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Veterans in Our Family


"We all gave some, and some of us gave all..." anonymous


Honorable and Ancient Artillery

Captain John Johnson (1590-1659)

Isaac Learned (1623-1657)

Captain Peter Cloyes (1640-1708)

George Fairbanks (1619-1682)

King Phillip's War

Captain Jonathan Poole (1634-1678)

Ensign Thomas Bancroft (1623-1691)

Lieutenant Thomas Bancroft (1649-1718)

John Bigelow (1617-1703)

Wolston Brockway (1638-1717)

Captain Peter Cloyes (1640-1708)

Captain Edmund Goodenow (1611-1688)

Sergeant George Fairbanks (1619-1682)

Ensign Thomas French (1608-1680)

Captain John Goodenow (1635-1721)

Ensign Jacob Towne (1632-1704)

John Cloyes (1604-1676)

King William's War

John Phipps (1668- )

Thomas Walker (1642-1697)

Queen Anne's War

Quebec Expedition 1690

John Phipps (1668-)

Thomas Walker (1642-1697)

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French and Indian War

James Cloyes (1710-1798)

William Coppernall (1688-1787)

David Pratt (1675-1731)

Revolutionary War

Jacob Longyear - 5th regiment NY line

Johannes Longyear (1754-1843) NY

Captain Elijah Clayes NH

Sergeant Nathan Thompson CT

Matthew Cantine NY (1721- )

James Cloyes MA (1710-1798)

Elisha Fuller (1754-1850)

Jason Phipps CT (1734-1817)

Private Nathaniel Parkhill NY (1745-1791)

Private Peter VanDoorn NJ (1755-1834)


War of 1812

Private Jacob Longyear (1779-1860), NY

Ephraim Walker NY (abt1795-1877)

William Smith NY

Jacob Longyear NY (1779-1860)

Nathaniel Parkhill NY (1778-1828)

Reuben Parkhill NY (1783-1869)

Noah Warren MA (1793-1881)


Major John Thompson Parkhill (1804-1895)


Loren Boice NY


Donald Alton Phipps NY



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