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New England Phipps Family  2/7/04


Generation No. 4
4. CAPTAIN JOHN6 PHIPPS (JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3) was born Abt. 1634 in England, and died Bef. 1682 in Sheepscot, Maine53.  He married ELIZABETH GENT54,55,56 Bef. 1668 in Maine, daughter of JOHN GENT and ELIZABETH. His home was at Sheepscot, Maine near Mr. William Dyer's home just over the river.  (Maine and New Hampshire Genealogical Dictionary) Occupation: Ship Captain, ship builder?57 Probably killed by Indians 167658
Elizabeth Gent Phipps appeared August 19, 1682  with the Sheepscot people in Boston, Massachusetts, and  signed the articles of Association for the Settlement of a Town Upon the Sheepscot River as Elizabeth Phips. Among the "Sheepscot Papers" at Augusta, Maine is an undated petition of Elizabeth Phips, widow of John Phips, declaring that her husband was driven off by the Indians, that she had 3 sons and and daughter, and that one of the boys, almost of age, is determined to go and live where he and his brothers were born, as soon as his apprenticeship is completed.  She asked for 150 acres of upland with marsh, to be next adjoining to the farm of John Tower, and a house in the town that was formerly Mr. Philip Parsons'.  (Maine and New Hampshire Genealogical Dictionary)  Could the Rebecca Phipps who m. John? Cole be the daughter listed in the Sheepscot papers in 1682?

Sheepscot in April 2002

 Children of JOHN PHIPPS and ELIZABETH GENT are:
Only these children are known.
10. ii. JOHN PHIPPS, b. December 1668, Sheepscot, Maine; d. 1742 - 1754. Of Wrentham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.
 iii. WILLIAM PHIPPS ,?, b. Bef. 1695, of Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts60. Occupation: Sea captain - pilot of the Marigold, Boston 1695 61
11. iv. JAMES PHIPPS, b. Bef. 1696, of Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. 1732-1739?

5.  ANNE6 PHIPPS (JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3) was born Abt. 1636 62, and died Bef. 1693 63.  She married GEORGE HOLLARD/HOLLAND Bef. 1687 64. Her heirs had bequest by her brother Sir William Phipps in 1695  Lived Sherborn, Massachusetts? A son George is born to George and Anne March 19, 1687/8 at Boston (could this be Anne Phipps having a child in her 50's?)   Savage shows a George Hollard born abt 1625 dying in Boston 1714 in his 90th year. George Hollard's occupation: mariner65

 i. ELIZABETH7 HOLLARD? Mentioned in Lady Mary Phipps will68 
ii. GEORGE HOLLARD, b. March 19, 1656/57.

6.  MARY6 PHIPPS (JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3) was born Abt. 1637 in England?, and died December 08, 1721 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.  She married (1) JAMES PHELPS?  She married (2) JAMES WIDGER Bef. 1655, son of JOHN WIDGER.  He was born Abt. 1626 in Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts? - of Sagadahoc, Maine, and died June 15, 1715 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.  JAMES WIDGER: 1674, took oath of fidelity at Pemaquid, Maine.  December 1677, at Beverly, Massachusetts. 1688, at Kennebec, Maine. Occupation: fisherman.
Children of MARY PHIPPS and JAMES WIDGER are:
      i.   HANNAH7 WIDGER, b. Abt. 1655, of Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.

12. ii.  JOHN WIDGER, b. Abt. 1660, of Marblehead, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
     iii.  MERCY WIDGER, b. Abt. 1660, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.

was born abt 1640 in Maine or England?, and died Aft. 1704 in Massachusetts?  She married (1) HALSEYWhat was his first name? He died Bef. 1696.  She married (2) JAMES ANDREWS August 06, 1696, son of SAMUEL ANDREWS and JANE.  He was born abt 1635, and died May 05, 1704 age 79, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.  James married (1) SARAH MITTON Abt. 1655 in Saco, York Co., Maine?, daughter of MICHEAL MITTON and ELIZABETH CLEEVES.  She died abt 1696.  Did Margaret marry a third time to WHITE?

   i. DORCAS7 HALSEY, b. Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; d. November 24, 1723, Dorchester, Massachusetts; m. ANNEAS SALTER, November 20, 1701, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts -  by Mr. Ebenezer Pemberton; b. April 07, 1673; d. Aft. 1701. OCCUPATION: Pavier Shopkeeper.
  ii. WILLIAM HALSEY, probable son.
13. ii. MARGARET7 HALSEY, b. about 1674, d. Aft. 1727.

8.  WILLIAM6 PHIPPS (JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3) was born February 02, 1650/51 in Phips Point, Woolwich, Sagadahoc Co., Maine69, and died February 18, 1694/95 in London, England70.  He married MARY SPENCER71 March 15, 1683/84 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts72, daughter of ROGER SPENCER and GERTRUDE.   Occupation: treasure hunter, shipbuilder, and ship Captain74

14. i. SPENCER BENNETT7 PHIPPS, b. June 06, 1685, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. April 04, 1757, Cambridge, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts  - age 74; Adopted child.

Natural Family of Spencer Bennett Phipps




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