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                                                 wpe13935.gif (6777 bytes)
              Marriage Record of Andreas Wallner and Ursula Pöttinger
                                                   10 July 1791

                                                 wpe65509.gif (6054 bytes)
                               Baptismal Record of Andreas Wallner
                               Forstinning Bavaria 5 February 1802

                             wpe51614.gif (9019 bytes)
Family Record of Elisabeth Brunner & Josef Wallner
                          Pastetten Bavaria


                             wpe88377.gif (9449 bytes)
Family Record of Magdalena Spanner & Lorenz Brunner
                          Pastetten Bavaria

wpe25429.gif (9333 bytes)
Marriage Certificate of Elfrieda Huch & Josef Wallner
                St. Joseph's Church of Yorkville
                               17 April 1898

                             hildabap.gif (2381 bytes)
   Baptismal Certificate of Hildegard Elizabeth Wallner
                St. Joseph's Church of Yorkville

wpe24475.gif (10105 bytes)
      Baptismal Certificate of Albert Joseph Wallner
                   Church of Annunciation B.V.M.
                                 10 March 1901

                                wpe35328.gif (253926 bytes)
    Public School Award of Merit to Albert Wallner
                    P.S. 86 Brooklyn NY 1908

                             wpe90861.gif (256964 bytes)
             War Service Certificate U.S. Navy
                         Albert Joseph Wallner

                         wpe34834.gif (157182 bytes)
          U.S. Naval Reserve Force Discharge
                         Albert Joseph Wallner

                               wpe54373.gif (160699 bytes)  
                 U.S. Navy Enrollment Record
                         Albert Joseph Wallner

adjservcert.gif (6005 bytes)
Application for Settlement of Adjusted Service Certificate
                       Albert Joseph Wallner

                              wpe38178.gif (11403 bytes)

Certificate of Marriage of Helen Schaefer & Albert Wallner
        St. Matthias Church 21 January 1931

wpe47345.gif (311823 bytes)
                          Certificate of Death
                                Joseph Wallner

                               wpe65470.gif (225709 bytes)
                            Certificate of Death
                    Wilhelmina (Kraft) Wallner

                               wpe67639.gif (273865 bytes)
                           Certificate of Death
                        Albert Joseph Wallner

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