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Crispell Family

Believe this to be the lines of Mary Anne Crispell born March 22, 1825, m. John Peter Boice.
Could someone tell me her parentage?

To the Memory and in Honor of
 Louis DuBois
 Christian Deyo
Abraham Hasbrouck
 Andre LeFevre
 Jean Hasbrouck
 Pierre Deyo
 Louis Bevier
Anthoine Crespel
 Abraham DuBois
 Hugo Frere
 Isaac DuBois
Simon LeFevre
 the New Paltz Patentees, who driven by religious persecution from their
 native France, exiles for conscience' sake, came to America, after a
sojourn in the Rhine Palatinate near Manheim, here established their
homes on the banks of the Wallkill, settled the country purchased from
the Indians and granted by Patent issued by Governor Edmond Andross on
 the 29th day of September, 1677 and nobly bore their part in the
 creation of our free government.
The Huguenot, Patriotic, Historical and Monumental Association of New
 Paltz erected this Monument, the 29th day of September, 1908.

Generation No. 1

  1. DR. ANTOINE1 CRISPELL1,2,3 was born 1635 in Wicres, Artois, Normandy, France or Guin, Artois, France?4,5,6, and died 1707 of Hurley, Ulster Co., New York7,8,9.  He married (1) MARIA BLANCHAN10,11,12 January 31, 1659/60 in Manhiem, Germany13,14,15, daughter of MATTHYS BLANCHAN and MAGDALENA JORRISON GOOVE.  She was born 1640 in Armenteires, Artois, Normandy, France16,17,18, and died 1673 in Hurley, Ulster Co., New York19,20,21.  He married (2) PETRONELLA DUMOND22,23,24 Abt. 168025.  She was born Bef. 166426,27,28. A Frenchman, born in Artois, an ancient province of France, now comprising a portion of the Department of Pas de Calais, which lies in the extreme northern part of the country, near the border of Belgium.  It is a fertile and well watered tract, producing grain and hops and has much rich pasture land. In the middle of the 17th century this section was greatly harassed by long and devastating wars of the Fronde, and many of its inhabitants, chiefly farmers, were forced to emigrate.  The majority of these went to Mannheim, and vicinity situate in the Lower Palatinate, Wurttenburg, among them being a stalwart young farmer Antoine Crepel, or Anthony Crispell, as the name is now spelled. In Mannheim, Anthony Crispell, married Maria Blanchan the daughter of Matthew Blanchan, another refugee from France, and soon after, April 27, 1660, they all set sail for the new world, in the ship "Gilded Otter." Stuyvesant welcomed them, and gave Blanchan a letter to Sergt. Romp at Esopus, directing him to provide them accomodations. Arriving there, and Dom. Blom having also come, it was solace to the pious Blanchan, for all he had suffered, and the loss of property in his native place, and at Armentieres (Flanders) and elsewhere, to sit down with his wife, and son, and Dr. Crepel, at the Lord's Supper, on Dec. 25, ensuing.   Blanchan, Du Bois, and Crepel all got land in Hurley, near Kingston, and received groundbriefs Apl. 25, 1663.  Our colonists did not linger long in New Amsterdam, but proceeded immediately to the little village of Esopus, then just struggling into renewed existence after the outbreak of the Indians in 1659. On May 2nd, 1661, after the village had been enlarged by direction of Gov. Stuyvesant, Anthony Crispell was allotted No. 12 of the new lots.  The rich valley to the west of Esopus was soon found and in April 1662, Philipp Pietersen Schuyler, Volckert Jansen (Douw) and Goosen Gerritsen van Schaick, of Beverwyck, presented a petition to the council at New Amsterdam, stating "that as the prosperity of the province rested principally upon agriculture and commerce they desired to establish a new village at the Great Esopus, where a great deal of uncultivated land lies." They asked that a survey of the new village be made, that it be laid out in lots, and that forty or fifty morgens of land be granted them. They promised to immediately enter upon the same, cultivate and build houses and barns thereon. On April 6, 1662, council resolved to lay out a new settlement and to accommodate the petitioners as occasion should permit. The place above referred to selected for the Nieu Dorp (new village) was the rich bottom lands bordering the Esopus Creek, about three miles west of Kingston, and Gov. Lovelace named the village "Hurley" in honor of the Lovelace family who were barons of Hurley, Ireland.  On April 25, 1663, Anthony Crispell was granted one of the patents at the new village Hurley, and soon removed his family there. It was called  Kaelacp's land, consisting of 8 morgens and was the fifth grant alotted.
Taught by experience, the settlers took pains to protect their homes against the attacks of the savages. The houses and barns were built within a fortified inclosure, where fifteen families formed a compact community. A summer passed by, and the colonists remained undisturbed. About noon, on the seventh of June, a concerted attack was made by parties of Indians upon both the settlements. The destruction of the "New Village" was complete. Every dwelling was burned. The greater number of the adult inhabitants had gone forth that day as usual to their field work upon the outlying farms, leaving some of the women, with the little children, at home. Three of the men, who had doubtless returned to protect them, were killed; and eight women, with twenty-six children, were taken prisoners. Among these were the wife and three children of Louis du Bois, the two children of Matthew Blanchan, and Anthony Crispel's wife and child.
Several of the officials formed a council to take charge of all matters and the council at New Amsterdam convened on June 17th to consider the condition of affairs at Esopus and New Village. To at once attack the Indians would be perilous. They would at once kill the captives. To ransom them would be very costly and the Indians would not consent unless a treaty of peace was made.  They finally resolved to make peace, but to try to get the Mohawks and Senecas to effect the release of the prisoners. They also sent Johan de Decker to Fort Orange, but he met with little success.  Anthony Crispell succeeded in getting back his wife and child, but just how long they were held prisoners the records do not tell.
It was now determined to attack the Indian fort. The expedition, led by Cregier, started from Wildwyck on the morning of July 26, 1663. Among his company were Anthony Crispell and Louis DuBois. It consisted of ninety-one men of Cregier's company and thirty from Lieutenant Stillewel's. Lieutenant van Couwenhoven commanded forty-one Indians from Long Island. There were six volunteers from Manhattan. Thirty-five men from Wildwyck, of whom eleven were horsemen. There were seven of the company's Negroes. Each had one pound of powder, one pound of ball, two pounds of hard bread, one-half a soft loaf, two pounds pork and one-half a Dutch cheese. This left at Wildwyck thirty-six soldiers and twenty five freemen. By evening they were "two great miles" from Wildwyck. Here they bivouacked, not being able to get through the woods at night. The next morning the march was resumed. The trail they followed ran through an unbroken wilderness. Trees had to be felled to make bridges over swamps and streams. The hills were so steep that the wagon and cannon had to be hauled up by ropes. On reaching the fort in the evening they found it abandoned. The Indians had fled.
On the 28th, a detachment of one hundred and forty men were sent to the mountain where Mrs. Imbroch, who had been taken along as a guide, had been held prisoner. No Indians were to be seen.
On April 26, 1664, Stuyvesand wrote the directors of the company that they had got back all the captives but three and his proclamation of May 31st, designating June 4 as a day of thanksgiving for the return of the captives, states that all of them had been returned. Legend has it that one of them the daughter of Berent Slecht, married a young brave called "Jan." They settled on the bank of the Esopus Creek in the present town of Marbletown where they lived for many years. His name is not among the list of captives. Some prisoners were in the hands of the Indians for nearly a year.  Not one of the captive women or children was sent away into slavery. Not one was killed. Not one was injured. The honor of no woman was assailed.
On the 28th and 29th all hands were engaged in cutting down the fields of growing corn surrounding the fort. Over two hundred and fifteen acres were destroyed and over one hundred pits full of corn and beans were burned. On the 31st the fort and all the wigwams were set afire.
On June 17, 1666, Anthony Crispell was granted a parcel of land "near unto the New Village." In 1670 he was granted 16 acres in Hurley (New Village). On Apr. 5, 1670, he was one of the Hurley soldiers appointed to be present at the rendezvous at Marbletown, a little village then recently laid out some distance from Hurley. In 1677, Anthony Crispell, Abram Hasbrouck, Hugo Freer, and others, twelve in number, all French Huguenots, applied and were granted a fertile tract of land lying some distance south of Esopus, to which they gave the name of New Paltz, in honor of the Pfalz or Palatinate, the hospitable region which had given them shelter in time of need. However he seems never to have lived in the New Paltz settlement, but remained on his farm at Hurley. His wife, having died, he married about 1680, Petronella La Man or De Mon, (the name appears spelled both ways in the records.) After the death of his second wife, he divided most of his property among his children, and made his home for the remainder of his days with his daughter, Mary Magdalene, the wife of Mattys Slecht.
Ulster County, New York, Census 1689

 i. MARIA MAGDALENE2 CRISPELL29,30,31, b. February 15, 1661/62, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York32,33,34; m. ALSTEN BARENTS MATTYS SLECHT35.
  2. ii. PETER CRISPELL, b. December 21, 1664; d. 1695.
 iii. LYSBET CRISPELL36,37,38, b. October 03, 1666, Hurley, Ulster Co., New York39,40,41; d. 166642,43,44.
 iv. ELIZABETH CRISPELL45,46,47, b. October 15, 166848,49,50.
 v. SARAH CRISPELL51,52,53, b. June 18, 167154,55,56.
 vi. JAN CRISPELL57,58,59.

3. vii. JANNETJE2 CRISPELL, b. February 07, 1685/86, Hurley, Ulster Co., New York; d. February 14, 1752, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York.
4. viii. JOHN CRISPELL, b. July 24, 1674.
 ix. JANNETJE CRISPELL, b. Abt. 1682;  Died young. Baptised: June 04, 1682
 x. JEAN CRISPELL, b. Abt. 1684; Died young. Baptised: February 12, 1683/84

Generation No. 2

  2. PETER2 CRISPELL (ANTOINE1)60,61,62,63 was born December 21, 166464,65,66,67, and died 169568,69,70.  He married NEELTJE GERRITSEN NEWKIRK71,72,73,74, daughter of GERRET VAN NIEUWKERCK and CHIELTZE SLECHT.  She was born 1667 in Kingston, Ulster Co., New York79,80,81,82, and died 1760 in Hurley, Ulster Co., New York83,84,85,86. Ulster County, New York, Census 1689

5. i. ANTHONY3 CRISPELL, b. 1692, Hurley, Ulster Co., New York.
 iii. ARIANTJE CRISPELL87,88,89, m. ANDRIES TEN EYKE90,91,92, March 10, 1711/1293,94,95.

3.  JANNETJE2 CRISPELL (ANTOINE1)96,97,98 was born February 07, 1685/86 in Hurley, Ulster Co., New York99,100,101, and died February 14, 1752 in Kingston, Ulster Co., New York102,103,104.  She married NICHOLAS HOFFMAN, son of MARTINUS HOFFMAN and EMMERENTJE DE WITT.

 i. MARTINUS3 HOFFMAN, b. Abt. 1706.
 ii. ANTJE HOFFMAN, b. Abt. 1709.
 iii. ANTHONY HOFFMAN, b. 1711.
 iv. ZACHARIAS HOFFMAN, b. Abt. 1713.
 v. PETRUS HOFFMAN, b. Abt. 1716.
 vi. HENDRICUS HOFFMAN, b. Abt. 1719.
 vii. ANNATJEN HOFFMAN, b. Abt. 1721.
 viii. MARIA HOFFMAN, b. Abt. 1730.

4.  JOHN2 CRISPELL (ANTOINE1)105,106,107 was born July 24, 1674108,109,110, Baptised: July 21, 1674, Hurley, Ulster Co., New York120,121,122.  He married GERRTJE JANSE ROOSA111,112,113 May 25, 1701114,115,116.  She was born Abt. 1678 in Hurley, Ulster Co., New York117,118,119. Her parentage?

 i. MARYTJE3 CRISPELL123,124,125, b. 1702, Albany, Albany Co., New York: Baptised: March 15, 1701/02129,130,131
 ii. REBECCA CRISPELL132,133,134, b. 1706, Albany, Albany Co., New York; d. 1707138,139,140. Baptised: March 17, 1705/06141,142,143
 iii. ANTHONY CRISPELL144,145,146, b. 1708, Albany, Albany Co., New York: Baptised: October 12, 1707150,151,152
 iv. HELENA CRISPELL153,154,155, b. 1710, Albany, Albany Co., New York: Baptised: May 07, 1710, Hurley, Ulster Co., New York159,160,161
7. v. JAN CRISPELL, b. 1712, Albany, Albany Co., New York; of Shokan, Ulster Co., New York.
 vi. REBECCA CRISPELL162,163,164, b. 17171: Baptised: July 17, 1717168,169,170
 vii. PETER CRISPELL171,172,173, b. 1720: Baptised: May 01, 1720, Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York177,178,179
 viii. SARAH CRISPELL180,181,182, b. 1721: Baptised: November 26, 1721186,187,188
 ix. HILLIGOND CRISPELL189,190,191, b. April 17, 1704192,193,194; d. February 22, 1774195,196,197.

Generation No. 3

5.  ANTHONY3 CRISPELL (PETER2, ANTOINE1)198,199,200 was born 1692 in Hurley, Ulster Co., New York201,202,203; Baptised: March 17, 1691/92, Hurley, Ulster Co., New York213,214,215.  He married LEA ROOSA204,205,206 September 11, 1719 in Old Dutch Church, Kinston, Ulster Co., New York207,208,209, daughter of HEYMAN ROOSA and ANNA ROOSEVELT.  She was born 1698210,211,212.

 i. NELITJEN4 CRISPELL219,220,221, Baptised: February 04, 1721/22, Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York225,226,227
 ii. PETER CRISPELL228,229,230, Baptised: August 11, 1723, Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York234,235,236
 iii. JOHN CRISPELL237,238,239, Baptised: November 08, 1724, Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York243,244,245
 iv. CORNELIS CRISPELL246,247,248, Baptised: September 04, 1726, Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York252,253,254
 v. ANNA CRISPELL255,256,25, 7Baptised: December 22, 1728, Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York261,262,263
 vi. ARRIANTIJEN CRISPELL264,265,266, Baptised: October 08, 1732, Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York270,271,272

6.  JOHANNES3 CRISPELL (PETER2, ANTOINE1)  He married ANNA MARGARET ROOSA276,277,278 December 15, 1725279,280,281, daughter of ALDERT ROOSA and AAJE KROM.


7.  JAN3 CRISPELL (JOHN2, ANTOINE1)282,283,284 Baptised: September 21, 1712285,286,287 Albany, New York, and died of Shokan, Ulster Co., New York288,289,290.  He married DOROTHEA MARIA KRAFT291,292,293 December 29, 1753 in Kingston Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York294,295,296.  She was born Abt. 1716 in Germany297,298,299, and died of Shandakan, Ulster Co., New York300,301,302.

10. i. SOLOMON4 CRISPELL, b. 1765, Ulster Co., New York; d. 1867.

Generation No. 4

8.  RACHEL4 CRISPELL (JOHANNES3, PETER2, ANTOINE1)  She married PETRUS ROOSA309,310,311. Parentage?

 i. ARIANTJE5 ROOSA312,313,314.
 ii. ANNA MARGRETHA ROOSA315,316,317.
 iii. MARIA ROOSA318,319,320.
 iv. JANNETJE ROOSA321,322,323.

9.  PETER4 CRISPELL (JOHANNES3, PETER2, ANTOINE1)  He married GERRITJE DUBOIS327,328,329 December 04, 1762 in Kingston, Ulster Co., New York330,331,332, daughter of GERRIT DUBOIS and MARGRIETJE ELMENDORF.

 i. JOHANNES5 CRISPELL333,334,335.
 iii. PETER CRISPELL339,340,341.

10.  SOLOMON4 CRISPELL (JAN3, JOHN2, ANTOINE1)342,343,344 Baptised: November 24, 1765357,358,359 in Ulster Co., New York345,346,347, and died 1867348,349,350.  He married GERETJE KELLER351,352,353.  She was born Abt. 1769 in Ulster Co., New York354,355,356.

11. i. THOMAS5 CRISPELL, b. September 10, 1795, Ulster Co., New York; d. December 22, 1861, Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania.

Generation No. 5

11.  THOMAS5 CRISPELL (SOLOMON4, JAN3, JOHN2, ANTOINE1)360,361,362 was born September 10, 1795 in Ulster Co., New York363,364,365, Baptised: October 22, 1795381,382,383; and died December 22, 1861 in Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania366,367,368.  He married EMILIE DEVOE369,370,371 February 10, 1825372,373,374.  She was born April 20, 1795 in Ulster Co., New York375,376,377, and died September 12378,379,380.

 i. DEVOE6 CRISPELL384,385,386, b. February 05, 1826, Olive, Ulster Co., New York387,388,389; d. February 15, 1859, Lehman, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania390,391,392.
 ii. SARAH JANE CRISPELL393,394,395, b. September 13, 1828, Olive, Ulster Co., New York396,397,398.
 iii. ABRAHAM CRISPELL399,400,401, b. December 17, 1831, Olive, Ulster Co., New York402,403,404; d. December 18, 1831, Olive, Ulster Co., New York405,406,407.
 iv. PHOEBE CATHERINE CRISPELL408,409,410, b. April 03, 1834, Olive, Ulster Co., New York411,412,413; d. November 17, 1891414,415,416.
 v. RACHEL ANN CRISPELL417,418,419, b. April 28, 1837, Olive, Ulster Co., New York420,421,422.
 vi. CRISPELL423,424,425, b. April 05, 1839, Olive, Ulster Co., New York426,427,428; d. April 23, 1839429,430,431.
 vii. SAMUEL C. CRISPELL432,433,434, b. May 11, 1841, Olive, Ulster Co., New York435,436,437; d. May 26, 1841438,439,440.
 viii. CHARLES THOMAS CRISPELL441,442,443, b. August 12, 1842, Olive, Ulster Co., New York444,445,446.
 ix. GEORGE CRISPELL447,448,449, b. May 19, 1845, Olive, Ulster Co., New York450,451,452; d. June 11, 1846453,454,455.

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