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The Warner Family Reunion

was held Sunday, July 1, 2007

at Joyce Park, Shelterhouse #22 located in Hamilton, Ohio.
This was the 1st reunion of many more to come.
There were 68 family members at this years reunion.

I am not sure where I read or heard it but the thought if you plant a seed a tree will grow kept running through my mind as I left the reunion and started my next 620 mile journey.   It was my privilege to be invited to this reunion because I had never met them before and it is fun to meet other branches of the family tree.  My 3rd cousin Guy made a statement to me that really touched my heart and somewhat validated all the hard work I do working on the family tree.  He told me that my research on the family tree was a big part of why the reunion happened.   Guy will never know how good that made me feel to be recognized for my work from another family member.  If I was the seed then Guy and Steve were the ones who planted it and caused it to grow into their 1st family reunion.  They both put in hours of hard work, e-mails, phone calls and planning just to make it happen.  From my view the reunion was a total success.  People were smiling, laughing and telling the old stories of days gone by.  If one person learned something new and takes a memory home to tell others then the day was one that all should treasure and remember.   

I personally would like to thank Guy and Steve for inviting me to the reuion and allowing me to be part of your family for a day.
I will always remember this day with a smile on my face.

Thanks again,
Darrell Warner

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