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1835-1836 Rifleman
of Madison County, New York

Found among family papers that had belonged to M. Gena Parkhill, daughter of John T. Parkhill. This appears to be only a partial list. Blanks
indicate entries that are illegible.

Brigade of Riflemen whereof Albert T. ____ is Brigadier General, taken in the month of September 1835
Captain ____ Beedle
Lieutenant Joseph B. Brown
Ensign Josiah Snell
Sergeant Henry Lansing
Corporal Abraham Lansing
Msu'ns attach. to band John Bittey
Drummer William C. Coswell
Fifer Eliot Cont (sp?)
Bugler Oliver Whipple
Private George W. Lliatt (sp?)
Private Albert Guston
Private Elisha Cont

Inspection of Arms etc.
Standards, James B. Gott or Golt
Swords, David T. Gott or Golt
Uniforms, Silas T. ____
Pistols, A.P. Briggs
Musical Instruments for Band, Henry Re_to_
Drums, R. B. Sp___
Fifes, Benj. W. Wheeler
Bugles, Eph B. Tib_son
Rifles, A_____G. Smith
Cartridge Boxes, Tryon Rad_s
Scabbards and Belts, Oney White
Flints, Le_son Clarke
Wires and Brushes, Warner P. Clemons
Worms, Charles P. Tucker
Knapsacks Corp, Benj. L__pkins
Pouches, Charles H. Knox
Powder Horns, William A. Norton
Cartridges with Balls, Lomin Brown
Loose Balls, John D. M_____d
Pounds Powder, William Radish

Arms & etc. unfit for service (It is unclear whether those below fall into this category, but this heading was down the side where these names appear)
Oran Lothrop
J. Brown
Francis Page
Fuy(sp?) Dota
Alonzo Bezwick
J. Simons
Isaac Booth
Wm. Booth
Asa Graves
George Richmond
Erastus Ranson
D. Young
O. Willcoxin
Isaac J. Wright
Peter Ostrander
E. Davis
B. F. Freeman
A. Purkins
Framers (sp?) Groen
L. L. Walker
R. Cupernal
J. Holmes
A. Smith
_ R. Taylor

G. W. Wells
R. Hall
A. White
J. Chawge(sp?)
Benj. J. Kinney
G. Chisman
Francis Humi__s
J. Chisman
Hiram Carpenter
O. Taylor
Myron W. ____
W. D. Showand (sp?)
Sylvester Donalson
Wm B. Stanton
John Prosser
S. or L. Curtis
William White
O. Fran___
J Crosman

Inspection Return of the Eighth Regiment of Riflemen commanded by Colonel Stephen P. Collins (Dated Sept. 1836)

Colonel Stephen P. Collins
Lieutenant Colonel Peter B. Petrie
Major Abraham Davis
Adjutant John T. Parkhill
Quarter Master D. M. Peck
Paymaster Henry Patton
Surgeon William B. Coy or Cog
Surgeon's-Mate Leander Lucus (sp?)
Chaplain Captain S(?) M. W. Baker
Sergeant-Major Abraham Ehle
Qr. Master-Sergeant
David B. Hart
Drum-Major John D. Golt
Fife-Major Bertor(sp?)
Leader of the Band Leroy A. Ainsworth
Captain Ira Donalson
Lieutenant Charles Fuy or Fay
Ensign George W. Pankis(Pankes) or Parkis (Parkes)
Sergeant George Crownhandt
Corporal Haney(sp?) Couts
Mus'n attach. to band  Alm__ne Childs
Fifer Alonzo Bishop
Drummer Clarke Whitney
Private David A. Hamilton
Colonel James Clarke
Lieutenand-Colonel Silas (could be Lelas) C. Lyon
Major Charles Crownhandt
Adjutant Daniel J(?) Walrath
Quarter-Master Alva Palmer
Fife-Major Daniel More(sp?)
Leader of the Band Silus Green

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