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                                              Johanna Wallner

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Johanna Wallner was born in Pastetten Bavaria, a small town located outside of Munich. She was the daughter of Josef Wallner and Elisabeth Brunner. On 7 October 1891 she immigrated with her brother Josef to New York City, New York from Antwerp Belgium aboard the S.S. Friesland. She was 19 years old. On board the same ship is a J. Dollack, and it is unknown if this person had some relationship to her future husband, Henry Dollack.

Upon her arrival in the United States she married Henry Dollack, ca. 1891-2. The 1900 Federal Census shows them living at 210 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY in a rented residence. Their daughters Elizabeth and Lillian had been born, and Johanna's brother Ludwig (Louis) Wallner was also living with them.

In the family's possession is a photograph of Johanna and a young boy, who is unidentified. It may have been that this was Johanna and Henry's son. No record of a son has been located, and there is a possibility that he died young.

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Also in the family's collection is a postcard dated 1913 and addressed to her mother, Elizabeth (Brunner) Wallner c/o Henrich Dollack at 96 Sackman Street in Brooklyn. Her mother immigrated to the US, the exact date is unknown. The 1920 Federal Census records indicate that Johanna's brother Louis, his daughters, and their mother Elizabeth were now living at this address and was rented. It is supposed that this was originally the Dollack residence and it was later either rented or sold to Louis Wallner.

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Henry, Unknown woman, Elizabeth, Johanna (Wallner) and Lillian Dollack ca 1905/6

Johanna's husband Henry and daughter Elizabeth both died in 1919 and the 1920 census shows Johanna listed as a widow, living at 404 Etna Street, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. The record indicates the residence was owned, with a mortgage. Living with Johanna are her daughters Lillian age 23, and Elfrieda age 12.

Johanna Wallner was known as "Tante" (Aunt) to the family. Her signature on the wedding guest book of Irma E. Wallner and Clifton C. Dauphin in 1935 was Tante Dollack.

Johanna died 31 August 1947 at age 74 at 78-36 61st Street in Glendale, Queens Co., NY, the home of her daughter Lillian and husband Martin Noeth. The record of George Werst Inc funeral home, 71-41 Cooper Avenue,Glendale NY, indicates that she died of "natural causes". Her obituary appeared in the Ridgewood Press and the Herald Tribune. Her funeral service was held at St. Matthias Church, Ridgewood NY on 3 September 1947 at 9 a.m. She was interred in St John's Cemetery, 80-01 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village NY, Section 14, Range Q, Plot 24, Nos 1-3, No. 6-5.

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                                                          Henry Dollack

According to the 1900 Federal Census, Henry Dollack was born in Germany June 1866.
His date of immigration is listed there as 1888. To date no ships record for him in that specific year has been located. There is a record of a J. Dollack on the ship, the S.S. Friesland, which sailed from Antwerp Belgium and arrived in New York on 7 October 1891. The S.S. Friesland is the same ship on which Henry's future wife, Johanna Wallner, and her brother Josef sailed. The age listed for J. Dollack, laborer, is 23. This age would not match Henry's at that time and it is unknown what, if any, relationship J. Dollack might have had to Henry. There have been several other ship's records located which include a Dollack or various spellings of the surname in the years ranging from 1883 to 1890. None of the information on these records match Henry Dollack.

Henry married Johanna Wallner, daughter of Josef and Elisabeth (Brunner) Wallner of Pastetten Bavaria, soon after her immigration to the United States in 1892. The location of their marriage is unknown.

In the family collection is a photograph of Henry taken about 1900 in Brooklyn NY. In the photograph he appears to be wearing some type of military unform, although the uniform may also be that of a fraternal or another organization.

In the 1900 Federal Census for the Borough of Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, 28th Ward, Superv. District 2, Enum. District 505, Sheet 2, Line 47, Henry, his wife Johanna (Wallner), and their daughters Elizabeth J. and Lillian, are living at 210 Wyckoff Ave. Also living with them is Johanna's brother, Louis (Ludwig) Wallner. Henry's occupation is listed as clerk, living in a rented residence. .
It is believed that the Dollack family residence for many years was located at 96 Sackman Street in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. A postcard dated 1913 in the family collection is addressed to Henry Dollack at this address. After Henry's death, it is believed this residence was either rented or sold to Johanna (Wallner) Dollack's brother Louis Wallner. The 1920 Federal Census (see Johanna Wallner and also Ludwig Wallner) shows Louis now living here with his mother and daughters, and Johanna, listed as a widow, living at another address in Brooklyn,404 Etna Street. The census records at the time indicated that Louis was renting the Sackman Street residence and that the Etna Street residence was owned by Johanna. An assortment of photographs of members of the Dollack family, spanning many years, were all taken by photographers in Brooklyn NY, so it is assumed that the Dollacks remained in Brooklyn NY.

On the day his daughter, Elizabeth J. (Dollack) Fentzke died at age 25, on 8 January 1919, Henry purchased the lot in St. John's Cemetery, 80-01 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village, NY, which would serve as the final resting place for twenty members of the Wallner, Zoeller, O'Kane and Dollack families. The lot is located at Section 14, Range Q, Pl. 24, Nos. 1 & 3. According to St. John's Cemetery, Henry paid $400 for the lot and its perpetual care, and made a down payment of $250 at the time of purchase. The cemetery records do not include any information regarding the purchase of the monument on this lot, although it is supposed that it was also purchased by Henry Dollack at the time of his daughter's death. The monument measures approximately 18 feet long and is 2 feet high.

Two months later, on about 11 March 1919, Henry died at age 52, and was interred in the lot he had recently purchased at St John's Cemetery.

Children of Johanna Wallner and Henry Dollack are:

49 i. Elizabeth J.6 Dollack, born Abt. March 1893 in probably Brooklyn, New York22; died 08 January 1919 in probably Brooklyn, New York23. She married Walter E. Fentzke.

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                                             Elizabeth J. Dollack

Elizabeth J. Dollack's middle name may have been Johanna. She was born March 1893 according the 1900 census. She married Walter E. Fentzke and it is thought that she may have died in childbirth. Elizabeth (Dollack) Fentzke died 10 January 1919 at age 25. She was interred in St Johns Cemetery, Middle Village NY on 10 January 1919. The stone is engraved "Elizabeth Fentzke 1893-1919".

Walter E. Fentzke:
Walter E. Fentzke was one of the witnesses to the marriage of Joseph Wallner and his second wife, Wilhelmina (Kraft) Brandenstein, on 2 September 1911, in the rectory of Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church, Brooklyn, New York. The other witness was Caroline Kinzinger, the half-sister of the bride.

50. Lillian6 Dollack (Johanna5 Wallner, Josef4, Andreas3, Andreas2, Andreas1) was born 21 February 1896 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY34, and died 07 February 1960 in Glendale, Queens Co., NY34. She married Martin Noeth Aft. 1920. He was born 16 May 189635, and died November 1984 in probably Holiday, FL35.

Lillian Dollack married Martin Noeth sometime after 1920. On the 1920 Federal Census she is listed as single, and living with her widowed mother, Johanna (Wallner) Dollack and her sister Elfrieda at 404 Etna Street, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY.

Lillian (Dollack) Noeth died at age 63 at her home located at 78-36 61st Street in Glendale, Queens Co., NY. The George Werst Inc. Funeral Home record indicates that Lillian was a housewife and that she and Martin Noeth owned their home on 61st Street. Her funeral service was held at St. Matthias RC Church in Ridgewood NY, and she was interred on 10 February 1960 in St. John's Cemetery, 80-01 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village NY.

According to the Social Security Death Index, Martin Noeth died in November 1984. The St John's Cemetery record indicates that he was interred on 12 January 1985. A notation on this record for the board of health number states "cremains".

Child of Lillian Dollack and Martin Noeth is:


51 iii. Elfrieda V. Dollack, born Abt. 1907 in probably Brooklyn, New York; died October 1969.

Elfrieda V. Dollack was born in 1907 according to the year inscribed on her stone, and would also indicate that Elfrieda did not marry. It is inscribed "Elfrieda Dollack 1907-1969". Elfrieda died sometime in late October 1969 at age 62. She was interred 31 October 1969 in St. Johns Cemetery, Middle Village, NY.

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                                          Elfrieda V. Dollack

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