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Barr Colony Mailing List
The Barr Colony mailing list is a small group so far, and we invite your participation. You do not need to be a descendant of Barr Colonists in order to participate, just have an interest in Saskatchewan or Canadian family history. The mailing list is generously hosted by Rootsweb.

The mailing list is available in both mail mode (sometimes called list mode) and in digest form. In list mode, you will receive each message just as it was sent to the list. In digest mode, messages are collected together and sent in a batch. The frequency of digests depends on the number and length of the individual messages, but is always at least once a day for every day in which there are messages. On small lists with slow traffic, list mode is usually the better choice.

To subscribe to mail mode, send a message to

To subscribe to digest mode, send a message to

Put the single word SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message. If your mail program automatically inserts a tagline or signature, please turn that feature off before sending your request, as the request will not be handled properly if it has additional text in it.

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