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Information on upcoming books on The Mountain Meadows Massacre

New book by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Larry McMurty (author of Lonesome Dove): Oh What A Slaughter - Massacres In The American West 1846-1890, prominently features the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Available November 29, 2005. See below for additional information.

The Life and Times of Bishop Philip Klinginsmith

Backus, Anna Jean
Arthur H. Clark, March 1996.
ISBN: 0870622293
Difficult to find, and expensive if you do find it.


Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows
Bagley, Will
University of Oklahoma Press, July 2002
ISBN 0806134267

This is the authoritative work on the Mountain Meadows Massacre! Info & Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info & Reviews Info & Reviews

Bean, Amelia
Out of Print.
Fiction. The hardcover edition, published in 1958 by Doubleday & Co., is almost impossible to find.  The paperback edition was published in 1982, by Ace Books, New York, NY, ASIN
0441227678, and is also difficult to find. The Chicago Sun Times called it "An excellent fictional account of the appalling Mountain Meadows Massacre."  Instead of Captain Alexander Fancher, this story's fictional character is Captain Charley Fancher, and the date of the Massacre was changed from 1857 to 1862.  Although the bodice-ripper cover of the paperback gives us a good clue that this book was written in the romantic genre, a few parts are historically accurate, and reflect what was known, or what was believed, about the Massacre at the time the book was written.

Brooks, Juanita
University of Oklahoma Press. January 2003
(First paperback printing, 1991, several other hardcover editions, originally published 1950)
The first definitive study of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. Info & Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info & Reviews

Call, Cora Pinkley
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, circa 1930
Includes a chapter on the Mountain Meadows Massacre
Out Of Print
ASIN: B0006AL00S
Cora Pinkley Call's papers are available in Special Collections at the University of Arkansas Library
Available on-line to Subscribers of Heritage Quest On-line at


Carelton, James Henry
Arthur H. Clark Co., 39 Pages.
ASIN: 0870622498 Info. & Reviews

Carelton, James Henry
Press of the Charter House of Parma (1971), 17 pages.
ASIN: B000713I0G
Out of Print. Very Difficult to find.

The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857.
Denton, Sally

Knopf Publishing Group, New York, June 2003
ISBN 0375412085

A must-read!
New York Times Book Review, September 7, 2003 Info & Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info & Reviews

From the Diary of John I. Ginn

Farley, Steven E.
1stBooks Library; May 2003
ISBN: 1410743632 Info & Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info & Reviews


Fielding, Dorothy S.
Kent Books, March 2000 (Paperback)
ISBN: 0970001207

Very difficult to find new, also hard to find used.
Barnes & Noble Info & Reviews

Freeman, Judith
Pantheon Books; (January 22, 2002)
ISBN: 0375420924

Fiction. Story of the Mountain Meadows Massacre and John D. Lee told from the point of view of 3 of his 19 wives. Info. & Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info. & Reviews

Gibbs, Joshua F., 1910
Out of Print, Text Available On-Line

THE FERRY WOMAN: A Novel of the Mountain Meadows Massacre

Grimmet, Gerald

Limberlost Press Matrix Editions; Second edition (January 2004)
ISBN: 093165968X

Fiction. An account of John D. Lee and his relationship with his fictional wife, Emeline Info. & Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info. & Reviews

Including The Story of John D. Lee and Mountain Meadows Massacre

Kelsey, Michael R.
Origin Books Sales, Inc.; 3rd Edition edition (January 1998)
ISBN: 0944510159
This is essentially a hiking guide, but it includes stories of the area, including the life story of John D. Lee who was sent by the Mormon Church to the Paria River to hide out and to build and operate a ferry across the Colorado River. Info. & Reviews

JOURNALS OF JOHN D. LEE, 1846-7 and 1859
Lee, John Doyle. Kelly, Charles (Editor)
University of Utah Press, September 1984
ISBN: 0874802423
Out of print. Hard to find, and if you do it's very expensive. Info. & Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info. & Reviews

King, David S.
Washington, D.C.: Potomac Corral of Westerners February, 1970.
Number 8 in the Great Western Series. Printed by Pioneer American Society Press, Falls Church, Virginia
Numbered, limited edition of 250, and rare.

UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN: A Story of Violent Faith
Krakauer, Jon
Doubleday, July 15, 2003
ISBN: 0385509510
This book is  about Fundamentalist Mormons, not the Mountain Meadows Massacre. But the Massacre is included as an integral part of the Mormon history. Info. and Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info. and Reviews

JOURNALS OF JOHN D. LEE, 1846-7 and 1859
Lee, John Doyle. Kelly, Charles (Editor)
University of Utah Press, September 1984
ISBN: 0874802423
Out of print. Hard to find, and if you do it's very expensive. Info. & Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info. & Reviews


London, Jack

e-book available on-line at
A part of this work (beginning on page 76) contains Fiction very loosely based on the events of the Mountain
Meadows Massacre. Some names mentioned are those of the real people involved, but most are fictional
inventions of Jack London.

LIES ACROSS AMERICA: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong

Loewen, James W.
The New Press, September 1999.
ISBN 1565843444.

Includes a chapter on Mountain Meadows, which refers to the Massacre Site before the new plaques were installed. Info. and Reviews

Barnes & Noble Info. and Reviews

OH WHAT A SLAUGHTER: Massacres In The American West 1846-1890
McMurty, Larry

Simon & Schuster, November 29, 2005
A slim volume that explores some of the lesser known  massacres during this time period, and some of the more well-known like Wounded Knee. The book contains  two chapters on the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Info. and Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info. and Reviews

Penrose, Charles W.
Eborn Books, 2000
ASIN: B0006S60KA
Out of Print. Very difficult to find.

BEHIND THESE OZARK HILLS: Histories, reminiscences, traditions featuring the author's family
Russell, Jesse Lewis (Born in 1870)
Hobson Book Press, 1947
Out of Print. Not Indexed.
Contains a chapter on the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
Available on-line only for Subscribers to and Heritage Quest On-Line at

Twain, Mark
e-text available on-line as part of the University of Virginia's "Mark Twain In His Times".
A travel narrative based on the experiences Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) had out West between 1861 and 1866.
References to the Mountain Meadows Massacre can be found in Chapter XVII and Appendix B.

An American Legend and a Monumental Crime

Wise, William, June 14, 2000 (Paperback)
ISBN: 0595092586
(Originally printed by Ty Crowell Co., November 1976, ASIN 069011741
) Info. & Reviews
Barnes & Noble Info. & Reviews

There have been numerous books written about John D. Lee, Brigham Young, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) which are not included here.



History Demands Our Attention
With Only God Left As A Witness, New York Times, January 22, 2006
Mountain Meadows Movie Being Filmed, Deseret News, August 26. 2005
Mountain Meadows Massacre Film Debuts (in Harrison, Arkansas) Ozarks Newstand, Sept. 3, 2004
TV Program Investigates Mountain Meadows Massacre History - (History Channel) Airs Dec. 15, 2004

Mountain Meadows Analysis Ends With An Accusation, Salt Lake Tribune
Krakauer's Book Creates LDS Flap, Deseret Morning News
The Mountain Meadows Massacre - "A Sight Which Never Can Be Forgotten" @

Link to 26 Articles about the Mountain Meadows Site in the Mormon News

Southern Utah City To Raise Statue of John D. Lee, Salt Lake Tribune, March 26, 2004
City Goes A Head With Statue Of Mountain Meadows Massacre Figure, Daily Herald, March 25, 2004
University Publishers Find LDS History Sells, Salt Lake Tribune, Feb, 21, 2004

Mountain Meadows Film Debuts at University of Utah
Massacre Site Draws Descendants, Deseret Morning News, Sept. 14, 2003
Group Tours Massacre Site, St. George Daily Spectrum, Sept. 14, 2003
Remembering A Tragedy, St. George Daily Spectum. Sept. 10, 2003
The Great Utah Mystery, New York Times, Sept. 7, 2003

The Madness At Mountain Meadows, Insight, Jan.21, 2003
Mountain Meadow Debate Still Smolders, Deseret News, Jan. 9, 2003

Mormon Murder Mystery: Did Brigham Young Order an 1857 Massacre? New York Times, Oct. 11, 2002
Will You Love That Man Or Woman Well Enough To Shed Their Blood? Brigham Young's Culture of
   Violence and the Murders At Mountain Meadows
, Will Bagley, June 2002 CESNUR Conference
New Facts On Guilt in Mountain Meadows Massacre, May 18, 2002
Expert Explains Why He Thinks Scroll Fake, Salt Lake Tribune, May 1, 2002
Lee's Ferry Tablet A Fake! AP, April 30, 2002
Lee Etching: Truth Or Clever Hoax? Salt Lake Tribune, March 3, 2002
Media Get Look At Lee Papers, Deseret News
Plate Is Dated As Pre-1861, but the writing by Lee may still be a forgery, Deseret News
Nation's Anthropoligists Evaluate LDS Culture, Salt Lake Tribune, Dec. 1, 2001
Descendants Demand Artifacts Back, Salt Lake Tribune, Nov. 3, 2000

Victims Bones Tell Grim Story, Idaho Statesman, March 14, 2000
Unearthing Mountain Meadows Secrets: Backhoe at S. Utah killing field rips open 142-year old   wound, Part 1 of 3. Salt Lake Tribune, March 12, 2000
Voices Of The Dead. Part 2 of 3. Salt Lake Tribune, March 13, 2000
Mountain Meadows Massacre: The Dilemma Of Blame. Part 3 of 3. SLT, March 14, 2000
Massacre Victims Will Get A Fitting Memorial, Salt Lake Tribune, April 1, 1999
A&E'S 'The Real West" Explores Mountain Meadows Massacre, Salt Lake Tribune, April 1, 1999
LDS Church Pledges To Rebuild Mountain Meadows Grave Marker, SLT, Jan. 2, 1999


Major Carleton's Report    May 25, 1859

1860 Depositions  Baker,  DeShazo, Dunlap,  Jones, Mitchell,  Rush families

Extracts of Mountain Meadows Depositions of Malinda Cameron Scott Thurston

Dunlap & Deposition of James Douglas Dunlap

Five  (Dunlap) Children Who Were Saved From The Mountain Meadows Massacre S.C. Turnbo

Senator William C. Mitchell's List of the Victims

Testimony of Nephi Johnson at 2nd Trial Of John D. Lee (Portion)
Testimony of  Laban Morrill at
2nd Trial of John D. Lee (Portion)
Testimony of Jacob Hamblin at 2nd Trial of John D. Lee (Portion)

A List of the Mormons Participating In The Massacre

The Mountain Meadow Massacre Trials (John D. Lee Trials) 1875-1876

The Last Words of John D. Lee

The Mountain Meadows Massacre and Its Completion as a Historic Episode
by Ralph R. Rea

The Relationship of the Mountain Meadows Massacre of the Fancher Wagon Train and the Destruction by Indians of the Smith Train which Departed Carroll County, Arkansas Shortly after the Fancher Train by Wesley C. Smith
    Also see: A Confusion of Massacres



The Fancher Train Route

Detailed Maps  & Information Tour of  The Fancher Train Route

Arkansas Map with location of Benton County.

1860 Arkansas map showing the counties where some of the victim's trains originated.

The Cherokee Trail

           Map of the Fancher Train's route on Cherokee Trail following the Arkansas River
              Map of the Cherokee Trail through Colorado, passing Pikes Peak.
              Map of South Pass and Fort Bridger in Wyoming.

              Additional Information on Cherokee Trail and detailed map.

The Oregon Trail

The Old Spanish Trail

              The "Southern Route" of  the  Old Spanish Trail to Mountain Meadows

Mountain Meadows, Utah & Directions

                                                                                 Film & Video

Mountain Meadows Movie Now Being Filmed - September Dawn

Burying The Past:
Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. 

Award-winning documentary film by Brian Patrick.

"This little-known story of one of the most despicable crimes in the American West, is told through the actual documented account of a four year old girl named Nancy Saphrona Huff who survived the massacre. Interviews with noted historians and descendants of the 17 children whose young lives were spared, visits to eccentric family reunions, anthropologists analyzing bullet-riddled skulls, plus the reenactment of the wagon train battle and massacre, make this documentary a fascinating, early pioneer story."


Investigating History - Mountain Massacre  
From the History Channel. "INVESTIGATING HISTORY® draws on period accounts and interviews with historians to tell the chilling tale. But the most gripping chapters have been written since 1999, when a backhoe operator unearthed a mass grave filled with the remains of the Fancher victims. The bones had only begun to tell their secrets when Utah's governor ordered the remains re-interred. MOUNTAIN MASSACRE reveals why many people want the real story of the Fancher massacre to remain buried."

The Mormon Rebellion
From the History Channel. This IN SEARCH OF HISTORY documentary also aired on PBS stations years ago. It contains a re-creation of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. "Contemporary accounts capture the danger and intensity of the "Utah War," which claimed the lives of 120 men, women and children, and nearly erupted into a much deadlier conflict. Archival documents and stunning re-creations bring the defining moments of the standoff to life, and Mormon historians explore the legacy it left behind. THE MORMON REBELLION reveals the truth behind an often-overlooked chapter in American history."

The Mountain Meadow Massacre

September 1999 Mountain Meadows Reburial Service

September 1999 Dedication of Rock Cairn Grave Site


Court TV's Crime Library -  Mountain Meadows Massacre

Dunlap & Deposition of James Douglas Dunlap

Legends of America - The Mountain Meadows Massacre

 Mountain Meadows Massacre
Terry Fancher's Website

Mountain Meadows Massacre
Carroll County, Arkansas
Several families were from Carroll County.

Mountain Meadows Massacre
Boone County, Arkansas website

Mountain Meadows Massacre, by Morris A. Shirts
Utah History To Go website

Mountain Meadows Massacre: One Of My Family's Best Kept Secrets
By Sandra Tanner

Mountain Meadows Association -  includes some genealogies of the families

Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants