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Abel S. Phipps was born Abt. 1836 in New York, and died Aft. 1880.  He married Celia Bef. 1863 in Ohio.  She was born Abt. 1840 in Ohio, and died Aft. 1880. They had children; Harriet Phipps b. about 1863 in Ohio, Luella Phipps b. about 1867 in Ohio,
Erastus Phipps b. about 1878 in Ohio,

Guy Phipps b. about 1880 in Ohio.

Abigail Phipps m. James West at Boston, MA September 27, 1759.

Abigail Phipps m. September 1817 Gloucester, MA, Asa Riggs Elwell, b. February 04, 1793,
Gloucester and d. March 12, 1819, Gloucester.

Colonel Abner Phipps of Holliston, MA and wife Mary Adams b. 1730 (Benoni4, Moses3, Lieut. Henry2, Henry1), had children  i. Nathan Phipps, b. Oct. 31, 1752; m. 1773, Lydia Parker and ii.
 Moses Phipps, b May 28, 1758; m. 1788,
Hannah (perhaps Morse) Adams.

Abner J. Phipps, of Boston, MA, died Aft. 1842 of New Bedford, MA  He married Elizabeth Frances Abbe December 07, 1842 in Andover, MA, daughter of Alanson Abbe and Eliza Barnees.  She was born January 05, 1824 in Litchfield, CT (of Roxbury, MA?), and died March 09, 1896 in Hartford, CT. Had three children including Abbe Phipps b. 1846.  Also had a granddaughter Elizabeth Abbe Phipps of Hartford, CT. Abner was principle of the Friends Academy in New Bedford, MA in 1846.

Ada Alice Phipps m. March 21, 1888 Mt. Vernon, NY Thomas Benton Reynolds.

Addie Phipps m. Edward P. Tobic March 18, 1866
Penobscot Co., ME

Addie S. Phipps m. Henry C. Mowry May 29, 1857 Providence, RI

Albert Phipps married Willimena Eucarry and had Clara Phipps, b. March 19, 1862, MA

Alfred Phipps b. about 1830 in NY, and died Aft. 1880 of Elyria, OH.  He m. Hannah b. 1832 OH.
 Their children born OH included; Lottie Phipps b. 1866, Cretie Phipps b. 1870, and Freeman Phipps b. 1873.

  Amos Phipps 1810 - 1835 lived Messina, N.Y.

Asa K. Phipps b. August 12, 1798 NY, m. Hannah Butterfield March 1821.  She b. December 25, 1800 NH.


  Barnum D. Phipps 1853-1923 and wife Grace H/E 1867-1924 or 1934,
buried Riverhurst Cemetery, Endwell, Broome Co., New York

 Capt. Benjamin Phipps appears on tax rolls of NYC, NY 1695-1699.  The same Benjamin as below? What ancestry?

Benjamin Phipps m. Hannah Dean October 10, 1693 at the 1st
Dutch Reformed Church, Albany, NY.

   Bethia Phipps of Brookline m. Thomas Shepard May 17, 1738 Boston, Massachusetts


Calvin Phipps m. Mary Louis Hanchett November 28, 1871 in Middlesex Co., MA

  Caroline Phipps m. George Hubbard August 15, 1847 Lamoille Co., Vermont

  Catherine Phipps living in Ulster Co. NY in 1800

Charles C. Phipps of Watertown, MA.  He married Anna Lincoln December 16, 1810 in Sudbury, MA.  She was of Waltham, MA. Had children; Hannah Chase Phipps, b. May 17, 1812, Wilmington Township, VT; Hannah S. Phipps b. May 23, 1813, Wilmington Township, VT; Anna Willis Phipps b. March 17, 1815, Wilmington township, VT; Lucinda Phipps b. December 28, 1817, Wilmington township, VT; Abigail Phipps b. May 04, 1821, Wilmington township, VT; Eliza Phipps b. March 21, 1823, Wilmington township, VT; David L. Phipps b. November 09, 1825, Wilmington township, VT.

   Charles E. Phipps, b. NY wife Carrie L. b. Ind., in 1880 living Des Moines, Iowa with male child b. abt. 1880. This seems to be the same person as shown here;
C.E. Phipps,proprietor of the Eagle Hotel, Boone, was born in Lenox,NY, June
30,1830. Shortly after birth, his family moved to Oswego, NY where C.E. was
raised and educated. At the age of 12, became a bell boy at the Oswego Hotel.
In 1849 opened People's Hotel in Condersport, PA; remained there three
years.Then moved to Monroe, Bradford Co., PA opened a store and operated it
for about a year; sold out; moved to Tioga and built Cerro Gordo House;in 1860
moved to Osawatery, KS and engaged in mercantile business;was appointed postmaster in the spring of 1861; in 1862,returned to Pennsylvania where he
re-rented his hotel 'til 1864; when he came to Iowa  and settled in
Louden; the situation not being desirable he came to Boone in March 29, 1865
and started one of the first lumber yards; he also built his present house.
This was opened about the first of Sept. 1865; and has been opened ever since.
Mr. Phipps has been married twice: 1st, April 2, 1854 to Hannah J. Bowman, a
native of Tioga, PA; she died May 15, 1873 leaving four children: Florence N.
(wife of J.H. Reed of Boone),Ole B.,Rosa B., and Nellie; 2nd, Mr.Phipps
married Mrs. Carrie L.  Richards, a native of Indiana, October 27,1875. She has
two children from her former marriage: Guy and Fannie G.
Mr. Phipps is said to be descended from Sir William Phipps of Mass.
Is he also the same as the Charles Phipps below? 

Charles Phipps, Chemung Co., NY. The only tavern ever built in the township was erected by William Corwin about 1853. Its chief revenue was from the sale of liquors and the rental of the ball room for traveling shows and balls. Mr. Corwin was the landlord for a few years, and after him Charles Phipps. This tavern was the headquarters for drunken brawls and fighting.
It stood in the northwestern part of the
township, in the center of Mink Hollow...
This house was accidentally burned, the owner, Charles Phipps, losing nearly all that he had. He removed to Iowa, where he has been prosperous, and is reported as saying that his burning out in Brookfield was the greatest blessing of his life; certainly the people felt that the burning of this tavern was for the public good.

  Charles Phipps b. about 1832 in New York, m. Angeline Stafford b. about 1835 in New York, in 1880 they lived in York, Livingston Co., New York.
Children; Frank A. b. 1857 (m. Lena S.), d. 1919, Frederick S., Anna Jane (m. Hunter), Henry,
and Cora S.  Frank A. later became a beekeeper and had a furniture and undertaking company in Fillmore, Alleghany Co., NY.

   C.W. Phipps m. January 01, 1881 Mary L. Wass, Columbia, Maine

  Charles W. Phipps m. Eliza, March 03, 1829 Salem, MA

Charles W. Phipps b. May 18, 1838 in Charlemont, MA; d. May 11, 1905.
He married Mary Ann Mahoney, b. July 15, 1844 in Ireland; d. April 02, 1918.
Their children were;

Charles W., b. February 24, 1866, Cummington, MA; George Albert, b. October 6, 1866, Plainfield, MA;
Mary J., b. 1871; Fanny Eva, b. May 31, 1875, Plainfield, MA; Frank Eden, b. May 31, 1874, Plainfield, MA;
Harry S., b. August 5, 1878, Cummington, MA, d. June 18, 1893 or 1895.
Fanny Eva m. Fred Grey Dresie and had a child Perle Dresie b. Seneca Kansas.

  Clair S. Phipps, d. July 23, 1909 Penn Yan (NY)


  David Phipps b. about 1800 MA had son Luther W. b. 1849 MA who m. Hannah Wagner,
had children Ray and May

  David Phipps b. about 1856 at New Haven CT m. Abigail Hurd

  David Phipps, d. September 3, 1864 NC K, 37th.
Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira, NY Prison Camp.

  David Phipps, town of Farmington, Ontario Co., NY
Enlisted Civil War August 1862; lost an arm in the battle of Gettysburg; discharged

   Day Phipps d. 1825 Oxford, Worcester Co., MA


E. Phipps of Albany, Albany Co., New York.  He married Mary E. Blackman Bef. 1855.
They had; Anna Phipps, b. February 26, 1855, Albany.

  Elisha Phipps, 61, found in the Record of Roads 1798 - 1820, Town of Jerusalem, New York

  Elizabeth M. Phipps m. William F. Booth of Boston, January 18, 1842
at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

  Emery Phipps, b. 1881, d. 1963, buried Lakeview Cemetery, Niagara Co., New York (also there, Harold J. Phipps b. October 12, 1922, d. March 19, 1947 (WWII) and Roy L. Phipps b. 1891 d. 1976, F. Mae Phipps b. 1894, d.1964)


George Phipps of Charlemont, MA, died November 09, 1828 in Charlemont, MA.  He married (1) Mary before 1783.  She died May 27, 1800 in Charlemont.  He married (2) Catherine Sally Williams 1803 in Franklin Co., MA. Children b. Charlemont: i. Priscilla Phipps, b. March 11, 1783; d. May 08, 1803, Charlemont.  ii. Philena Phipps, b. November 11, 1784.  iii. William Phipps, b. November 12, 1786.
 iv. James Phipps, b. November 05, 1788; m. Sally Cook, Abt. 1816. 
v. Betsey Phipps, b. May 25, 1791.

 vi. George Phipps, b. April 15, 1795.  vii. Achsa Phipps,
b. May 25, 1797. viii. David Phipps, b. January 05, 1800.

  George Phipps of Portsmouth, Rock. Co., New Hampshire with sibling Marian. George had dau. Cynthia Phipps b. IN who m. John William Moneyhan and had Mary Adalade Moneyhan b. IN.

  George Phipps b. 1841 NY m. Ann E. b. 1849 NY and had
Roselle b. 1862 and Henrietta b. 1873

George Phipps Walkup born on Nov. 17,1861 in Framingham,
son of John Walkup and Sarah (of Ashby, MA) of Framingham, MA


  Helen Phipps m. Joseph Blake in Boston, MA March 19, 1802

  Hannah Phipps m. Thomas Francis in Salem, MA June 29, 1806

Henry Phipps m. Lydia Burnham and had Annie Marie b. December 31, 1853 Beverly, MA. She m. Benjamin Hunton March 30, 1873. He b. September 4, 1851 Peoria, ILL. They had Benjamin M. Phipps b. March 12, 1875; d. September 4, 1875

  Henry Phipps living of Wilbraham, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts in 1850

  Henry Phipps of Oxford, Worcester Co., Massachusetts m. Dora Adams

  Henry Phipps m. Lydia Burnham and had Anne Marie b. December 31, 1853 Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts who m. Benjamin Hunton March 30, 1873

   Henry and Sarah Phipps of Niagra Co., NY - son Willie d. February 28, 1863, age 1 yr 1 m 20 d. buried Haight Rd. Quaker Cemetery, Somerset 

  Henry Phipps living New Haven, CT 1850

  Henry C. Phipps b. 1829, living Beverly, MA in 1880 with w. Lydia A. and had at least; Emma F. 1864, Ida 1870 and Lily 1875

Harold J. Phipps, b. October 12, 1922, d. March 19, 1947, New York, OPL, CAC, World War II,  buried Lakeview Cemetery, Niagara Co., New York
(also there, Emery Phipps and Roy L. Phipps)


  J.E. Phipps, d. May 7, 1865 NC B, 45th.
Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira, NY Prison Camp

  James P. Phipps, m. Henrietta Burr.
Their child Edwin Phipps' death reported in NY Post, March 9, 1847, age 3y 10m.

Captain John Phipps, Port Royal Jamaica, January 26, 1693/4 probate inventory. Wealthy merchant, mariner.  Which Phipps family does he descend from?

John Phipps, of MA.  He married Mary Bef. 1831, and had Abby Jones Phipps,
b. April 24, 1831, Wakefield, MA.

John Phipps of Medford, MA, Aft. 1830 of South Reading, MA.  He m. Mary Swain April 21, 1814 of Wakefield (South Reading), MA. They had: John Warren Phipps, b. April 13, 1824, South Reading, d. Aft. 1880; Mary Bethia Phipps, b. January 16, 1815, m. John Thompson; Sarah Bowles Phipps, b. February 20, 1818; Margaret Melvina Phipps, b. August 16, 1821, m. John Cowdrey; and Eliza Leavitt Phipps, b. April 28, 1828, Wakefield.  John Warren m. Julia.  Military service: July 18, 1864, enlisted Civil War 1 year - Co. K, 4th Heavy Artillery.  John and Julia had; Addie M. Phipps b. 1864, Massachusetts, George W. Phipps b. 1863, Irving E. Phipps b. 1866,  Solon P. Phipps b. 1869.

John Phipps b. July 19, 1794 MA (probably Holliston), d. February 1863 OH.  He m. Deborah Spaulding b. August 23, 1793. 1820 & 1830 found Massena, NY. They had at least Thaddeus S. Phipps b. 1819 who m. Mary A. Barrett b. 1821. (there is a Thaddeus on 1810 Massena census that obviously is not this one but possibly related.) Thaddeus and Mary had; Alfred Theodore Phipps b. 1848 NY, m. Jane Louise Butman b. Abt. 1852 OH. They had; Mary Amanda Phipps b. 1875 Lorain Co., OH and Ida Jane Phipps b. 1880 OH.
Ida Jane m. Frank Roy Eckler b. about 1875 OH and had Kathryn Eckler 1907 OH who m. Norwood Strahl Hearn b. 1903 OH.

John Phipps b. October 1832 and wife Jane b. about 1833 enumerated 1860 census, Duane, Franklin Co., NY. Children Franklin b. about 1858 and Mercy M. b. about 1859. All b. NY.
Mary E. Debar, servant, b. NY age 18 enumerated with them.
Enlisted 10th Cav. Co. C Pvt. Oct., 1864

 Farmer drafted and failed to report. Arrested Dec. 20,1864 and forwarded to Ft. Columbus,NY. Mustered out in July 1865. Was living in St.Regis Falls, NY in 1890.

John Phipps of Diannville, Huldinmand, Ontario, Canada. 
He married Mariea Bogardus and they had;

Harry Napoleon Phipps b. March 21, 1852, Diannville; of North Tonawanda, N.Y. He married Eunice Melvinie Hancock in New York.  They had born North Tonawonda; Arthur Oliver Phipps b. February 10, 1898; Leigh Harold Phipps  b. November 08, 1900;
Roy Phipps b. August 10, 1889;
Ruth Margaret Phipps b. March 17, 1894.
Is this family of New England origin? Bogardus name often found in Hudson Valley of NY.

John Phipps m. Hannah White August 31, 1797 Salem, MA. They had Captain John Adams Phipps b. March 24, 1803, MA, d. Aft. 1850; Judith Phipps, m. Samuel Smith, October 13, 1823, Essex Co., MA.
Captain John m. Mary Smith July 05, 1827 in Salem. He was August 07, 1845, Master mariner in Essex Lodge of Freemasons. Had children;  Henry Adams Phipps b. 1845; Augustus Emmons Phipps b. 1834, d. 1837 Salem due to a fall; a child b. May 07, 1839, stillborn;
Harrison Emmons Phipps b. December 1848, d. September 26, 1849, Salem.
Henry Adams had a son John Henry Phipps b. 1868 who had a son Harold b. 1893.
Harold had a son Merle Phipps b. 1927.

John Phipps of Marlboro, MA m. Florence Hills and had Carl D. Phipps b. about 1900, d. February 26, 1999.  He m. Viola H. Ricker Abt. 1939.  She died 1996. They lived Berlin, ME and had Douglas H. Phipps, Nancy E. Phipps and Janet E. Phipps

Who is the John Phipps, b. about 1861, d. January 1905, Canastota, Madison Co., New York?

  John Phipps m. Clara and  had John Edwin b. March 16, 1845 Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts who d. 1910. John Edwin m. Lydia C. Hodgkins
and had Levi Edwin and Carrie Anne

John Weston Phipps abt 1899 in Charlestown, MA, m. Lillian V. Roach b. 9/19/1881 d. 12/20/1953, dau. of Margaret Troy and Edward/Edwin Roach.

Joseph Phipps, had son Joseph Phipps b. Salem,MA; m. Mary Elizabeth Burnham of Beverly, October 13, 1839 Salem. They had Joseph Henry Phipps, b. February 1845, Salem;
d. September 08, 1846, Salem; and Lydia Ann Phipps, b. 1847, Salem; d. 1894.
Lydia m. Samuel Taylor Damon October 18, 1865 in Providence, RI, b. 1845; d. Aft. 1865. Anyone know ancestry of Joseph or further children of Joseph and Elizabeth?

  Joseph H. Phipps West Bainbridge Cemetery, Chenango Co., NY d. Feb 11, 1856 @ 31

Reverend Joseph Hobson Phipps, born Hillsborough, New Hampshire June 13, 1822. Minister at Framingham, MA, East Bridgewater, MA and Kingston, MA. Died July 20, 1871

   Joseph Phipps d. 8/9/1864 in Civil War - 8th Heavy Artillery. Of Niagra Co., NY

   Joseph Phipps, m. Phebe Furman. Of Ransomville, Niagra Co., NY. Had; Cornelia, b. Wilson, m. Rogers C.B. Hancock of Youngstown, July 28, 1880 at Suspension Bridge


  Luke Phipps, buried Ontario Co., NY 33rd NY Infantry, Civil War

  Luther Phipps of Haverhill, MA in 1850

Miss Lydia Phipps dau. of Solomon and Persis, d. May 26, 1854, age 5 yr 5 m.
Burial Phipps Street Burial Ground, Charlestown, MA

   Lydia Phipps m. Jonathan Sargent August 07, 1777 Gloucester, MA


  Miss Mary Phipps d. March 3, 1821, age 36.
Burial Phipps Street Burial Ground, Charlestown, MA


 Nathaniel Phipps of Salisbury, MA died Aft. 1723.  He married Abigail Hayes before 1721.  Children born Salisbury are: Mary Phipps b. February 26, 1720/21, m. Joseph Smith July 11, 1758. Abigail Phipps b. January 31, 1722/3


 Patience Phipps, daughter of William Phipps, trader, m. Joseph Martell  son of Charles Martell (1733 - 1819) and Ann Schmit /Smith (1739 - 1804). Patience was born January 2, 1775 at Louisburg, Nova Scotia.  Their children were; Elizabeth Martell, Ann (Nancy) Martell,
Jean Martell,

Anthony Martell, Mary Martell, William Martell, Joseph Martell, Charles Martell,
Patience Catherine Martell, Eliza Martell, Maria Martell
Which Phipps family does William belong to?

    Philo Phipps m. Hannah Aldrich b. June 03, 1831 Uxbridge, MA

  Polly Phipps m. July 16, 1784 Worcester Co., Massachusetts to John Scott

   Polly Phipps b. 1778 Elizabethtown, New York and d. there 1857-1858; m. Azel Abel b. July 09, 1763 Norwich, CT. He was at Orwell, VT at one time.

  Poynce Phipps died 1609 in Mangotsfield, Gloucester, England
He married Elizabeth who d. 1612.

Their children were at least; John, Agnes, and Robert who d. Abt. 1681, of Flax Bourton, Somersetshire, England. Robert m. Mary who survived him. She received the estates in Mangotsfield and he also left 10 pounds to kinsmen William Phipps, gunsmith (possibly the brother of James Phips of ME) Robert's occupation was yeoman. He and Mary had at least; Margaret Phipps b. May 31, 1661, Alderminster, Worcester, England and Martha who was left 10 pounds on her father's will
Any relation to James Phips of Mangotsfield b. 1610?


 Mrs. Rebecca Phipps, b. 1818 NY and living in Adams township, Marion Co., Indiana 1880. Other Phipps in household (grandchildren?); Leonidas b. 1856, William b. 1861, Caroline b. 1864, Silas b. 1871.

Captain Robert Phipps drowned January 08, 1820 Portsmouth, NH. He was a cooper and had children; George William Phipps b. May 14, 1808, Portsmouth; d. March 06, 1870, N.Y.C., N.Y,
and William Phipps, d. Aft. 1850, of Roxbury, MA.
George William m. Sophia Ames Lyman October 01, 1835 Boston, MA, daughter of Jonathan Lyman and Sophia Hinckley. She b. April 04, 1815 Northhampton, MA, d. February 20, 1864 in Philadelphia, PA.
 Their children were; Elizabeth Phipps b. June 04, 1845, Roxbury.  Ellen Sophia Lyman Phipps, b. August 04, 1845, Roxbury. Frank Huntington Phipps b. August 09, 1845, Northhampton.
William Phipps, merchant, m. Elizabeth Vinton Standford June 02, 1826 Jamaica Plains, MA.
Their children; Mary Elizabeth Phipps b. 1828, Roxbury; d. Aft. 1849, m. William G. Train, merchant, April 4, 1849 Roxbury. Lucy Amelia Phipps b. January 1830, Roxbury;
d. October 1830, Roxbury.
Maria Denis Phipps b. July 17, 1844, Roxbury; m. (1) Palmer; m. (2) James Pickering Draper October 12, 1871; b. Abt. 1827 NY.
Frank Huntington Phipps m. (1) Louisa Dehart Patterson June 11, 1867 St. Louis, Missouri.  She b. 1847  d. 1881.  He m. (2) Anna Lally November 13, 1884, daughter of Folliat Lally and Ellen Evans.  She b. May 03, 1851. Army First Lt. of Ordnance 6/11/1863.  Civil War 1863 - 66.  Assistant Ordnance officer Ft. Monroe Arsenal  Va. 7/11 - 12/26 1863.  St. Louis Arsenal. 1/7/1864 - 1/8/1865.  Chief Ordnance officer Dept. of Missouri embracing ordnance depots from Columbus, Kentucky to Natchez, Mississippi.  B.V.T. Capt. 3/13/1865.  7/1/1865 Assistant Ordnance officer St. Louis.  5/24 - 9/7 1866 Watertown Arsenal Massachusetts.  8/20/1867 - 10/20/1868 Washington D.C. Arssenal.  10/20/1868 - 10/25/1871 Augusta Maine Arsenal. 5/3 - 6/22/1877 Frankford Pennsylvania Arsenal.  10/25/1871 - 12/13/1875 Chief Ordnance Officer Dept. of the Gulf.  (Captain 6/23/1874).  12/23/1875 - 3/16/1877.  To Texas 1879.  Illinois 1882. Kennebec, Maine 1883  Dover, New Jersey - Major - 12/4/1882
 June 11, 1863, West Point Graduate. August 09, 1907,
Retired serviceman - 48 years service. Brigidier-General.
He had; Henry Patterson Phipps b. March 25, 1870, Washington D.C..  Frank Huntington Phipps b. June 15, 1879, N.Y.C.; m. Mary Yates, September 15, 1906. Anita Evans
b. January 29, 1886, Augusta, ME.

  Robert Phipps, d. of wife Theodosia November 3, 1857 at Portchester NY, dau of
late John Williamson of Yarmouth.

   Roger Stanley Phipps m. Ruth Elizabeth Phipps August 19, 1951 Holliston, MA.
She dau.of Ernest Phipps

  Roy L. Phipps, b. 1891, d. 1976 and F. Mae Phipps, b. 1894, d. 1964, s/w Roy L. Phipps
 buried Lakeview Cemetery, Niagara Co., New York
(also there, Emery Phipps and Harold J. Phipps)


  Samuel Phipps, March 1666-67; "....presently ther was one Samell phipps appounted to Recorder off the Convayants off Lands on any writting that ought to be Recorded, which book is now by the Govenor off boston committed in the Custody of Samell Phipps Clerk off the Estern Comittee."  Concerning a deed of Gent, Manning, Mason in ME.   (The History of Ancient Sheepscot and Newcastle - Rev. David Quimby Cushman)

S.B. Phipps b. 1829 MA, m. Sophia b. 1849 OH. 1880 of Marion, OH.
Had born in OH; Catherine Phipps b. 1868, Alto Phipps b. 1869, Elnora Phipps b. 1876,
Frank Phipps b. 1879.

    Samuel Phipps, s. of Samuel, baptised May 06, 1708 at Burlington, MA

  Samuel Phipps d. February 1738, age 55. Burial Phipps Street Cemetery, Charlestown, MA.

Samuel Phipps m. November 29, 1794 Boston, MA Elizabeth Howard
and had daughter Amanda Phipps

  Samuel Phipps m. Mary D. Standford May 06, 1827 Boston, MA
and had George August 12, 1834 and William Henry February 26, 1832 in Dorchester. George later lived in New Jersey

   Samuel Phipps m. Mary Ann and had John Prentiss b. March 06, 1842,
Thomas Fitzgerald b. April 02, 1844, and Clifton Kennedy October 18, 1845.
All children b. Dorchester, MA.
(Maybe same as Samuel above?)

  Samuel Phipps & Elizabeth had dau. Mary b. 1733 Cambridge, MA. She m. Eli Cooley and lived Springfield, MA where children were born

   Samuel P. of Newbury, Newburyport & Lenox.  Private, Capt. Ezra Lunts Co., Col Moses Little's regt.  Muster roll dated 8/1/1775; enlisted May 2, 1775 service to June 10, 1885, 5 weeks 4 days, Capt. Joseph Chadwick's Co., Col. Richard Gridley's regt., company return dated Fort # 3 Charlestown, 9/30/1775. Enlisted 6/6/1775 age 16 years - occupation, cooper.  List of men mustered between 1/20/1777 and 6/1/1778 by Truman Wheeler, muster master for Berkshire Co., Capt. Ashley's Co.; term 3 years or during war; reported received state bounty.  Also Capt. J. Williams Co., Col. Sprouts regt. Continental army pay accounts for service from 1/1/1780 - 12/31/1780, residence at Lenox.

Samuel Phipps, son of Samuel Phipps, m. Susan G. Grant at Sherborn, MA, December 14, 1833

Samuel Phipps of Charlemont, MA; m. Ruth Rice Abt. 1826 in Franklin, MA, Had:
i. George Winslow Phipps, b. March 23, 1829, Charlemont. ii. Mary Ann Phipps, b. August 23, 1830, Charlemont.  iii. Clarissa Adeline Phipps, b. September 02, 1832, Charlemont.  iv. James Henry Phipps, b. October 18, 1834, Charlemont. v. Catherine Phipps, b. June 23, 1836, Charlemont. vi. Charles Phipps, b. May 11, 1838, Charlemont.
vii. Henry Parsons Phipps, b. January 09, 1846, Charlemont;
m. Caroline Adams b. October 30, 1830, Dudley, MA; d. October 1925.  
viii. Harriet Phipps, b. Abt. November 1848; d. July 16, 1849, Charlemont - age 9 months.

Charles b. 1838 m. Emma and lived in Westfield, MA. They had Minnie Phipps b. abt 1870 and Bertha Phipps b. abt 1875.

Samuel Phipps, father of Alphia Myrtle b. Carroll, ME August 11, 1868

   Samuel Phipps b. 1704 Lexington, MA, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Stevens, m. Mary Taylor November 28, 1728 Lynn, MA. Know nothing further

Samuel Phipps b. June 19, 1787; d. Aft. 1831 of Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.  He m. Martha Pitman  March 12, 1809, Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.  She was b. March 19, 1791; d. July 15, 1840 Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 48 y, of consumption.
Burial: with wife, Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts
Children: John Phipps, b. 1816; d. December 05, 1821, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 5 y.
 Phipps, b. Abt. 1819; d. November 15, 1821, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 21 months,
fever after measles.
John Phipps, b. 1822; d. March 28, 1825, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts, hydrocephalus.
 Mary Elizabeth, b. March 01, 1831, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. 1838, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 7 y 8 m.

   Samuel Phipps m. Nancy April 25, 1841 Salem, MA (Maybe same as Samuel above?)

   Samuel Phipps s. of Samuel (1771-1855) and Ruth Cutler m. January 15, 1795 Brookfield, MA. Samuel and Ruth lived in Albany NY at one time.
Looking for info on other children and Samuel

   Samuel Phipps b. 1802-1808 Greensboro, VT, son of John

   Samuel Phipps b. June 30, 1730 Brookline, MA, s. of Samuel and Eleanore Gardner, d. February 25, 1774, Brookline, MA. Any m. or descendants?

  Sarah E. Phipps, d. September 24, 1915, Penn Yan (NY)
Democrat Births, Marriages & Deaths 1915 Index

   Solomon Phipps and Katherine Rous of Charlestown, MA m. October 13, 1720. Looking for info on descendants after birth/baptism

  Solomon Phipps s. of Samuel (1758-1840) and Rebecca of Lisle, Broome Co., NY
(originally from MA). Living 1853.

   Sophia Phipps m. February 04, 1823 Parley Johnson at Thompson, CT

   Sophy L. Phipps m. Thomas E. Hayward June 23, 1887 Aroostook Co. ME

  Susan Phipps m. Nathaniel Davis November 19, 1828 Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  Susan M. Phipps b. about 1845 in Massachusetts m. Jedediah Baron Sibley Pillsbury July 20, 1867, they had a child and she died shortly after.


Thomas Phipps, son of Thomas and Anna, d. October 25, 1706.
Burial Phipps Street Cemetery, Charlestown, MA

Thomas Phipps', wife Sarah d. Sarah Phipps d. August 6, 1847 age 34y.
Buried Old Section of Cemetery in Roseboom, Otsego Co, NY

Thomas Phipps b. 1850 MA m. Mary b. 1857 Canada. 1880, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, with children; John Phipps b. 1863, Margaret Phipps b. 1868, Anna Phipps b. 1871,
Francis Phipps b. 1873

  Thomas Phipps of Otsego Co., NY 1840

   Thomas Phipps of Canadice, Ontario Co., NY 1840

   Thomas Phipps, mariner, arrived Halifax June 1749 aboard Alexander as part of a fleet from England coming to settle Halifax under George Cornwallis.

   Thomas Phipps d. about 1834 of Cooper, Washington Co., Maine m. Lydia Barlett Homan and had William W. and Persis Arvilla

  Thomas Phipps, Nova Scotia poll tax list of 1793, of Manchester, Guysborough Co.

     Thomas Phipps of Illinois and wife Elizabeth Osbourne, children; Harry Napoleon b. March 21, 1852, Waterloo, Seneca Co, N.Y.  Louisa Jane b. December 11, 1853, Syracuse, Onondaga Co., N.Y.  Albert b. December 28, 1860, Council Hill, Jo Daviees Co., Illinois. Harry m. Eunice Melvinie Hancock in NY and had; Arthur Oliver b. February 10, 1898, North Tonawonda, Niagra Co., New York. Leigh Harold b. November 08, 1900, North Tonawanda, Niagra Co., N.Y. Roy b. August 10, 1889, North Tonawanda, Niagra Co., N.Y.; d. May 1970, Niagra Falls, Niagra Co., New York.  Ruth Margaret b. March 17, 1894, North Tonawanda, Niagra Co., N.Y. (is he same Napoleon who m. Hannah Maria Darnell and had children,
Thomas, Abijah, Evaline, and Virgil?

   Thomas P. Phipps b. about 1825 m. Lydia J. Stevens b. about 1824.
Buried Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem, MA. Dau. Lila b. 1844 m. Wyatt

   Thomas W. Phipps of Troy, Rennselaer Co., NY 1840


William Phipps died Aft. 1814.  He married LOIS WONSON Abt. 1795 in Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts.  She was born 1773,
and died May 27, 1826 in Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 53 y

They had; Rachel Phipps christened June 23, 1798, Gloucester,  Essex Co., Massachusetts;
William Phipps b. 1799, d. January 27, 1826, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 29
Lucy Phipps b. 1812, d. January 15, 1828, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 16 y
Dudley Phipps, b. 1814, Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. November 29, 1846, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 32.  He married Mehitable Knight August 07, 1841 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Dudley and Mehitable had; Willilam Phipps, b. Abt. June 1843, d. December 19, 1843, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 6 months; William Dudley Phipps, b. Abt. 1845, d. June 18, 1849, Salem Essex Co., Massachusetts - age 4 y 

   William Phipps m. about 1827 Sarah Poor at Wenham, MA

   William Phipps and Jane had dau. Rebecca b. 1800, of Gloucester, MA

   William Phipps & Elizabeth Proctor had son John Perkins b. March 27, 1793 Hog Island – Ipswich, MA, d. August 23, 1877, m. Esther, of Charlestown, MA and had dau. Elizabeth

   William Phipps b. about 1790. Appears on 1850 census of Lockport, NY, age 60, farmer, b. MA, with wife Maretta Phipps age 42, b. CT

   William Phipps m. Adaline Luscomb at Salem, MA September 01, 1843

   William Phipps of Royalton, Niagra Co. NY 1820

   William Phipps - 1784: Judge Dana, of Cambridge, Thomas Dennie, William Phipps, Joseph Cooledge, and Mungoe Mackay, of Boston, petitioned the General Court to build a bridge across Charles River. 

   William Phipps b. August 21, 1718 Medway, MA d. July 05, 1745 Great Meadows, NH, s. of John and Mary Underwood Phipps. 1st m. Mary – no children known. 2nd m. Jemima Sawtell about 1740, 2 female children. Anyone know surname of 1st wife or any children of this m. that probably took place in or near Medway, MA?

   William Phipps b. April 24, 1738 Gloucester, MA, s. of Thomas & Lydia Murrell

   William Phipps b. about 1762, s. of Solomon & Abigail Fosdick

   William Phipps b. about 1786, d. May 11, 1858, buried Purcell Cemetery,
Town of Richmond - Ontario County, New York

William H. Phipps b. 1848 NY.  He m. Melissa b. 1848 NY. In 1880 living Wilson, NY
Had; Ryan H. Phipps b. 1866, Alfred H. Phipps b. 1868, Oscar W. Phipps b. 1871, Lily E. Phipps b. 1872, Harriet E. Phipps b. 1874, Joseph W. Phipps b. 1877, Ida P. Phipps b. 1880.

   William Phipps b. abt 1805, buried April 23, 1827 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 52nd Regt.

   William Phipps of Mayfield, Penobscot Co., ME 1840 

   William Phipps living E. Machias, Penobscot Co., ME 1850

William Henry Phipps b. 1780 MA, m. Mary Jane Bell and had; William Henry Phipps, b. 1810, Nova Scotia, Canada; d. 1883. He m. Eliza Howe, daughter of Asa Howe and Susanne Fisher.  She died 1861. They had; Asa Howe Phipps b. December 1835, ME; d. October 21, 1917, Los Angeles, CA; Thomas Henry Phipps b. February 28, 1839, Wesley Township, ME; d. March 15, 1919, Santa Cruz, CA; Rufus D. Phipps, Civil War vet; Stephen E. Phipps; Charles W. Phipps; Eliza Ann Phipps; Mary J. Phipps, b. Abt. 1833; d. 1896, Minnesota?; m. Ellsworth Bridgham, Abt. 1853.
There is more info on this family but mainly looking for ancestry of William H. b. 1780.

   William H. Phipps of Watertown, MA m. Sarah Hart of Waltham, MA,
September 22, 1823 Concord, MA

   Dr. William H. Phipps of Bradford, Penobscot Co., ME, b. 1813, m. September 09, 1860
at Bangor, ME, Sarah Ann Greeley of Bangor, ME

   William W. Phipps living Etna or Plymouth, Penobscot Co., ME 1820

   William W. Phipps b. 1833 ME m. Mary W. b. 1835 ME, in 1880 living
Washington Co., ME with children Ernest R., Manley and Joseph

 William R. Phipps b. about 1821 MA, m. Evalina B. Fiske April 20, 1843 at Lexington, MA and is living in Framingham, MA in 1850 with William A. b. about 1841 and George A. b. June 22, 1847. Evalina b. 1822 in Boston, MA.

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