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We've progrossed pretty far with our current research into the Washabaugh family. Fortunately, with the help of another family genealogist, Samuel Henry (Craig) Washabaugh, we've been able to fill in quite a lot of information about the Washabaughs dating back to the 1700's. We've been able to trace the family lineage back to Dilman Washabaugh. As with the other family surnames we are researching, the Washabaugh's in Linda's immediate ancestors are all from Fayette Co, PA. We are now in the process of accumulating the related documentation for the pertinant people in her Washabaugh lineage.

We want to thank the following people for contributing to our reseach:

  • Craig Washabaugh (author of 260 Years of Washabaugh Family in America)


Detailed information about Linda's Washabaugh family:

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