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Washington Parish Cemetery Map

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Washington Parish Virtual Cemetery Map
Links to USGen Web Cemetery TranscriptionsLears Memorial *Not on line *No GIS DATA! or alternate name Ellis Cemetery Visited -10 yr ago Old Warren Cemetery? *Not on lineAcross from Mr. Hebert's House *Not on linePleasant ValleyOld Live Oak *Multiple NamesOld ForneaMount Olive *Multiple Name Gann?Adams *Multiple NamePonemah *Multiple files See P-RPounds see 'P' Sheridan *Multiple nameJenkins *Multiple Name 1OtzenbergerDuffys *Not on LineKnight *Multiple fileHillview-Memorial-Garden-Cemetery *Not on lineWallace *Multiple FileMcGehee *Multiple fileCoburn *Not on lineMileyR. D. ForneaMohon *Not on lineBonnieWesley Ray *Not on lineMoses *Not on lineSealeRester *Multiple FilesAndrew *Multiple NameMiley *Multiple filesWilliam *Multiple NamesSingleyChurch-of-GodH. Kennedy *Multiple NamesSheridan *Multiple NamePierce *Multiple FilesAdams *Multiple NameBaughmanSam CarrollMuster GroundTempleCentralHill-Top *Not on lineTullosBlackwellMcKinseyKennedy-2 *Multiple NameKennedy-3Tynes-link and  *see Briarwood CemeteryCrain *Multiple Names 1Seal-3Thomas* Multiple Name 1Martin *Multiple Name BrooksSchillingCrains Creek *Multiple Names 2 -Pine area only online -CrainCrain *Multiple Name 3Gerald I on Ed Gerald Cemetery RoadGerald II JEP GeraldDuncan *Not on lineBreland *Multiple Name 1Breland *Multiple Name 2 -see State Line and PineGayCorkern *Multiple NameMidwayMiley *Multiple fileKnight Cemetery *Multiple Name and Whittington Cemetery - linkMcNeeseMt. SinaiSimmons *Multiple NameKnightPineNoblesFaith *Not on lineWarren *Mulitple NameThomas *Multiple Name 2Crain Cemetery *Multiple Name 4 -and Harmony CemeteryBreland *Multiple Name 3 error?Payne *Not on lineHunt *Not on line (court records)Smith *Multiple Name 1Sheridan *Multiple filesResterWilliams *Multiple filesJenkins*Multiple Name 2ThigpenMagee *Mulitple NameMagee *Multiple NameGalloway *Not on lineWilliams *Multiple NameMizellJonesCordelia *Not on lineHouse *Not on lineMagee *Multiple NameMagee *Multiple NameSpencerTison *Not on lineLetchworthMagee *Multiple NameCreel (Stuart or Edwards)StrahanJenkins *Mulitiple Name 3 -Not on lineSchilling *Multiple Name (Pine area only online)MartinFischerMageeMagee *Multiple NameCurter *Not on lineBeard *Multiple fileToomer Cemetery-link and Brumfield CemeteryBrown *Not on lineHaleyJames *Multiple NameStar HillBrumfieldSaint James *Not on lineMoriah *Not on lineWarnerMagee *Multiple NameBickham *Multiple fileSmith *Multiple Name 2BankstonFussell *Multiple NameBullock *Multiple NameOwens *Not on lineVarnado *Multiple NameMagee *Multiple NameMorris *Multiple NameStringfieldWilson Cemetery, Smith Cemetery 3, Winan CemeteryBickhamSlocum *Not on lineMagee *Multiple NameMillerMillerBurchEli Stafford *Multiple NameBulluch *Multiple NameBickham *Multiple NameStringfieldVernon *Not on lineKemp *Not on lineSealeCarterMaplesMorris *Multiple fileMorris *Multiple NameSmith *Multiple Name 4AlfordSimmonsHinsonConerly *Not on lineSimmons *Multiple NameSimmons *Mulitiple NameMillerBrockMillerSchilling *Pine area only onlineStrathamOttMount HermonVarnado *Multiple NameBanisterSmith *Multiple Name 5Mount Olive *Multiple nameMt Olive Gann *Multiple NameTate *Not on lineParkerCarsonBickham *Multiple NameStafford *Multiple NameStevens *Multiple fileSimmonsLea *Not on lineBond *Not on line (St. Helena?)Bullock *Multiple NamePassmanSealeSylvest Cemetery *Not on line and Wallace Cemetery *SunCorkern *Multiple NameCorkern *Multiple NameChappell *Not on lineSharpsJenkins *Multiple Name 4 -not on lineReviereAdams *Multiple NameSharpsCorkern *Multiple Name

Washington Parish Cemeteries
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Roll over the map and view cemetery name at the bottom of your browser window. Not all links have been added, yet. Work in progress! Please feel free to email any descrepencies in location for correction to: There are multiple same name files and alternate named files at the USGenWeb. There are only 187 links here, and therefore, USGenWeb has the remaining information about cemeteries. This is just an alphabetized list. The red circles are either historical school locations, or present day schools. The green dots are historical places or current populated areas.

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And Fisher? next to Richardson
Bogue Chitto Cemetery


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