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FATHER: Lewis Strickland
Martha Grantham

August 10, 1810
North Carolina

Susan Carlton

February 28, 1870
Brooks Co., GA

Kalestia Strickland
Elva "Dink" Strickland
Alfred Strickland
Simpson J. Strickland
Shadrack Strickland
Catherin "Kit" Strickland
Lamender Strickland
Mary Eliz. Strickland

All children born in GA
Last 3 in Brooks County
June 6, 1836
August 3, 1844
August 2, 1849

ca1862} Civil War
ca1862} Civil War
ca1862} Civil War
August 25, 1923
October 19, 1882
August 6, 1927

Abraham Strickland was a farmer and part time preacher. He moved his family from Thomas County, Georgia to Camden County and then to Colquitt County(now Brooks). It was an unfortunate time to raise a family. When the Civil War came along, all three of his sons enlisted, and all three were killed. Upon hearing of this, Abraham himself enlisted. That was in Blackshear, Georgia on March 4, 1863. He served under Captain Wilson. He never fully recovered from the wounds he suffered or from the grief of losing all of his sons. He made his Will on July 3, 1864, but lived another six years. The Will was probated on April 7, 1870, after his death.

He also served in the Indian Wars, enlisting on July 1, 1836. His widow was allowed a pension in 1897. He was elected Tax Collector and was commissioned on 8-14-1868, an office he held until his death.

Abraham joined Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Colquitt County, Georgia in 1834. He transferred his membership to Bethsaida Baptist Church, also in Colquitt County, in 1838, and it was there that he was ordained to preach. He transferred back to Bethel in 1858 and served there as a deacon and church clerk. He requested to be discharged of his Clerk duties in 1862 before enlisting in army.

His home was on the edge of Pavo, Georgia on the old road to Quitman. He was one of the first five Justices of Colquitt County, Georgia from March 28,1856 to May 5, 1858.

He and his wife are buried in the Bethel Baptist Church cemetery in Brooks County.


Aaron Strickland
Lewis Strickland Abraham Hill
[ Christine Hill
Ancestral Tree of: [ Sarah
Abraham Strickland
[ James Grantham
[ Nathan Grantham
Martha Grantham Georgia

LEWIS STRICKLAND was born about 1778 in Roberson County, North Carolina. He was one of the first settlers of Tattnall County, Georgia and was a pioneer Methodist there. He was for many years a local Methodist preacher and appeared to have been a man who exerted great influence for good in the community. He was named by the legislature on December 16, 1828 as one of the commissioners to fix the boundaries of the county. He and his wife Martha Grantham had these nine children: Jane (b.1795), Aaron Balonie (b.1797), Nancy (b.1798), Elizabeth, Martha, Abraham, Jacob H. (b.1813), Lemanda (b.1817), and James (b.1819). Lewis Strickland died on July 16, 1838 in Tattnall County. Martha Grantham was born in 1778 in Wayne County, North Carolina. She had one brother, Daniel Grantham. She died in 1841 in Tattnall County, Georgia. Her grandfather, James Grantham, was born in 1730 and died about 1790.

AARON STRICKLAND was born about 1735 in Halifax County, North Carolina. He and wife Christine Hill had these eight children: Sion (b.1770), Lewis (b.1778), Aaron (b.1780), Christopher, Matthew, Joseph, Abraham, and Jacob. Aaron Strickland died in 1801 in Roberson County, North Carolina at the age of 66.


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