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Father: George B. KING (505)

Mother: Nancy RATLEY (506)


Tate King


September 15, 1874 (A) - Texas, Leon County

January 10, 1939 - Texas, Leon County

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Leon County, TX (map)

reads as: 1872-1939 (Stone) Plot J-36

64 Years 3 Months 25 Days

(Death Certificate)


License: December 18, 1906

Married: December 19, 1906

by W.C. ADAMS, Justice of the Peace

Texas, Leon County, Centerville



Lucy Melissa WARD (404)

January 7, 1882 - Alabama, Henry County, Newville

April 14, 1951 - Texas, Leon County, Centerville

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Leon County, TX (map)

shared headstone with Tate (Stone) Plot J-36

69 Years 3 Months 7 Days

(Death Certificate)


Father: John Ervin WARD (507)

Mother: Sarah Ann Elizabeth MURPHY (508)

Name of Child / Where Born

Date of Birth / Date of Death

Married To / Date / Where


Infant (a) 1907 - August 21 b/d (document)


Oreda (302) (b) 1908 - June 22 Howard Thedford WATSON (301) (photo)

Texas, Leon Co. 1931 - August 30 m: 1925 February 15 - TX, Leon Co

(photo) (photo) her (Death Certificate) Both: Old Liberty Cemetery, (map)

Leon Co., TX

His Stone Her Stone (gate)


T C (c) (photo) 1909 - December 6 Veda JoAnnie GOOLSBY (1912 TX - 1997 TX) (photo)

Texas, Leon Co. 1981 - October 20 m: 1922 September 11- TX, Leon Co., Centerville

TX, Leon Co. Both: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Plot T-35

463-16-6890 Leon Co., TX (map) (Shared Stone)


Algia Elton (d) 1911 - November 3 Annie Ibera STACY (1917 - 1990 TX )

Texas, Leon Co. 1969 - March 31 m: 1935 May 9 - TX, Madison Co., Madisonville

TX, Harris Co. Both: Shared Stone Buffalo Cemetery

(Death Certificate) Leon Co., TX


Delia Elizabeth (e) 1913 - July 8 1 year, 1 month, 6 days
Texas, Leon Co. 1914 - August 14 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Plot J-39
Leon Co., TX (map)


Johnie Bill (f) 1915 - July 15 Eunice Victoria STACEY (no other information)
Texas, Leon Co. 1958 - December 29

45 Years, 5 Months, 14 Days Pearl Ada Franks Ward (1911 TX - 1997 TX)

(Death Certificate) m: ~1934 - Leon Co., TX

He: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery She: New Salem Cemetery, (Stone)

Plot J-43 Leon Co., TX (map)

Leon Co., TX (map)


William "Willie" Floyd (g) 1919 - December 13 7 years, 3 months, 13 days

Texas, Leon Co. 1927 - March 26 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery,Plot J-38

Leon Co., TX (map)


Nathan Oliver (Sr.) (h) 1921 - July 6 Lottie Alene EVANS (1935 TX - 2007 TX) (photo)

Texas, Leon Co. 1998 - September 5 m: 1952 - June 1

TX, Harris Co. Both: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery - Shared Stone

Leon Co., TX (map) Her Obituary







I have only one source showing Tate's middle name as Calvin - a writeup in the Leon County History Book (1986), page 556/557. His son Algia's death certificate shows a middle initial of "C" - informant was Algia's wife. I guess it is possible that the middle initial on his marriage license (Certificate) is a "C".


An Elusive Man: Tate's birthday on his WWI draft registration card reads 1874 - which he signed.

His Stone reads 1872. His Death Certificate in January of 1939, signed by his son Johnie Bill KING, estimates Tate's age as 67 (=1871) His death certificate also shows Tate's father was George KING.

Tate's birth year varies throughout the documents:

1880 Leon Co., George B. KING - not listed as a child.

1900 Leon Co. 21 (=1879) Millhand for the THOMAS family TX x x

1905 Tate is listed in NC Deed along with his paternal Grandfather, Street KING, and his siblings: Baker, Victoria, himself, and his siblings Walter, Eva, James R., Isaac (Fritz), Bert.

Also named are the children of Tate's deceased sister Anna Eliza KING Norris [Oliver NORRIS and Edna NORRIS]

1910 Leon Co. 34 (=1876) married 4 years (=1906) TX NC NC

1918 WWI Draft Registration - Leon Co. 44 (=1874) is married to Lucy

1920 Leon Co. 45 (=1875) TX NC NC

1930 Leon Co. 56 (=1874) age at 1st marriage 33 (m: Dec 1906 - 33 =1873 ) TX AL AL

NOTE: My father was 9 years old and remembers the funeral of his grandfather Tate KING in 1939.



This "infant" is listed in the Leon Co. births.

Oreda was born 10 months later but is not documented. Perhaps an error was made - either here or by the WATSONs later.

Their son TC is not listed - but an Infant has his same birthday.



Oreda KING and Howard WATSON (my line) will have their own page.



Texas Birth Index lists an "infant" in the Leon Co. with the same birthday as TC - his birth is not listed.

TC had no 'name' only the initials. Leon County History Book (1986), page 556/557.



Children (at least) of Algia and Annie:

Clara Jean KING (1936) and Charles Elton KING (1944), Teresa Dale KING (1952)



Delia Elizabeth:



Johnie Bill KING:

Tx birth index shows an infant with Victoria - 1933. Daddy has no recolection of Uncle Johnie Bill being married to her and I can find no document. Victoria is not listed as having any other children, nor can I find a death certificate for her. I have yet to find her in any Census.


Pearl Ada Franks was the daughter of Louis Auss Franks and Lucy Harriet Coleman.

Pearl married Thomas Calvin Ward (1912-1997) [son of James Moore WARD & Ida L. MOORE m:1899] in Leona, Leon County, Texas, on December 31, 1930. Pearl and Thomas had a son Jack Calvin WARD born September 1931. Pearl was divorced from Thomas in 1932.

She married Johnie Bill King in 1934. They had no children. Pearl Ada FRANKS Ward King died in Madison County. Pearl's parents are also in New Salem Cemetery (Leon Co).


Thomas Calvin WARD is in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery as are his parents (John & Ida) and paternal grandparents [Calvin WARD & Clara Jane PATE] For Clara Janes' parents see here: .



Willie Floyd



Texas Birth Index shows children of Nathan and Lottie are:

Charlotte Alene King 26 Nov 1957 Freestone Nathan Oliver King Lottie Alene Evans (

Nathan Oliver JR. King 17 Sep 1959 Madison Nathan Oliver King Lottie Alene Evans

Ricky Lynn King 22 Nov 1963 Madison Nathan Oliver King Lottie Alene Evans






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