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"We do not know when one generation ends and the next one begins, but we think it is sometime between 1 and 9 am"  Anoymous

General Genealogy

A Dictionary of Units of Measurement
Symbolism of Motifs on Gravestones
Anglicized French Surnames
Nicknames List
Expressions of Our Ancestors
Fraudulent Lineages
The Poor House
Deciphering old handwriting
Black sheep in the family?
How to make tombstone rubbings
Template to make an interactive family tree
Relationship Chart
Interactive map of US surname distribution
Surname meanings
Soundex Converter
Quaker Glossary
Find what county your town is in
Common Surname Variations
Places Named


American History
MA History

                                                                                                      History Central Catalogue
                                                                                                18th century history
       More American History
History Timelines
   Salem Witchcraft Links
Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
Old Original Documents For Sale


Immigration, a Comprehensive List of Links.
Passenger Lists
Immigration and Naturalization
Immigrants Ships Transcribers Guild
Mayflower Passenger List
Scots/Irish Passenger Lists
The American Immigration Home Page
The Ships Lists

Libraries, Societies and Museums

New England Historic and Genealogic Society
National Genealogical Society
LDS Church
New York Public Library
Libraries, Archives, Museums Links
Societies and Groups Links
Surnames, Family Associations, Newsletter Links
Family Surname Associations
MA Historical Sites and Societies
Library Catalogs, MA
MA Library and Information Network
Maine Historic Preservation Committee
Irish Family History Foundation
Irish Ancestral Research Association
The Newberry Library
William L. Clements Library, Univ. Michigan

Mail Lists

Mailing Lists, Newsgroups Links
Surnames, Family Associations, Newsletters Links
Mailing Lists and Web Sites
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter


 Links to maps, gazeteers, geographical info
 Map Blast
 Old Maps of Towns in New England and NewYork
 UK street maps
Old UK maps
 US mapping
 Old Town maps
Interactive map of US surname distribution


Military Databases
American War Library
French Indian War Homepage
King Philip's War
Long Island Prison Ships (Rev. War)
British Prison Ships (Rev. War)
Revolutionary War Links
Help finding Rev War Soldier info
Revolutionary War Information
Valley Forge Rosters and Officer Biographies
The Minutemen and Militia Units
Military Resources
Genealogy Surname Research Links To Wartime Records
Revolutionary War collection of manuscripts
DAR website and search engine
Plymouth, MA in the Revolution

Misc. and Just For Fun

Surname Heirlooms
Genealogy humor
Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
Heraldry links
Loyalist links
Medical, medicine, genetic links
Medieval links
Names links
Occupations links
Prisons, Prisoners and outlaws links
Quaker links
Royalty and nobility
Royal Christenings
US Presidents Ahnentafels
Pirate Museum
Captain Kidd's Treasure
Essex Shipbuilding Museum
US Postal Service
Handwritten surname histories for purchase
Products and service, free stuff
Godeys Lady's Book online
Excerpts from old newspapers
Coats of Arms Index collection
Finding high school friends
Computrace People Search
People's Names
Ancestor Stuff.Com

More Genealogy

Genealogy Related Links
Everton's Links
Genealogy Index
LDS, Family History Center Links
Web Ties Genealogy Links
1600's ancestors database
America's First Families
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Related Links
Genealogy Links
Genealogy Research Center
Genealogy Resources
Genealogy Links
Genealogy Links
General Genealogy Help
General Genealogy
Genealogy Links
Genealogy links
The Crooked Tree
Genealogy links
Gen Gateway
Olive Tree Genealogy
Roots Forum
Quaker Links
Family History Registry

Online Records

Accessible Archives
Bible Records
Family bibles on web
US census homepage
Online cemetery
Tombstone transcription project
  Links to homesteads, deeds, land records
Obituary links
 Wills and probate links
 Social Security Death Index
Obituary Daily Times
Birth, Marriage and Death Index
 Old England Wills
Wills of the Mayflower passengers
Wills of celebrities and every day people
Archives in NE on the internet
Harvard Graduates
Vital Record information US
 Cemetery Records online
 Online books
Book Indexes Online
 Middlesex England parish records
 Worcester Co., MA warnings out
History of Hingham, MA
WPA Life Histories Project
Gedcom directories
7th Day Adventist Periodical Index
"Genealogies of the Families of Braintree, Ma."
UK genealogy books online
Online genealogical library
Enchanted Mountain (western NY state)
Colonial Connecticut Records
The Olden Times
New England Roots Webring
New England History and Genealogical Society

Publications, bookstores

Amazon's Genealogy bookstore
Genealogy bookshop
Newspaper links
Magazines, journals, columns
Alibres Books
Heritage Books
Genealogical Publishing Co.
Higginson Books
Picton Press
Willow Bend
Tuttle Antiquarian Books
Genealogy Books
Genealogy bookstore
Genbooks Bookstore
British Genealogy Booksellers
Essex books, NE
7th Day Adventist Periodical Index
 Blairs book service
Broadview Books
Finding Family papers
Frontier Press
Genealogy Bookshop
Generations Press
Global Genealogical Supply
Early American Review journal
Walsworth Publishing Co.
Yates Publishing Co.
National Geographic
Look ups in privately owned books and CD's
Clearfield Co.
Peter Randall Publishing Co.
Newspaper Archives
Olden Times Newsletter

Regional Information

 US Gen Web pages
Misc State Info US
World Gen Web Project
Carribean Gen Web Project
Central Europe Gen Web Project
Eastern Europe Gen Web Project
Mediteranean Gen Web Project
New England Connections
17th c. Colonial New England
German links
 Hugenot links
Italian links
Italian Ancestry
More Italian links

British Isles Gen Web Project
 Irish genealogy
 Irish links
 Irish Times Ancestor
The Scots Irish of Ulster
 Irish military
The culture, tradition and history of Ireland
Irish Ancestral Research Association
National Archives of Ireland
Ulster Province Family History
Irish links
Irish surnames
 Irish history, surnames and timeline
 Ireland Genealogy links
Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
Public Record Office UK and Wales
UK and Ireland
Scots/Irish Passenger lists
Scottish Language and Archaic Terms
 Scotland links
 Scottish University
Scottish Archives
National Library of Scotland
 Broken Arrow Publishing (Scotland)
 Scots origins
 Scotland links
 Scotland, clans, history
Tartans of Scotland
Wiltshire, England marriage records
United Kingdom Genealogy
United Kingdom Genealogy Research
Directory of Royal Genealogy
Gloucestershire England
United Kingdom Census
English links
 British Genealogy Booksellers
England surname search
 East and North Riding, Yorkshire, England surname search
 England genealogy links

Canada Gen Web Project

 MA state archives
Index to MA cities and towns
MA census online
Medway MA
 Karen's Massachusetts page
 MA sites
Blackstone River Valley, MA
Watertown Library Photo Collection
The Massachusetts Enquirer
 MA Historical Sites and Societies
MA local history
MA Cemeteries, Middlesex Co.
 Salem Witch trials chronology
Salem Witchcraft links
Plimouth plantation
 Old Goucester, MA
Caleb Johnson's Mayflower web page
Commonwealth of MA homepage
MA resources
New England Obituaries

 Schenectady Deeds
NY sites
Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson, Madison Co., NY
Doug Ingalls Madison Co., NY Homepage
Town of Smithfield, Madison County, New York
Town of Little Falls, Herkimer Co., NY
NY cemeteries
NY Ancestry
 Tom Lynch's Northeastern New York Genealogy Page
New York Addresses For Genealogy
 New York State History
American Local History Network, NY
Upstate NY and the Holden surname
Long Island Genealogy

CT sites
 Fairfield Co., CT resources
 Connecticut State History and Genealogy Unit

Vermont Gateway

Iowa sites
NH sites
Ohio sites
 PA sites
VT sites
WI sites
Vermont Historic sites

Sagadahoc Co., ME
ME sites
 Maine online records
Maine Historic Preservation Commission
Fort William Henry and the Fort House
University of Maine
Maine State Archives

Search Engines

Ask Jeeves
Finding people, addresses, phone
411 directory
GTE super pages
Database America Family Finder
Search engine links
Genealogy search engines

Surname Search Page

LDS Family Search page
Family Treemaker Home Page
Ellis Island Site
Rootsweb Home Page
Ultimate Family Tree
Internet Family Finder
Genealogy Toolbox
Surname search
Surname search
Databases, search sites, surname lists
Surname Central
A searchable index of over 7.7 million names in 2,259 databases
Surname search
Genealogy Surname Research Links To Wartime Records
Genealogy message boards
Queries and message boards
Genealogy Registry
Gen Circles
Family History Forum

Web Page Construction

Genealogy clip art
Image gallery
Home page construction links
Home page building site
Clip art
Web page graphics
Web page building
Clip art
Web page graphics
Web page graphics
Sites that do stuff
Web page building
Free search engine

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Genealogy Mysteries

"All the Crazy Winters" by Deborah Adams
"The Death of Cousin Rose" by Jonathan Harrington
"Murder One Removed" by Kathleen Kunz
"Family Skeletons: a Novel" by Rhett MacPherson
"A Veiled Antiquity" by Rhett MacPherson
"The Famous DAR Murder Myster" by Graham Landrum
"The Silent Ones" by Elizabeth Ogilvie
Dead or Missing Genealogists
"Murder Runs in the Family" by Anne George
"Genealogy of Murder" by Lee Martin
Novels With a Genealogy Thread
"An Impossible Life: a Bobeh Myseh" by David Black
"The Winshaw Legacy" by Jonathan Coe
"The Horse You Came in On" by Martha Grimes
"Killing Cousins: a Mort Sinclair Mystery" by Gene Stratton
"Mother Love: a Karl Alberg Mystery" by Laurlai Wright
"The Ancestor Game" by Alex Miller
"The Devil in Tartan" by Elisabeth Ogilvie
"The Historical Society Murder" by Graham Landrum

If you have even 1 Phipps in your family tree, please contact me!  I would love to add them to my database!

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