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French Family of Essex Co., Massachusetts 6/9/2002

Descendants of Thomas French

Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS1 FRENCH1 was born Abt. 1529 in Suffolk, England2,3.  He married ALICE3 Bef. 1555 in Suffolk, England4,5.

Child of THOMAS FRENCH and ALICE is:
2. i. JACOB2 FRENCH, b. April 26, 1545, Assington, Suffolk, England; d. November 11, 1615, Assington, Suffolk, England.

Generation No. 2

2. JACOB2 FRENCH (THOMAS1)5 Baptism: April 26, 1545, Saxmundham, Suffolk, England12,13; and died November 11, 1615 in Assington, Suffolk, England8,9.  He married SUSAN WARREN10

Children of JACOB FRENCH and SUSAN WARREN are:
 i. JOAN3 FRENCH13, b. February 28, 1569/70, Knottshall, Suffolk, England14,15; m. ROBERT ROWSEE15, February 11, 1593/9416,17.
 ii. THOMAS FRENCH17, b. November 20, 1574, Knottshall, Suffolk, England18,19
 iii. ALICE FRENCH19, b. September 21, 1577, Knottshall, Suffolk, England20,21
 iv.  WILLIAM FRENCH27, b. July 25, 1580, Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England28,29
 v. JACOB FRENCH29, b. August 12, 1582, Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England30,31
 vi. BRIDGET FRENCH31, b. June 02, 1583, Knottshall, Suffolk, England32,33; m. RICHARD CANSTON33, February 24, 1604/0534,35.
3. vii. THOMAS FRENCH, Baptism: October 11, 1584, Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England; d. Bef. November 05, 1639, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.
viii. ELIZABETH FRENCH21, Baptism: February 27, 1585/86, Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England27; d. March 18, 1647/48, Sudbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts24,25; m. HENRY LOKER25, 1605, Sudbury, Suffolk,  England26,27.
 ix. FRAUNCE FRENCH35, b. June 30, 1588, Knottshall, Suffolk, England36,37
 x. ROBERT FRENCH37, b. February 08, 1589/90, Knottshall, Suffolk, England38,39
 xi. JOHN FRENCH39, b. March 27, 1596, Assington, Suffolk, England40,41
 xii. SUSAN FRENCH41, b. Abt. 159842,43; d. August 01, 1613, Assington, Suffolk, England44,45.
 xiii. ROBERT FRENCH45, b. June 25, 1600, Assington, Suffolk, England46,47
 xiv. WILLIAM FRENCH47, b. Abt. 160248,49
xv. FRANCIS FRENCH49, b. Abt. 160450,51

Generation No. 3

3.  THOMAS3 FRENCH (JACOB2, THOMAS1)52 Baptism: October 11, 1584, Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England5853,54, and died Bef. November 05, 1639 in Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts when  administration on his estate was granted to his wife55,56.  He married SUSANNA RIDDLESDALE56 September 05, 1608 in Assington, Suffolk, England57,58, daughter of JOHN RIDDLESDALE and DORCAS.  "The will of John Gurdon, Esq., of Assington, made 12/6/1621, left to his grandson, 'the messuage or farm house wherein one Thomas French doth now inhabit, called Garland's' " Emigrated to Ipswich, before July 25, 1638 when a lot of his is mentioned as a boundry to land at the Reedy marsh. Four of his children had preceeded him to America.

4. i. THOMAS4 FRENCH, baptised November 27, 1608, St. Edmunds, Assington, Suffolk, England; d. August 08, 1680, Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
 ii. ALICE FRENCH60, baptised April 09, 1610, St. Edmunds, Assington, Suffolk, England61,62; d. June 26, 1666, Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts63,64; m. THOMAS HOWLETT64, 1634, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts65,66.  Probably emigrated to America with brother Thomas in 1631. Alice was dismissed from the Boston church to Ipswich, June 16, 1644. They had Samuel, Sarah (m. John Cummings), Mary (married John Perley), John (m. Susannah Hudson), Thomas (m. Lydia Peabody), William, and possibly Dorothy (m. Thomas Abbott).
 iii. EDWARD FRENCH66, b. Abt. 1611, Assington, Suffolk, England67,68; d. December 28, 1674, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts69,70; m. ANN GOODALE70
 iv. JOHN FRENCH72, b. 1612, Assington, Suffolk, England73,74
 v. SARAH FRENCH74, b. 1612, Assington, Suffolk, England75,76; d. November 01, 1615, Assington, Suffolk, England77,78.
 vi. DORCAS FRENCH78, baptised July 31, 1614, St. Edmunds, Assington, Suffolk, England79,80; d. December 30, 1697, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts80; m. (1) GRIFFIN CRAFT80; m. (2) CHRISTOPHER PEAKE80, January 03, 1635/36, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts81,82.
 vii. SUSAN FRENCH82, baptised April 22, 1616, St. Edmunds, Assington, Suffolk, England83,84Probably emigrated to America with sister Dorcas. Served in the family of John Winthrop, Jr. in Ipswich, MA.  A letter written by Thomas Gostlin to John Winthrop, Jr., from Groton on June 11, 1633 refers to boht Dorcas and Susan; "she is one of the goodman French's daughters of Assington. I have sent two of them, one for your father and the other for you. Your father must take his choice.  The eldest must serve 3 years and the youngest 4...pray let them be dealt as well with all as any of the same quality."
 viii. ANNE FRENCH84, baptised March 15, 1617/18, Assington, Suffolk, England85,86
 ix. MARGARET FRENCH86, baptised March 12, 1618/1987,88
 x. SARAH FRENCH88, baptised 1621, Assington, Suffolk, England89,90; d. January 22, 1620/21, Assington, Suffolk, England91,92.
 xi. JOHN FRENCH92, baptised May 26, 1622, Assington, Suffolk, England93,94; d. February 01, 1696/97, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts95,96; m. FREEDOM KINGSLEY96, 1654, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts97,98. She was the daughter of JOHN KINGSLEY and ELIZABETH, born in 1634 in England and died on July 26, 1689 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Children from this marriage were: John French was born about 1659; Thomas French was born about 1661 and died on April 5, 1733. Mary French was born about 1662. Samuel French was born about 1663. Jonathan French was born about 1665 and died in Northampton, Massachusetts. Hannah French was born about 1667. Elizabeth French was born about 1669.
 xii. MARY FRENCH98, baptised January 06, 1624/25, St. Edmunds, Assington, Suffolk, England99,100; m. GEORGE SMITH100, 1645, Massachusetts101,102. George Smith died on 15 Dec 1674 in Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts, They had; Sarah, Samuel, Thomas, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Joan.

Generation No. 4

4. ENSIGN THOMAS4 FRENCH (THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1)102 was baptised November 27, 1608, St. Edmunds, Assington, Suffolk, England103,104, and died August 08, 1680 in Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts105,106.  He married MARY SCUDAMORE106 1630 probably in Boston, Lincolnshire, England107,108, daughter of WILLIAM SCUDAMORE and MARGERY LECHMERE. Mary was born about 1610 and died on 6 May 1681 in Ipswich, Essex, MA.  Does anyone have proof of his wife's name - some references list her as Mary Norton/Morton?

 i. THOMAS5 FRENCH108, b. 1630, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts109,110; m. MARY ADAMS110, February 29, 1659/60, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts111,112.
ii. MARY FRENCH114, b. September 23, 1632, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts115,116; d. 1632, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts117,118.
5. iii. MARY FRENCH, b. March 02, 1633/34, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; d. March 22, 1683/84, Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
iv. JOHN FRENCH, b. February 1636/37.
v. SARAH FRENCH, b. about 1639.
 vi. SAMUEL FRENCH112, b. 1641, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts113,114
vii. EPHRAIM FRENCH, b. about 1643; d. September 1716, Enfield, Hartford, Massachusetts121,122.

Generation No. 5

5. MARY5 FRENCH (THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1)123,124 was born March 02, 1633/34 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts125,126, and died March 22, 1683/84 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts127,128.  She married ROBERT SMITH128,129 March 26, 1656 in Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts130,131, son of ROBERT SMITH.  Member in full communion, church at Topsfield132

Children of MARY FRENCH and ROBERT SMITH are:
 ii. THOMAS SMITH, b. Abt. 1657132; d. February 25, 1725/26, Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts132; m. MARY ADAMS.
6. iii. MARY SMITH, b. October 28, 1658, Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1740, of Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts - d. 1726, Oxford, Worcester Co., Massachusetts?.
7. iv. PHEBE SMITH, b. August 26, 1661, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. January 14, 1739/40, Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
 v. EPHRAIM SMITH, b. October 29, 1663, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts132; m. MARY RAMSDELL, September 06, 1694132.  Had several children133
8. vi. SAMUEL SMITH, b. January 26, 1665/66, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. July 12, 1748, Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
9. vii. AMY SMITH, b. August 16, 1668, Rowley, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. February 22, 1756, Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
 viii. SARAH SMITH, b. June 25, 1670, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts134; d. August 28, 1673, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts135.
 ix. NATHANIEL SMITH, b. September 07, 1672, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts136; d. Bef. 1719, possibly in 1693137.  Medical Information: Invalid137
10. x. JACOB SMITH, b. January 29, 1673/74, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts - or 1/26?; d. January 17, 1737/38, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
 xi. MARIAH SMITH, b. December 18, 1677, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts137; d. January 17, 1738/39, Oxford, Worcester Co., Massachusetts138; m. PETER SHUMWAY, February 11, 1700/01, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts139.

Generation No. 6

6. MARY6 SMITH (MARY5 FRENCH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1)140 was born October 28, 1658 in Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts141, and died Aft. 1740 of Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts - d. 1726, Oxford, Worcester Co., Massachusetts?142.  She married JOHN TOWNE143 February 02, 1679/80 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts144, son of JACOB TOWNE and CATHERINE SYMONDS.  See Towne family page for more information on these lines.

7.  PHEBE6 SMITH (MARY5 FRENCH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1)154 was born August 26, 1661 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts155, and died January 14, 1739/40 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts156.  She married JACOB TOWNE157 June 24, 1684 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts158, son of JACOB TOWNE and CATHERINE SYMONDS.
See Towne family page for more information on these lines.

8.  SAMUEL6 SMITH (MARY5 FRENCH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1)169 was born January 26, 1665/66 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts170, and died July 12, 1748 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts171.  He married (1) PHEBE HOWE.  He married (2) REBECCA CURTIS.  Resided Boxford until about 1693 - 94 when he moved to Topsfield.  (History of Boxford, MA) October 3, 1698;  Made administrator of father's esteate.  (History of Boxford)  Ancestor of the Prophet Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion.

27. i. MARY7 SMITH, b. 1711; d. 1747.
28. ii. SAMUEL SMITH, b. January 26, 1713/14, Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. November 14, 1785.

9.  AMY6 SMITH (MARY5 FRENCH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1)172 was born August 16, 1668 in Rowley, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts173, and died February 22, 1756 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts174.  She married JOSEPH TOWNE175,176 August 10, 1687 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts177, son of EDMUND TOWNE and MARY BROWNING. See Towne family page for more information on these lines.

10.  JACOB6 SMITH (MARY5 FRENCH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1)182 was born January 29, 1673/74 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts - or 1/26?183, and died January 17, 1737/38 in Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts184.  He married REBECCA SYMONDS185, daughter of SAMUEL SYMONDS and ELIZABETH ANDREWS.

 i. REBECCA7 SMITH, b. January 30, 1707/08, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts186; m. JOHN DORMAN, January 28, 1729/30186.
 ii. JACOB SMITH, b. October 20, 1709, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts186.
 iii. JOSEPH SMITH, b. May 23, 1713, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts186.
 iv. KEZIAH SMITH, b. April 30, 1716, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts186; m. JACOB BAKER, August 05, 1736186.
 v. MOSES SMITH, b. June 13, 1718, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts186.
 vi. RUTH SMITH, b. September 21, 1721, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts186.
35. vii. NATHANIEL SMITH, b. August 05, 1724, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

Generation No. 7

27.  MARY7 SMITH (SAMUEL6, MARY5 FRENCH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1) was born 1711, and died 1747.  She married AMOS TOWNE286, son of JOSEPH TOWNE and AMY SMITH. See Towne family page for more information on these lines.

35.  NATHANIEL7 SMITH (JACOB6, MARY5 FRENCH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1) was born August 05, 1724 in Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts322.  He married SARAH BURPEE May 23, 1751 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts323,324.

 i. ANNA8 SMITH, b. June 25, 1752, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325.
 ii. JACOB SMITH, b. November 28, 1753, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325; d. June 30, 1829325.
 iii. MERIAM SMITH, b. April 28, 1755, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325.
 iv. NATHANIEL SMITH, b. December 30, 1756, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325; m. MARY HOOD, February 02, 1778325.
 v. RUTH SMITH, b. April 25, 1758, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325; d. November 05, 1759, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325.
 vi. SARAH SMITH, b. August 28, 1759325.
 vii. RUTH SMITH, b. April 20, 1761325.
 viii. EBENEZER SMITH, b. January 09, 1763, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325.
 ix. REBECCA SMITH, b. September 17, 1764, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325.
 x. MOSES SMITH, b. July 06, 1766, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325.
 xi. HEPZIBAH SMITH, b. April 09, 1768, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts325.
97. xii. JOSEPH SMITH, b. February 27, 1771, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. December 10, 1826.

Generation No. 8

97.  JOSEPH8 SMITH (NATHANIEL7, JACOB6, MARY5 FRENCH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1) was born February 27, 1771 in Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts452, and died December 10, 1826452.  He married (1) HEPZIBAH CHAPMAN December 24, 1799452.  He married (2) KEZIAH GOULD December 17, 1805452.

 i. ELIZABETH CHAPMAN9 SMITH, b. December 03, 1800452.
 ii. CHARLES SMITH, b. May 06, 1802452.

Children of JOSEPH SMITH and KEZIAH GOULD are:
 iii. RUTHY ANN9 SMITH, b. November 04, 1806452; m. HIRAM PERLEY.
 iv. NATHANIEL SMITH, b. June 24, 1808452; d. April 17, 1879452; m. MARTHA PEARCE, no children.
214. v. CALVIN SMITH, b. August 27, 1809; d. November 18, 1870.

Generation No. 9

214.  CALVIN9 SMITH (JOSEPH8, NATHANIEL7, JACOB6, MARY5 FRENCH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, JACOB2, THOMAS1) was born August 27, 1809610, and died November 18, 1870610.  He married ELIZABETH PEARCE 1833.

 i. ELIZABETH MATILDA10 SMITH, b. April 07, 1834610.
 ii. GEORGE CHEEVER SMITH, b. March 17, 1836610.
 iii. MARY PRISCILLA SMITH, b. July 05, 1838610.
 iv. JOSEPH H. H. SMITH, b. March 03, 1841610.
 v. WILLIAM ARTHUR SMITH, b. December 18, 1844610.
 vi. CHARLES L. SMITH, b. July 02, 1846610.
 viii. BENJAMIN P. SMITH, b. April 24, 1852610.
 ix. WALTER SMITH, b. October 19, 1855610.


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