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Edmund Littlefield 4/25/02

Tichfield is a most attractive old world village.  It formerly covered a much larger area, extending to Southampton Water and the Solent.  The church contains an ancient and beautiful monument to the Earls of Southampton, one of whom was the friend and patron of Shakespeare.  Tichfield Place, one of the seats of this family, was one of the abbeys dissolved by Henry VIII, but is now merely a picturesque ruin.  (English Origins of New England Families)
1618;  Received 20s at father's death, the least of the brothers.
1637;  Came first to Boston, probably with 2 oldest sons.  His wife, 6 children, and servants John Knight and Hugh Durdal followed in the Bevis May 1638 from Tichfield, Hants., England.  Edmund and son Francis perhaps came earlier.  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire; English Origins of New England Families; The Planters of the Commonwealth 1620 - 1640)
June 5, 1639;  At Exeter, signed the Combination  Had 2 lots in the division of uplands.  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire; Origins of New England Families)
July 14, 1643;  Removed to Wells when Thomas Gorges granted him 100 acres adjoining the mill and the neck of the marsh between that and Webhannet River.  There he had a sawmill and gristmill, and headed a  large and prominent family.  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire; English Origins of New England Families) On arrival in the New World Edmund set to work and by 1643, he had erected a sawmill on the Webhannet River. (Webhannet is the Indian name for Wells, Maine). He went on to build sawmills on contract for others.
1644;  Agent for Robert Vines to give possession.  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)
November 1645;  Vines granted John Wadleigh and Edmund 200 acres on the southwest side of Ogunquit River, not entrenching on the town of Wells.  Tr. J.  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)
1645;  Grand juror.  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)
1647;  Grand juror  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)
July 5, 1653;  Oath of Allegiance to Massachusetts.  (English Origins of New England Families;  Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)
1654;  Com.t.e.s.c. until death except in 1657.   Selectman.  Authorized to sell wine and strong liquor to Indians. (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)
1657;  Selectman.  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)
December 11, 1661;  wrote will.   "....To Francis, my eldest son and Anthony and Elizabeth Wakefield my daughter, the land lying on the ne side of Kennebunke with falls together with a certain quantity of marsh lying up in the woods between Cape Porpus River and Kennebunke shown 2 ____ granted by Mr. George Cleave agent of Mr. Rigby which is now come under the government of Mr. Gorges, proprietor of the Province of Maine to be equally divided...."  Francis received 10 pounds, Anthony received clothing, Elizabeth received 5 pounds.    "....To the three executors, Annas my wife, and my sons Thomas and Francis Jr., all upland and marsh above the house and that which I bought of my son Anthony and also bought of Mr. Fletcher with corne and saw mill, all housing and goods within doors and without, all stock and cattle small and great to divide equally.   Thomas and Francis Jr. to pay to my wife Annas 4 bushels of corn yearly for 7 years for the upland on the s side of Webbhannet River until it be clear...."  if the sons didn't meet this agreement then she was to put them off and sell the property.   "....Thomas and Francis Jr. should pay 8 bushels of wheat a year for ye cornmill.."  and if not she could put them off that as well.  His wife was to get 1/3 of the marsh on the s e side of the Webbhannett River and if Francis Sr., Thomas, and Francis Jr. were "loving and helpful to ye mother, my wife, than they shall have all after her decease, otherwise if they be not loving and helpful to her, she shall have the power to dispose of it the way she thinks good herself..."    Daughters Mary Barret and Hannah Littlefield were to be paid 15 pounds within 3 years, 5 pounds annually.  Grandchildren were to recieve 5 shillings when they were of age.  "....son John 10 pounds to be paid out of ye 40 pounds which he is to pay for his purchase at Ogunquett..."  "....Thomas and Francis Jr. to improve and til the ground and their mother shall have 1/3 part of corn..."  Wife to have 6 - 7 acres marsh  at Ogunquett.  He signed with a mark.
Inventory 588 pounds+, performed by Ezekiel Knight, Joseph Bowles and William Hammonds.  (Maine Wills;  Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)
December 17, 1661;  Family compromise signed by son Francis Sr., his mother, and brothers Thomas, and Francis Jr.  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)
December 24, 1661;  Inventory of estate.  (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)

May 7, 1664;  These presents testify, that wee Annas Littlefield, & Thomas Littlefield of Wells in the County of Yorke alias province of Mayne Planters, with the free and full Consent of my wife Ruth Littlefield, for an In Consideration of a valewable some In hand by Fran: Littlefield Panter of the aforesd Towne ye receapt w__ of wee acknowledge, & am yr with satisfyd, & of every part & pcell ye of do release dischaarge & acquitt the sd Fran: Littlefield Senjor his heyres executors Administrators & assigns, the one halfe of the Corne Mill & one quarter part of the Saw Mill, by mee Annas Littlefield being & lijng in Wells upon Webhannett falls, In the province of Mayne, with all the priveledges & appurtenances thereunto belonging/ To have & to hould the aforsd prmisses, with all the rightts & priveledges yr to apprtayeing & belongin unto him the sd Fran: Littlefield Senjr his heyrs executors administrataors & assigns/that is to say all or parts of Tymber, saw doggs Crows Wheeles Logg Chean sleads, & all or right In the Falls/& Wee do alsoe covenant & promise to defend the Title thereof, against all psons Claymeing any right title or Interest yr unto by from or under us, unto him the sd Fran: Littlefield Senior, his heyres executors, Administrators & assigns/In witnesse wrof Wee have here unto sett our hands, & seales this fine & Twenteth day of January, one thousand six hundred sixty & three/Signed sealed & Deliverd
In the presence of/Samuel Wheelewright/                               Thomas Littlefield his marke
Peter Cloyce his Marke                                                            Annas Littlefield her marke
                                                                                                 Ruth Littlefield her Marke
   This deede of sayle was acknowledged before mee 25:Jany:63: Ezekell Knights assotiate/
Vera Copia of this Instrument above written transcribed out of the originall this 7th of May:64 & yrwith Compared p Edw:Rishworth  Re:Cor

December 12, 1677;  will written with inventory on 3/7/1678.   Daughter Hannah Cloyse to get her bed and "bowlster" with Katherine Wakefield to deliver it to her.  Her three daughters Elizabeth Wakefield, Mary Barrett and Hannah Cloyse to receive all "lining and woolen new and old" to be divided equally.  Her son John to receive a "gentle" cow  and 5 bushels of corn.  Her "daughter" (daughter in law) Meribah to receive 4 bushels of wheat due from mills.  Her grandchild Katherine Wakefield to receive a rugg and 8 bushels of corn.  Her "son" (son in law) Peter Cloyse to receive "2 acres of marsh bee it more or less at lyeth on the s w side of Mr. Wheelwrights necke of land" .  Thomas Littlefield "who has taken a great deal of care of mee, all the rest of the household goods, corn and chattles and make executor"  Signed with her mark. (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire)


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