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Descendants of Capt. Samuel1 Walker (1615-1684)

Exeter, N. H. (1637); Reading, Mass. (1645); Woburn, Mass. (1654)

    This Walker Coat of Arms is reproduced from one that was used in Colonial times by Major Edward4 Walker, lawyer, of Boston and Westfield, Mass., and later Major and Paymaster in the Army during the War of the Revolution. Major Walker was a greatgrandson to Capt. Samuel1 Walker (1615-1684) of Woburn, Massachusetts. The discovery of the use of these arms by Maj. Walker was made prior to 1923 by Col. E. W. Foster, an eighth generation descendant of Capt. Samuel1 Walker. It is not known to whom the right to use the Coat of Arms was first granted.

    Funding is available to pay for a 37 marker y-dna test for any male Walker who can demonstrate lineal descent from Capt. Richard1 Walker (1611-1687) of Lynn, Massachusetts, through his son Shubael2 Walker (ca. 1639-1688/9) of Bradford, Massachusetts. With regard to Capt. Richard1 Walker's other sons, Nathaniel2 had no issue, Obadiah2's line died out in the third generation, and it is questionable whether Richard Walker of Ipswich (1637-1721) was a son of Capt. Richard1 Walker. Thus, the only certain line of descent from Capt. Richard1 Walker, without question, is through his son Shubael2. That is why we are seeking descendants of Capt. Richard1 Walker through his son Shubael2 to join the Walker Surname DNA Project so that we can determine if Capt. Richard1 Walker was related to any other early Walker lines.

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    Capt. Samuel1 Walker was born in England about 1615. It's likely that he arrived at Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony on 12 July 1637 aboard the ship bearing passengers and friends of the Rev. John Wheelwright. Because of the Antinomian Controversy involving Rev. Wheelwright and others, these passengers were not allowed to stay in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and were given four months in which to leave. Many followed Rev. Wheelwright to Exeter, New Hampshire, after his banishment for contempt of court in November 1637. Samuel Walker was a signer of the Exeter Combination on 4 July 1639. He remained at Exeter until January 1644/45 when he relocated to Reading, Mass., after the banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony was lifted. Although the birth date of his first child was recorded at Reading, it's likely that Samuel, Jr., was born at Exeter on 28 Jun 1643 as the Reading births were not recorded seriatim until 1651. About 1652 Samuel, Sr., had difficulties with the Pastor of the Reading Church, and in 1654 removed to Woburn, Mass., where he lived out the remainder of his life. He was the tavern keeper at Woburn and captain of the local train band. He died at Woburn on 6 November 1684 at the age of 68.

    Capt. Samuel1 Walker was married twice. The identity of his first wife is unknown. It's likely that he married at Exeter, New Hampshire, about 1642. The records of the first church at Exeter are no longer extant and her identity will probably remain unknown. Her female line ended with her granddaughter, Hannah Thompson, who died unmarried which eliminates any possibility of identification through mtDNA analysis. He married second about 1677 Ann (Sheldon) Alger, widow of Lieut. Arthur Alger of Scarborough, Maine, and daughter of Godfrey and Alice (Frost) Sheldon. Lieut. Arthur Alger died on 14 October 1675 at the garrison house of his brother-in-law William Sheldon from wounds inflicted by the Indians during King Philip's War. Ann Alger fled to Marblehead, Mass., and on 30 June 1676 Lieut. Alger's nuncupative will was proven in court at Salem by Ann Alger, relict and administratrix. She then removed to Woburn where her brother John Sheldon resided and married Capt. Samuel1 Walker as his second wife about 1677. She died at Woburn on 21 March 1716.

    Many references and a number of published genealogies from the 19th century claim a kinship existed between Captains Samuel1 Walker and Richard1 Walker. After Charles E. Mann in 1910 proved that Capt. Richard1 Walker was born about 1611 and not 1592 as previously thought, there remained no tangible evidence that the two Captains were related, even though each had owned adjacent parcels of land at Reading. In 2004 a y-DNA study initiated by the writer was conducted on known descendants of Captains Samuel1 Walker and Richard1 Walker. This study showed that the two Captains were not related.

    Descendants of Capt. Samuel1 Walker are in Haplogroup I2b1 (M223+) of the y-DNA Haplogroup Tree (ISOGG 2008 version). The I2b1 lineage had its origins in northern France 14,000 to 18,000 years ago, and is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in Northwest Europe and the British Isles. An extended deep clade test was recently conducted to determine if a further subdivision of this classification pertained to the descendants of Capt. Samuel1 Walker. For example, Haplogroup I2b1a (M284+) originated exclusively in the British Isles 3,150 to 3,700 years ago. However, the test was negative for this subclade and all other presently identifiable subclades of I2b1. At this point, all we can say is that the likely patrilineal origin of our family in England is from early Viking settlements.

    Direct line male descendants of Capt. Samuel1 Walker fall within Group-12 of the Walker Surname DNA Project. To date, there are twelve participants within this group. Five are descendants of Joseph2 Walker; one is a descendant of Israel2 Walker; three are descendants of John2 Walker; two are descendants of Josephn Walker (1761-1843) whose relationship to Capt. Samuel1 Walker remains unknown; and one is a descendant of Nathanieln Walker (1762-1846) whose relationship to Capt. Samuel1 Walker remains unknown. Eight of the twelve participants had reached brick walls in their genealogical research at the time of their y-DNA testing. Knowing that a kinship existed to Capt. Samuel1 Walker, the missing links for five of the eight brick wall cases have been resolved.

    Request for Additional Participation by Descendants of Capt. Samuel1 Walker (1615-1684) of Woburn, Massachusetts

    All of the participants within Group-12 of the Walker Surname DNA Project who have traced their lineage back to Capt. Samuel 1 Walker descend from either Joseph2, Israel2, or John2 Walker, three of Capt. Samuel1 Walker's six sons. We would like to see 37-marker participation by additional direct line male descendants of Capt. Samuel 1 Walker, particularly those who descend from Samuel's other sons; namely, Dea. Samuel2, Jr., of Woburn, Isaac2 of Concord, N.H., and Ezekiel2 of Boston. This would enable us to better understand our mutation patterns and to refine the modal haplotype for Capt. Samuel1 Walker.

    Request for Additional Participation by Descendants of Capt. Richard1 Walker (1611-1687) of Lynn, Massachusetts

    There is only one participant, kit# 24656, in the Walker Surname DNA Project who descends from Captain Richard1 Walker. We would like to see 37-marker participation by other direct line male descendants of Capt. Richard1 Walker in order to form a unique group for the descendants of Capt. Richard1 Walker and to establish a modal haplotype for Capt. Richard.

    Through y-DNA testing, the following branches are known to be related to Capt. Samuel1 Walker. We need help in identifying where they properly fit in this tree. If you have any information in this regard, please contact us.

  • Josephn Walker (DNA Table #'s 7 & 8), b. 29 Dec 1761 in Connecticut or possibly Massachusetts; d. 12 Sep 1843 Edinboro, Erie, Pennsylvania; m. 28 Oct 1787 Selah Cooley at Lyme, New London, Connecticut; Revolutionary War Soldier from Connecticut.

  • Nathanieln Walker (DNA Table # 9), b. about 1762 in Pennsylvania or possibly Connecticut; d. 3 Aug 1846 Mill Creek, Erie, Pennsylvania; m. about 1791 Sarah Franklin; Revolutionary War Soldier from Pennsylvania.

    This database includes a compilation of records for this branch of the Walker Family, i.e., the descendants of Samuel Walker of Woburn, which is as complete and as accurate as we have been able to assemble as of the spring of 2008. Information has been incorporated from personal family records of the compilers and from many other sources available in the open literature, either published or on the Internet. The core data for that portion of the database dealing with the descendants of Capt. Nathaniel4 Walker of Sturbridge, Mass., was extracted from the series of articles by Col. E. W. Foster which appeared in the Boston Evening Transcript from July through December 1928.

    We know there must be many errors in this compilation, and obviously there are many missing individuals as well as entire branches of the family. Thus, one of our principal objectives is to encourage other researchers to add to this database. For that purpose, we will be delighted to hear from any and all Walker family descendants who want to share.

    This web site is a work in progress and was originally established by Gerald L. Smith. In 2005 Mr. Smith partnered with Eugene A. Walker to maintain and upgrade this site. The earlier versions of this database prior to July 2005 were compiled by Gerald L. Smith. Subsequent versions of this database were the results of merging the databases compiled by Messrs. Smith and Walker and reconciling the differences. In future versions, we plan to add additional source citations and brief biographical sketches where information is available.

    Please revisit often.

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