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Caroline Phipps descendants     May 15, 2004

  Caroline Phipps Achilles

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Generation No. 1
1.  CAROLINE E.11 PHIPPS  (JOSEPH10, AARON9, JOHN8, JOHN7, JOHN6, JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3) was born March 02, 1812 in Sherborn or Holliston, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts or New York1, and died January 26, 1881 in Phipps Seminary building, Albion, Orleans Co., N.Y.. Burial: Mt. Albion Cemetery, Albion, New York, Plot 33 Mountain3.  She married COLONEL HENRY L. ACHILLES February 14, 1839 in New York, son of HENRY ACHILLES and PATTY. He was born November 21, 1806 at New London Twp, Merrimack Co., New Hampshire. 1832, attended Gaines Academy, and later Nichols Ladies School at Whitesboro, N.Y.4  In August 1833 Caroline boldly issued a circular announcing her intention of founding a female seminary in keeping with the Willard Seminary for Women in Troy, N.Y..  She met with a great deal of opposition from leading citizens who felt it would be better to establish a co-ed academy.  1835, started teaching at Gaines Basin, N.Y., after attending school at Eagle HarborShe began a select school in the old Eagle Tavern building in Albion where seminary later was built By April 1836  a subscription of about $4500.00 was raised for the purpose of founding the academy.  An amount was loaned to Caroline who gave a mortgage on the seminary property; she subsequently paid the debt in full and later more subscriptions were raised.  A 4 story brick building 40' x 60' square was erected on her lot  the highest land in the village , at the cost of $14,000.00; another $3,000.00 went for furniture ( 1100 for pianos).  The school opened January 1837, and had an attendence of 100 boarders and 100 day scholars who came from all parts of the country.  The seminary building was later the site of Court house square School was conducted for 9 years with the help of Caroline's husband and sisters Mary and Sophronia.  In July of 1848, Caroline was forced to sell the school to Reverend Frederick James who lost it back to the former owners.  The school was again sold in 1866 to Reverend G.A. Starkweather, but in 1869 the property was again in the hands of Caroline's family.  Over the years the school steadily gained in popularity, and for over 2 years ranked among the finest institutions in N.Y. State.  It employed 10 teachers whose salaries amounted to $2000.00 a year.
In 1857 a large addition was made to meet the needs of the school's increased attendence and the grounds were enlarged.  In 1853 the school library housed 370 volumes.
In the fall of 1874 there was a fire, repairs covered by partial insurance, were made by March 21, 1875, but another fire in 1875 forced the school to close.  The property was purchased by the county.

1850 Census of Albion, N.Y.
Achilles, Henry L.          42 born New Hampshire    Professor
               Caroline          38 born New York
               Henry L.          17 born New York
               Charles N.       15 born New York

1855 Census Albion, N.Y.
                Henry L.          47 born New Hampshire    Professor
                Caroline          41 born  Oneida Co., New York
                Henry L.          22 born Monroe Co., New York
                Charles N.       19 born Monroe Co., New York

1865 Census Albion, N.Y.
                Col. Henry L.     58 born N.Y.        Principle of Phipps
                Caroline             52 born Oneida Co., New York

1875 Census Albion, N.Y.
                  Henry L.           67 born New Hampshire       Farmer
                  Caroline E.       60 born Oneida Co., New York
        Phipps, Mary            Niece   14 born Kentucky
        Phipps, Sophronia    Niece   12 born Kentucky

HENRY L. ACHILLES: Occupation: Professor, principle of Phipps, farmer5

 i.   HELEN S.12 ACHILLES, b. April 1846, New York6; d. October 26, 1847, died aged 1 year 3 months7.
 ii.  HENRY L. ACHILLES, b. Abt. 1833, Monroe Co., New York8; d. 1859. Burial; Bates Rd. Cemetery, Orleans Co., New York.
 iii. CHARLES N. ACHILLES, b. Abt. 1835, Monroe Co., New York8.

"Reminiscences" - Jennie Torrey Wendell
Student at Phipps Union Seminary




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