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 Central Burying Ground, Sherborn, MA


Copied from the remaining gravestones in the Central Burying Ground (also called the Sanger Burying Ground) Sherborn, May 25, 1883 by Francis Bardwell Typed copy taken from small sheets (45 names) in a pocket notebook. Some of the pp. must have been lost.  1916 map of Burying Ground shows additional names added here in pencil (asterisks, when the asterisks proceeds the name, the entire entry was added) by B. Johnson 3 June 1987. C.H. Dowse copy of an old 1883 list omits same ones that this typed list does, but adds Amos Russell.

Nathaniel Holbrook   *Jr. or Sr.?  d. 6/3/1774 age 73

Sarah Holbrook  relict of Nathaniel d. 3/21/1795 age 90

Azubah Holbrook wife of Nathaniel Holbrook d. 10/6/1774 age 34 (*10/6 circled)

James Holbrook *son of Nathaniel and Sarah, bro. of Nathaniel Jr.  d. 9/2/1774  (*9/2 circled) age 46

Patty (*Polly? see C.H.D. list) Holbrook  daughter of Moses (*Moses a brother of Nathaniel) and Rachel Holbrook d. 8/19/1774 (*8/19 circled) age 4y 8 d

Hannah Holbrook  daughter of Moses and Rachel (*Death) Holbrook  d. 8/17/1774 (*8/17 circled) age 1y 10m 24d

Mary Holbrook daughter of Ezra and Grace Holbrook (*check this, dau. of Jonathan and Mary?) d. 3/2/1754 age 3y 7m 27d

Dr. Samuel Lock (*Jr.) d. 8/30/1788 age 27

Lemuel Crackbone son of Joseph and Abagail Crackbone d. 9/16/1786 age 3y 5m

Capt. Samuel Sanger d. *10/6/1822 age 87

*Abigail Whiting Sanger wife of Capt. Samuel Sanger d. 10/3/1788 age 49

John Coolidge *husband of Mary d. 6 (*Jan)/18/1714 age 51y 11m

Amos Russell

Mary Coolidge widow of John Coolidge d. 9/13/1724 age 62y 9m

Hannah (*Holbrook) Perry wife of Ephraim Perry d. 1/29/1744 age 23y 9m

Sarah Barrett daughter of James and Tabitha d. 8/1/1753 age 2y 2m

Capt. Eleazer Fairbanks d. 9/9/1741 age 51 (*same as Eleazer Fairbanks below?)

*Mary Quincy Baker wife of Rev. Daniel Baker d. 3/29/1716

*Deborah Twitchell dau. of Joseph and Deborah d. 5/13/1752 age 4

*Abigail Fairbanks dau. of Eleazer and Martha d. 10/20/1751 age 20

Martha Fairbanks Phipps wife of John Phipps (formerly wife of Eleazer Fairbanks) (no dates listed)

John Death Esq. *b. 1676 d. 12/14/1754 age 78

*Jeremiah Leland b. 1718 d. 1742 age 24 (son of Deac. Hopestill?)

Ensign Henry Leland *b. 1679 d. 10/29/1732 age 53

Mary (*Morse) Leland wife of Henry Leland b. *1684 d. 10/16/1760 age 76

*Jonathan Leland b.1734 d. 1734 age 5 mos

Dea. James Whitney *b. 1692  d. 4/10/1770 age 78

Elizabeth Whitney wife of James Whitney *b. 1696  d. 3/31/1782 age 86

Simeon Perry son of Capt. Joseph and Abigail *b. 1736 d. 5/11/1756 age 20

Joseph Perry *b. 1675 d. 3/9/1736 age 61

Abigail (*Holbrook) Perry wife of Joseph Perry (*dau. of Eleazer and Sarah Holbrook) d. 5/25/1751 age 50

Asaph *Kendall son of Benjamin and Eunice Kendall (*and bro. of Asenath Kendall Holbrook) no dates recorded

John Russell son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Russell d. 8/4/1774 (*8/4 circled) age 4 y 8 mo

Dr. John Wilson d. 6/3/1756 age 45

*probably footstone

Isaac Coolidge d. 6/2/1761 age 77

Mary Coolidge d. 1767

Anna Holbrook (*Anna and Rebecca below share a double tombstone) daughter*s of Nathaniel and Asenath d. 9/8/1774 (*9/8 circled) age 8y 1m 24d
Rebecca Holbrook d. 9/23/1774 (*9/23 circled) age 4y

Hulda Woodward d. 12/14/1756 age 35

Ed____ _____

*Cornet Benjamin Whitney s. of Jonathan Whitney and Lydia d. 8/29/1718 age 40

*7 stones with no names


*Captain Eleazer Fairbanks son of Eleazer and Martha? same as above? d. 9/19/1741 age 51

Keziah Kendall wife of Benjamin Kendall d. 3/21/1734 age 24

*Benjamin Kendall son of Keziah and Benjamin Kendall d. 4/1/1735/6 age 15 days

James Coolidge d. 6/23/1757 age 61

Edward West d/ 7/4/1694 age 57

Mary Russell wife of Dea. Jonathan Russell d. 7/18/1771 age 71

Elizabeth Adams daughter of Moses and Lydia Adams b. 9/18/1686 d. 6/17/1689 age 3  "Her body was the first grain sown in this yard."

Tomazin Collicut (double stone with Bethia Gookin) *mother in law of Rev. Daniel Gookin) d. 8/22/1692 *age 74 "Under this stone there lies ye dust of Tomazin Collicut and just Beside her her grandaughter dear Bethea Gookin lieth here  To three score years and fourteen more The one attains or seventy four."  Aug. 22, 1692  The other near thrice seven weeks Beholds the light, the grave then seeks  March ye 1st 1694 Bethia Gookin daughter of *Rev. Daniel and Bethia *1st minister d. 3/1/1694 age 21w

*Deborah Twitchell wife of Capt. Joseph Twitchell 9/12/1775

Joseph Twitchell 1/31/*1748? age 40

John Phipps d. 10/16/1746 age 50

Hannah Phipps consort of John Phipps d. 4/4/1743 age 46

Elizabeth Morse wife of John Morse d. 6/6/1780 age 62

Joseph Morse *d. 1754 (1794?) age 76  *Who was she/they? Was this Capt. Joseph? No

Daniel Perry son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Perry d. 2/6/1754 age 8
*Memorable mortality?


*Royal Grout wrecked on Lovell's Is. 12/10?/1786

*Samuel Porter

*Addington Gardner

*H. Hill

*Deac. William Greenwood

*John Russell

I believe the dates that are circled on this list were to call attention to the frequency of deaths in 1774.  An epidemic?
There also was a lot of deaths in this area in 1754, the year of "the Memorable Mortality," as Holliston records call it.  Many young and old inhabitants perished during that time.  Does anyone have further information on this 'plague' and what the cause may have been?

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