Stone)

                                                                        (Death Certificate)                              near Stamford,  Haskell Co., TX (gate & map)

                                                                                                                                        (Death Certificate)






Charles Albert SHREWSBURY (1846 KY - 1877 TX)


Incesant rumors exist that Charles was Full Blood Cherokee Indian - NO PROOF anywhere.   In fact, his family in Kentucky is clearly documented as WHITE.  According to his family bible Charles died September 17, 1877 -  his three daughters would have been ages 4 ˝, 2 ˝, and age 10mths 28days.  Anthing the girls remember of their father would have been told to them because they were much to young at his death to actually remember.


Wedding Gift to Charles & Nancy - SHREWSBURY Bible from Nancy's GrandMother, Delilah MURPHY Black.


Leon Co. TX: Charles and Nancy married October 17, 1872.   Martha Emma was born 9 months and 3 days later.


Charles either died (per my Great-GrandFather THT WATSON) of TB in 1877 - or he just "ran-off" (per descendant of Charles Alice who was less than one year old when he died).


My great-grandfather (THTW) told my Father that his mother-in-law Nancy was a Cook in a Hotel and also cooked for the County Jail  - where her Uncle  (Jerome Napolean BLACK) was the Sheriff.  When Charles came to town, he also cooked at the hotel where he met and married Nancy.


Nancy's Uncle Jerome was Sheriff in Leon Co. on three occasions:  1859-1862, 1876-1884 and 1886-1888. 

Jerome was PostMaster of the Centerville Post Office from December 22, 1864 until 1866 when Henry KELLER was appointed that March [see 1870 Census].  


Also,  Jerome's Testimony/deposition July 13, 1888 for James A. McCANLESS (pg1,  pg2 , pg3). 


J.N. BLACK is on the 1890 Tax List for Leon Co. as is his wife Julia.   The other identifiable BLACK family members in this line (listed on the Taxes) are:

T.M. (Thomas Murphy BLACK),  G.S. (Gavin Seldon), C.M. (Calvin Morgan), and J.W. (Jerome Webster).


My line through Ida Mae SHREWSBURY Watson (my Great Aunt Maggie & her father Papa WATSON) always told the story Charles died of TB and is probably buried in the Russell Cemetery.   I find no records.




my NOTES ONLY for Charles A SHREWSBURY of Kentucky

too much assumed research - moved to INDIVIDUAL folder




Nancy Ellen MORGAN Shrewsbury Curry - (1854 AL - 1894 TX)


NOT AN INDIAN !!! The rumors are incessant regarding her children and even one claim of GrandDaughter being Full Blood Cherokee Indian.  Nancy's daughter's could not have been - since Nancy was NOT. 


Nancy was born 1854 in Marshall County, Alabama to David C. MORGAN & Martha Caroline BLACK (dau of  Sheriff William BLACK & Delilah MURPHY). 


After the birth of her sister Elizabeth in 1856,  Nancy and her parents moved to Arkansas by November 1857 where Mary then James in 1860 were born.


1860 Newton Co., ARK. -

David 38 VA & Martha Caroline 26 AL w/ Nancy E. 6 AL, Lousa J. (?Elizabeth?) 4 AL, Mary A. 2 AR,  and James W. 3months AR.

1870 - TX, Leon Co., Centerville:  

David not in the home. 

Martha Morgan 40, Ellen 16 AL, Elizabeth 14 AL, Anna 13 AR, James 12 AR, Napoleon 10 AR, Maggie 7 AR. 

Levy MORGAN black, male 14.   

Next Door: Martha's mother Delilah Black 62, C.M. 25, Sarah 22, Martha 15.

1872 - Nancy married Thursday, October 17th at the age of 18 in Leon County.

1873 - Nine months later, July, Martha Emma SHREWSBURY was born.

1875 - my great-GrandMother, Ida Mae SHREWSBURY, was born in June.

1876 - November,  Charles Alice SHREWSBURY born.

1877 - September - Charles died of TB or "just ran off". 

1880 - TX, Leon Co. -

Nancy Ellen 26 AL VA AL;

daughters Emma 6 TX KY AL, Ida Mae  4 TX KY AL,  Alice 3 TX KY AL.

Next door are Nancy's siblings:  J.W. MORGAN 20 AR VA AL and his siblings: Eliza 24, Anna 22,  J.N. 18 and Margaret 16.

Also in Leon Co. Delilah MURPHY Black 74 TN IRE xx, her daughter Elizabeth 27 AL SC TN and grandDaughter Jessee 12 (=1868) TX xx AL.

1883 - Nancy married D.W. CURRY on January 4th  

1884 - 14 months later - Della CURRY born March 20th .   Two months later Nancy's 2nd husband CURRY died.

1892 - Emma married

1894 - Nancy Died the end of  October

1895 - Ida Mae married six months later the beginning of May

1897 - Charles Alice SHREWSBURY married her mother's 1st cousin - Jerome Webster BLACK (son of Gavin Seldon BLACK)


Della is living with Ida Mae  in 1900 - the same year Emma died.

Wedding Gift to Charles & Nancy - the SHREWSBURY Bible from Nancy's GrandMother Delilah MURPHY Black.

I inherited the Bible after the death of the youngest son (Uncle Dink) of Tom WATSON & Ida Mae SHREWSBURY Watson in 2000 via my Dad.

I am very proud to have it.


In 1900 Ida Mae shows TX GA TX

In 1910 Ida Mae shows TX KY AL

In 1920 Ida Mae shows TX KY AL

Ida Mae died Feby 1930



More than 120 unknown and/or unmarked graves were documented in the Russell Cemetery in 1965.

Past family members (my great-grandfather) said that his mother-in-law, Nancy Ellen MORGAN Shrewsbury and her kin,  are buried in the Russell Cemetery, Leon Co. TX. 


It is family history that most of the BLACK & SHREWSBURY family that died in Leon County are buried in the Russell Cemetery.   


The only BLACK with a Stone in the Russell Cemetery  is James Hampton BLACK (1856-1878),  son of Gavin Seldon BLACK (Nancy's brother) & Gavin's wife Charlsey Ann HAMPTON Black. 


James Hampton BLACK was the Brother of Jerome Webster BLACK (Highland Cemetery) .    


Jerome and 1st wife Elizabeth GILES named their second son James Hampton BLACK (1888 TX - 1956 CA).


Nancy Ellen MORGAN worked as a cook in a local hotel.  It was there she met Charles Albert.   She cooked for the Jail, where her Uncle, Jerome, was Sheriff.  For this reason only, I summize that Charles DID run off and is the cook for the Railroad from KY in the 1880 Census of Colorado.  Daddy says he thinks he "hopped a freight".




DC for William CURRY, Leon Co. 1844 TX - 1920 widower, Buffalo Cemetery says W. M. CURRY

DC does not match the date of William CURRIE in 1880 Census (says 1856 ARK)







(1) Martha Emma SHREWSBURY & James Borie LOCKHART


JBL was married Four times in Leon County.

his marriages:

1: Lockhart, J.B. & Shaw, Mattie E. 12/31/1889

2: Lockhart, J.B. & Shrusberry (sic), Emma 8/11/1892

3: Lockhart, J.B. & Ezell, Addie 06/09/1901

4: Lockhart, J.B. & Angel, Lizzie 07/29/1902



James B. LOCKHART was born in Alabama on January 2, 1858 and died in Texas February 6, 1925. 

He shares a stone with his 4th wife Elizabeth Alice ANGEL (August 10, 1882 - January 24, 1957 TX)

Her Death Certificate.


JB married 1st Mattie E. SHAW December 31, 1889 in Leon County. 

Their son Milton was born December 1891 (see 1900 census for JB, in Leon County.)  Other sites show Milton died 1905.


In 1880, there is a Mattie E. SHAW age 7 living with her parents J.L. SHAW & Lavinia - This is most likely the same Mattie.  Her siblings in that Census also show up in the marriages during 1889.  I cannot find her grave.




Martha Emma SHREWSBURY (1) was the 2nd wife of James Borie LOCKHART in 1892, Leon County. 


JB LOCKHART is listed on the 1890 Tax Roll of Leon Co.

I cannot find Emma's grave.



1900 Leon Co. - James B. is a widower  39 - Aug 1861 AL SC TN. 

In the household are his children:

son Milton (mother is Mattie SHAW) age 8 - Dec 1891 TX AL TX,

daughter Weta (Ouida) age 6 - Jan 1894 TX AL TX (mother is Emma), and

daugher Nellie age 3 - Dec 1896 TX AL TX.


Emma's children Ouida & Nellie are in the SHREWSBURY Bible. 

Ouida's birth is January 28, 1895 and Nellie's birth December 26, 1896


Ouida married Roy Orange CROUCH (1898 - 1972)

Ouida L. Crouch died in Gause, Milam Co., TX  December 13, 1984.  (449-64-4078 - b: January 28, 1895) 

Gause Cemetery, Milam County, TX

Ivan L Crouch - 16 Feb 1935 Milam  - Roy O Crouch Ouida Lockhart

Bobbie Mae Crouch - 10 Aug 1937 Milam  - Roy Orange Crouch Quida Lockhart


Nellie is last found in the 1910 Census, Leon Co., TX.

Death Certificate. for Dolores Lanell LOCKHART Evans

daughter of JB LOCKHART and Emma Suseberry (sic)

December 22, 1896 Centerville, Leon Co., TX - December 30 1957 Cleburnes, Johnson Co., TX

Emerald Hills Memorial Park Cemetery, Kennedale, TX.

Her Stone shows "Nellie Evans" and dates as 1895 - 1958.



See COUSINS.doc for descendant contact Feby 2012.

Says that Nellie had a daughter, Jacqueline (current email)




3rd  wife was Addie EZELL.

JB & Addie were married June 9, 1901 in Leon County.  

She apparently died before July 29, 1902 when JB married his 4th wife, Elizabeth Alice ANGEL.

I cannot find a grave for Addie.  Not successful finding her in 1900 Census yet.


In 1900, Leon Co., there is a Mary A. EZELL born September 1881 age 19. TX AL AL. She is the sister-in-law to William A. GUYTON, a 52 yr old widower.

Looking at that Census and comparing it to Leon Co. marriages; William first married (12/13/1891) P.C. EZELL, after her death he married his sister-in-law Texie (02/24/1901).  The marriages also shows a Mary EZELL marrying Marion WHITE 10.10.1900.





4th wife Elizabeth Alice ANGEL (Death Certificate). (LOCKHART Stone)

JB and Lizzie were married July 29, 1902, Leon Co., TX. 


Elizabeth's DC  was signed by  Mrs. C.M. Walker . It shows her father was Tom ANGEL of Illinois and her mother Florence GORDON of Indiana.


See DC for Elizabeth's daughter Maudean LOCKHART Walker

Maudean's DC was signed by Clark M. WALKER, Sr.  See DC for Clark Monroe WALKER


1900 Leon Co., Buffalo - Elizabeth Alice ANGEL will marry JB in 1902.  In 1900 she is with her parents Thomas A. ANGEL 47 March 1853 OH PN IN and Florence GORDON 46  Apr 1854 IN NJ IN - married 25 years (=1875).  Their children are Alice 18 Aug 1881 TX OH IN, William O. 15 and Clarissa ANGEL 11.

1910 Leon Co. - JB, Ouida and Nellie (Emma's girls) - JB is now married to Lizzie (4/3 children) Lillie, Maggie, Pauline.

1920 Leon Co. - James B Lockart (sic) 64, Liza 37, Noata 24, Lilla 16, Maggie 13, Pauline 10, Maudrae 8,  Nanie 6, Annie 4  and JB Lockart 1.


James Borie LOCKHART died


1930 Milam Co. - James died.  In Elizabeth's household are: Elizabeth Lockhart 47, Annie Lockhart 14, J B Lockhart 12 

Marvin Lockhart 10, Curtis Lockhart 7 (Stone) and Florence Godfrey 73 (this is Elizabeth's mother - DC)


Florance GORDON Angel and her 2nd  husband - John B. GODFREY (1849AL - 1924TX) are in the Gause City Cemetery - Florence does not seem to have a stone in this cemetery as of 2001 survey.  John and Florence are in Milam Co., 1920. 

John's DC shows his death as July 23, 1924.





my great grandparents Thomas Henry Thedford WATSON (401) and Ida Mae SHREWSBURY have their own page.

Death Certificate of  Ida Mae SHREWSBURY Watson (402).




Charles Alice SHREWSBURY (1876 - 1958)



Jerome Webster BLACK (1862 AL - 1937 TX)  married 1st to Elizabeth GILES

Jerome is the son of Gavin Seldon BLACK & Charlsey Ann HAMPTON

Jerome was 1st Cousin to Alice's mother


In 1880, he is living with his parents in Leon Co., TX age 18. 

Jerome married Elizabeth GILES in Freestone Co. December 8, 1885. 

They had two children born in Jewett, Leon Co., TX: 

William Jefferson BLACK (1887 TX - 1935 NM) and James Hampton BLACK (1888 TX - 1956 CA)


1880 - TX Leon Co.

Jerome is 18 and living with his parents. Siblings are Robert Lee and Marcus.

1880 - TX Leon Co.

Alice is 3 with her widowed mother Nancy 26  (AL VA AL) and siblings Emma 6 and Ida Mae 4.

girls are TX KY AL


1898 - September 18, 1898

birth of Denton Miller BLACK in Ponder, Denton Co., TX to Jerome & Alice.


1900 - TX Leon Co.

Jerome's boys are living with their Grandfather Gavin (as grandSon.. Billie 13 and James 11). 

Where is Jerome? 


1901 - February 21, 1901

birth of   Mabel Avalette BLACK  in Ellis Co. TX to Jerome and Alice

1904 - birth of Mack Mitchell BLACK

1906 - TX Ellis Co

birth of Delvin Wayne BLACK March 3, 1906


1910 TX Baylor Co.

JW (m2) & Alice (m1) for 11yrs with children 6/5: Denton 11, Mabel 9, Mack 5(=1905), Delvin 4 and Marea 14 months. 


Three of Jerome's boys have WWI cards.  William & James and Denton


In 1912, they moved from Seymour (Baylor Co.) to Stamford (Jones Co).


1918 -

Denton signs his WWI card in Jones Co.

William signs his WWI card in Haskell County

James signs his in Jones Co


In 1920, can't find


In 1930, JW & Alice are in Jones Co. with children: Marie 21 (=1909) and George 19 (=1911). 


1937 April 5, 1937 - Jerome dies in Stamford Hospital, Jones Co., TX




1958 - Charles Alice SHREWSBURY Black dies on January 1, 1958, Jones Co., TX



Children: Jerome Webster BLACK  & Elizabeth GILES


William Jefferson BLACK  (July 6, 1887 TX - September 25, 1935 NM as Mr. J.W. "Bill" BLACK obit file. How to Order)

married Nettie LEE  ~1899 TX

1900, Leon Co., TX,  Billie July 1886, James Decem 1888 ... NOTE: Billie's WWIcard b:July 1887

1910 BaylorCo. married 1 year, TX;  Nettie TX TN US

1917 TX Haskell Co. (WWIcard) married Nettie w/kids

1920 & 1930. CurryCo., NM

See California Death Records for Nettie, Russell and Clarence

Nettie LEE (Oct 9, 1891 TX - July 10, 1986 SacramentoCo., CA) Mother's maiden name HARPER, 525-26-4080

Son: Russell Webster BLACK (January 28, 1910 TX - September 19, 1952 LosAngelesCo., CA - age 42) 525-09-3780

Clarence E. BLACK (April 13, 1923 NM - Dec 24, 1968 LosAngelesCo., CA)

1900 TX William "Billie" and brother James living with grand parents Gavin S. BLACK & Charlsey Ann HAMPTON

1910 TX Census Children: Russell W. 3/12

1920 NM Census Children:  Russell 10, Galvin 8, Lillie 6, Naydue 5, dau Larado 2 10/12.... all born TX

1930 NM Census Children: Russell W 20, Galvin S 18, Lilly L 16, Maudie O 15, Alice L 13, ... TX

born NM are Jesse W 9, Clarina E. 7 [Clarence], Blanch N 2 1/12 and Baby Boy 0/12  


NOTE: found Galvin S. BLACK, 97 (in 2008) Farmington, SanJuanCo., NM  w/Loretta E. Black



James Hampton BLACK (WWIcard) (December 12, 1888 Jewett, LeonCo., TX- April 14, 1956 San Joaquin Co., CA) 445-03-1967

Mother's maiden name GILES (See California Death Records)

Note: His WWIcard says birthday is 10th.   James was named for Uncle - See Old Liberty Cemetery (Stone), Leon Co., TX

married Nancy Pearl MILLER  (Nov 18, 1895 TX - Sept 13, 1985 CA) 440-18-1296

1910 - TX Jones Co. - Jim is 20, Hired Hand for George R. HALLOWAY

1910 - TX Haskell Co., Sagerton - Nancy Pearl is 14 living w/parents D.MILLER & Maggie BROGGLING and siblings

1920 - OK Murry Co., Jim & Nancy w/nieces & nephews BARNHART (Nancy's sister's kids?) Vaudie A 13 TX, Monroe J 10 TX, A.D. 7 TX, Chellie B. 2 OK

1930 - OK, Murry Co., Jim, Nancy w/Beatrice 10 (=1920), Nancy L. 9, Webb J. 6, James B 3 8/12 ... all kids born OK.

OBIT: William Harold BLACK.  End of this Document. 






Children: Jerome Webster BLACK & Charles Alice SHREWSBURY


Denton Miller BLACK -(WWIcard) - DC - (September 18, 1898 - September 2, 1965) Highland Cemetery, Haskell Co., TX

 Born: Ponder, Denton Co., TX

1922 - December 25: Denton Miller BLACK married Essie Lee (dau of James F. & Nellie - see1920 Jones Co.)

Warren Doyle Black 2 Nov 1926 Jones  Denton Miller Black Essie Lee  [Warren Dale in 1930 Jones Co. w/folks]

Warren elisted Dec 7, 1945 CA AirCorps [d: May 13, 1988 Potter Co., TX    460-24-7823]

m: Peggy Marie GRIMES - at least 4 chldren: 1951, 52, 55 & 58.

Jenita Wayne Black 11 Sep 1933 Jones  Denton M Black Jessie Lee  m: thomas Morris NANNY (dau Jones Co.)

Wanda Kay Black 2 Apr 1938 Haskell  Denton Miller Black Essie Lee

Essie Lee Black signed the DC for Charles Alice SHREWSBURY Black 1958

Essie Lee Black is listed as having died May 29, 1965, Jones Co., TX - no death certificate


Mabel Avalette BLACK -  (February 21, 1901 Ellis Co., TX - August 24, 1998 ) m:  Nov 7, 1920 Alpha Omega McADA (1897-1961 (DC))

Obit for Mabel: End of this Document.  Both Buried: Floydada Cemetery, Floyd Co., TX

1930 TX, FloydCo.: Alpha O. 32, Mabel E. 29, Ima R. 8, Loretta O. 5, Cecil D. 2/12.

Children of Mabel & "Bud"

Ima Ruth McADA (September 3, 1921 - xxxx): [wrote to my Mother 1985 - Charles Albert "just got on his horse one day, and rode off into the sunset.  No one ever saw or heard from him again."] m: Cecil L. RAY (Jan 13, 1916  - May 9, 1996  Amarillo, Potter Co., TX)  463-14-8359 (Stone - Llano Cemetery)

See seven kids of Ima Ruth & Cecil L. RAY

TX, MotleyCo. 1942, PotterCo.1944,  FloydCo. 1944, PotterCo. 1950, 1953, 1955 & 1962

Loretta Opal.  (1925 - xxxx) m: Truett Vertner CARGILL

Kids: PotterCo. 1946, 1952, 1966

Infant [Cecil D. McCADA]  15 Feb 1930 Floyd  A O McAda Mabel Black  

Billy Ray Raul McCADA - February 16, 1932 - December 20, 1947 //Accidental Gunshot to Neck (DC) Informant: his mother - Mrs. A.O. McAda. (See Obit below)

Lajuana Faye McAda 30 Aug 1933 Floyd  A O McAda Mabel Black   m Daniel Lee COOPER (kids in Hale Co.)

Barbara Nell McAda 14 Apr 1936 Floyd  Alpha O McAda Mabel Black m: Roger Dean JACOBS (kids in Lubbock Co.) 1998 Ohio


Mack Mitchell. BLACK - (October 12, 1904 - July 12, 1991) - Restlawn Memorial Park Cemetery  El Paso Co., TX

Richard Ross Black 1 Feb 1934 El Paso  Mack M Black  Signa Louise Dodd (Restlawn Memorial Park Cemetery)


Delvin Wayne BLACK -DC- (March 3, 1906 - December 30, 1972) Ft Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso Co., TX




George - (September 16, 1911 - December 18, 1989. TX)  450-05-3711

George Ruff Black, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Black of Stamford, and Miss Maurine Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Taylor of Rule, were married in Haskell, Monday, 14 August 1936. They were accompanied by Miss Leo Taylor, sister of the bride and Cecil Meredith of Stamford.
The bride attended Rule HIgh school and Mr. Black attended the Stamford High School. He is now employed at the Palace Theater. The young couple are making their home in Stamford.
Source: The Stamford American, Stamford, Texas - December 18, 1936

Jerry Wayne Black 10 Oct 1937 Jones      George Ruff Black Edna Maurine Taylor  

Alice Sue Black       17 Feb 1944 Jones      George Ruff Black Edna Maurine Taylor

NOTE: both Jerry and Alice had children in El Paso Co. in the 60's


Jerome's brother Marcus L. BLACK (December 16, 1870 Jewett, Leon Co., TX - August 29, 1955 Port Arthur, Jefferson, Co., TX  (DC).    Marcus' wife, Nora Idella WILLIAMS Black  (DC 1874-1942).  Marcus signed his wife's DC and their son, Emmett Selton BLACK (1908-1990) signed Marcus'.

Both:  Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX  (gate, map & Historical Marker).







Nancy Ellen MORGAN Shrewsbury re-married about five years after the death of Charles in 1877. 

SHREWSBURY Bible says Charles died in 1877.

Another family branch wrote to my Mother in the 80's and said that Charles Alice had indicated her father got on his horse one day and rode off. Letter dated October 8, 1985 from Ima Ruth McADA Ray (grand-daughter of Charles Alice SHREWSBURY Black).


Nancy married  Mr. D.W. CURRY:  on January 4, 1883.    Della born March 1884.

D.W. died May 18, 1884;  1 Month 29 Days  after the birth of their child, Della.  

After Nancy’s death in October 1894,  Della lived with her half sister Ida Mae SHREWSBURY Watson and family at 10 ˝  (10 Years 7 Months 7 Days).   



Della (photo)              1884 - March 20                      Robert Bruce COLEMAN Jr. (photo)  * (1864 AL - 1949 TX)

                                      1935 - October 23                   m: 1906 February 11 - Texas, Leon Co.

                                      Hidalgo Co.,TX                        Both:  Hillcrest Cemetery, Hidalgo Co., TX (His Stone)

                                      (Death Certificate)                  (Death Certificate)



*      Robert's first marriage was to "Maggie" WATSON [SEE Henry WATSON 501 & Old Liberty Cemetery], 

        2nd Cora Florance DITTESS (Stone)  (Old Liberty Cemetery),

        3rd Della CURRY



Della's DC shows only her father as  Mr. Curry  (Bible says D.W. CURRY). 

There is a William CURRIE age 24 (=1856)  in LeonCo 1880 living with his Cousin John WATTMAN.


It also shows Della was born in 1881. (See Bible and each census throughout her life calculates 1884.)

The Bible also shows M. C. Curry died March 29, 1892  per SHREWSBURY bible [who is this??]             

Did Nancy Ellen MORGAN Shrewsbury Curry (Portrait) have a second child named Martha Caroline CURRY after her mother Martha Caroline BLACK Morgan (606)?





OBITUARY: Mabel Avalette BLACK McAda

Mable McAda

Funeral services for Mable Avalette Black McAda, 97, will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Moore-Rose-White Funeral Home chapel in Floydada with the Rev. Don Robertson, pastor of College Heights Baptist Church in Plainview, officiating.

Burial will be in Floydada Cemetery.  [Floyd Co.]

Mrs. McAda died at 3:20 a.m. Monday, Aug. 24, 1998, at Prairie House Living Center.

She was born Feb. 21, 1901, in Telico, Ellis County, Texas. During her early years she lived in Baylor and Jones counties.

She married A.O. “Bud” McAda in 1920 in Haskell. He died in 1961. They resided in Jones County until 1921 when they moved to Floyd County. They lived in various farming communities until about 1946 when they moved into Floydada. Mr. McAda managed and operated the Floydada Ice Plant. Mrs. McAda ran the Commercial Hotel Coffee Shop and later assisted at the Ice Plant. She moved to Amarillo [Potter Co.]  in 1976, then to Plainview [Hale Co.] in 1997.


Survivors include a son, Cecil D. McAda of Wichita Falls; four daughters, Ima Ruth Ray and Loretta Cargill of Amarillo, LaJuana Cooper of Plainview, and Barbara Jacobs of Massillon, Ohio; 18 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren, and 22 great-great-grandchildren.

A son, Billy McAda, died in 1947 [DC].

Memorials may be made to the Prairie House Living Center.


William "Bill" Harold Black (1930 OK - 2005 CA)

Manager Manteca Bowl

William "Bill" Harold Black 74, died Sunday, Jan. 2, 2005 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Stockton (CA).

He was born October 19, 1930 in Sulphur, [Murry Co.] OK. He was a resident of Manteca for 64 years (=1941).


He was preceded in death by his parents, the late James and Nancy Black.

Mr. Black is survived by his wife of 51 years, Charlotte Black; children, Delmar Black of Stockton [CA] and Bobbie Bowling of Manteca [CA]; eight grandchildren, James J. Black, Tricia Graham, Jason Graham, Richard L. Bowling III, and Stacey L. Bowling all of Manteca, and John Black of Stockton.


He was preceded in death by his siblings, the late David Webster Black, James Denton Black, and Nancy Garrison.


Bill managed the Manteca Bowl from 1960 to 1996, after he managed the bowling alley he worked for The French Camp Golf Course Pro Shop, until he became to ill to work. Bill was a veteran of the Army Airborne and served from 1951 to 1953.  In Bill's younger days he enjoyed bowling, camping, fishing, water-skiing, and beating his friends at cards and dominoes. He also loved playing golf.  He was a member of the Liberty Baptist Church in Manteca, a member of the American Legions in Manteca. Bill will be remembered as a loving husband, wonderful father, special grandfather and loyal friend to many.  He will be deeply missed.


P.L. Fry & Son Funeral Home is in charge of funeral arrangements. Visitation will be Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2005, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Funeral Service to follow at 1 p.m. at P.L. Fry & Son, 290 N. Union Rd., Manteca. Burial date is pending, will take place at San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, Gustine, CA.


In loving memory please send donations to American Cancer Society, 207 E. Alpine Ave., Stockton, CA 95204.

Manteca (Calif.) Bulletin

Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2005

William "Bill" Harold Black

Manager Manteca Bowl

[Thanks Clarence]