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St. John the Baptist Cemetery



 I am working on updating this page, some dates have been added.  Please note that these dates cannot be counted on as being 100% accurate.


Accola, John        July 10 188_-Sept 9, 1905
Adam, Edna M.        nee Brisson    Dec 27, 1908-Feb 17, 2000
Albert        1898-1913
Arcand, Amelia
Arcand, Caryl A.        Oct 9, 1936-Aug 27, 2003
Arcand, Eddie            1892-1959
Arcand, Edward J.    1901-1993
Arcand, James O.        died Jan 22, 1918
Arcand, Lena        1895-1960
Arcand, Louis J.        1888-1963
Arcand, Mary M.        1893-1968
Arcand, Margaret    died Jan 29, 1908 aged 82 years
Arcand, Vinie        died Apr 28, 1906 aged 17 years
Armstrong, Rose        1887-1965
Arth, Hazel G.        nee Brisson Apr 26, 1915-Oct 2, 2001
Auge, Wayne Michael        Sept 8, 1977
Babcock, Marvin R.        1932-1995 husband of Mary Jane (married Nov. 28, 1953)
Babcock, Mary Jane        1934-2002 wife of Marvin R. (married Nov. 28, 1953)
Bade, Stella Brisson        1904-1989
Barott, Celina A.        1918-1985 wife of Howard F.
Barott, Evelyn G.        nee Fryxell Feb 13, 1916-July 19, 1995
Barott, Howard F.        1910-1997 husband of Celina A.
Barrieau, Henry J.        1903-1984 husband of Jeanette M.
Barrieau, Jeanette M.        1907-2000 wife of Henry J.
Barrieau, Jimmy            1961
Barrieau, Lynn M.        July 10, 1960-Oct 19, 1966
Barrieau, Shirley A.        1928-1986
Bebeau, Dolphus
Belland, Herman        1912-1959 WWII Vet   husband of Catherine
Berczyk, Alyshia Ann        Apr 16, 1986-June 3, 1989
Bergstrom, Elvin V.        Dec 2, 1918-Jan 30, 2000
Bergstrom, Rose Blanche        nee Courteau Mar 16, 1915-July 17, 1996
Bernier,             1866-1942
Bernier, Addie E.        1891-1961
Bernier, Anna            1885-1956
Bernier, Bernard J.        1920-1920
Bernier, Dennis            1851-1929    
Bernier, Dennis D.        1884-1952
Bernier, Dora E.        Jun 10, 1891-Jan 5, 1985
Bernier, Eleanor        1896-1910
Bernier, Emilie            1868-1946
Bernier, George C.        1913-2003 husband of Louise F. (married Sept 1, 1937) (parents of Mary, Karen, Jean, Anita, Carol, Denise, Cecilia)
Bernier, Louise F.        1914-2002 wife of George C. (married Sept 1, 1937) (parents of Mary, Karen, Jean, Anita, Carol, Denise, Cecilia)
Bernier, John T.        1888-1961
Bernier, Jos. B.        1865-1949
Bernier, Joseph        1901-1964
Bernier, Laura            1882-1911
Bernier, Louis            1878-1924
Bernier, Lucille C.        1906-1983
Bernier, Mathilda        1856-1926
Bernier, M.J.            Mar 7, 1921-June 29, 2001
Bernier, Peter A.    1874-1930
Bernier, Richard J.    Apr 15, 1923-Oct 16, 1944
Bernier, Roy M.        1901-1971
Berry, Pearl        1915-1948
Besnett, Louis        died 1913 husband of Mary
Besnett, Mary        born 1854 wife of Louis
Besnett, William        1885-1934
Bessette, Arsene
Bessette, Ellen
Bessette, Raoul
Betley, Anita L.    nee Frost July 12, 1954-July 17, 1994
Bibeau, Charles        1826-1905
Bibeau, Dolphus        Jan 1, 1890-Dec 25, 1937 husband of Julia
Bibeau,    Emma        1871-1956
Bibeau, Frank        1868-1966
Bibeau, Joseph        1906-1920
Bibeau, Julia        nee Nordquist Nov 2, 1904-Sept 15, 1991 wife of Dalphus
Bibeau, Julia        Aug 26, 1900-May 15, 1902 dau of Francis and Mary Bibeau
Bibeau, Marie        1861-1928
Bibeau, Marie A.    1877-1961
Bibeau, Peter        1866-1917
Bibeau, Peter        1873-1943
Bibeau, Pierre        1843-1913 husband of Sophie
Bibeau, Rose        Sept 23, 1898-May 9, 1902 dau of Francis and Mary Bibeau
Bibeau, Sophie        1843-1930 wife of Pierre
Biksen, James        1949-1953
Blackbird, Cageatant        Sept 28, 1846-Mar 10, 1922 husband of Marie
Blackbird, Jerry        born 1896 aged 13 years, 5 months, 14 days
Blackbird, Marie        1853-1936
Blackbird, Pierre
Blackbird, Raymond F.        1903-1972
Blackbird, Sophia
Blomgren, Thomas E.        1928-1991 PFC US ARMY WWII
Blume, Kenneth A.        1953-1975
Blumhoefer, Andrew G.        Dec 14, 1932-June 3, 1951  MN PFC 7 INFANTRY 3 INFANTRY DIV KOREA
Blumhoefer, Bernice M.        1922-2004 wife of Leonard F. married May 3, 1947
Blumhoefer, Frank X.        1900-1961
Blumhoefer, Julia Urbeck        1883-1968
Blumhoefer, Leonard F.            1925-1983 husband of Bernice M. married May 3, 1947
Bolan, Lyle V.            1915-1983
Bourque, George            Nov 28, 1885-Oct 18, 1952 husband of Olive
Bourque, Olive            Oct 31, 1887-Oct 17, 1917 wife of George
Bourque, Raphael       Mar 28, 1848(3?)-Aug 10, 1908
Bourque, Sophia            Jan 15, 1853-Aug 26, 1935
Brisson, Agnes            1902-1925
Brisson, Agnes M.        188_- 1946
Brisson, Alice M.        May 10, 1920-Apr 1, 1996 wife of Claude F. (married Dec. 30, 1944)
Brisson, Almeria        1885-1936
Brisson, Beatrice        1907-1982 wife of Edward E.
Brisson, Clare Therese        1958-1984
Brisson, Claude F.        July 26,1916-July 17, 2002 husband of Alice M. (married Dec. 30, 1944)
Brisson, Delia            1895-1952
Brisson, Delia            1900-1968
Brisson, Dennis E.        1910-1943
Brisson, Dorothy M.        1900-1991
Brisson, Edmond            1883-1970
Brisson, Edward E.        1910-1987 husband of Beatrice
Brisson, Emil            ?1881-1915
Brisson, Emile            1879-1935
Brisson, Emilie
Brisson, Euclid L.        1885-1988
Brisson, Euclide        Oct 10, 1849-Oct 12, 1921
Brisson, Euclide M.        1857-1915
Brisson, George J.        1891-1979
Brisson, Hazaire        1873-1918
Brisson, Henry        1876-1956 husband of Ida
Brisson, Ida        1885-1972 wife of Henry
Brisson, Ida M.        Nov 17, 1880-July 7, 1937
Brisson, J.C.        1844-1922
Brisson, Jerry A.        1895-1977 husband of Ruth M. (married June 28, 1920)
Brisson, Joan M.        Aug 9, 1932-Dec 17, 1994
Brisson, John L.        1896-1950
Brisson, Joseph            1860-1939
Brisson, Joseph M.        Mar 12, 1907-Apr 7, 1979
Brisson, Kathryn        1909-1983 wife of Walter
Brisson, L.
Brisson, Louis
Brisson, Louis N.       June 8, 1907-Nov 15, 1937
Brisson, Ludger            Dec 25, 1873-Jan 29, 1930
Brisson, M. Louise        1889-1941
Brisson, Marie Antucia        1866-1932
Brisson, Mary        1862-1930
Brisson, Mary        1880-1916
Brisson, Mary        1837-1916
Brisson, Mary J.        1858-1928
Brisson, Mary L. McGee        1886-1982
Brisson, Mary O.        1885-1945
Brisson, Olivine        June 14, 1854-Sept 21, 1917
Brisson, Raoul J.        1888-1966
Brisson, Raymond        1910-1910
Brisson, Rose P.        1902-1960
Brisson, Ruth M.        1898-1987 wife of Jerry A. (married June 28, 1920)
Brisson, Sidney    
Brisson, Violet Marie        1935-1995
Brisson, Virginia M.        1899-1992
Brisson, Walter            1905-1991 husband of Kathryn
Brisson, Willie            Feb 9, 1914 aged 9 years
Brisson, Willis J.        MN GM3C USNR WWII
Broderick, Bernice E.       1911-1963
Bruggenman, Mary Delphine        1936-1983
Bump, Ann            Feb 13, 1937
Burkard, Lauren Marie        Mar 14, 1991
Burkard, Louis L.
Burkard, Robert E.
Burkard, Rose D.
Burque, Henry R.
Burque, Mayme L.
Caminada, John F.
Campbell, Anna T.
Campbell, Flora M.
Campbell, Frank J.
Campbell, Vern J.
Campbell, Wilfred D.
Campeau, Emma
Campeau, Joseph D.
Campeau, Paul David
Cardinal, Delima
Cardinal, Dolphis P.
Cardinal, Elmer J.
Cardinal, Jeanne T.
Cardinal, Leah M.
Cardinal, Mary M. & baby
Cardinal, Thomas
Carlson, Lee R.
Carpenter, Agnes
Carpenter, Celeste N.
Carpenter, Celina
Carpenter, Earl
Carpenter, Edward J.
Carpenter, Ellen
Carpenter, Frank J.
Carpenter, Fred E.
Carpenter, George A.
Carpenter, Joseph
Carpenter, Joseph
Carpenter, Lillian
Carpenter, Napoleon
Carpenter, Richard J.
Carpenter, Robert
Carpenter, Roy G.
Carpenter, Margaret
Carpenter, William
Carrentear, Michael
Cartier, Alex P.
Cartier, Amelia
Cartier, Emmet Melvin
Cartier, Harold E.
Cartier, Luverne A.
Cartier, Martha E.
Cartier, Mary Cummings
Cartier, Miriam A.
Cartier, Nina E.
Cartier, Raymond A.
Casavant, Pearl
Chalifoux, Celina
Chalifoux, Emile J.
Charpentier, Howard A.
Charpentier, Ida May
Charpentier, Linda Marie
Charpentier, Marie S.
Charpentier, Richard F.
Charpentier, Robert J.
Christensen, Mary
Clymer, Richard J.
Cody, John Francis
Coiffon, Rose Delima
Connelly, Louise
Connelly, Roseanne
Cournoyer, baby girl
Cournoyer, Josephine
Cournoyer, Leah M.
Cournoyer, Peter P.
Cournoyer, Prisse
Courteau, Angela
Courteau, Elizabeth E.
Courteau, Emily
Courteau, Emily
Courteau, F.
Courteau, Francis
Courteau, Genevieve E.
Courteau, George J.
Courteau, Joseph H.
Courteau, Mabel M.
Courteau, Marcel L.
Courteau, Marjorie D.
Courteau, Raymond J.
Courteau, Raymond L.
Cox, Therese M.
Cox, Thomas G.
Crawford, Marie J.
Crever, Connie H.
Crever, Henry C.
Crever, Roger L.
Crosby, Margaret M.
Cummings, Alden G.
Cummings, Blanche
Cummings, C.V.
Cummings, Erving J.
Cummings, Fred L.
Cummings, Ivana B.
Cummings, Kate
Cummings, Louis
Cummings, Mamie
Cummings, Mary L.
Cummings, Willard J.
Cummings, William
Darwin, Emilina
Darwin, Ralph M.
Decareau, Liza
DeMars, Elizabeth J. Reibel
DeMars, Olive M.
DeMars, William O.
DeMas, Catherine M.
DeMas, Claude D.
DeMas, Isabelle Marie
DeMas, Raymond
Denno, Edward
Denno, Margaret
Doerr, Charles E.
Doree, Wayne A.
Dulon, Joseph
Dupre, Alden B.
Dupre, Antonia
Dupre, Bessie A.
Dupre, Caroline
Dupre, Clarice
Dupre, Eleanor M.
Dupre, Emma M.
Dupre, Harry
Dupre, Ivan  
Dupre, Leon F.
Dupre, Philip J.
Dupre, Russell J.
Dupre, Victor
Dupre, Wayne T.
Dupre, William D.
Dupre, William H.
Eggert, Irene R.
Ethier, Albert B.
Ethier, Clara V.
Ethier, Delvina
Faucher, Christine
Faucher, James O.
Faucher, Louis
Faucher, Ma
Fischbeck, Leo C.
Fishcher, Coletta
Fischer, John
Flanagan, Mary K.
Flascher, Amelia
Flascher, John
Flascher, William
Forcien, Frank
Forcien, Lena
Forcien, Louis A.
Forcien, Marie
Forcien, Peter
Forsberg, Ruth
Freiermuth, Marvin Henry
Frost, Joseph
Frost, Lennea
Gamboni, Barbara C.
Gamboni, Fred A.
Gamboni, Jeffrey Allen
Gamboni, Joseph
Gamboni, Joseph A.
Gamboni, Martin
Garber, Sharon Marie
Gehrke, Lucina B.
Gelhaye, Rose M.
Germain, Lillian A.
Germain, Marcel J.
Gibbs, Ruth Ann
Goiffon, Anna
Goiffon, Helen H.
Goiffon, Joseph
Goiffon, Louise
Goiffon, Marie Louise
Goiffon, P. Antoine
Goulette, Everett C.
Goulette, Lydia B.
Granger, baby
Granger, Edmond J.
Granger, Eugene
Granger, Florence
Granger, Henry J.
Granger, James J.J.
Granger, Joseph W.
Granger, Lena M.
Granger, Mabel B.
Granger, Mary
Granger, Michael
Granger, Patrick M.
Granger, Robert J.
Granger, Thomas J.
Green, Bailey Marie
Gregoire, Eddie
Gregoire, Emile
Gregoire, Joseph A.
Gregoire, Luella J.
Gregoire, Leah
Gregoire, Romeo E.
Gregorie, Henry
Grenier, Emma
Grenier, Joseph
Grenier, Narcisse
Groth, Lyle
Guertin, Marie
Guile, Marie C.
Gustafson, Mabel M.
Halley, Henry O.
Halley, Luella E.
Harris, Alice
Harris, Donald
Harvey, Charles H.
Harvey, Eugenie
Harvey, Rachael A.
Hauble, Betty Jane
Hauble, Francis J.
Hauble, Roseann M.
Hauble, John
Hauble, Julia
Hauble, Martin C.
Hauble, Richard James
Helfman, Chris
Helfman, Clarence J.
Helfman, Mary M.
Helfman, Rose
Hess, Alice
Hill, Mary E.
Hollihan, Bernice E.
Hollihan, Thomas J.
Holmgren, Irene C.
Holmgren, Oliver W.
Houk, James John
Houle, Agnes Gagne
Houle, Frank N.
Houle, Marie A.
Houle, Mitchell
Hovald, Francis Peter
Hovald, Joanne T.
Husnik, Edwin L.
James, Sandy J. Wright
Jerry, Arthur
Jerry, Harriet
Jerry, Harvey J.
Jerry, Izola M.
Jerry, John B.
Jerry, Joseph
Jerry, Margaret
Jerry, Mary Ann
Jerry, Violet E.
Johnson, baby
Johnson, David
Johnson, Gregory W.
Johnson, Mary E.
Karner, Adeline
Kaufman, John William
Kern, Alma Houle
Kieffer, John R.
Kiichli, Angeline
Kiichli, Louis C.
Kiichli, Louis F.
King, Albina
King, Aurelia
King, George
King, George C.
King, Henry J.
King, Virginia E.
Kirchner, Patrick J.
Klein, Eva M.
Kloeckner, John P.
Kolodziej, Leo T.
Konobeck, Agnes A.
Konobeck, James W., Sr.
Kuckler, Helen P.
Kuehn, August, Sr.
Kuehn, Caroline
Kuehn, Cecelia
Kuehn, Della
Kuehn, Emmett L.
Kuehn, Franz
Kuehn, Gertrude H.
Kuehn, Howard R.
Kuehn, Jerome B.
Kuehn, Joseph
Kuehn, Leo P.
Kuehn, Mona W.
Kuehn, Paul
LaBelle, Eugene J.
LaBelle, Gideon
LaBelle, Josephine
LaBelle, Lillian M.
LaCasse, Alphonsine
LaCasse, Carma
LaCasse, Clement J.
LaCasse, Cyril
LaCasse, Delina
LaCasse, Eloise M.
LaCasse, Jeffrey P.
LaCasse, Leslie C.
LaCasse, Loren J.
LaCasse, Rosemary
LaCasse, Teles
LaCasse, Teles II
LaCroix, Hector
LaCroix, Marie Rose
Lafave, Dennis
Lafave, Rean
LaFreniere, Henry J.
LaFreniere, Simon
L'Allier, Delia M.
L'Allier, Louise M.
L'Allier, Margaret Mercier
L'Allier, Raymond O.
Lambert, Eugene D.
Lambert, Helen V.
Lambert, Joseph
Lambert, Mary
Lambert, Melvina
LaMotte, Elizabeth A.
LaMotte, Elizabeth S.
LaMotte, Florida M.
LaMotte, Nancy A.
LaMotte, Napoleon
LaMotte, Oliver
LaMotte, Raymond W.
LaMotte, Walter F.
Landroches, Lucy
Landroches, William
Larsen, Louise T.
Larson, Albin O.
Larson, Lenore M.
Lashar, Frank
Latendresse, Eddie
Latendresse, Euclide
Latendresse, Virginia
Lauzon, Anthony
Lauzon, Marie
LaValle, Adele
LaValle, Alex E.
LaValle, Bart J.
LaValle, Dolores G.
LaValle, Emma H.
LaValle, Eric David
LaValle, Felix T.
LaValle, Ida
LaValle, James J.
LaValle, Marcel
LaValle, Minnie
LaValle, Oliver
LaValle, Ruth M.
LaValle, William
LaValle, William, Sr.
LaValley, Albert
LaValley, Dolphis J.
LaValley, Edward
LaValley, Elizabeth
LaValley, John S
LaValley, Julia
LaVenture, Jean Claude
Laverdiere, Archie
Laverdiere, Mary
Laverdiere, mother
Laverdiere, Philip
Laverdiere, Raymond J.
Laxson, Walter
LeClair, Louis
LeClair, Mary
Leclerco, Mary
Lecuyer, Ameddie
LeMay, Albert
LeMay, Angeline
LeMay, Clara
LeMay, Elizabeth F.
LeMay, George J.
LeMay, Helen
LeMay, Susan A.
Lenart, Frank J.
Lenart, Katherine A.
LePage, Alex
LePage, Delima
Leroux, Alphonsine
Leroux, Andrew
Leroux, Anton N.
Leroux, Arvilla
Leroux, Assumpta M.
Leroux, baby
Leroux, baby boy
Leroux, Benjamin A.
Leroux, Delina
Leroux, Edmund
Leroux, Ervin D.
Leroux, Eugene
Leroux, Fred
Leroux, George E.
Leroux, Henry
Leroux, Henry P.
Leroux, Irene P.
Leroux, Jennie Ann
Leroux, Joseph
Leroux, Joseph H.
Leroux, Lenora
Leroux, Louis O.
Leroux, Paul
Leroux, Ronald J.
Leroux, Rose D.
Letourneau, Alice V.
Letourneau, ??acageat
Letourneau, Adeline M.
Letourneau, Adolph O.
Letourneau, Anna
Letourneau, Azilda
Letourneau, Boniface
Letourneau, Cecelia
Letourneau, Cyril
Letourneau, Domina P.
Letourneau, Dona M.
Letourneau, Elizabeth
Letourneau, Eugene J.
Letourneau, Evelena
Letourneau, George E.
Letourneau, Geraldine M.
Letourneau, Helen
Letourneau, Ida
Letourneau, James J.
Letourneau, Joseph J.
Letourneau, Julius
Letourneau, Leo
Letourneau, Louis
Letourneau, Louise M.
Letourneau, Mabel
Letourneau, Mary Ann
Letourneau, Mary D.
Letourneau, Nora M.
Letourneau, Oliver
Letourneau, Oliver J.
Letourneau, Rene
Letourneau, Robert T.
Letourneau, Sophie
Letourneau, William J.
Letourneau, Zephyrin
LaVasseur, Albert
LaVasseur, Celina
LaVasseur, Clara
LaVasseur, Gerald T., Sr.
LaVasseur, Inez
LaVasseur, Peter
LaVasseur, Vitalene
Lewis, Delvina
Lewis, Dewey
Liljedahl, Edward
Liljedahl, Janice B.
Liljedahl, Margaret A.
Liljedahl, Richard C.
Lindau, Julie Louise
Linehan, Norman F.
Lisec, Thomas E.
Litt, Gertrude M.
Litt, Peter S.
Long, Dwight F.
Long, Mary V.
Lutz, Arthur D.
Lutz, Barbara
Lutz, David
Lutz, Dephine
Lutz, Edward W.
Lutz, Elizabeth
Lutz, Francis J.
Lutz, George
Lutz, Helen
Lutz, Ida M.
Lutz, Ilene V.
Lutz, Jessie L.
Lutz, John B.
Lutz, Joseph
Lutz, Joseph H.
Lutz, Juanita E.
Lutz, Leo D.
Lutz, Louis
Lutz, Marcel L.
Lutz, Marcel, O.
Lutz, Margaret
Lutz, Marie A.
Lutz, Mary
Lutz, Mary
Lutz, Mary
Lutz, Oscar
Lutz, Willie A.
Magee, Julia M.
Mailloux, Narcisse
Mailloux, Mary
Malmstrom, David
Malmstrom, Mabel
           , Marie baby
Marier, Agnes
Marier, Albert
Marier, Alfred
Marier, Annabelle
Marier, Antoine
Marier, Aurele
Marier, Damien
Marier, Emily
Marier, Emma
Marier, Frank C.
Marier, Henry
Marier, Henry J.
Marier, John J.
Marier, Joseph T.
Marier, Laurena A.
Marier, Louise
Marier, Luetta A.
Marier, LuVerne B.
Marier, Marie A.
Marier, Melissa Ann
Marier, Narcisse E.
Marier, Peter
Marier, Philomene
Marier, Stephanie
Marrier, George
Marrier, Jean
Marrier, John
Marrier, Louis
Marrier, Margaret
Marrier, Michael
Maruna, Alice
Maruna, Frank
Monica, Mary
Maslowski, Beryl
Maslowski, Carol R.
Maslowski, Dorothy I.
Maslowski, Edward A.
Maslowski, Emil H.
Maslowski, James Michael
Maslowski, Joseph A.
Maslowski, Marie
Maslowski, Michael J.
Matuseski, Donald A.
Matuseski, Lavon R.
Matz, Carolyn F.
McDonald, George F.
McFarland, Agnes
McGuire, Lois Lambert
McPherson, Mildred
Mercier, Lillie M.
Mercier, Nels H.
Miller, John H.
Miller, Katherine
Miller, Martin J.
Miller, Scott J.
Mingo, Agnes
Mingo, Francis E.
Mingo, Francis S.
Mingo, Philemon
Mingo, Ruth T.
Miron, Clifford V.
Miron, James
Miron, Julia E.
Miron, Leona M.
Miron, Louis J.
Miron, Mary Mose
Miron, Misael J.
Miron, Sidney J.
Molitor, Anna
Molitor, Joseph
Molitor, Lester P.
Monahan, William P.
Morancey, Erma W.
Morancey, Ernest
Morancey, Flora M.
Morancey, Homer
Morancey, John
Morancey, Mary L.
Morancey, Orilie
Morisette, Frances M.
Morisette, Hermina
Morisette, Louis J.
Morisette, Napoleon
Mozzetti, Jenny Anne
Muellner, Leo A.
Muellner, Suzanne
Muller, Frank
Muller, Lawrence
Muller, Louise
Muller, Mary
Muller, Nicholas
Nadeau, Caroline
Nadeau, Frances
Nadeau, Fred
Nadeau, Joseph L.
Nadeau, Lucille
Nadeau, Mathilda M.
Nadeau, Rebecca Jean
Nadeau, Richard F.
Nadeau, Roy J.
Niemczyk, John J.
Nolden, Elmire M.
Norlander, Denise R.
Northrup, Alice
Northrup, William L.
O'Connor, Edith A.
O'Connor, James A.
O'Connor, Wayne J.
Olinger, Gus
Olinger, Margaret
Ouimet, Amanda
Ouimet, Frank A.
Ouimet, Henry
Ouimet, Mary L.
Ouimette, Adeline
Ouimette, Antoine
Ouimette, Delphie
Ouimette, Edmund A.
Ouimette, Minnie
Ouimette, Olive
Padden, William F.
Parenteau, Caroline M.
Parenteau, Charles
Parenteau, Cyril
Parenteau, Elizabeth M.
Parenteau, Emma
Parenteau, Francis J.
Parenteau, Margeret
Parenteau, Margeritte L.
Parenteau, Mary
Parenteau, Mary
Parenteau, Mike
Parenteau, Moise R.
Parenteau, Paul E.
Parenteau, Rosilda
Parenteau, Rosilda
Parenteau, Sherie J.
Parkhill, Charlotte M.
Parkhill, William C.
Parranto, Julia
Patrin, Antoine
Patrin, Elenore
Patrin, Emma E.
Patrin, Eugene G.
Patrin, Georgie
Patrin, Irline
Patrin, Julia M.
Patrin, Laura
Patrin, Louis
Patrin, Margret M.
Patrin, Tony
Pelletier, Lola M.
Peloquin, Aime
Peloquin, Calix
Peloquin, Edvige
Peloquin, Eleanor F.
Peloquin, Elizabeth
Peloquin, Emma
Peloquin, father
Peloquin, James
Peloquin, Joseph
Peloquin, Joseph W.
Peloquin, Lucy
Peloquin, Maglore
Peloquin, Maglore
Peloquin, Manuel
Peloquin, Marie Grace
Peloquin, Mary
Peloquin, mother
Peloquin, Oliver
Peloquin, Peter
Peloquin, Philip
Peloquin, Philomene
Peloquin, Rose
Peloquin, Roy
Peloquin, Theodore
Peloquin, Wilfred
Peloquin, William
Peltier, Alden J.
Peltier, baby
Peltier, Clara S.
Peltier, Clarisse
Peltier, Eugene
Peltier, Francis J.
Peltier, Harvey J.
Peltier, Ida Mae
Peltier, Laura M.
Peltier, Mathilda
Peltier, Narcisse
Peltier, Oliver
Peltier, Raymond Joseph
Pepin, Betty Jane
Perigord, Jules
Perigord, Mary
Perrault, Alice M.
Perrault, Arthur
Perreault, Camille
Perreault, Celina
Perreault, Delia
Perreault, Demase
Perreault, Dennis A.
Perreault, Donald R.
Perreault, Dorothy D.
Perreault, Gwendolyn J.
Perreault, Madlynn R.
Perreault, Magloire J.
Perreault, Mary R.
Peterson, Judith A.
Petrain, George
Peuse, Marlow L.
Phillips, Helen L.
Piette, Cuthbert
Piette, Joseph
Pratt, Frank
Pratt, Rose M.
Prondzinski, John A.
Prondzinski, Madelyn M.
Proulx, John B.
Proulx, Louise M.
Proulx, Maxine
Quick, Marie A.
Quinlan, James T.
Quinlan, Stella M.
Rehbein, Daniel G.
Revoir, Dnesim
Revoir, Lillie
Revoir, Martha R.
Revoir, Oliver
Revoir, Selica
Revoir, William
Rhodes, Lindy Jo
Richard, baby boy & girl
Rickers, Anna A.
Riedle, Mary A.
Riley, Celanise
Riley, George
Riley, Oliver
Riopel, Albina
Riopel, Amelia
Riopel, Evelyn M.
Riopel, Jerry P.
Riopel, Louis
Riopel, Maxime
Riopel, Richard J.
Rodrigue, Adele R.
Rodrigue, Alphonse J.
Rodrigue, Anthony
Rodrigue, Delima R.
Rodrigue, Dorothy M.
Rodrigue, Emma E.
Rodrigue, Francois
Rodrigue, Gabrielle M.
Rodrigue, Hubert A.
Rodrigue, Joseph F.
Rodrigue, Joseph I.
Rodrigue, Marie
Rodrigue, Noela M.
Rodrigue, Raymond J.
Ronning, Kevin J.
Roth, Edna M.
Roth, Leonard F.
Rumm, Bernadette M.
Rushton, Julie M.
Russell, Harry A.
Russell, Harry A., Jr.
Russell, Mae
Sadler, Daniel J.
SanCartier, Joseph, Sr.
SanCartier, Julia M.
SanCartier, twin girls
Sandberg, Augusta
Sandberg, Eric B.
Sawyer. Darryl P.
Sawyer, Dora
Schoeller, Bernice L.
Schoeller, Donald M.
Schoeller, Leonard A.
Schoeller, Rose C.
Scholla, Linda J.
Schultz, Harold J.
Schultz, Stanley H.
Schultz, Steven J.
Schumann, Florence A.
Schumann, Wilbert A.
Schuna, John E.
Schwartz, John G., Sr.
Scovil, Alvina M.
Scovil, Frank J.
Sheridan, Anne
Sheridan, Leonard
Sheridan, Patrick J.
Sheridan, Philip
Shockley, A. Del
Shockley, A. Del, Jr.
Shockley, Mildred C.
Shockley, Richard L.
Sibley, Charles E.
Sibley, Marie L.
Sibley, William H.
Siedow, Phyllis Ann
Sontag, Falvey Armstrong
Spiel, Marie R.
Spieser, Eugenie A.
Spieser, Walter R.
Stachowiak, Ricky Leon
Stauffer, Audrey J.
Stauffer, Maurice J.
Steiner, Cathrina
Steiner, Elizabeth
Steiner, Louis M.
Steiner, Louise C.
Steiner, Michael, Sr.
Steiner, Myrtle G.
Stevens, Gordon G.
Stolarski, Dorothy G.
Stoltzman, Louise Houle
St. Sauver, baby girls
St. Sauver, Charles J.
St. Sauver, Harry
St. Sauver, Henry
St. Sauver, Hettie
St. Sauver, Kate
St. Sauver, Lillian J.
St. Sauver, Mary
St. Sauver, Rosa
St. Sauver, William
St. Sauver, William L.
Sutherland, Daryl
Swanstrom, Melvina Cournoyer
Tauer, Agnes M.
Tauer, Edward W.
Tauer, Jacob
Tauer, Lester
Tauer, Wayne
Taylor, Alphonsine
Thein, Anna K.
Thein, Peter
Theroux, Augustine
Theroux, Adeline
Thornquist, Arthur A.
Thornquist, Arthur W.
Thornquist, baby
Thornquist, Delia J.
Thornquist, Loretta Mae
Tiney, Owen
Trepanier, Dave
Trepanier, Francis
Trepanier, Frank
Trepanier, Henry
Trepanier, Joseph
Trepanier, Laura
Trepanier, Mary
Trippel, John Charles
Trudeau, Adolar D.
Trudeau, Adolphus
Trudeau, baby boy & girl
Trudeau, baby
Trudeau, Benjamin A.
Trudeau, Danny J.
Trudeau, David A.
Trudeau, Dennis
Trudeau, Dorothy M.
Trudeau, Edward
Trudeau, Garry
Trudeau, Janice A.
Trudeau, Jerome
Trudeau, Josephine
Trudeau, Ida May
Trudeau, Lawrence
Trudeau, Lena
Trudeau, Lorraine T.
Trudeau, Louis
Trudeau, Louis O.
Trudeau, Margrett
Trudeau, Mary P.
Trudeau, Maureen M.
Trudeau, Mitchell R.
Trudeau, Orella I.
Trudeau, Roy D.
Trudeau, Seraphine
Trudeau, Viva M.
Trudeau, Wallace
Trumbley, Frances
Trumbley, Fred
Trumbley, Stephen
Vadnais, Eugene
Vadnais, George P.
Vadnais, Gertrude
Vadnais, John, Jr.
Vadnais, John S.
Vadnais, Josephine
Vadnais, Karin
Vadnais, Karin C.
Vadnais, Marion
Vadnais, Mary
Vadnais, M. Louise
Vadnais, Peter
Vail, Dora
Vandelac, Carol M.
Van Den Bosch, Alphonse M.
Vandeveer, Richard E.
Verges, Genevieve E.
Vogt, Thomas L.
Waller, Robert Charles
Waller, Robert Lea
Walton, Hugh B.
Walton, Vivian I.
Waugh, Wiley
Wethern, Andrew C,
Wiestenberg, Charles Edwin
Wistrcill, James T.
Wood, Charles D.
Wood, Fern F.
Zaiger, Carl E.
Zaiger, Marie E.


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