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Clockville Home





Is this house haunted?

When my great-grandfather died he left his wife and two young children.  They lived in the house together until my grandfather, Alton Phipps married and moved to Canastota.  Alton and his family lived in Canastota for several years and the Clockville house was inhabited by Alton's sister Alice and his mother Gena.  When Alton's mother became very ill, she went to live with Alton's family in Canastota and died in their home.  The depression was upon the families and the decision was made that Alton and his family would move back into the house in Clockville with his sister. My grandmother was not happy with that situation but there was no other recourse.  The children loved the house and the countryside surrounding it and as adults often talked of this time as being the happiest of their lives.  

In 1942 Alton died in the house of an aneursym.  My grandmother and her unmarried children continued living there until they could find another place to live and then moved back to Canastota. During their time in the Clockville house there was never any 'hauntings' that occurred.

Alton's sister Alice continued to live unmarried in the house until the early 1960s when her heart began to fail and she could no longer be on her own. At that time, she went to live at Evergreen Nursing Home in Camden, NY.  The house was empty for a little while and then the neighboring farmer rented it and moved one of his farm workers and his new wife.  It so happened that the farm worker was my cousin Gary, nephew to Alice and grandson to Alton. Of course, Gary was well-acquainted with the house, having spent many happy hours at the dining room table and playing in the adjoining fields with his cousins. He and his new wife lived in the house only a very short time and it was rumored that they had quickly moved out because the house was haunted.  Gary never spoke of what had happened in the house to his family or friends and no one questioned him about it because he was so uncomfortable concerning the occurences.  In April of 2004 my mother finally asked her cousin to tell her what happened and here is what he wrote to her.

"You asked if Auntie's (Alice) house was haunted when Pat and I lived there. It was awful living there. At night time you could hear footsteps upstairs walking around. Every night it was the same thing. We told one of our friends and he didn't believe it so I asked him to spend the night and see for himself.  He slept on the couch downstairs and in the middle of the night yelled up to ask us who was walking around up there. I told him that was the footsteps I had told him about. He flew out the door then and there and went home. After awhile we moved our bed downstairs and played the radio at night to drown out the noise but the footsteps only got louder.
We had a dog that would often stand looking up the stairs and then would run and hide under the bed. I don't know what he saw but we could never get the dog to come out from under the bed or go up the stairs.
There was a light in the hallway upstairs and we had a long string tied to the light so we could turn it on from the bottom of the stairs so we wouldn't have to walk up the stairs in the dark. When we went out at night we would leave that light on, but one night when we came home the light was out and the string was laying upstairs on the banister. I was scared to go up and get the string. I pulled on it and the light came back on so the lightbulb had not just blown out.
When I worked for ______(the neighboring farmer), I was in the barn one day when Pat came running from the house with the dog behind her because the toilet upstairs had flushed by itself.  _____ said after the chores we would all go back and go through the house but we didn't find anything there. Every once in a while that toilet would just flush on it's own.
I don't know what it was that was causing all that, but we moved out of there as soon as we could."



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