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Descendants of Richard (Capt. 1) Wright

Generation One

1. Richard (Capt. 1)1 Wright was born circa 1633 at England. He married Ann Mottrom, daughter of John (Col.) Mottrom, in 1657 Northumberland, VA. He died in 1663 at Northumberland.
Obtained patent for "Mt. Vernon." Will on 10 Dec 1663 Proved Northumberland Record Book, 1658-1666, page 114.
Children of Richard (Capt. 1)1 Wright and Ann Mottrom were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Mottrom2 Wright (Richard1) married Ruth Griggs. He died in 1700 at England.
Children of Mottrom2 Wright and Ruth Griggs are as follows:

4. Francis (Major 2)2 Wright (Richard1) was born circa 1660 at Northumberland. He married Ann Washington, daughter of John (Col. Emigrant) Washington and Anne Pope, circa 1680. He married (--?--) Martha circa 1707. He died in 1713 at Cople Parish, Westmoreland. He was buried at Manor plantation, mouth of Lower Machodoc River, Cople Parish, Westmoreland.
He was "gentleman, captain, major, surveyor, attorney, sheriff and justice of Westmoreland." Will intestate.
Children of Francis (Major 2)2 Wright and Ann Washington were as follows:

Children of Francis (Major 2)2 Wright and (--?--) Martha were:

Generation Three

7. Anne (3)3 Wright (Francis2, Richard1) married Gerrard Davis. She died in 1763.
Will proved 11/29/1763.
Children of Anne (3)3 Wright and Gerrard Davis are:

9. John (3)3 Wright Sr. (Francis2, Richard1) was born circa 1685 at Westmoreland County, VA. He married (--?--) Dorothy circa 1705. He died circa 1729 at at Leesylvania plantation on Powell's Run, Hamilton Parish, Stafford, now Prince William County.
Will intestate, original WB of Stafford now lost, but index survives listing inventory and administrator's account. He was Justice in Westmoreland County. On 27 Aug 1723 Family rift, exchanged his 800 acres in Cople Parish, Westmoreland for 1,000 acre from Henry "Leesylvania" in Powell's Run in Stafford, now Prince William.
Children of John (3)3 Wright Sr. and (--?--) Dorothy were as follows:

10. Richard (3)3 Wright (Francis2, Richard1) was born circa 1710. He married Elizabeth Wigginton, daughter of (--?--) Wigginton and (--?--) Frances, in 1730. He died circa 1781.
Children of Richard (3)3 Wright and Elizabeth Wigginton are as follows:

Generation Four

12. John (Capt.4)4 Wright (John3, Francis2, Richard1) was born circa 1700 at Cople Parish, Westmoreland. He married Elizabeth (Bronaugh) Darnall, daughter of Jeremiah Bronaugh, circa 1727 Richmond Co., VA. He died in 1792 at Fauquier. He was buried at "Pine View" near Liberty.
Appraised the estate of the Rev. James Keith. He was lawyer, vestryman, 1731 Justice of Peace PW County, judge. He lived; original owner of "old Major Wright Tract" remained in family till 1847. Property on 23 Mar 1739/40 PW County, purchased 236 acres in Hamilton Parish from Jeremiah Darnall and his wife Catharine. Will on 1 Jun 1785.
Children of John (Capt.4)4 Wright and Elizabeth (Bronaugh) Darnall were as follows:

13. Francis (4)4 Wright (John3, Francis2, Richard1) was born in 1709 at of Hamilton Parish, PW County. He married Ann Massey on 7 Sep 1737. He died in 1742.
Will. Eldest son, inherited father's land. On 28 May 1739 Sold 333 acres of land inherited from father to Benjamin Grayson and on July 27, 1741 sold remaining 667 acres back to Henry Lee.
Children of Francis (4)4 Wright and Ann Massey are as follows:

Generation Five

18. William (5)5 Wright (John4, John3, Francis2, Richard1) was born circa 1728 at Fauquier. He married Mary Grant, daughter of William Grant Jr, before 1751. He died in 1809 at Bedford, now Franklin Co. VA.
Military service Rev War veteran. He was Blacksmith. Property in 1762 Sold his inherited land. In 1764 moved to in Bedford County. Will on 10 Oct 1808.
Children of William (5)5 Wright and Mary Grant were as follows:

19. John (5)5 Wright Jr. (John4, John3, Francis2, Richard1) was born circa 1731 at 'Leesylvania", Prince William. He married Ann Williams, daughter of Jonas Williams and Honour Williams, in 1753. He died on 30 Oct 1789 at Surry County, North Carolina.
Military service in 1763 Captain in Fauquier Militia, 1777 enlisted NC regiment. After 1774 Moved to North Carolina, Buck Shoal township, Surry (now Yadkin) County. Will on 8 Oct 1789.
Children of John (5)5 Wright Jr. and Ann Williams are as follows:

20. James (Major 5)5 Wright (John4, John3, Francis2, Richard1) was born in 1738 at Fauquier. He married Mary Duncan, daughter of Joseph Duncan Sr. and (--?--) Lidya, on 8 Dec 1763 Fauquier Co., VA. He died before Nov 1812 at Fauquier. He was buried in 1812 at In Kelly/James Cemetery, Bealeton, Fauquier, VA; first Masonic funeral.
Military service 11th & 7th Regiment of Continental Army. He was (an unknown value). Will intestate. In May 1780 captured by British at Charleston, SC.
Children of James (Major 5)5 Wright and Mary Duncan were:

Generation Six

25. William6 Wright (William5, John4, John3, Francis2, Richard1) was born at Franklin County, VA. He died in 1830.
Children of William6 Wright include:

26. James6 Wright (William5, John4, John3, Francis2, Richard1) was born at Franklin County, VA. He died in 1823.
Children of James6 Wright include:

33. Elizabeth (Betsy)6 Wright (James5, John4, John3, Francis2, Richard1) was born on 1 Feb 1762 at Lancaster Co., VA. She married John Thomas James, son of John (Capt.) James and Dinah Allen, on 28 Jun 1785 Fauquier County, Sec. 5 Ch.33. She died on 28 Feb 1828 at Fauquier Co., VA, at age 66. She was buried at Kelly/James Cemetery, R 28 N. Rt 745 Bealeton.
Inherited from grandfather John 4 Wright, negro Jinny. She lived in 1815 at Fauquier, 17E. Will on 3 Jan 1828.
Children of Elizabeth (Betsy)6 Wright and John Thomas James were as follows:

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