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                                               THE WALLNER CLAN

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The style of these lineages is called NGS (National Genealogical Society) Descendant Ordered format. The earliest known   ancestor is 1, and each ancestor in the line of descent is numbered accordingly. Each child is also listed with a roman  numeral, to indicate how many children the ancestor had. When the list of each ancestor's children is presented, the plus (+)  sign in front of their number indicates there will be additional information about this child in the next generation listed.

If you are not familiar with the family tree, the easiest way to find out where you fit into any of these lineages is to determine your generational relationship to Albert J. Wallner and Helen Schaefer. Because of privacy issues, none of their children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren are listed on this website. So there are three more generations in every lineage which do not appear here. The names of the people in Helen or Albert's direct line of descent in each generation of each family line are in bold type to make it a little easier to follow.

If  you are one of the next generation (Albert & Helen's children), aka the"Big Five", the relationships to you are listed  below.

If you are one of the children of the "Big Five", add two generations: Albert and Helen were your grandparents, and are the  great grandparents of your children (three generations). For the following ancestors just add on another "great" for your own  generation, and two "great"s for your children's generation to figure out the relationships. For the descendants of Hildegard  E. Wallner, (Albert's sister) and her husband John Sylvester Hewitt, the same relationships apply only to the "Wallners"  listed below.

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Albert J. Wallner's father was Josef Louis Wallner, his mother was Elfrieda Huch (The Big Five's grandparents.) Josef Wallner's second wife was Wilhelmina Kraft aka "Grandma Wallner". (The Big Five's Step-Grandmother.) Wilhelmina Kraft's parents were William Kraft and Caroline Preuss.

Josef Louis Wallner's parents were Josef Wallner and Elizabeth Brunner.
(The Big Five's great grandparents)

Elfrieda Huch's parents were Johann Christof Huch and Agnes Diedrich.
(The Big Five's great grandparents)

This goes on for several more generations! See Descendants of Andreas Wallner to start at the beginning!

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Helen Schaefer's father was George Albert Schaefer, her mother was Katherine (Kati) Koehler. (The Big Five's grandparents)

George Schaefer's parents were Georg Schäfer and Catherine Dockweiler. (The Big Five's great grandparents.) George Schäfer's second wife was the "Unknown" Allmendinger aka "Grandma Schaefer".

Catherine Dockweiler's parents were Jacob Dockweiler and Anna Maria Berrang. (The Big Five's great great grandparents. Jacob Dockweiler's parents were Christian Dockweiler and Barbara Baerman (The Big Five's great great great grandparents.)

Kati Koehler's father was Phillip Koehler, her mother was Barbara Hoffelder. (The Big Five's great grandparents)

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                    decautmleaf.gif (2441 bytes)    The Wallner First Family Reunion 1994

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                             If you haven't had a chance to visit the American Immigrant Wall of Honor
                            at Ellis Island, you can view your immigrant ancestor JOSEF WALLNER's
                            name at the on-line virtual wall at

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                                   John Thomas O'Kane's name was added to the American
                            Immigrant Wall of Honor by Corinne O'Kane Long and her daughters.

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                                                                      5 March 1892
When the search for our roots began, one fact often mentioned was the drowning of Adam Allmendinger's son, although with the passage of time, the details had been lost or forgotten. Over 100 years ago, six year old little Johnnie Allmendinger's tragic death sparked an emotional editorial in the Port Jervis Union Gazette regarding the dangerous practice of ice gathering, and the newspaper also published a very moving account of The Drowned Boy's Funeral.

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                           Kids need information for a homework assignment on one of their ancestors? (They will!)
                          Check out JOSEPH DOCKWEILER, the Civil War Ancestor! Or PETER BEYEA, the Revolutionary
                          War Ancestor! (He also fought in the French and Indian War - and was a wrestler, a few hundred
                          years before anyone ever heard of the WWF!)



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