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Sawtell Family   January 2005

Descendants of Richard Sawtell  (This name is also spelled Sautle, Sartle, Sawtelle, Sawtel, Sautell)
Generation No. 1

1.  RICHARD1 SAWTELL1,2 was born 1604 in Aller, Somersetshire, England3, and died April 21, 1694 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts3.  He married (1) ELIZABETH POPLE3 February 05, 1626/27 in High Ham, Somersetshire, England3.  He married (2) ELIZABETH WAITE3,4 early summer 16375, daughter of PHINEAS WAITE and MARY HUBBARD.
In Somersetshire, England, records contain data on the Sawtell family before the reign of Queen Elizabeth in 1558.  According to those records, it is evident that Richard Sawtell, the immigrant farmer was born in Aller, Somertsetshire in 1604.  He appears to be the progenitor of most of the Sartwell families in New England and the US.
He came to Massachusetts with the early settlers along with his wife and probably his brother Thomas.  Anna Sawtell was probably his sister and was noted in Boston as early as 1639.  Richard arrived in Watertown where he was made freeman about 1635, five years after the establishment of Watertown by the General Court of Massachusetts Bay.  On July 25, 1636 he was one of the early proprietors of Watertown, and lived there from 1636 to 1661.  In Watertown he was allowed 1 acre of land on Feb.28, 1637, indicating he was then a single man.
In 1661 Richard had a 20 acre right in Groton, which was formed out of the plantation of Patatawag.  He settled in Groton with his sons Jonathan and Zachariah.  He became a proprietor of Groton, and was chosen the first Town Clerk, serving in 1662, '63 and '64.  His records there prove him to have been a scholar.  He served all through the Indian massacres which made the name of Groton one to kindle terror.
Richard Sawtell's home was one of the five garrison houses in Groton.  On March 13, 1676 Groton was burned during King Philip's War and the inhabitants were driven out.  Richard returned to Watertown with several of his children.  He served as Selectman there in 1689.
Richard Sawtell executed his will on May 16, 1692, and died at Watertown Aug. 21, 1694, an "aged man".  His estate amounted to 147 pounds, 11 shillings, with land in Watertown and a 20 acre right in Groton.  He gave the lands to his wife Elizabeth for life, with his son Obadiah to improve the lands in Groton, and his son Enoch to do so in Watertown.  Elizabeth died 2 months later on Oct. 18, 1694. The sons took over their respective properties. (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)

 i. JOHN2 SAWTELL5, m. (1) ELIZABETH POST5; m. (2) ANNA5.
 ii. RICHARD SAWTELL5, d. August 09, 1676, King Philips War5.
 iii. ELIZABETH SAWTELL5,6, b. May 01, 1638, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts7,8; d. Feb. 6, 16759; m. WILLIAM STERLING9.
 iv. JONATHAN SAWTELL9,10, b. August 24, 1639, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts11,12; d. July 06, 1690, of Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts13; m. MARY TARBELL13, July 03, 166513.
 v. MARY SAWTELL13,14, b. November 19, 1640, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts15,16; d. March 22, 1664/65, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts17.
 vi. HANNAH SAWTELL17,18, b. December 10, 1642, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts19,20; d. February 18, 1722/23, Woburn, Massachusetts21; m. INCREASE WINN21, July 13, 1665, Woburn, Massachusetts21.
 vii. ZACHARIAH SAWTELL21, b. July 26, 1643, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; d. March 17, 1691/92, of Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; m. (1) ELIZABETH HARRIS21, April 13, 166821; m. (2) ANNA PARKER21, July 13, 168421. ELIZABETH HARRIS:
Cause of Death: smallpox21
 viii. BETHIA SAWTELL21, b. Abt. 1646, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; d. October 12, 1714, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21.
2. ix. OBADIAH SAWTELL, b. September 14, 1649; d. March 20, 1739/40, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
 x. RUTH SAWTELL21, b. Abt. 165021; d. January 12, 1713/14, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; m. JOHN HEWES21, March 09, 1675/7621.  JOHN HEWES: Occupation: weaver21
xi. ENOCH SAWTELL21, b. Abt. 165521; d. March 01, 1741/4221; m. SUSANNA RANDALL21, 168521.

Generation No. 2

2.  OBADIAH2 SAWTELL (RICHARD1)21 was born September 14, 164921, and died March 20, 1739/40 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21.  He married HANNAH LAWRENCE21 Abt. 1680 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21, daughter of GEORGE LAWRENCE and ELIZABETH.  Went with his parents to Groton, but returned to Watertown with them when Groton was burned during King Philip's War.  In Watertown he was credited with military service in Feb. 1677.  After his marriage he returned to Groton where all his children were born.   (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)
(Death's Head)
Here Lies The Body of Mr. Obadiah Sawtell Who Departed This
Life March The 20th A D l740 in ye 92 Year of his Age.
(Eptaphs from the Old Burial Grounds, Groton, MA  by Dr. Samuel A. Green, p. l2)

3. i. NATHANIEL3 SAWTELL, b. Abt. 1681, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. January 16, 1741/42.
 ii. ELNATHAN SAWTELL21, b. May 27, 1683, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; m. MARTHA LANDON21, June 07, 1709, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts21.  3 children21
Occupation: mariner21
4. iii. EPHRAIM SAWTELL, b. Abt. 1685, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts - or Concord?; d. October 08, 1768, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
 iv. JOSIAH SAWTELL21, b. August 14, 1687, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; d. October 04, 1690, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21.
 v. HEPZIBAH SAWTELL21, b. Abt. 1689, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; m. THOMAS FOSTER21, August 24, 1706, Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21.  6 children21
 vi. ESTHER SAWTELL21, b. Abt. 1690, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; m. SAMUEL BOWERS21, January 31, 1708/09, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts21.  7 children21
5. vii. JOSIAH SAWTELL, b. Abt. 1691, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. September 14, 1753, Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.
 viii. ZACHARIAH SAWTELL21, b. Abt. 1693, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; d. Aft. 173021.
 ix. HANNAH SAWTELL21, b. June 08, 1695, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21; d. Bef. July 04, 174921; m. STEPHEN HOLDEN21, September 02, 171921.  6 children21
6. x. ABIGAIL SAWTELL, b. March 13, 1696/97, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. February 19, 1787, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
7. xi. OBADIAH SAWTELL, b. March 18, 1700/01, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. June 17, 1749, Fort No. 4, Vermont.
8. xii. HEZAKIAH SAWTELL, b. March 02, 1702/03, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. March 18, 1779, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

Generation No. 3

3.  NATHANIEL3 SAWTELL (OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)21 was born Abt. 1681 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts21, and died January 16, 1741/4221.  He married SARAH HIGGINSON21 May 27, 171021.  February 1728;  Brother Josiah and his wife, Lydia, deeded house and land in Groton to  Nathaniel.     (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT.)  4 children21

9. i. JOSIAH4 SAWTELL, b. of Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

4.  EPHRAIM3 SAWTELL (OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)21 was born Abt. 1685 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts - or Concord?21, and died October 08, 1768 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts22.  He married (1) ABIGAIL FARNSWORTH23 April 10, 171323, daughter of JOHN FARNSWORTH and HANNAH ALDIS.  He married (2) HANNAH FARWELL23 March 15, 175524, daughter of JOSEPH FARWELL and HANNAH LEARNED.  He married (3) HANNAH25 September 30, 176225.    7 children 1st marriage25  Occupation: weaver25
Memento mori
(Cherub's Head)
Here lies Interred the Body of Capt. Ephraim Sawtell
who departed this Life October 8th l768 In the 83rd
year of his age.
 "Dear friends for me pray do not weep,
  I am not dead but here do sleep,
  Within this solid lump of clay,
  Until the Resurection Day:
  And here indeed I must remain,
  Till Christ shall rais me up again.
(Epitaphs from the Old Burial Ground at Groton, MA by Dr. Samuel A. Green)

(Death's Head)
Here lies ye body of Ms Abigail Sawtell ye Wife of Capt.
Ephraim Sawtell Who Departed This life Decembr ye 4th
A D l753 in ye 66th year of her Age.
(Epitaphs from the Old Burial Grounds, Groton, MAby Dr. Samuel A. Green)

Memento mori
(Death's Head)
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Hannah Sawtell the Second
wife of Capt. Ephraim Sawtell, who departed this Life
March l5th A.D. l762  Aged 60 Years, l0 months and
9 days.
(Epitaphs from the Old Burial Grounds, Groton, MA by Dr. Samuel A. Green)

 i. ABIGAIL4 SAWTELL26, b. 171426.
 ii. URIAH SAWTELL26, b. 171626; m. SARAH MARTIN26, 174126.
 iii. AMOS SAWTELL26, b. 171826; m. ELIZABETH FLETCHER26, 174626.
10. iv. EUNICE SAWTELL, b. 1720.
 v. SARAH SAWTELL26, b. 172226; m. JOHN FARWELL26, 174226.
 vi. HANNAH SAWTELL26, b. 172626; m. DAVID KEMP26, 174426.
11. vii. JONATHAN SAWTELL, b. April 18, 1729; d. December 23, 1790, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts - aged 61 years.

5.  JOSIAH3 SAWTELL (OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)27 was born Abt. 1691 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts28, and died September 14, 1753 in Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts28.  He married (1) LYDIA PHELPS28 February 04, 1712/13 in Marlborough, Massachusetts28, daughter of EDWARD PHELPS and RUTH ANDREWS.  He married (2) LYDIA NUTTING28 January 14, 1717/1828, daughter of JAMES NUTTING and LYDIA LONGLEY.   LYDIA NUTTING Had several children by first marriage28

November 22, 1719;  Joined the church at Lancaster, MA.  1st child, Lydia baptised there.  He then moved back to Groton where four more children were born.  It is said he was in Northfield, MA in 1725, but perhaps it was simply to find a site, clear it and build a house, leaving his family behind, because his son Jonathan's birth is recorded in Groton in 1726.  (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT.)

February 1728;  He and Lydia deeded house and land in Groton to his brother Nathaniel.     (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT.)

June 16, 1738;  Petitioned to obtain a grant of land on the w side of the Connecticut River and adjoining Northfield.  He stated that he was a soldier in the service of the Province for sundry years and was in diverse fights against the Indians. He was wounded in some of those engagements and other that the established pay, had received nothing in consideration of his "smarts and services".  He said he had a large family, and for want of land and means of purchasing, requested that he might obtain a grant of Province lands on the w side of the River, adjoining Northfield.  On June 22, 100 acres was granted to him, the name being spelled Josiah Sautell.
The location where he built Fort Sartwell was opposite Fort Hinsdale, NY, now Vernon, VT, just south of Brattleboro.  Its walls were of hewn timber, with a hewn plank for its outside door. It was about 38 by 20 feet, a story and a half high.  The second floor projected beyond the first, with portholes from which the occupants could fire straight down on their assailants.  Sartwell's Fort stood for nearly 99 years, and was taken down in 1837.  Some of the timbers were still sound and were used to build another house.
Orlando Bridgeman built a similar fort probably in the same year, about a half mile south of Sartwell's Fort.  These two blockhouses, with the exception of Fort Dummer, some two miles north, were the only places considered secure from attack in the vicinity.     (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT.)

1748;  Moved to Sunderland, MA, dying there several years later.  In his will he named only Jemima, Lucy, and Bathsheba.   (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT.)

No record found of the early death of the first wife Lydia.  In Not Without Peril, it is said he remarried 'MARY" - and had a daughter Mary.  The basis for this may have been an entry in the records of the First Church of Groton --- Mary, daughter of Josiah and Mary Sawtell, bpt. June 4, 1737.  Whether or not this is the same Josiah is not known, but is possible.  This could also be Mary, daughter of Josiah and Mary Greene of Groton, with Josiah being the son of Nathaniel Sartle.   (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT.)


 iii. LUCY4 SAWTELL28, b. Northfield, Massachusetts?28; m. SAMUEL DICKENSON28, November 14, 175428.
 iv. LYDIA SAWTELL28, b. Abt. 172028 Christened: October 09, 1720, Lancaster, MA28; d. February 04, 176028; m. abt 1738, EPHRAIM KELLOGG28, 173828 and had;   i. Josiah Kellogg, born 1740 in Sunderland, died July 7, 1759 in army French ? Indian War;  ii. William Kellogg, born Abt. 1743 in Sunderland (christening: August 20, 1749), died May 5, 1802 in Ferrisburg, Addison, VT, married Bethsheba Karley Abt. 1769 in Malone, Franklin Co., NY (Military service: Revolutionary War, had; i. William Kellogg, born June 4, 1768 Hatfield, Hampshire Co., MA, died March 1774 in Whately, Franklin Co., MA.  ii. Josiah Kellogg, born August 7, 1770 in Hatfield, died Aft. May 15, 1850 in Middleburgh, Cuyahoga,OH; married (1) Sarah Fox, married (2) Clarissa Alford Bef. 1793.  iii. Solomon Kellogg, born 1773 in Hatfield, died April 27, 1828 Ferrisburg, Addison Co., VT; married Vashti Hobbs Abt. 1794.  iv. William Kellogg, born December 2, 1779 in Rutland, Rutland Co., VT; died June 16, 1834 in Ferrisburg, Addison, VT, married Sarah Cousins 1804 in VT ?; Military service: War of 1812.  v. Lydia Kellogg, born January 16, 1784 in Rutland, died 1870; married Samuel Gage April 22, 1800 in Ferrisburg);  iii. Jonathan Sawtelle Kellogg, born Abt. 1746 in Sunderland, christening: August 20, 1749;  iv. Preserved Kellogg, born 1751 in Sunderland.
 v. BATHSHEBA SAWTELL28, b. October 01, 1721, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts28; m. JOHN ALEXANDER28, May 25, 173828.
12. vi. JEMIMA SAWTELL, b. March 07, 1723/24, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. March 07, 1805, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont.
 vii. SUSANNA SAWTELL28, b. March 27, 1724, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts28.
 viii. JONATHAN SAWTELL28, b. April 23, 1726, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts28; d. October 22, 1747?28.  Soldier captured by Indians and probably killed28

6.  ABIGAIL3 SAWTELL (OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)28 was born March 13, 1696/97 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts28, and died February 19, 1787 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts28.  She married JOSEPH PARKER28 January 24, 1715/16 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts28, son of SAMUEL PARKER and ABIGAIL.  7 children28.  JOSEPH PARKER: Occupation: carpenter28


7.  OBADIAH3 SAWTELL (OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)30 was born March 18, 1700/01 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts30, and died June 17, 1749 in Fort No. 4, Vermont.  He married RACHEL PARKER30 172130, daughter of SAMUEL PARKER and ABIGAIL LARKIN.  OBADIAH SAWTELL: Cause of Death: killed by Indians while plowing30.  6 children30

 i.  SIMON4 SAWTELL, b. November 14, 172231. Simon Sartwell settled at Fort 4, Charlestown, NH as early as 1746.  He m. HANNAH and had; I. Obadiah Sartwell b. 1746 m. Elizabeth and had children: Polly b. 1769; Solomon b. 1770; Phineas b. 1772; Joel b. 1774 Electa b. 1776; Obadiah b. 1778; Thomas b. 1781; and Captain Simon Sartwell Jr. b. June 25, 1749, m. DOLLY GLEASON, daughter of ISAAC GLEASON and MARY NIXON.  Simon Sartwell Jr. was Lieutenant of Company 7 of the First N.H. Reg. under command of Col. Joseph Cilley of Nottingham, NH raised April 7, 1777. He continued in the regiment during the years 1778 and 1779.  He was on duty at West Point with his regiment as a Captain in 1780.  He was one of the selectmen of Charlestown in the years 1786 and 1787.  He died May 30, 1791. They had:
1. Asa Sartwell.  2. Cynthia Sartwell b. Oct 27, 1784.   3. Fanny Sartwell b. Dec 11, 1786.   4. Clarissa Sartwell b. Feb 3, 1788.   5. Lucy Sartwell b. March 30th, 1790.

8.  HEZAKIAH3 SAWTELL (OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)32 was born March 02, 1702/03 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts32, and died March 18, 1779 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts32.  He married JOANNAH WILSON August 01, 172332.  11 children32
(Cherub's Head)
To the Memory of a Beloved Friend.
Here lies the Body of Lieut. Hezekiah Sawtell
Who Departed this Life March Ye l8th l779 in the
77th Year of his age: in his life he was a Kind ?
Loving Husband, a tender and Provident Parent, a
Friendly and Benevolent Neighbor, Singularly Piti-
ful and Liberal to the Poor, Needy and Distress'd
His life useful, his Death Lamented.
 "Stop Passenger as You Go by
  Rembember you Was born to die.
  As You are Now So Once was I
  As I am Now So You Must be
  Prepare For Death and Follow me."
  (Epitaphs from the Old Burial Ground at Groton, MA)

(Cherub's Head)
In Memory of Mrs. Joanna Sawtell.  Relict of Lieut.
Hezekiah Sawtell; Who died Sept llth l786 In the
85th year of her Age.
(Epitaphs from the Old Burial Ground Groton, MA)

 i. ELNATHAN4 SAWTELL33, b. 172833; m. MARY STONE33, 175233.  3 children33

Generation No. 4

9.  JOSIAH4 SAWTELL (NATHANIEL3, OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)34 was of Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts34.  He married MARY GREENE34.

 i. MARY5 SAWTELL34, b. Abt. 173734. Christened: June 04, 1737, Groton, MA34

10.  EUNICE4 SAWTELL (EPHRAIM3, OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)35 was born 172035.  She married NATHANIEL FARNSWORTH35.  9 children35

 i. LUCY5 FARNSWORTH35, b. 176135; m. JOSEPH SAWTELL35.

11.  JONATHAN4 SAWTELL (EPHRAIM3, OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)36 was born April 18, 172936, and died December 23, 1790 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts - aged 61 years36.  He married MARY HOLDEN37 174937, daughter of NATHANIEL HOLDEN and ABIGAIL STONE.

(Cherub's Head)
In Memory of Capt. John Sawtell, who departed this
Life Dec ye 23d AD l790, Aged 6l years  8 months
and 5 days.
(Epitaphs from the Old Burial Ground at Groton, MA)

 i. JONATHAN5 SAWTELL37, b. 175337.
 ii. MARY SAWTELL37, b. 175437; m. SAMUEL BOYDEN37, 177537.
 iii. JOANNA SAWTELL38, b. 175638.
 iv. ABIGAIL SAWTELL, b. 175839.
 v. HEZEKIAH SAWTELL39, b. 176139.
 vi. MARIA SAWTELL39, b. 176339.
 vii. REBECCA SAWTELL39, b. 176539.
 viii. JOSIAH SAWTELL39, b. 176639.

12.  JEMIMA4 SAWTELL (JOSIAH3, OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)40,41,42 was born March 07, 1723/24 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts43,44, and died March 07, 1805 in Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont45,46.  She married (1) WILLIAM PHIPPS46,47 Abt. 1740  of Windham, Vermont48, son of JOHN PHIPPS and MARY UNDERWOOD.  She married (2) CALEB HOWE49,50 Abt. 174651,52, son of NEHEMIAH HOWE and MARGARET WILLARD.  She married (3) AMOS TUTE52 Abt. 1760 in Vermont53,54, son of JAMES TUTE and KEZIAH CAREY.Jemima and the other captives endured a forced walk for eight days to Crown Point on Lake Champlain, and were then taken to Canada.  Jemima's six month old baby was taken from her and eventually starved to death.  Her oldest daughter was put in a convent and later taken to France and married to a French nobleman, Cron Lewis.  After five years, Jemima having become known as the 'Fair Captive', was ransomed and recovered her remaining five children.     (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)

Aft 1781;  The three children of her daughter Submit Phipps Willard,  were very young when their mother died in 1781. Family notes indicated that they were brought up by Jemima and Amos Tute, and after Amos died in 1790, by Jemima.  They were listed as grandchildren and heirs of Jemima in her will along with William How.  Charlotte apparently was not married and died young.  What happened to Jonathan is not known.  Mary, also known as Polly, married her cousin William How.   (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)

The story of her life is told on her tombstone and in a book about her life.  Both of her first 2 husbands were killed by the Indians and she with 7 children were captured by them after the murder of her 2nd husband Caleb Howe.  They walked overland to Crown Point and were taken to Canada.  The youngest of the children died in captivity of starvation when it was taken from it's mother in the Indian village.  Her oldest daughter was sent to France where she was married.  Jemima was ransomed in 1758 by the state of New Hampshire and returned with sons William, Caleb and Squire.  Her son Moses was ransomed later, and Jemima herself returned to Canada to rescue her youngest daughter from a convent shortly before she was to be sent to France.  In her captivity she was called "Fair Captive".  In 1941 her story was told by Marguerite Allis in "Not Without Peril", New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1941.(Vermont Families in 1791)

Gravestone Inscription Route 142, North Cemetary, Vernon, Vermont55 :
                                     Mrs. Jemima Tute
                              Sucessively Relict of Messrs.
                       William Phips, Caleb Howe ? Amos Tute
                           The first two were killed by Indians
                                   Phips, July 5, 1743
                                   Howe, June 27, 1755
                       When Howe was killed she ? her children,
                                   Then seven in number,
                                Were carried into captivity;
                        The Oldest, a daughter, went to France
                       And was married to a French Gentleman.
                        The Youngest was torn from her breast
                                   And Perished with Hunger.
                         By the aid of some benevolent Gent'n
                               And her own personal Heroism
                                   She recovered the rest.
                            She had two by her last husband.
                                  She outlived him ? them
                           And died March 7, 1805, aged 82
                        Having passed hrough more vicisitudes
                                 And endured more Hardships
                               Than any of her contemporaries.
                             "No more can Savage Foes annoy
                        Nor aught her wide spread Fame Destroy."

In Vernon, VT a flagpole and monument occupy the spot where Fort Bridgeman stood near the bank of the Connecticut River.  A short distance along the road to the north is the location of Fort Sartwell, built about 1739 by Josiah Sartwell, Jemima's father.  Just to the north of that at the border between present day Vernon and Brattleboro, VT, Broad Brook flows eastward into the River.  Broad Brook was the northerly line of the property willed to the heirs of Jemima.  The land totaled 340 acres and was valued at $3000 when she died.
Jemima's story became part of the "American Preceptor", a reading book used in the schools of New England and New York in the early part of the 19th century.  It was also published in Harper's Monthly magazine in April 1856.  Also included in the book "Indian Captivities" or "Life in the Wigwam" by Samuel G. Drake, published by Derby, Miller, and Co. in Auburn, NY in 1850.  (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)

CALEB HOWE: Little is known about the early life of Caleb and his sisters and brothers in Sudbury, Framingham and Groton.  Apparently the whole family was together when the parents paddled up the Connecticut River in 1741 to No. 2, now known as Westmoreland.
As Marguerite Allis described so vividly in her historical novel, "Not Without Peril", Caleb took part in many of the Indian battles in the late 1740's.  He was in Capt. Phineas Stevens Co. in 1746-9.  He was a Sergeant at No. 4 when he wrote Capt. Stevens an account of the attack there in June, 1749.  At that time, a son of the Captain was taken captive and Ensign Obadiah Sawtell, a brother of Josiah, Jemima's father, was killed.
In 1747 The Indians attacked and burned Bridgeman's Fort on the west side of the river in what is now Vernon, VT, then part of Hinsdale, NH.  After it was rebuilt, Caleb's family became members of the garrison family until a peace treaty was signed by the French and English in 1749.  Then Caleb's family settled into Sartwell's forthouse, a short distance north of Bridgeman's.
The town of Hinsdale, then included both sides of the river, was chartered in Sept. 31, 1753.  Caleb was made a constable of the new town at the first proprietors meeting held at the home of Thomas Chamberlain.  At a latter proprietors meeting he was made clerk.
Peace didn't last long.  In 1754, the "last French and Indian War", began when Great Britain's King again declared war against France.  When the Indians attacked Charlestown (No. 4) and carried away the Johnson family, the various families in the valley left their farms and took refuge in the forts.  Some went to Fort Dummer, some to Hinsdale's and the Hows, Gaffields and Grouts went to Fort Bridgeman.
It was quiet during the winter and spring, but on June 27, 1755, Indians suddenly attacked Caleb Howe, Hilkiah Grout and Benjamin Gaffield as they were returning to the Fort from the meadow by the river where they had been hoeing corn.  Caleb was on horseback with his two oldest sons. He was shot by the Indians and fell to the ground, where he was peirced with a spear and scalped.  The two boys were captured.  Gaffield and Grout tried to escape by swimming the river.  Grout made it, but Gaffield drowned.
The Indians then managed to enter the forthouse.  Jemima and the two other women were made captives, along with nine children; three Grouts, one Gaffield, and five Hows.  Caleb was found still alive the next morning by men from Fort Hinsdale and was carried back to Fort Hinsdale where he died.
He was buried in a field near the fort on the east side of the present day Rt. 119 between Brattleboro and Hinsdale.  When the property was purchased as a tobacco field in about 1918, the grave was moved to the Hooker Cemetary in Hinsdale.

        Headstone;                                                                         Footstone;
In memory of Mr. Caleb How a very                               Mr. Caleb How was killed
Kind Companion who                                                            by Indeans 1755
Was killed by the Indeans
June the 27th
1755 in the 32nd year
of his age, his wife Mrs.
Jemima How With 7
Children taken Captive
at the Same time.

Burial: Hooker Cemetary, Hinsdale, Vermont55,56

AMOS TUTE:  A Ranger under Capt. Burke; one of the early settlers of Vernon, Vt., and a prominent man; was appointed coroner for
"Cumberland County," by the authorities of N.Y., April 7, 1768. The inquest over the body of William French killed at the "Westminster massacre," March 13, 1775, was held before him; he was active on the side of the Yorkers in the Hampshire Grant troubles; he left by will a farm in Bratt., Vt. for the benefit of the schools in that town.  Farm overlooked the CT river, not far from Fort Dummer60 Burial: North Cemetary, Vernon, Vermont59  Tombstone;
In memory of Amos Tute who died April 17th, 1790, in the 60th year of his age.
Were I so tall to reach the pole
or grasp the ocean with my span
I must be measured by my soul,
The mind is the standard of the man.

 i. MARY5 PHIPPS, b. 1744 (b. 1741?61), Vermont; m. CRON LEWIS, France61.  1745, captured by Indians, eventually taken to France61
 13. ii. SUBMIT PHIPPS, b. 1745, Vermont - or 1743?; d. April 01, 1781.

Children of JEMIMA SAWTELL and CALEB HOWE are:
14. iii. WILLIAM5 HOWE, b. Abt. 1747, Vernon, Vermont; d. Bef. 1797, of northern, Vermont.
15. iv. MOSES HOWE, b. March 24, 1749/50, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont; d. December 18, 1816, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont.
16. v. SQUIRE HOWE, b. Abt. 1751, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont?; d. September 20, 1808, Fabius, Onondaga Co., New York.
 vi. CALEB HOWE62, b. Abt. 1753, Vernon, Vermont63,64; d. Aft. 1805, of Norton, New Brunswick64.  In1760 he was in Westminster, VT.   He was a Tory and became a British officer.  In Martha Howe's widow's pension application, she recounted how Caleb and Squire met face to face in a bloody battle.  In 1805 he returned to Vernon to claim his share of Jemima's estate, and was listed as a resident of Norton, Kings Co., New Brunswick.   (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)
 vii. JOSIAH HOWE, b. January 1755, Vernon, Vermont65; d. March 1756, Indian village in Canada65. Cause of Death: starvation65

Children of JEMIMA SAWTELL and AMOS TUTE are:
 viii. JONATHAN5 TUTE66, b. May 12, 1763, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont67,68; d. April 25, 1777, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont69,70.Burial: North Cemetery, Vernon, Vermont71 Cause of Death: contracted smallpox from a vaccination71
The following epitaph is copied from his gravestone in Vernon; it was doubtless the work of Rev. Bunker Gay, whose poetic effusions in this field have rendered the graveyards in that vicinity rich hunting grounds for epitaph collectors: "Memento Mori. Here lies, cut down like unripe Fruit, a son of Mr. Amos Tute and Mrs. Jemima Tute his wife. Call'd Jonathan, of whose frail Life the days all Summ'd (how short the' account) scarcely to fourteen years amount. Born on the twelfth of May was he in Seventeen hundred sixty three, to death he Fell a helpless prey April
the five & twentieth day, in seventeen hundred seventy seven, quitting this world, we hope for heaven. But tho' his spirit's fled on High, his body mould' ring here must lie. Behold the amazing alteration, effected by inoculation, the means improv'd his life to save, hurr'ed him headlong to the grave. Full in the bloom of youth he fell alas - what human tongue can tell the mother's grief, her anguish show, or paint the father's heavier woe, who now no natural offspring has his ample fortune to possess, to fill his place, stand in his stead or bear his name when he is dead. So God ordain'd his ways are just, tho empires crumble into dust. Live and the world mere bubble are, set loose to these, for Heaven prepare."
 ix. AMOS TUTE72, b. November 15, 1764, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont73; d. February 17, 1767, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont73.  Burial: North Cemetery, Vernon, Vermont73

Generation No. 5

13.  SUBMIT5 PHIPPS (JEMIMA4 SAWTELL, JOSIAH3, OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)74 was born 1745 in Vermont - or 1743?75,76, and died April 01, 178177,78.  She married NATHAN WILLARD78 November 22, 1775 in Hinsdale, New Hampshire79,80, son of NATHAN WILLARD and LUCY ALLEN.   Abt 1759 she was brought back from captivity in a Convent in Canada by her mother.  (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)
Gravestone at Fort Dummer;
Here lies the grief of a fond mother she was a
Dear and dutiful daftr a kind wife ? a tender mother
Stay passing stranger virtue asks your stay
Not thiis inscribd nor yet the lifeless day
Tho here entombd the souls tired mansion lies
Awaits to join and reach its native skies
The sharp distressing plaints of heart felt woe
Describe her worth and mark her virtues too
How kind a parent and how fond a bride
How lovd on earth and how to heavn allyd
The daughter tender dutiful and kind
Each action spoke the beauties of her mind
Then pay the tribute due when passing by
And like her live and like her wish to die
 (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)

NATHAN WILLARD:  2nd marriage not definite, we find a Clarissa Willard, probably the daughter of Nathan and his 2nd wife, b. about 1788 and d. 4/1840.  She married a William Howe October 20, 1806 who was probably the same son of William who mar. Mary Phipps.  (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)

Look down on me I slumber here
The grace's become my bed
And think on death thats always near
For live may quickly fade

Burial: Fort Dummer, VT82

17. i. MARY PHIPPS6 WILLARD, b. January 24, 1777; d. January 11, 1806.
 ii. CHARLOTTE WILLARD82, b. February 15, 177883,84; d. November 15, 1809, never married85.
 iii. JONATHAN PHIPPS WILLARD86, b. December 16, 178087; d. 186688.7 children88

The three children were very young when their mother died in 1781. Family notes indicated that they were brought up by Jemima and Amos Tute, and after Amos died in 1790, by Jemima.  They were listed as grandchildren and heirs of Jemima in her will along with William How.  Charlotte apparently was not married and died young.  What happened to Jonathan is not known.  Mary, also known as Polly, married her cousin William How.   (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)

14.  WILLIAM5 HOWE (JEMIMA4 SAWTELL, JOSIAH3, OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)89 was born Abt. 1747 in Vernon, Vermont90, and died Bef. 1797 in of northern, Vermont90.  Said to be a Tory who went to Nova Scotia, according to the John Howe genealogy.  Evidence shows he was married and moved to northern Vermont. It appears he had only 1 son.    (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)

Child of WILLIAM HOWE is:
18. i. WILLIAM6 HOWE, b. Abt. 1771; d. March 29, 1831, Brattleboro, Vermont.

15.  MOSES5 HOWE (JEMIMA4 SAWTELL, JOSIAH3, OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)91 was born March 24, 1749/50 in Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont92,93, and died December 18, 1816 in Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont94,95.  Burial: North Cemetary, Vernon, Vermont96
He married SUBMIT SCOTT February 16, 1773 in Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont96.   He was 5 years old when captured by the Indians with his mother and family and taken to Canada.  Held captive by the Abenaki's and not released with other family members.  When he finally was returned he could not speak or understand English - he had been thoroughly indoctrinated into Indian life.As an adult, he kept a tavern on the same farm where his father Caleb had lived.
He fought in the Revolution and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index.  In the Vermont Revolutionary Rolls, he appears on a payroll of Capt. Squire Howe's Company of Horse in the service of the state to assist the Sheriff at Guilford in sept. 1782 in Gen. Fletcher's Brigade.
Capt. Squire How, Lt. Moses How and Jesse Joy were allowed four days service each.  Most of the men were detached from other companies.
Moses died without a will.  His widow was appointed administratrix.  In her petition to the court, she requested that his personal estate be granted to her, which it was.  The appraisal of his personal estate was completed 2/5/1817, and totaled $72.25.  His personal property consisted only of clothing, beds and bedding, household goods, furniture, a sleigh ($4.50), a large spinning wheel ($.58), two barrels of cider ($4.00), and a looking glass ($1.17).  He certainly wasn't well to do.   (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)

Children of MOSES HOWE and SUBMIT SCOTT are:
 i. EBENEZER6 HOWE97, b. January 11, 1774, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont98,99; d. September 15, 1855, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont100,101 Burial: North Cemetary, Vernon, Vermont with wife102; m. CALMA FRIZELL101, Bef. 1797102.  Had 5 or 6 children.  Lived on his father's farm in Vernon, and took over his father's tavern.   (The Howe, Willard and Sartwell Families of Vernon, VT)
  ii. CALEB HOWE103, b. October 18, 1775, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont104,105; d. January 14, 1831, Dover, Vermont106,107; m. SOPHIA SHELDON107, 1796108.  11 children108Of Vernon, Guildford, Dummerston, and Dover, VT and Gill, MA109
 iii. JEMIMA HOWE109, b. October 05, 1777, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont110;  of Buffalo, Erie Co., New York110,111; m. JOHN UNDERWOOD111.
 iv. BETSEY HOWE111, b. March 19, 1780, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont112,113; d. March 15, 1853114,115; m. JOHN COY115.8 children, lived in Hinsdale, NH117
v. ELIJAH HOWE117, b. July 17, 1782, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont118,119; m. NAOMI JENNINGS120, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont121.   2 children born in Vernon - large family121
 vi. MOSES HOWE122, b. April 24, 1784, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont123; m. LAY124.
 vii. SUBMIT HOWE124, b. June 27, 1786, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont125,126; m. EZRA STREETER126, August 10, 1803, by Rev. Bunker Gay126.
 viii. SARAH ALEXANDER HOWE126, b. April 02, 1789, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont127; m. EBENEZER HAWES128.
 ix. EUNICE HOLLAND HOWE, b. October 07, 1791, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont129;  of Onondaga Co., and Cato, Cayuga Co., New York129; m. PARKER M. ALEN.
 x. LOUISA HOWE130, b. January 19, 1794, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont131; m. JOHN THURSTON132, January 30, 1815133.
 xi. JOSIAH S. HOWE134, b. August 26, 1796, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont135; d. June 27, 1824, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont135; m. SOPHIA BARRETT136, December 17, 1821, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont137.Burial: North Cemetary, Vernon, Vermont137
xii. HIRAM HOWE138, b. June 03, 1799, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont139.

16.  SQUIRE5 HOWE (JEMIMA4 SAWTELL, JOSIAH3, OBADIAH2, RICHARD1)140 was born Abt. 1751 in Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont?141,142, and died September 20, 1808 in Fabius, Onondaga Co., New York143,144.  He married MARTHA FIELD144 January 09, 1781  by Rev. Bunker Gay, Vernon (then Hinsdale), Vermont at Moses' home145,146, daughter of MOSES FIELD and MARTHA ROOT and a school teacher at Vernon, Vermont147.  SQUIRE HOWE was a Rev War gunner in Colonel Knox's Artillery Regiment and promoted to bombadier on October 4, 1776.  He served at Ticonderoga, Essex Co., N.Y. for the year of 1776.  He was elected to 3rd Lieutenent, Elliot's regiment of Rhode Island troops in June 1777, First Lieutenent in February 1778 and appointed to Captain Lieutenent on March 16, 1779 by Governor William Greene of Rhode Island.  He later served as a captain of the company of horse assisting the sheriff at Guilford in September 1782.  During a leave from service in 1781 he was married.  (Vermont Families in 1791)
Aft. 1782, he made his home at the Sartwell homestead, his mother was with him until her death.  In the spring of 1806, he moved to Fabius, New York147

Children of SQUIRE HOWE and MARTHA FIELD are:
19. i. RODOLPHUS6 HOWE, b. November 06, 1781; d. March 1854, (or April), Prattsburgh, Steuben Co., New York.
 ii. ELIHU HOWE, b. September 08, 1783147; d. Bef. 1836148; m. MARTHA.  Military Service: War of 1812 - pensioned149
iii. SQUIRE HOWE, b. July 20, 1785 in Lansing, Tompkins Co., New York149; d. February 1855, Dryden, Tompkins Co., New York149; m. MARY O. TOWNLEY, November 02, 1815149.   9 children150
 iv. MARTHA HOWE, b. May 20, 1787151; d. August 13, 1819151; m. HORACE FOWLER, January 19, 1809151.  4 children152
v. WILLIAM HOWE, b. July 12, 1789153; d. September 07, 1867, Geneva, Ontario Co., New York153; m. POLLY GRIFFITH.  No children
 vi. ANNE HOWE, b. October 31, 1791153; m. LEVI FOWLER, 1810153.  11 children
 vii. SUSAN HOWE, b. April 19, 1794153; m. HORACE FOWLER, October 24, 1835153.
 viii. CLARISSA HOWE, b. April 17, 1797153; m. ROBERT WELD, February 09, 1817153.  10 children
 ix. CAROLINE HOWE, b. July 17, 1799153; m. JAMES HARVEY DOWNS.  2 children baptised Prattsburgh Presby. Church153


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