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Death Certificates Page

These death certificates are from my family members in my tree.

Bond, Basil Jackson
Bond, Inez
Bond, Letha
Brierly, Hattie V. (Warner)

Calvert, William P.
Cheeks, Everett
Cline, Ewell Andrew
Cline, Lou Etna (Warner)
Cline, Walter Vernon
Cline, William Hobert (Hoard)
Conn, Jessie
Craycraft, Mary Ella (Warner)

Gardner, Jasper
Gardner, Mary
Goodpaster, Lucy Belle (Henderson)

Hale, Hiram
Henderson, Alonzo child of Harvey and Sarah
Henderson, Averell child of Leslie and Laura
Henderson, Baby Boy child of Roy and Gertie
Henderson, John Burton
Henderson, Fred Russell
Henderson, Herbert
Henderson, James William
Henderson, Lucy Louise child of John Burton and Minerva
Henderson, Margaret (Holland)
Henderson, Mary Jane (Harbor)
Henderson, Mildred (Hale)
Henderson, Peachie Mae child of Roy and Gertie
Henderson, Robert
Henderson, Robert Edward child of Roy and Gertie
Henderson, Robert William
Henderson, Roy Morton child of Roy and Gertie
Henderson, Willie child of Leonard and Winona
Henderson, Winnie child of Jerry and Mamie
Holland, Charles
Holland, George husband of  Harriett
Hopkins, Rebecca (Harmon)

Jones, Bessie (Warner)

Karrick, Mary (Warner)
Kincaid, Annie (Pieratt)
Kitchen, Mary (Perry)
Kopp, Maranda (Warner)
Kopp, Nannie (Warner)

Lane, Lou Ann (Young)
Lansdale, Jacob

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