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Descendants of William (Councillor) Randolph II

Generation One

1. William (Councillor)1 Randolph II was born on 6 Dec 1681 at Turkey Island, Charles City County, VA. He married Elizabeth Peyton Beverley, daughter of Peter (Colonel) Beverley and Elizabeth Peyton, on 22 Jun 1709. He died on 19 Oct 1742 at age 60. He was buried at Turkey Island.
In 1710 Clerk of Henrico Co.
Children of William (Councillor)1 Randolph II and Elizabeth Peyton Beverley were as follows:

Generation Two

3. Elizabeth (Betty)2 Randolph (William1) was born on 24 Oct 1715. She married John (Col.) Chiswell, son of John Chiswell, on 19 May 1736. She died in 1776 at Caroline County, VA (daughter's home).
Children of Elizabeth (Betty)2 Randolph and John (Col.) Chiswell were as follows:

4. Peter (of Chatsworth)2 Randolph (William1) was born on 20 Oct 1717 at "Chatsworth", Henrico Co. He married Lucy Bolling, daughter of Robert (Col.) Bolling Jr. and Anne Cocke, on 20 Jul 1738. He died on 8 Jul 1767 at "Chatsworth", Henrico Co., VA, at age 49. On the council of Henrico.
Children of Peter (of Chatsworth)2 Randolph and Lucy Bolling were as follows:

5. Mary (Molly)2 Randolph (William1) was born on 22 Jul 1719. She married John Price.
Children of Mary (Molly)2 Randolph and John Price are:

6. William (of Wilton)2 Randolph III (William1) was born on 22 Nov 1723. He married Ann Carter Harrison, daughter of Benjamin (of Berkeley) Harrison IV and Ann Carter, in 1735. He died in 1761 at Wilton, Henrico Co.
Children of William (of Wilton)2 Randolph III and Ann Carter Harrison are as follows:

Generation Three

11. William3 Randolph (Peter2, William1) was born before 1753. He married Mary Skipwith, daughter of William (Sir) Skipwith, in 1767.
Children of William3 Randolph and Mary Skipwith are:

13. Anne3 Randolph (Peter2, William1) was born after 1754. She married William Fitzhugh, son of Henry (Col.) Fitzhugh and Lucy Carter.
Children of Anne3 Randolph and William Fitzhugh were as follows:

14. Robert (Col.)3 Randolph (Peter2, William1) was born circa 1760. He married Elizabeth Hill Carter, daughter of Charles (of Shirley) Carter and Mary W. Carter. He died on 12 Sep 1825 at Fauquier. He was buried at Randolph Cemetery, "Eastern View", near Casanova, VA.
Military service Captain, Rev War, received 4,000 acres bounty warrent 6/13/1783.
Children of Robert (Col.)3 Randolph and Elizabeth Hill Carter are as follows:

15. Elizabeth3 Price (Mary2 Randolph, William1) married George (Capt.) Dabney.
Children of Elizabeth3 Price and George (Capt.) Dabney are as follows:

19. Peyton (of Wilton)3 Randolph (William2, William1) was born circa 1739 at of "Wilton" Henrico County. He married Lucy (of Berkeley) Harrison, daughter of Benjamin (signer) Harrison V and Elizabeth Bassett. Inherited Wilton.
Children of Peyton (of Wilton)3 Randolph and Lucy (of Berkeley) Harrison are as follows:

Generation Four

27. Mary (Molly) Lee4 Fitzhugh (Anne3 Randolph, Peter2, William1) was born in 1788 at of "Ravensworth", Fairfax County, VA. She married George Washington Parke Custis, son of John (Jacky) Parke Custis and Eleanor (Nelly) Calvert, in 1806. She died in Apr 1853. She was buried at Arlington Cemetery. See photo in "Growing up in the 1850's", p 8. Mistress of Arlington House.
Children of Mary (Molly) Lee4 Fitzhugh and George Washington Parke Custis were:

28. Robert Lee4 Randolph (Robert3, Peter2, William1) married Mary Magill circa 1834.
Children of Robert Lee4 Randolph and Mary Magill were as follows:

32. Nancy4 Dabney (Elizabeth3 Price, Mary2 Randolph, William1) married Judge Alexander Stuart.
Children of Nancy4 Dabney and Judge Alexander Stuart are:

33. Chiswell4 Dabney (Elizabeth3 Price, Mary2 Randolph, William1) married Nancy Wythe.
Children of Chiswell4 Dabney and Nancy Wythe are:

Generation Five

38. Mary Anne Randolph5 Custis (Mary4 Fitzhugh, Anne3 Randolph, Peter2, William1) was born on 1 Oct 1808 at Annfield, Clarke Co. She married Robert (Gen.) Edward Lee, son of Henry (Light Horse Harry) Lee and Anne Hill Carter, on 30 Jun 1831 At "Arlington House" VA. She died on 5 Nov 1873 at Lexington, VA, at age 65. Born at Annfield, Clarke.
Children of Mary Anne Randolph5 Custis and Robert (Gen.) Edward Lee were as follows:

41. Archibald (Hon.)5 Stuart (Nancy4 Dabney, Elizabeth3 Price, Mary2 Randolph, William1) married Elizabeth Letcher Pannill, daughter of William Letcher Pannill and Maria Bruce Banks.
Children of Archibald (Hon.)5 Stuart and Elizabeth Letcher Pannill were:

Generation Six

48. Robert Edward (Rob)6 Lee Jr. (Mary5 Custis, Mary4 Fitzhugh, Anne3 Randolph, Peter2, William1) was born on 27 Oct 1843 at "Arlington", VA. He married Charlotte Taylor Haxall on 16 Nov 1871. He married Juliet Carter on 8 Mar 1894. He died on 19 Oct 1914 at "Nordley", Fauquier County, VA, at age 70. See photo in "Growing up in the 1850's."
There were no children of Robert Edward (Rob)6 Lee Jr. and Charlotte Taylor Haxall.

Children of Robert Edward (Rob)6 Lee Jr. and Juliet Carter are as follows:


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