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Fahlstrom Cemetery


This cemetery was named for Jacob Fahlstrom, who converted to Methodism in 1837, and for his work as a missionary to Indians and as a lay preacher to white settlers.  He is considered the first Swede in Minnesota.

This is the smallest cemetery in Afton, with only about a dozen graves.


short biography of Jacob Fahlstrom

Fahlstrom, Jacob

Fahlstrom, Margaret (Bungo)

Folstrum, John (Folstrum & Fahlstrom are probably different spellings of the same name)

Folstrum, daughter of John & Margaret 

Gangnier, Margaret

Gregoire, Arthur C.

Hutchinson, Violet

Baby Marie

Kelley, Samuel

Rausch, Alice E.

Tourville, Alfred D.

Tourville, John

Tourville, Lenore

Tourville, Stella J.

stone with "M.L.R."

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