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FATHER: William Hunter
MOTHER: Catherine DeLoach

August 22, 1811
Barnwell Co., SC

Jacob H. Croft
ca 1826
Barnwell Co., SC

November, 1862
New River Co., FL

Martha Croft
Mary Croft
Eliza Carolyn Croft
Kiss Croft
Jacob H. Croft, Jr.
Charles Wm. Croft
Lavinia Croft
Lucy Ann Croft
John Croft
Matthew Croft
Carrie Elizabeth Croft
Nancy Croft
Samuel C. Croft
Charles Freeman Croft
Queen Ann Croft
January 8, 1827
May 26, 1828
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Abigail Hunter and her husband are buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery west of Lake Butler, Florida in what is now Bradford Couty.

WILLIAM HUNTER was a Revolutionary War soldier, born in 1750 in South Carolina. He and his wife Catherine DeLoach died on the same day in Lowndes County, Georgia in 1857. He was 107 years old. He lived for 107 years, dying on the same day as his wife, Catherine. He entered the Army in the Orangeburg District of South Carolina on February 1, 1778 and served for twelve months. He was taken prisoner by the British in January of 1779. He was in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment commanded by Col. William Thompson. He applied for a pension in 1855, but was unable to prove his claim since his written discharge had been burned along with all his other possessions when his home in South Carolina burned in the 1830s. It was after this fire that he moved from Barnwell, South Carolina to Lowndes Co., Georgia. In 1812 he owned land in what is now Bamberg County, South Carolina. They lived in the vicinity of the Little Salkahatchee Baptist Church. They may be buried in the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church cemetery in Brooks County, Georgia.

It is believed that he married twice, the first wife and 2 sons appearing with him in the 1790 South Carolina census. He married Catherine DeLoach after 1795. They lived in the vicinity of the Salkahatchee Baptist Church. They had these nine children: Nancy (b.1800), Jacob Wilson (b.1802), Keziah (b. 1804, Jacob Bradbury (b.1808), Henry, Katherine, Abigail (b.1811), Susannah (b.1823), and Sarah Ann (b.1829).

After the move to Georgia, he and Catherine worshiped at the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Lowndes Co. He and Catherine sold part of a tract of land in Barnwell County, South Carolina
containing 100 acres (formerly Trotti land) for $65 in 1812.

In 1815 he sold 100 acres in Barnwell County for $225 to Samuel Pope.

Army Accounts of the Paymaster General, V. 9, p.145.

CATHERINE DELOACH was born in 1780 in South Carolina, the daughter of Rev. Thomas DeLoach, Jr. and his wife Mary. Catherine was affectionately known as Katie. Her grandparents were Rev. Thomas DeLoach and Patience Allison. Her great grandparents were William DeLoach, Jr. and Judity Wall. Catherine DeLoach died in 1857 in Colquitt County, Georgia.

Rev. Thomas DeLoach, Jr. was born on October 20, 1759 in Craven County, South Carolina. He was a Baptist minister. He and his wife Mary had these eight children: Catherine (b.1780), William (b.1781), Lucy (b.1781), Thomas III (b.1789), Elizabeth (b.1790), Polly (b.1792), John (b.1794), and Nancy (b.1796).
Thomas DeLoach, Jr.
died on July 29, 1819 in Edgefield County, South Carolina.

Rev. Thomas DeLoach, Sr. was born in 1726 in Old Brunswick County, Virginia. He moved his family from Virginia to South Carolina sometime before 1789. They lived in both Craven and Edgefield Counties. He married Patience Allison about 1749. They had these six children: Michael (b.1750), Elizabeth (b.1752), Thomas Jr. (b.1759), Samuel (b.1762), Solomon, and Patience (b.1765). Thomas DeLoach, Sr. died in 1805 in Edgefield County, South Carolina. Patience Allison was born about 1732 in Craven County, South Carolina. She died about 1805 in Edgefield County.

WILLIAM DELOACH, JR. was born in 1695 in Goochland County, Virginia, the son of William DeLoach, Sr. and Eleanor Collins. He married Judith Wall about 1725 in Northhampton, North Carolina. They moved to Craven County, South Carolina in 1746 where he and his wife became members of the Lynche's Creek Baptist Church in the city of Townsend. The couple had these eleven children: Thomas (b.1726), William (b.1728), Hardy (b.1735), Michael (b.1740), John, Jesse (b.1742), Eleanor (b.1744), Averilla (b.1746), Frances (b.1748), Elizabeth (b.1750), and David (b.1752). William DeLoach, Jr. died in 1775 in Craven County, South Carolina. Judity Wall was born about 1707 in Surry County, Virginia, the daughter of Richard Wall and Lucy Grimes. Her grandfather was Joseph Wall. She died about 1760 .

Michael DeLoach
1645 - 1698

Ancestral Tree of
William DeLoach, Jr.

William DeLoach
1678 - 1747

Rowland Griffith
1605 - 1671


Jane Griffith


William DeLoach, Jr.
1695 - 1775


John Collins

Eleanor Collins

Eleanor Oliver