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Arrold Phipps (Dunington) Descendants

I began this page titled 'Arrold Phipps' because there are many seeking information on Arrold's ancestry in the belief that she descends from one of the early Phipps lines in America. Within a year of posting this page, it became apparent that she is not a Phipps at all. According to The American Genealogist # 311 Vol. 78, No. 3 published, July 2003, page 183; "Rice Cole was first of record in Massachusetts in 1631, when he was admitted to the church in Boston. His wife had the very uncommon name of Arrold. When we collected information on the family of Thomas Dexter, the following record was found at Great Bowden: "Rice Colles & Arrold Dunington maried 7th June" 1612, which is about the time when Rice and Arrold of Massachusetts would have married, their eldest son Robert estimated to have been born about 1616. Rice and Arrold arrived in Massachusetts with five children (Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, John, and James)..." "Rice Cole's baptism was not found at Great Bowden; however, Arrold's family is found there, the only Dunington's in the parish. Edward Dunington was born say 1554. He was married at Great Bowden on 3 February 1579 to Margaret Cox. Their marriage lasted less than a decade, as Edward died a relatively young man; he was buried at Great Bowden on 26 April 1588. Margaret was remarried there on 4 December 1589 to Myles Poole." "Arrold Dunington, bp. ("Harrolwlde") 21 Sept. 1587." "A full discussion of this family is found in Anderson, Great Migration Begins, 1:426-29." Baptism in 1587 and marriage in 1612 would make Arrold 25 years old at this marriage, not excluding an earlier marriage despite the fact that marriage in the mid to late twenties was fairly common in the 16th century. However, the fact that she is identified as 'Arrold Dunington' on her marriage to Rice Cole, tends to nullify an earlier marriage. The possibility exists that Arrold was connected to the Phipps family through the marriage of a sibling however, which could make Solomon Phipps of Charlestown her 'brother'. Or could Arrold have married a Phipps following the death of Rice Cole? Any connection with the Phipps family at all is yet to be determined, but it is likely that the Arrold's probate notation of "brother Solomon Phipps" refers merely to Solomon Phipps being Arrold's 'spiritual brother' as opposed to her 'biological brother' or brother-in-law.

Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 COLE  He married JANE MERYOT.

Child of JOHN COLE and JANE MERYOT is:
2. i. RICE2 COLE, b. 1589, London, England; d. May 15, 1646, Charlestown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts or Woburn, Massachusetts?.

Generation No. 2

2.  RICE2 COLE (JOHN1)1,2,3 was born 1589 in London, England4,5,6, and died May 15, 1646 in Charlestown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts or Woburn, Massachusetts?7,8,9.  He married ARROLD DUNINGTON10,11,12 June 7, 1612 in Great Bowden, England13,14,15.  She was daughter of EDWARD DUNINGTON and MARGARET COX and was baptised September 21, 1587 in Great Bowden, England16,17,18, and died December 1661, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts or Woburn, Massachusetts?19,20,21. RICE COLE: Rice Cole immigrated in 1630 to Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Origin unknown, possibly from London. Rice Cole was admitted an inhabitant of Charlestown in 1630 and was included in lists of inhabitants dated 9 Jan 1633/4 and Jan 1635/6. He was admitted to the Boston church as "Ryce Cole" in 1631. He was admitted with Arrald as founding members of the Charlestown Church on 2 Nov 1632. Freeman 01 Apr 1633.  On November 19, 1641, Thomas Knicker was a debtor to him in amount of 9d.
On July 16, 1644, he was witness to the will of Daneill Shepardson. He made his will in May 1646. Rice Cole bequeaths to his wife, sons Robert, John and James and to his two daughters. At a court held at Cambridge April 1, 1662, on the division of the estate left by Arrald Cole the relict of the above named Rice Cole the court ordered that this writing be accepted as his last will & testament.  Arrald made her will on 20 Dec 1661 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. In a letter written in 1661, Arrold mentions her daughter Ruth and her husband Henry Mudd, of Stepney England. Her estate probated on 26 Dec 1661 in Cambridge.
"Samuel Fuller in his will speaks of a child committed to my charge called Sarah Converse. Since Fuller also had in his household 2 members of the family of Rice Cole of Charlestown, it may be that this Sarah Converse was a member of the family of Edward Converse or in some other way related." (Robert Charles Anderson. The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633) Arrold is thought by many to be sister to Solomon Phipps of Charlestown. A possible link could also be made with James Phips of ME given the fact that it appears Rice descendants turn up in proximity to him at Phips Point. Does anyone have any information linking Arrold Dunington to the Phipps family of MA or ME in any way?

 i. ROBERT3 COLE36,37, b. Abt. 161638,39; d. 1660; m. PHILIPPA40,41; b. Abt. 162042,43.
3. ii. MARY COLE, b. Abt. 1618, England; d. October 06, 1683, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts.
4. iii. ELIZABETH COLE, b. Abt. 1619, England; d. May 03, 1688, 3/22/1666?, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts?.
 iv. JOHN COLE44,45, b. Abt. 162146,47; m. (1) URSULA48,49; b. Abt. 162550,51; m. (2) JOAN.
5. v. JAMES COLE, b. Abt. 1625, of Highgate, Middlesex, England; d. Aft. 1672, York?, York Co., Maine.
 vi. RUTH COLE, b. Abt. 1616.

Generation No. 3

3.  MARY3 COLE (RICE2, JOHN1)52,53 was born Abt. 1618 in England54,55, and died October 06, 1683 in Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts56,57.  She married RICHARD LOWDEN58,59 1638 in Woburn, Massachusetts?60,61.  He was born 1612 in England62,63, and died July 12, 1700 in Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts64,65.

Children of MARY COLE and RICHARD LOWDEN are:
 i. JOHN4 LOWDEN66,67,68, b. May 06, 1641, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts69,70; d. April 04, 167871,72; m. SARAH STEPHENSON73,74,75, May 29, 166276,77; d. June 29, 1720, Charlestown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts78,79,80. Charlestown's Genealogies and Estates shows a Thomas Kibbe who lived 7 years in the household of John Lowden, Sarah's first husband.  Relationship unknown to this group of Kibbe's.  (Kibbe Genealogical Notes) "Here Lyes burie ye Body of Mrs. Sarah Kibbey Aged 80 years who dec'd June the 29 1720"     (Kibbe Genealogical Notes)
 ii. JEREMY LOWDEN81,82, b. March 08, 1642/43, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts83,84; d. February 1643/44, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts85,86.
 iv. JAMES LOWDEN89,90, b. Abt. 1647, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts91,92; m. MARY BUNKER93,94, October 12, 167995,96.
 v. MARY LOWDEN97,98, b. Bet. December 24, 1644 - 1648, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts99,100; d. March 31, 1703101,102; m. PETER FROTHINGHAM103,104, March 14, 1663/64105,106.
 vi. SAMUEL LOWDEN107,108, b. 1649, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts109,110; d. September 16, 1682, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts111,112.
 vii. HANNAH LOWDEN113,114, b. Abt. 1651, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts115,116; m. JOHN ORRIS117,118.
6. viii. MARTHA LOWDEN, b. April 06, 1659, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts; d. September 04, 1729, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts.
 ix. SARAH LOWDEN119,120, b. Abt. 1661, Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts121,122; m. ARCHIBALD MCQUERRY123,124, February 1692/93125,126.

4.  ELIZABETH3 COLE (RICE2, JOHN1)127,128,129 was born Abt. 1619 in England130,131,132, and died March 05, 1688 in 3/22/1666?, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts?133,134.  She married THOMAS PIERCE135,136,137,138,139 May 06, 1635 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts140,141,142, son of THOMAS PIERCE and ELIZABETH CAREW.  He was born 1618 in England143,144,145,146, and died November 06, 1683 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts147,148,149,150. THOMAS PIERCE: admitted into Charlestown Church February 21, 1634/5. (Charlestown Ch. Rec.). Was in Woburn as early as 1643; was taxed there, 1645; is often styled in the Records there, "Sargent Thomas Peirce; was Selectman of Woburn, 1660, and repeatedly afterwards; of the committee for dividing the common land in Woburn among "the right proprietors," chosen March 28, 1667; and also of the General Court's committee appointed for the same purpose in 1668.

7. i. JOHN4 PIERCE, b. March 07, 1642/3, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; d. April 08, 1720, England.
8. ii. THOMAS PIERCE, b. January 21, 1644/45, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. December 08, 1717, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts?.
 iii. ELIZABETH PIERCE154,155,156,157, b. December 25, 1646, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts158,159,160; d. March 10, 1669/70; m. THOMAS WHITTEMORE, 1666, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; b. 1645; d. 1670, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
 iv. JOSEPH PIERCE161,162,163, b. September 22, 1648, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts164,165,166; d. February 27, 1648/49, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
 v. JOSEPH PIERCE167,168,169, b. August 13, 1649, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts170,171,172; d. 1683, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; m. MARY RICHARDSON, 1681, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; b. 1658, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. 1721, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
 vi. STEPHEN PIERCE173,174,175, b. July 16, 1651, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts176,177,178; d. June 10, 1733, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; m. TABITHA PARKER, 1676, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; b. February 26, 1657/58, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. 1742, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  He was a tailor.
 vii. SAMUEL PIERCE179,180,181, b. February 20, 1653/54, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts182,183,184, d. 27 Feb 1655-6.
 viii. SAMUEL PIERCE185,186,187, b. April 07, 1656, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts188,189,190; d. July 05, 1721, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; m. LYDIA BACON, 1680, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; b. 1656, Newton, Massachusetts; d. 1717, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
 ix. WILLIAM PIERCE191,192,193, b. March 07, 1656/57, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts194,195,196; d. August 27, 1720; m. ABIGAIL WARNER, 1690, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; b. Abt. 1657.
9. x. JAMES PIERCE, b. 7 May, 1659, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. January 20, 1741/42, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts  ("Old Mr. James Peirce died 20 Jan 1741-2").
10. xi. ABIGAIL PIERCE, b. November 20, 1660, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. September 09, 1719, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

5.  JAMES3 COLE (RICE2, JOHN1)197,198,199 was baptized February 11, 1626/7 Barnstaple, Devon England  (of Highgate, Middlesex, England?)200,201, and died Aft. 1672 in York?, York Co., Maine202,203,204.  He married (1) Dec. 23, 1652 MARY TILSON205,206,207 in Scituate, Massachusetts208,209,210.    He married (2) RUTH211,212 August 28, 1655213,214 Is this marriage correct?. Came with his father to Plymouth in 1633. Admitted freeman of Plymouth in 1654. Was surveyor of highways in Plymouth in 1656; held this office again in 1678 and 1685. Representative for Plymouth in 1690. Purchased property form his father in 1668 including the inn or public house which business he kept for many years. 1654-1672; property at Woolwich, ME? The Gen. Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire hints James Cole of Sagadohoc, ME might have been the Plymouth man who m. Mary Tilson. It states he appeared on List. 11. That being the case, he might have been the Plymouth man.  Checking the book, under Sagadahoc - List 11 - Plymouth Government on the Kennebec.  June 20, 1654 Plymouth Col. Records iii. 58.  Cites orders issued by `the Council of State of teh Commonwealth of England to govern those living upon or near adjoining unto the river commonly called Kenibec.'  Records return of Mr. Thomas Prence who by authority had, 15 May 1654, ordered the marshal of New Plymouth to summons a meeting at the house of Thomas Ashly at Merry Meeting on 23 Apr. 1654, where and when the folloiwng took the oath of fidelity:   Tho: Purchase gent.     John Browne       John Stone          William Davis
               Thomas Ashly             Thomas Weber    John Richards      Thomas Atkins
               James Smith                James Coale       William James      John Parker
               Thomas Parker            Emanuell Hughes  John White        Alexander Thawyt
Officers chosen: Mr. Thomas Purchase Assistant to the Government in this part of the Juisdiction of New Plymouth. Leeft. Tho. Southworth Assistant now residing at Cushenage (and such other as shall be sent thither from time to time to have the government of that family.)
Thos. Ashly Constable and licensed as innkeeper.
Oct. 31, 1654, J.C. bot from Edw. Bateman the Bateman-Brown Ind. purchase, and July 22, 1658 sold to Clarke & Lake.
It is undiscovered who was "wid. Cole' at Scituate with `Strangers from Shipscot River' January 26, 1676. She had abandoned 2 oxen, cows, 2 heifers, and had sowed 6 bushels of wheat and planted 3 bushels of Indian corn.
Does anyone have proof that James Cole of Plymouth and James Cole of ME are one and the same?

 i. MARY4 COLE215,216, b. December 05, 1653217,218,219. Did she m. Lothrop?
ii. JOHN COLE, b. March 6, 1660.

Generation No. 4

6.  MARTHA4 LOWDEN (MARY3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)220,221 was born April 06, 1659 in Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts222,223, and died September 04, 1729 in Charlestown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts224,225.  She married JOHN CALL226,227 July 20, 1681228,229.  He was born January 20, 1657/58 in Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts230,231.

Children of MARTHA LOWDEN and JOHN CALL are:
 i. MARY5 CALL232,233, b. July 04, 1682, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts234,235.
 ii. MARTHA CALL236,237, b. December 18, 1684, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts238,239.
11. iii. JOHN CALL, b. November 02, 1687, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts; d. May 04?
 iv. HANNAH CALL240,241, b. October 03, 1691, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts242,243.
12. v. JONATHAN CALL, b. March 10, 1693/94, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts; d. January 02, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
13. vi. SAMUEL CALL, b. June 06, 1698, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts; d. 1747, Oxford or Leicester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts.
 vii. RICHARD CALL244,245, b. June 10, 1702, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts246,247; d. 1756, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts248,249; m. MARY KING250,251, January 15, 1727/28, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts252,253. Occupation: Baker254,255

7.  JOHN4 PIERCE (ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)256,257,258,259 was born March 07, 1641/42 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts260,261,262, and died April 08, 1720 in England263,264,265.  He married DEBORAH CONVERS266,267,268 July 01, 1663 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts269,270,271.  She was born July 25, 1647 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts272,273,274.

14. i. JOHN5 PEIRCE, b. January 26, 1670/71, Woburn, Massachusetts; d. March 20, 1719/20, Woburn, Massachusetts.

8.  THOMAS4 PIERCE (ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)278,279,280 was born January 21, 1644/45 or June 21, 1645 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts281,282,283, and died December 08, 1717 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts?284,285,286.  He married (1) ELIZA287,288,289 Abt. 1669290,291,292.  She was born Bef. 1654293,294,295, and died Bef. 1681 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts296,297,298.  He married (2) RACHEL BACON 1680 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  She was born 1654 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died Aft. 1717.

Child of THOMAS PIERCE and ELIZA is:
15. i. TIMOTHY5 PIERCE, b. January 23, 1673/74, Woburn, MA; d. May 25, 1748, Plainfield, CT.

9.  JAMES4 PIERCE (ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)308,309,310,311,312 was born Abt. 1647 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts313,314,315, and died January 20, 1741/42 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts316,317,318.  He married HANNAH319,320,321.

Children of JAMES PIERCE and HANNAH are:
i. REBECCA5 PIERCE, b. October 8,  1711; died young.
ii. PHEBE PIERCE, b. September 28, 1713 m. JONA LOCKE February 3, 1746; d. March 2, 1798.
16. iv. JOSHUA PIERCE, b. April 1,  1722; m. SUSAN REED February 18, 1749; d. February 13, 1771, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts..
v. JACOB PIERCE, b. September 15, 1724; m. ABIGAIL KENDALL August 18, 1752.
vi. KEZIAH PIERCE, b. October 10, 1726; m. RICHARD COTTER July 2, 1747.
vii. MARY PIERCE, b. June 24, 1730; m. NATHAN RICHARDSON; d. January 11, 1773.
viii. ESTHER PIERCE, b. March 14, 1733; m. ANNIS CUTTER May 10, 1751.
ix. EUNICE PIERCE, b. February 19, 1735; m. OLIVER RICHARDSON; d. April 5, 1774.

10.  ABIGAIL4 PIERCE (ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)331,332,333 was born November 20, 1660 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts334,335,336, and died September 09, 1719 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  She married GEORGE REED337,338 February 18, 1683/84 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, son of GEORGE REED and ELIZABETH JENNISON.  He was born September 14, 1660 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts339,340,341, and died January 20, 1748/49 or 1756?, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. See Reed page for more information on this family.

Generation No. 5

11.  JOHN5 CALL (MARTHA4 LOWDEN, MARY3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)342,343 was born November 02, 1687 in Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts344,345, and died May 04346,347.  He married (1) JOANNA BRIDGEN348,349 April 26, 1711350,351.    He married (2) SUSAN LINDMAN352,353 March 11, 1724/25354,355.    He married (3) HANNAH SPRAGUE356,357 November 10, 1736358,359. Occupation: shipwright360,361

Children of JOHN CALL and JOANNA BRIDGEN are:
 i. JOANNA6 CALL362,363, b. March 08, 1712/13364,365.
 ii. JOHN CALL366,367, b. February 06, 1714/15368,369.
 iii. MARTHA CALL370,371.
 iv. TIMOTHY CALL372,373, b. January 31, 1720/21374,375.

12.  JONATHAN5 CALL (MARTHA4 LOWDEN, MARY3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)376,377 was born March 10, 1693/94 in Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts378,379, and died January 02 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts380,381.  He married ELIZABETH TOWNSEND382,383 January 02, 1717/18 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts384,385.

 i. JONATHAN6 CALL386,387, b. July 01, 1721388,389.
 ii. DAVID CALL390,391, b. February 07, 1722/23392,393.
 iii. ELIZABETH CALL394,395, b. September 07, 1726396,397.

13.  SAMUEL5 CALL (MARTHA4 LOWDEN, MARY3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)398,399 was born June 06, 1698 in Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts400,401, and died 1747 in Oxford or Leicester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts402,403.  He married ABIGAIL SPRAGUE404,405 January 02, 1720/21 in Franklin, Vermont406,407.  She was born November 15, 1702 in Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts408,409.
Samuel was in the Louisburg expedition and probably in the Fort William Henry expedition. Lived near Leicester and Oxford, MA and was a partner in the land bank while in Oxford, 1740. Occupation: heelmaker.

 i. ABIGAIL6 CALL412,413, b. April 11, 1722, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts414,415.
 ii. SAMUEL CALL416,417, b. December 17, 1723, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts418,419.
 iii. JOSEPH CALL420,421, b. February 11, 1724/25, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts422,423.
 iv. JAMES CALL424,425, b. September 02, 1728, Charlestown, Suffolk  Co., Massachusetts426,427.
 v. MARY CALL428,429, b. October 16, 1730, Oxford, Worcester Co., Massachusetts430,431.
 vi. MARTHA CALL432,433, b. April 09, 1734, Oxford or Leicester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts434,435.
 vii. NATHAN CALL436,437, b. August 24, 1736, Leicester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts438,439.
 viii. JOHN CALL440,441, b. April 16, 1739, Leicester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts442,443.
 ix. EBENEZER CALL444,445, b. 1740, Leicester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts446,447.
 x. JOSEPH CALL448,449, b. 1742, Leicester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts450,451.
 xi. BENJAMIN CALL452,453, b. 1744, Leicester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts454,455.

14.  JOHN5 PEIRCE (JOHN4 PIERCE, ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)456,457,458 was born January 26, 1670/71 in Woburn, Massachusetts459,460,461, and died March 20, 1719/20 in Woburn, Massachusetts462,463,464.  He married MARY PARKER465,466,467 1697 in Woburn, Massachusetts468,469,470.  She was born September 21, 1680 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts471,472,473, and died January 17, 1746/47 in Woburn, Massachusetts474,475,476.

19. i. MARY6 PIERCE, b. January 06, 1701/02, Medford, Massachusetts.

15.  TIMOTHY5 PIERCE (THOMAS4, ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)477,478,479 was born January 23, 1673/74 in Woburn, MA480,481,482, and died May 25, 1748 in Plainfield, CT483,484,485.  He married LYDIA SPALDING486,487,488 May 27, 1696489,490,491.  She was born Abt. 1676492,493,494, and died March 23, 1705/06 in Plainfield, CT495,496,497.

20. i. LYDIA6 PIERCE, b. March 10, 1705/06, Plainfield, Windham Co., Connecticut; d. January 07, 1729/30, Norwich, Connecticut.

16.  JOSHUA5 PIERCE (JAMES4, ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)498,499,500 was born April 01, 1722501,502,503, and died February 13, 1771 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts504,505,506.  He married SUSAN REED507,508,509 February 18, 1748/49510,511,512.  She was born September 09, 1726513,514,515.

 i. ESTHER6 PIERCE519,520,521, b. April 16, 1754522,523,524; d. February 27, 1842525,526,527; m. RICHARD MARSHALL528,529,530, Abt. 1772531,532,533; b. February 14, 1750/51534,535,536; d. January 04, 1834537,538,539. Lived Hudson and Bradford, New Hampshire. Children; Richard Marshall September 15, 1773, m. Hannah Lawrence. Esther Marshall February 16, 1776, m. Josiah Melvin. Ruth Marshall d. 1805. Polly Marshall m. Willard Lane. Susan Marshall March 10, 1785, m. Isaac Kendall.  Sarah Marshall 1789, m. Asa Sargent. Nathan R. Marshall June 10, 1792, m. Abigail Hawke. Cummings Marshall June 1, 1796, m. Polly Bagley.
ii. JOSHUA PIERCE, b. February 16, 1756; m. SARAH LUND December 25, 1781.
iii. SUSANNA PIERCE, b. July 4, 1758; m. REUBEN SPALDING March 10, 1780.
iv. PHEBE PIERCE, b. May 3, 1761; m.SEARLES.
v. NATHAN PIERCE, b. September 11, 1766; m. PHEBE CUMMINGS.
vi. JAMES PIERCE, b. September 1768; m. MARY STACY.
vii. DANIEL PIERCE, b. August 8, 1763; m. HANNAH MARSH.

Generation No. 6

19.  MARY6 PIERCE (JOHN5 PEIRCE, JOHN4 PIERCE, ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)596,597,598,599,600 was born January 06, 1701/02 in Medford, Massachusetts601,602,603.  She married SOLOMON WYMAN607,608,609,610,611 June 09, 1725 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts612,613,614, son of TIMOTHY WYMAN and HANNAH WISWELL.  He was born October 24, 1693 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts615,616,617,618,619, and died Abt. 1760 in New Hampshire620,621,622.

Children of MARY PIERCE and SOLOMON WYMAN are:
 i. MARY7 WYMAN623,624,625, b. January 25, 1724/25, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts626,627,628.
26. ii. JOHN WYMAN, b. July 23, 1727, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. 1812, Union, Connecticut.
 iii. LEVI WYMAN632,633,634, b. October 30, 1729, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts635,636,637.
 iv. ELIZABETH WYMAN641,642,643, b. August 18, 1731, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts644,645,646.
 v. JERUSHA WYMAN650,651,652, b. August 07, 1733, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts653,654,655.
 vi. SARAH WYMAN659,660,661, b. October 10, 1735, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts662,663,664.
 vii. SILAS WYMAN668,669,670, b. October 14, 1737, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts671,672,673.
 viii. ESTHER WYMAN677,678,679, b. October 12, 1739, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts680,681,682.
 ix. SYBIL WYMAN686,687,688, b. March 31, 1742, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts689,690,691.
 x. SOLOMON WYMAN695,696,697, b. May 12, 1744, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts698,699,700.
 xi. EBENEZER WYMAN704,705,706, b. August 12, 1748, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts707,708,709.

20.  LYDIA6 PIERCE (TIMOTHY5, THOMAS4, ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)713,714,715 was born March 10, 1705/06 in Plainfield, Windham Co., Connecticut716,717,718, and died January 07, 1729/30 in Norwich, Connecticut719,720,721.  She married DR. JOSEPH PERKINS722,723,724 July 19, 1728725,726,727.  He was born October 25, 1704 in Norwich, Connecticut728,729,730, and died July 07, 1794 in Norwich, Connecticut731,732,733.

 i. LYDIA7 PERKINS734,735,736, b. December 13, 1729, Norwich, CT737,738,739; d. April 08, 1748, Norwich, CT740,741,742; m. DANIEL KIRTLAND743,744,745, Abt. 1744746,747,748; b. October 01, 1725, Norwich, CT749,750,751; d. August 02, 1764, Norwich, CT752,753,754.

Generation No. 7

26.  JOHN7 WYMAN (MARY6 PIERCE, JOHN5 PEIRCE, JOHN4 PIERCE, ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)791,792,793,794,795 was born July 23, 1727 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts796,797,798, and died 1812 in Union, Connecticut799,800,801.  He married ANNE BLOOD802,803,804,805 December 09, 1762 in Charlton, Franklin Co., Massachusetts806,807,808.  She was born February 09, 1724/25 in Bellingham, Massachusetts809,810,811, and died November 25, 1788 in Charlton, Franklin Co., Massachusetts812,813,814.

Child of JOHN WYMAN and ANNE BLOOD is:
30. i.  JOHN8 WYMAN, b. November 27, 1763, Oxford, Worcester Co., Massachusetts; d. March 26, 1839, McArthur, Ohio.

Generation No. 8

30.  JOHN8 WYMAN (JOHN7, MARY6 PIERCE, JOHN5 PEIRCE, JOHN4 PIERCE, ELIZABETH3 COLE, RICE2, JOHN1)878,879,880 was born November 27, 1763 in Oxford, Worcester Co., Massachusetts881,882,883, and died March 26, 1839 in McArthur, Ohio884,885,886.  He married HANNAH STILES887,888,889 1794 in Addison, New York890,891,892.  She was born February 27, 1775 in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire893,894,895, and died December 09, 1840 in McArthur, Ohio896,897,898.

32. i. SYLVIA9 WYMAN, b. May 17, 1795, Addison, NY; d. April 07, 1874, Scioto County, OH.

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