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Civil War Pension File
Tandy Allen Warner

Transcribed by Darrell Warner

From the Nation Archives
Soldier's Certificate Number: 802.994
Veteran: Tandy A. Warner
Rank: Private
Service: Company E 24th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
Cat. number: 16581

Bouton Ex'r
No. 999995
Act of June 27, 1890
Tandy A. Warner (It shows Thomas but it is scratched out with Tandy over it)
P.O. Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky
Service: E. 24 - Ky Inf
Enlisted: Oct 9, 1861
Discharged: 1865
Application filed: April 16, 1891
Alleges: 3/54
Any other claim filed: No 5-1-1891
Nemerical No. 625.255
Attorney: James Flanagan
P.O. Winchester

ACT OF JUNE 27, 1890
March 27, 1891
State of Kentucky, County of Clark on this 27th day of March, 1891 personally appeared before me Joe B. Ramsey Clerk of the County Court within and for the County and State aforesaid, Thomas A. Warner, aged 47 years, a resident of the city of Winchester County of Clark, State of Kentucky, who being duly sworn according to law, declared he is the identical Thomas A. Warner, who was enrolled on the 9th day of October 1961 in Company E 24th regiment of Kentucky Infantry Volunteers in the service of the United States in the war of the rebellion, and served at least ninety days and was honorably discharged at Louisville, Kentucky 1865.  That he is wholly unable to earn a support by manuel labor by reason of fracture of left elbow joint and from gunshot wound in his forehead near Atlanta, Georgia.  That said disabilities are not due to his vicious habits, and are to the best of his knowledge and belief permanent.  That he has not applied for a pension.  That he was taken prisoner near Atlanta, Georgia and was prisoner at Andersonville, Georgia for four months and 15 days.  He was taken prisoner in 1865. That he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States, under the provisions of the Act of June 27, 1890.  That he has not been employed in the Army or in the Army of the United States service his discharge aforesaid.  He hereby appoints, with full power of substitution and revocation James Flanagan of Winchester, County of Clark Satate of Kentucky his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim, the fee of ten dollars as prescribed by law.  That his post office address is Winchester,  County of Clark, State of Kentucky
Signed: T. A. Warner

JUNE 29, 1891
Name of soldier: Thomas A. Warner
Bureau of Pensions, No 999995 June 29, 1891
   It is alleged that the above-named man enlisted 9 Oct, 1861 and served as a Private in Co. E 24 Reg't Ky Inf and was discharged at Louisville, Ky on 1865 The War Department will please furnish an official statement in this case, showing date of enrollment and date and mode of termination of service.

Very respectfully,
Green B. Raum
The officer in charge of the Record and Pension Division, War Department.

JUNE 30, 1891
Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions
The rolls show that Tandy A. Warner mentioned in the preceding indorsment, was enrolled Oct 9, 1861 and Mustered out to date Feb 24, 1865 Name Thomas A. Warner has not been found on rolls of Co E 24 Ky Vol

State of Kentucky
Clark County
August 10, 1891
On this 10th day of August, 1891, personally appeared before the undersigned authority in and for said County and State. Tandy Allen Warner aged about 48 years, a resident of Winchester in said  County and State, who being duly sworn according to law, says he is the same T. A. Warner who has filed his application for a pension under the act of June 27, 1890.  That he was aprivate in Company E. 24th Kentucky Infy Vol in ___ 1861-5 and was discharged at Louisville, Kentucky about two or three months after his regiment was dischrged from service. The reason he was not mustered out when the bulk of the regiment were, was I was a prisoner at Andersonville in Georgia at the time they were  discharged.  I was in said prison 4 months and 15 days and made three unsuccessful attempts to escape from its ____.
My post office address continues to be Winchester, Kentucky.
Signed Tandy Allen Warner

Subscribed and sworn to before me by Tandy Allen Warner this day, who is well known to me personally and whom I believe to be the identical person he reprsents himself to be.  He is a credible person. Witnessed my hand and seal of the Clark County Court of which I am the Clerk.  This 10th day of August 1891.

Affiant further states that while on the skirmish line in front of Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1864 he recieved a wound just below his right eye, that after discharge and in Winchester Kentucky almost eight or nine years there was a severe snow storm and sleat during which he fell or slipped on the ice in front of his gate that led into and recieved a terrible fracture of his left elbow which has crippled him in that arm to such an extent he is disabled from performing manuel labor at time, and at times that arm became useless even in taking his food.  The fall or slipping on the ice was the result of no vicious conduct on his part. He says he is a carpenter by trade and at times has to abstain from work at his trade in ______ of his injury on his forehead under his left eye and from the fracture to his left arm as aforesaid.  He congradulates himself that he did not die while a prison at Andersonville, Georgia. He is grateful he survived it's ordeal.  I have ____ applied for a  pension and nothing but my physcical sufferings at times, and my extreme poverty has overcome my ______ to ask for a pension.
Signed: Tandy Allen Warner

Subscribed and swarn before me by Tandy A. Warner as an amended affidavit to his preceeding on this half sheet.
Witnessed my hand this 10th day of August 1891
Joe B. Ramsey, Clerk

State of Kentucky
Clark County
On this 10th day of September 1891, personally appeared before the undersigned authority in and fore said county. Tandy A. Warner aged 47 years, a resident of Winchester in said County and Sate, who being duly sworn according to law, states that he enlisted  in Company E 24th Regiment of Kentucky Infantry Vol in War of 1861 in the name of Tandy Allen Warner, and he served under that name during is entire service in said Company and regiment.  I am know and called  by the name of Al Warner.  I enlisted on or about the 9th day of October 1861 and was mustered in said regiment into the service of the United States on or about December 31st, 1861 and was captured by the rebel enemy while in the line of my duty as a soldier aforesaid on the 25th day of August 1864 in the state of Georgia.
My post office address is Winchester Kentucky.
My full name is Tandy Allen Warner
Signed: Tandy Allen Warner

State of Kentucky, Clark County, I Joe B. Ramsey Clerk of the County Court for said county certifiy that Tandy A. Warner who is well known to me to be a credible person this day subscribed and made oath before me to his written affidavit.  He is known and called Al Warner  by his acquaintances.  I am not interested in his claim for a pension.
Witnessed my hand seal of Clark County Court this 10th day of September 1891.
Signed: Joe B. Ramsey Clerk

Washington D.C., March 25, 1892
No. 999.995
Tandy A. Warner
E 24 Ky Inf
    It is alleged that Tandy A. Warner enlisted October 9, 1861 and served as a private in Co. E 24 Reg't Ky Inf and was discharged at Louisville Ky, 1865
    It is also alleged that while on duty at Atlanta, Georgia on or about 1864, he was disabled by wound above the right eye caused by a gunshot.
    In the case of the above-named soldier the War Department is requested to furnish an official statement of the enrollment, discharge, and record of service so far as the same may be applicable to the foregoing allegation, together with full medical history.  Please give the rank he held at the time he is claimed to have incurred the disability alleged, and if records show that he was not in line of duty during that period, let the fact be stated.

Very respectfully,
Green B. Raum Commissioner
The Officer in Charge of the Record and Pension Division, War Department

No. 999.995
March 28, 1892
Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions
Tandy A. Warner Co. E 24 Reg't Ky Inf was enrolled October 9, 1861 and
was mustered out Feb. 24, 1865.  From Oct 31, 1863, to Feb 24, 1865 he held the rank of Private and during that period the rolls show him present except as follows: Oct 31, 1964 absent, captured in field near Atlanta, Georgia. December 31, 1964 same report.  records show him capyured in Atlanta August 17, 1964.  Parolled at Savannah, Ga November 26, 1964.  The medical records show him treated as follows as T. A. Warner, Private Co. E 24 Ky Vols Dec. 2 to 20, 64 to Jan 9, 1965 _____ intermit fever, returned to duty, nothing additional found.
By authority of the Secretary of War
________ Magor and Surgeon, U. S. Army
Date: March 26, 1892
Commissioner of Pensions

Washington D. C., April 11, 1892
No. claim, 999995
Claiment, Tandy A. Warner
This certificate is respectfully returned to Dr. Shirley at Winchester, Ky for ammendment.  Does any other disability exist.  If so describe and grade. Place you signature at bottom of certificate and on face also rating.  In body of certificate make your ratings in words instead of diagoses.  Attach paper for any additional statements if necessary.
Thos D. Ingram
Medical Referee
Please correct and return certificate, inclosing this slip.

ACT OF JUNE 27, 1890
Claimant, Tandy A. Warner
P. O., Winchester
County, Clark
State, Kentucky
Rank, Private
Company, E
Regiment, 24 Ky Vol Inf
Rate, $8.00, per month, commencing April 16, 1891
Disabled by injusry to left elbow

Name, James Flanagan
P.O. Winchester, Ky
Fee, $10.00 Agent to pay
Articles filed, none

Submitted for adm June 22, 1892, Bouton, Examiner
Approved for pension July 7, 1892
Approved for injury to left elbow $8.00 no other disability shown
in notable degree. July 28, 1892

Enlisted Oct 9, 1861
Homorably discharged Feb 24, 1865
Declaration filed April 16, 1891, alleges permanet disability, not due to vicious habits, from injury to left elbow and gun shot wound of forehead

Winchester, Ky November 10, 1898
Hon Leslie Combs
U. S. Pension Agent
Louisville, Ky
Dear Sir,
         Tandy A. Warner a pensioner cert #802994 had his voucher executed and forwarded to you on the 4 inst he was sick and very low at that time and died on the 7 inst at my house here in Winchester.  I paid his burial expenses and cared for him during his last sickness, he had no home and had been boarding at my house for sometime.  He owned no property of any kind and had no money or anything else to pay for his burial.  He left no widow or children.  Can I collect the amount that was due him $24.00 to reimburse me.  If so how shall I preceed.  Please advise me in regard to this matter and oblige.

Yours respectfully,
Robert H. Isabell

NOVEMBER 15, 1898
Hon H. Clay Evans
Commissioner of Pensions
    I hereby repart that the name Tandy A. Warner, Private E, 24 Ky Vol, who was a pensioner on the rolls of this Agency, under certificate No. 802994, and who was last paid at $8.00 to 4 November, 1898, has been dropped because of death, November 7, 1898.

Very respectfully,
Leslie Combs
Pension Agent


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