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Joseph Underwood

1637;  On record in Hingham, Massachusetts.  He and his brother Thomas came over, and when land became available in Watertown, probably after the Rev Hooker left with his contingent for Connecticut, they removed from Hingham to Watertown about 1645.    (New Englanders in Nova Scotia - F. F. Crowell) 34,35

Founder of Watertown, MA Underwood family40

1645;   Joseph was admitted freeman of Watertown in 1645. 36,37,38

"Inventory of the Estate of Joseph Underwood   A true Inventory of the housing land and Catell and other goods of Joseph Underwood who deceased the 16 day of febr. 1676, apprised by us whose names are underwritten the 3 of March 1676/7.
Housing and homestall of 20 acre                                                                      40lb
A divident of thirty-three acre                                                                            33lb
fifteen acre, more of divident land                                                                      2lb 10 shillings
twenty acres of Township land                                                                            3lb
An acre and halfe of meadow land in patch meadow                                          6lb
Two cows and a steer                                                                                          9lb 10 shillings
forteen sheep and six lambs                                                                                3lb 12 shillings
swine to the valew of                                                                                          1lb 7 shillings
Twenty two bushells of Indian Corne                                                                 3lb 6 shillings
four bushels of Barley and four bushells of rye                                                  1lb 12 shillings
one bushell of Indian meal                                                                                        3 shillings
Pork and bacon                                                                                                 1lb 15 shillings
Bedding, bedstead and curtains                                                                         1lb 15 shilings
A trundle bed and bedstead                                                                               1lb 5 shillings
A pr of old sheets and some other old linen                                                             15 shillings
His wearing apparrell                                                                                        1lb 15 shillings
Brass and pewter                                                                                               2lb 11 shillings
Iron ware in the house for housekeeping                                                                 9 shillings
One barrill of Cyder                                                                                                12 shillings
Lumber                                                                                                                   14 shillings
A Spinning Wheel                                                                                                    4 shillings
Two chests and a Cubbard                                                                                     14 shillings
Two old chests 2' a Sack 3'                                                                                       5 shillings
An old Matchlock, muskett & old sword, powder & bullets                                    10 shillings
A plow and plow chayne & severall pr-cells of Iron ware                                   1lb 19 shillings
Earthen and a small pr-cell of Tobacco                                                                    2 shillings
A pr-cell of books                                                                                                     8 shillings
Ten pound of Sheeps wool                                                                                       6 shillings
Dishes and spoons & an old chayr & an old Table                                                   3 shillings
W. A. Servant Boy                                                                                               9 lb
                                          Henry Spring
                                          Samuel Sternes
                                          Thomas Loverane"
(The Underwood Family in America)

Burial: February 19, 1675/76, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts33

One genealogy, crudely written in longhand by F.F. Crowell (not dated), numbered No. 571 and titled New Englanders in Nova Scotia where some descendants of Joseph Underwood ended up, states that: "Joseph (1) Underwood, born in London, England, about 1615, was the immigrant to America.  He is said to be the son of John and Rachel (Edwards) Underwood, and a grandson of Joseph Underwood, of Dorchester, England.  Joseph and his brother, Thomas Underwood on their arrival in New England, settled at Hingham, Mass., but removed to Watertown, Mass., in 1645.
 Joseph Underwood died in Watertown, Feb. 16, 1676, aged about 62 years. Good wife Underwood `dyed the 28, 11 mo 1667.'



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