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Dutch Names

Many names of families of Dutch origin in New York and New Jersey begin with " van", meaning "of" or "from",  indicating the native place of the man from whom the family name is derived.
The patronymic for daughters was formed regularly by adding to the father's name the letter " s," but often this was omitted and the daughter's surname was precisely that of the father's given name.

Some Common Dutch Surnames;

BEEKMAN. The English of this name is brook-man. The ancestor lived beside a brook.

BLEECKER (BLEEKER). The bleacher. The Netherlands had a world-wide reputation centuries ago for bleaching. Everyone knows how their linen of the purest white was known as " hollands." The names, De Witt and Bleecker, may have been given to families who made a reputation in producing this linen. The English name of Dwight is that of a family of De Witts driven from the Netherlands by Spanish persecution. They settled in an eastern county of England where they were noted for producing fine white linen. The English contracted their
name after the English fashion.

DE WITT. The white.

HASBROUCK. Haas is the Dutch word for hare and broek for marsh or swamp. The Dutch method of compounding would be to write the word hare-swamp hazenbroek. This would mean a marsh abounding in hares.

KORTRIGHT (KORTRECHT). There is a proverb still current in the Netherlands which is Kort recht, gued recht (prompt justice, satisfactory justice). The name probably arose with some ancestor of the family who was a magistrate and administered justice in a prompt and satisfactory manner.

MEYER (MEIER). Sheriff, mayor, superintendent.

OSTRANDER. From the east strand. The east beach.

OVERBAGH. This name came into Ulster county through the Palatine family of that name. It is the German of the Rhineland. It means " over the brook."

STRYKER (STRIJKER). Ironer. Closely related to the bleachers in producing the much prized fine Hollands were the skillful ironers. Hence the origin of the name. Another meaning might be " peacemaker" because an ironer is a smoother of differences.

TELLER. An accountant.

TEN BROECK (TEN BROEK). The literal meaning of this name is " Near the marsh."

TEN EYCK. Near the oak.

TEN HAGEN (TEN HAAGEN). Near the hedge.

TEN HOUT. Near the wood.

TER WILLIGER. Near the willow tree.

VAN DER VEER. Of the ferry.

VAN DER VOORT (VAN DER VOERT). From the cove or creek.

VAN LEUVEN. Of the lion. From Leeuwen, a village near Tiel, province of Gelderland.

VAN NOSTRAND (VAN OOST STRAND). From the east strand. The east beach.

VAN VLIET. Of the brook. The name is of the same origin as Beekman.

VOORHEES. Originally Van Voorhees, meaning " from before Hees," a village in the province of Drenthe, whence the family came.


Given Name Equivalents

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Aaltje = Alice.

 Aart = Arthur.

 Aetje = Eve.

 Agnietje = Agnes.

 Alyd = Adelia.

 Andreas = Andrew.

 Anneken, or Annetje, or Antje = Anna.

 Adelheyd = Adelaide or Adeline.

 Arendt = Aaron.

 Alberick = Aubrey.

 Alta = Alida.

 Arriaantje = Harriet or Arrietta.

Barent = Bernard.

 Badeloch = Beatrice.

 Bastiaan = Sebastian.

 Betje = Elizabeth.

 Boudewyn = Baldwin.

 Bram = Abraham.

 Bregje = Bridget.

Caspar = Jasper.

 Catrijn = Catharine.

 Christoffel or Stoffel = Christopher.

 Christyntje = Christina.

 Coenraadt = Conrad.

Daatje = Alice.

 Derrick = Theodorick.

 Dientje = Diana.

 Dirkje = Dorothy.

 Doris = Theodore.

Elsje = Elsie.

 Emmetje = Emma.

 Engeltje = Angelica.

 Epje = Egbert.

 Evert = Everard.

Femmetje = Phoebe.

 Fletje = Sophia.

 Floris = Florence.

 Francyntje or Fransje = Frances

 Freek = Frederick.

 Frem = Ephraim.

Geert or Gerrit or Garrett = Gerard.

 Geertje or Geertrui = Gertrude

 Geertruyd or Geertruy = Gertrude.

 Gerrtie = Geraldine

 Gijs = Gilbert.

 Godfried = Jeffrey.

 Govert = Godfrey.

 Griet or Grietje = Margaret.

 Guido = Guy.

 Gysbert = Gilbert.

Hansje = Joan.

 Hein = Henry.

 Heintje = Henrietta.

 Hendrik = Henry.

 Hendrikje = Henrietta

 Heyltje = Helena.

 Hieronimus = Jerome.

 Hillegond = Huldah.

 Hiskia = Hezekiah.

 Hilletje = Hilda or Huldah

 Huybert = Hubert.

Jaantje = Jane.

 Jaap or Jacobus = James.

 Jacoba or Jacomyntje = Jemima.

 Jaapje or Jannetje or Jansje = Jane.

 Jan = John.

 Jeronimus = Jerome.

 Johannes = John.

 Jochem = Joachim.

 Joost = Justus.

 Joris or Jury or Ury = George.

 Josyntje = Justina

 Jurian = George.

Kaatje = Catharine or Kate.

 Kareltje = Caroline.

 Katryne or Tryne = Catharine.

 Keetje = Cornelia

 Kees or Keesje = Cornelius.

 Kersten or Christiaan or Shaan = Christian.

 Klaar or Klaartje = Clara.

 Klaas or Claus = Nicholas

 Klaasje = Klarissa.

 Kobus = Jacob or James.

 Koenraadt = Conrad.

 Koosje = Jaqueline.

 Krelis = Cornelius.

 Krisje = Christiana.

Lambrecht = Lambert.

 Leen = Leonard.

 Leentje = Eleanor or Helen.

 Letje = Letitia.

 Lezart = Elisha.

 Lijsje = Elizabeth.

 Lodewyk = Louis

 Lotje = Charlotte.

 Louw = Lawrence

 Ludovicus = Louis.

 Luytje = Lucy or Lucia.

 Lys = Elizabeth.

Maartje = Maria or Mary.

 Maarten = Martin.

 Machiel = Michael.

 Machteld = Matilda.

 Manus = Herman.

 Margaretha or Margrietje = Margaret.

 Marvtje = Maria or Mary.

 Matje = Matilda.

 Matthys = Matthew.

 Meewes = Bartholomew.

 Mietje = Mary.

 Mijntje = Wilhelmina.

Naatje = Anna.

 Neeltje = Cornelia.

 Nikolaas = Nicholas.

 Niesje = Agnes.

 Pietje = Peter.

 Pieje = Petronella.

Reindert = Reginald.

 Rip (Rijpert) = Rupert.

 Roelof or Rolfe = Ralph.

 Rutger = Roger.

 Rykaard = Richard.

Saam = Samuel.

 Saartje = Sarah.

 Sannertje = Susan.

 Seletje = Celia.

 Skiaa = Hezekiah.

 Staats = Eustace.

 Stans = Constance.

 Stijntje = Christina.

 Stoffel = Christopher.

Taatje = Sarah.

 Tanneken = Ann.

 Teeuwis = Matthew.

 Teunis = Anthony.

 Teuntje = Antonia.

 Tiebout = Theobald.

 Tientje = Albertina.

 Tijmen = Timothy.

 Tijs = Matthias.

 Tjaatje (Chawchee) = Charity.

 Tjerck (Charick) = Theodorick

 Toon = Anthony.

 Treesje = Theresa.

 Trui or Truitje = Gertrude.

 Trijn or Tryntje = Catharine.

Urseltje = Ursula.

Valentyn or Felte = Valentine.

Wouter = Walter.

 Wyntje = Lavinia.

Ydtje = Ida.

 Yzaak = Isaak.

Zanneke = Susan.

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