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The house above is Judge William Martin Shreves' home on Third St Nicholasville, Kentucky. I am most certain he entertained in this home and it is possible that cousins from Virginia {WV} have stopped by for a visit

The map shows where Loudoun Co., Virginia is, in comparison to where the sons of William and Freelove Dyer traveled

  • "IRA P. SHREVE - Keyser - Ira P. Shreve, 75, of RD 1, Keyser, died Sunday in Potomac Valley Hospital after an illness of 10 years. A retired merchant, he was a native of Pendleton County and was a son of the late Benjamin F. and Sarah (Judy) Shreve. Surviving are his widow, Myrtle A. (Alt) Shreve; a foster-daughter, Mrs. Ruth Bradley, Bethesda, Md.; a sister, Mrs. Etta F. Alt, RD 1, Keyser; a brother, Clemon Shreve, Upper Tract; and a half-brother, Bernie Shreve, Upper Tract. The body is at the Rogers Funeral Home. Services will be conducted there tomorrow at 11 a.m. by Rev. John England. Burial will be in Potomac Valley Memorial Gardens."
  • Source: Donald W. Nazelrod, box of newspaper clippings that included the following clipping from the Cumberland, Maryland, "Times-News," hand dated 7 - 3 -66
    Obituary for Daniel D. Shreve October 28, 1912 - November 26, 2004
    Daniel D. Shreve U.S. Veteran Daniel D. Shreve, 92, of Rt. 1, Box 169-D, Keyser, WV, died Friday, November 26, 2004 at the VA Medical Center in Martinsburg, WV. Born on October 28, 1912 at Smoke Hole, WV, he was a son of the late Thomas Jefferson and Minnie (Kimble) Shreve. He also was preceded in death by his wife, Minnie G. (Kimble) Shreve on March 31, 1997; two daughters, Ilene Virginia Shreve and Wanda Weimer and a son, Justin Shreve. He was the last surviving member of his immediate family. Mr. Shreve was retired as a carman with 32 years of service with first the B & O Railroad and then the Chessie System. A US Army veteran of World War II, he was a member of the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America Surviving are two sons, Harley C. Shreve and wife Audrey and Wayne D. Shreve and wife Donna, all of Keyser; two daughters, Donna K. Smith and husband Ervin of Keyser and Betty Brotemarkle of Ridgeley, WV; seven grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. A large number of nieces and nephews also survive Friends may call at the Smith Funeral Home, Keyser Chapel, on Monday, November 29 from 6-8 p.m Funeral services will be conducted at the Smith Funeral Home, Keyser Chapel, on Tuesday, November 30 at 2:00 p.m. with Pastor Jerry Eisenhour officiating Interment will be in the Potomac Memorial Gardens, Keyser
  • William Sheaves/Shrieves, Cont Line (VA), S38358, BLW #2074-100
  • William Shrieves or William Shreave, Cont Line (VA), S38358, BLW #2074-100, sol signed p.o.a. to one Brown Jenks on 26 Aug 1834 in Randolph Co., VA to pursue BLW claim at which time sol was aged 72, sol had appl for pension om 25 May 1818 in Randolph Co., VA
  • Is this the same William Shreve listed in the History of Randolph Co., WV? Who were his parents and who were his wife and children? Is this William married to Mary Jane Lawrence and their children Catherine Shreve Westfall and James Shreve married to Lydia Jane Smith?

    This record says William Shreve was insolvent in 1818...was he not able to pay his debts?

    I really believe this is William husband of Mary Jane and father of Catherine and James... Revolutionary War Soldier William Shreve born in Loudoun Co., VA and later moved to Randolph Co., VA {later WV}

    The following was found in the Elkins-Randolph County Public Library from the book, "They Rest Quietly; Cemetery Records of Randolph Co., West VA" by Odie Velta Nestor Chapman, 1996
  • 1.Alllury Shreve Zirkle, no birth date; died May 9, 1894
  • 2,Barba Elizabeth Shreve b. Nov. 24, 1918 d. Nov. 24, 1919
  • 3.Bessie Shreve b. Feb. 9, 1882 d. June 26, 1966 : daughter of William Riley and Barbar Elizabeth Haney Thorne; wife of Eugene Dennis Shreve
  • 4.Cara Mabel Shreve, Mill Creek Cem., b. Mar. 16, 1897 d Feb. 18, 1975 ; daughter of John W. and Lena Balli Fincham ; wife of Jesse Shreve
  • 5.Carrie E. Shreve, Maplewood Cem., Oct 20, 1876 d. June 15, 1961 at Findley, Ohio
  • 6.Charles E. Shreve, Mill Creek Cem., b. April 3, 1900 at Cassity, WV d July 1973; son of Charles and Rachael William Shreve; husband of Norva Fincham
  • 7.Dewey R.F. Shreve Beverly Cem., b. April 5, 1941 d. April 8, 1941
  • 8.Dorothy M. Shreve, Mill Creek Cem., no birth date; d Jan 5, 1937 ; daughter of Clifford and Viola Shreve
  • 9.Elizabeth Shreve, Wamsley-Valley Bend Cem., no birth or death date
  • 10.Elmer O. Shreve, Mill Creek Cem., b. 1910 d. 1964
  • 11.Emerson Shreve b. 1880 d. 1941
  • 12.Emily B. Shreve, Memorial Gardns Cem., b. 1891 d. 1960
  • 13.Ervin E. Shreve, Wamsley-Valley Bend Cem. b. April 11, 1913 d. Feb. 4, 1917 ; son of Straer and Eule Shreve
  • 14.Eugene Dennis Shreve b. Mar 10, 1873 d. July 31, 1949
  • 15.Eula Blanche Shreve b Jan. 29 1888 at Queens, Upshur Co., WV d. Sept. 7, 1975 ; daughter of Franklin R. and Florence Snyder Lloyd; widow of Strader Shreve, who d. Nov 16, 1954
  • 16.Flossie A. Shreve, Valley Bend-GreenLawn Cem., b. Aug 23, 1880 d. Aug. 21, 1974 ; daughter of Noah and Elizabeth Quick Shreve
  • 17.Ford Shreve b. April 17, 1882 d. June 25, 1911
  • 18.Fred Shreves no birth date d. June 25, 1911
  • 19.Fred James Shreves b. July 29, 1890 married Jan. 11, 1913 to Bessie V. Vanpelt, who d. Aug. 9, 1978 ; son of Henry and Mary Simmons Shreves
  • 20.French Shreve b. Sept 21, 1879 d. Oct 11, 1953
  • 21.Gary Wade Shreve b. Dec. 6, 1950 at Philadelphia, PA d. Oct. 31, 1968 ; son of Montgomery and Grace Shreve
  • 22.George Dewey Shreve b. June 9, 1901 d. Sept 5, 1960 ; husband of Retha Florence Shreve
  • 23.Grace E. Shreve b Feb. 5, 1922
  • 24.G.P. Shreve no birth date d. July 11, 1861 at Battle of Rich Mt., Co. B., 25th VA Inf. Reg., C.S.A.
  • 25.Infant Shreve b and d Dec. 21, 1948 ; child of Clifford Shreve
  • 26.Infant Shreve, Weese Cemetery Cem., b and d 1971 ; infant of Ida Lee Shreve
  • 27.James F. Shreve no birth and death dates ; husband of Lulah E. Shreve
  • 28.James Williams Shreve b.1859 d. March 2, 1938
  • 29.Jesse M.Shreve, Mill Creek Cem., b. Feb. 27, 1890 d. Apr. 1975 ; son of Charles and Rachael William Shreve ; husband of Cora Fincham, who d. Feb. 18, 1975
  • 30.John Shreves b. no date d. Feb 7, 1933, age 80 yr. 1 month
  • 31.John Bosworth Shreve b. Sept. 18, 1892 at Lee Bell, Randolph Co., WV d. Dec. 23, 1978 ; son of James E. and Aletha B. Snelson Shreve ; husband of Rachael Cecelia Patterson
  • 32.John Gale Shreve Feb. 21, 1912 d. Nov. 19, 1920
  • 33.Joshua Q. Shreve b. May 26, 1855 d. March 11, 1929
  • 34.Katherine Lillean Shreve b. July 29, 1904 d. Feb. 7, 1955
  • 35.Kevin Ray Shreve, Mill Creek AKA Geo Westphall Cem., Huttonsville 219 Rd.. b. April 4, 1963 d. Dec. 12, 1963 ; son of Herbert and Shirley Shreve
  • 36.Lora Shreve b. 1892 d. Jan. 25, 1930
  • 37.Lucy F. Shreve b. 1877 d. 1950 ; wife of Nelson J. Shreve
  • 38.Lulah E. Shreve, Mingo Cem., b. 1899 d. 1965 ; wife of James F. Shreve
  • 39.Maggie E. Shreve b. Aug. 31, 1861 d. June 2, 1913
  • 40.Martha Shreve b. Oct. 3, 1901 d. June 20, 1975
  • 41.Maude Daniels Shreve b. 1878 d. Oct. 9, 1918 ; daughter of Elam Daniels
  • 42.Mona Jane Shreve b. Nov. 5, 1893, near Upper Tract, Pendleton Co., WV d. April 23, 1979 ; daughter of Charles A. and Margaret Johnson Shreve
  • 43.Montgomery Shreve b. April 22, 1920 d. Aug. 28, 1964 ; WV A.D.N.C., U.S.N., WWII
  • 44.Myrtle Shreve b. Feb. 19, 1893 d. Sept. 5, 1959
  • 45.Nancy Shreve b. July 28, 1889 d. Mar. 15, 1970 ; wife of (1) William Woods (2)Herbert Shreve
  • 46.Nelson J. Shreve b. 1872 d. 1941 ; husband of Lucy F. Shreve
  • 47.Orvis Shreve, Bradley Valley Rd. Cem., b. Dec. 11, 1905 d. Dec. 20, 1905 ; son of C.F. and Nina Shreve
  • 48.Pollie E. Watson Shreve b. 1890 d. 1970 ; wife of Shank Shreve
  • 49.Rachel Cecilia Shreve b. 1886 d. Oct. 15, 1971 ; daughter of William F. and Rachel Cecilia Mcloskey Patterson ; wife of John B. Shreve, Sr
  • 50.Roger L. Shreve, Brick Church, Huttonsville Cem., born and died 1960
  • 51.Shank Shreve, Watson-Valley Bend Cem., no dates for birth and death ; husband of Pollie E. Watson Shreve
  • 52.Strader Shreve b. 1882 d, 1954 ; husband of Eula Shreve
  • 53.Stark Shreve b.1879 d.June 18, 1927, killed by Richard B. Parrack at Mill Creek, shot during arrest
  • 54.Sue G. Pritt Shreve b. 1884 d. 1957 ; wife of Emerson W. Shreves
  • 55.Thelma W. Shreve b. Jan. 29, 1910 d. Jan. 24, 1911 ; daughter of F. and N. Shreve
  • 56.Wanda Elizabeth Shreve b. Nov. 24, 1918 d. Nov. 24, 1919
  • 57. Wilson Shreve b. February 9, 1916 married Nov. 5, 1947 to Ruth Ann Cutright d. March 29, 1978, Vet, WWII ; son of Herbert and Currence Shreve
  • 58.Bessie V. Shreves b. June 5, 1895 d. Oct. 22, 1977 ; daughter of William and Laura Snyder Vanpelt ; wife of Fred Shreves
  • 59.Carrol Shreves b. 1931 d. 1932 l son of Jesse and Cora Shreves
  • 60.Cecil Shreves b. 1888 d. 1938
  • 61.Charles C. Shreves Mill Creek Cem. b. 1860 d. 1937
  • 62.Clara Shreves b.1867 d. 1901 ; wife of P.L. Shreves
  • 63.Clinton J. Shreves born and died 1929
  • 64.E.Junior Shreves Mill Creek Cem., b. 1923 d. 1967 ; husband of Ressie M. Shreves
  • 65.Eletha B. Shreves b.1867 d. 1953
  • 66.Fred James Shreves b.1890 d. Aug. 9, 197-
  • 67.Franklin N. Shreves Trinity -Beverly Cem., b.born and died 1960
  • 68.Infant Shreves b. and d. Dec. 22, 1903 ; daughter of E.D. and Bessie Shreves
  • 69.Isaac Shreves b. 1858 d. 1938
  • 70.Jacob W. Shreves b. Feb. 21, 1865 d. Nov. 15, 1897
  • 71.James E. Shreves b. 1852 d. 1942
  • 72.James H. Shreves b. b. April 19, 1877 d. Jan. 10, 1950
  • 73.John Shreves no birth date d. Feb. 7, 1933, age 80 yrs., 1 mth, 15 days
  • 74.John Newton Shreves b. Sept. 15, 1877 in Pendleton Co., WV d. April 22, 1946 at Parsons, WV
  • 75.John Sterling Shreves, Mill Creek Cem., b. and d. 1942
  • 76.June Shreves no birth and death date
  • 77.Junior Edward Shreves, Mill Creek Cem, b. Dec 23, 1923 d. Jan. 1, 1967 ; Vet WWII ; son of Charles Edward and Nora Fincham Shreves
  • 78.Lawrence Shreves b. Aug. 8, 1921 d. Feb. 23, 1922
  • 79.Lillie M. Fincham Shreves b. 1880 d. 19XX ; wife of Rufus Sterling Shreves
  • 80.Madge C. Shreves, Mill Creek Cem., b. April 11, 1916 d. Aug. 13, 1916 ; daughter of Rufus Sterling and Lillie M. Fincham Shreves
  • 81.Mary Etta Shreves b. 1868 d. 1952 ; wife of Isaac Shreves
  • 82.Nina Leah Shreves born and died 1930
  • 83.Ola Shreves b. July 14, 1914 d. Nov. 24, 1914 ; daughter of Rufus Sterling and Lillie M. Shreves
  • 84.P.L. Shreves b. 1862 d. 1921 ; husband of Clara Shreves
  • 85.Randy L. Shreves, Mill Creek Cem., b. 1960 d. 1961
  • 86.Ressie M. Shreves, Mill Creek Cem., b. 1928 d. 19XX/
  • 87.Reta Addie Shreves no birth and death date
  • 88.Ritha Florence Shreves b. 1850 d. Mar. 7, 1905 ; wife of George D. Shreves
  • 89.Ruffus C. Shreves b. May 10, 1902 d. May 15, 1902 ; son of Rufus S and Lillie M Shreves
  • 90.Ruffus Sterling Shreves, Mill Creek Cem., b. 1878 d. 1949 ; husband of Lillie M. Fincham Shreves
  • 91.Sophia Shreves, Mill Creek Cem., b. Aug. 13, 1903 d. May 29, 1916 ; daughter of Ruffus Sterling and Lillie M. Shreves
  • 92.Stacie Lenora Shreves, Mill Creek Cem., b.Aug. 22, 1922 d. Oct. 3, 1922 ; daughter of Sterling Shreves
  • 93.Paul Kermit Shreves, Mill Creek Cem., b.May 9, 1949 d. June 10, 1967
  • 94.Wash. Shreves b. 1882 d. March 4, 1905
  • 95.William G. Shreves b. Dec. 27, 1901 d. Nov. 9, 1902 ; son of E. D. and Bessie Shreves
  • This concludes three pages of cemetery listings for the name Shreve and Shreves in Randolph Co., West Virginia

  • LOST CREEK settlers were from the Seventh Day Baptist Families migration from Cecil Co., Maryland
  • Log Church built 1808
  • Benjamin Bassel House on Lost Creek Rd

  • Marriages

  • 1. John Shreve and Elizabeth B. Cox, July 20, 1825 ; unknown place
  • Joseph Shreve and Elizabeth Whitecotton, October 19, 1804 from Harrison Co
  • Maryan Shrieve and James Lambert, June 11, 1796 Harrison Co., d/o Mary Ann
  • Benjamin Shrieve and Mary Cutler, June 13, 1796, Harrison Co., Margaret and Benjamin children
  • Source for the Harrison Co marriages; 1985, Wes Cochran, Parkersburg, WV
  • Benjamin Franklin Shreve born Bedford Co., VA Nov. 22,1800 married Amanda Campbell Green Co., KY 1832 ; he died in Wise Co., Texas 1884
    • Harrison County, VA deeds ; 1785-1810, compiler John D. Davis, Heritage Books, 1993
  • February 3, 1808, page 296. Joseph & Elizabeth Shreves and Benjamin & Eve Shreves, all of Harrison Co., Virginia to John Hays, of same, for $200.00, 1/3 of 50 acres...Elk Creek...between Samuel Hall, Joseph Bell, and Simon Arnold. Signed Benjamin Shreves, Eve Shreves and Joseph (X) Shreves, Wit: Weedon Huffman, Benjamin Radcliff, Daniel Haymond and William Blair Jr. Recorded February 1808

  • April 16, 1804, Page 408. James and Mary Curtis, of Harrison Co., Virginia to John Edmonds, of same, for $75.00, 168 acres...Lost Creek...line of Joseph Shreeves. Signed James Curtis and Mary Curtis. Recorded 1804

  • Eagle Rock on the way to Smoke Hole is a breath taking sight

  • Country store at Eagle Rock brought back lots of memories to me growing up in the country grocery store

    • Pendleton Co., Franklin, West Virginia deeds
  • Deed made January 1, 1901 between George W. Shreve of Pendleton Co. and Andrew B. Shreve of Pendleton Co. a tract of land, containing 89 acres in the county of Pendleton lying west of the South Branch on the drains of Salt block run, at the Smoke Hole settlement, in the district of Mill Run, adjoining and between the lands of Benjamin W. Shreve and John W. Shreve and Calvin Kimble. The sum of $125.00 paid by the said Andrew B. Shreve. The said land formerly conveyed by Mary Full, widow of Jacob Full deceased to Amby and Ada J. Helmick to Mary E. Shreve the daughter of Benjamin W. Shreve and at her death the same descended to her son George W. Shreve. (by deed dated February 20, 1889 deed book No. 28) The said George W. Shreve releases to Andrew B. Shreve all claims...

    • Newspaper articles about our SHREVES
  • 1. Times Recorder (Zanesville, Ohio) May 23, 1971 Child Three Hit by Auto Patrick Shreve 3, son of Mr and Mrs Jesse Shreve of 2358 Hoge Avenue was injured shortly before 3 P.m. Saturday when he was struck by the right front fender of an automobile after he darted into Linden Avenue at Ball Street police said. Police said Marjorie Eleanor Tracy, 62, of Sunray Place Route 4 was driving north of Linden Avenue when the child ran into the path of her car. The child sustained bruises and abrasions and was taken to Good Samaritan Medical Center by his parents. He was dismissed after receiving treatment

  • 2. The Frederick Post (Frederick, Maryland) January 13, 1954 D. HERBERT SHREVE of Silver Spring a native of Dickerson died on Sunday at George Washington University Hospital after a long illness. He was 60 years of age. A native of Dickerson Mr Shreve was a son of the late Daniel T and Effie H Shreve. He lived in Upper Montgomery County the early part of his life and later moved to the Washington area where he was associated with the Peoples Life Insurance company. Survivors include his wife Mrs Margaret Brewer Shreve one daughter Ida Ann Shreve, three sisters, Mrs. Carroll Price, Harrodsburg, KY ; Mrs Edgar Horne Washington and Mrs Charles D White Sioux City, IA and two brothers Wellington H. and Franklin W. Shreve both of Bladensburg. Funeral services will be held today at 12:30 p.m. at the Pumphrey funeral home in Bethesda. Interment in Monocacy cemetery, Beallsville

  • 3. Evening Post (Frederick, Maryland June 8, 1912 Wedding at Barnesville Waters-Shreve Marriage Ceremony was Beautiful Affair Barnesville, MD June 8... The wedding here Thursday afternoon in Christ Episcopal Church of Miss Hilleary Shreve eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Daniel T Shreve of Dickerson, MD and Mr Joseph Henry Waters son of Mr Thomas Waters of Washington DC formerly of Tacoma Park was one of the most beautiful that ever has been held here. The bride wore a tan traveling suit of unis? veiling timmed with ..essaline and lace with hat and gloves to match and carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley and white roses. Her only attendant was her eldest sister Miss Effie Hammond Shreve who wore a dress of blue nun's veiling with picture hat and carried a bouquet of pink roses. Miss Mildred Gertrude Shreve and Miss Susan Dawson Giddings sister and niece of the bride and bridgroom respectively were the flower gils and carried sweet peas and roses which they scattered in the aisle as the bride advanced on the arm of her father who resented her in marriage. Mr Walter Warfield Waters was best man for his brother while the ushers were Mr D Herbert Shreve eldest brother of the bride; Mr L Irvine Nuber, Mr Floyd Cissel and Mr Douglass Hudson, the last three being members of the Kappa Alpha fraternity of which the bridegroom is a member. Miss Julia Belt?..of Dickerson, Md played the wedding marches from Lohengrin and Mendelsohn and during the ceremony the flower song. Mr and Mrs Waters left later for a honeymoon trip to New York City up the Hudson to Albany, Buffalo and Niagara Falls

  • 4. Beckley Post-Herald (Beckley, West Virginia) April 22, 1959 Valley Head April 21 .... Five marriage licenses were issued by the Randolph County Clerk are as follows: Herbert Lee Shreve 30, Mill Creek and Doris Mae Robinson, 24, Cassidy
  • 5. SHREVES (POOLE) Mary C. Shreves, 93, of Grove City, passed away Sunday, December 6, 2009 at Mt. Carmel West. She was born October 30, 1916, in Chillicothe, daughter of the late Edward and Laura King Lyons. In addition to her parents, Mary was preceded in death by her 1st husband Roy Poole, 2nd husband Frank Shreves, son Freddy Poole, brothers Edward and Paul Lyons, sisters Ruth Happ and Rita Lyons. She is survived by her son, Ron (Carol) Poole; daughter, Ann (Harry) Keller; five step-daughters; numerous grand, great- and great- great-grandchildren. Visitation will be Wednesday, December 9, 2009 from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. at NEWCOMER FUNERAL HOME SW CHAPEL, 3393 Broadway, Grove City, with the eulogy beginning at 6 p.m. Mass of Christian Burial will be Thursday, December 10, 2009 at 9:30 a.m. at St. Agnes Church, 2364 W. Mound St., Columbus. Interment will be in Green Lawn Cemetery. To leave a special message for the family visit

  • 6. Cumberland, Maryland, "Times-News," hand dated 07-03 -1966. Ira P. Shreve - Keyser - Ira P. Shreve, 75, of RD 1, Keyser, died Sunday in Potomac Valley Hospital after an illness of 10 years. A retired merchant, he was a native of Pendleton County and was a son of the late Benjamin F. and Sarah (Judy) Shreve. Surviving are his widow, Myrtle A. (Alt) Shreve; a foster-daughter, Mrs. Ruth Bradley, Bethesda, Md.; a sister, Mrs. Etta F. Alt, RD 1 Keyser; a brother, Clemon Shreve, Upper Tract; and a half-brother, Bernie Shreve, Upper Tract. The body is at the Rogers Funeral Home. Services will be conducted there tomorrow at 11 a.m. by Rev. John England. Burial will be in Potomac Valley Memorial Gardens

  • 7. Clarence Edmond Shreve July 27, 1929 father Ruben & Bertha Shreve sisters Barbara Shreve of the home and Catherine linville Clarksburg, Lumberport, WV September 19, 1950 Han River, Korea vicinity US Marine Corps. (Grandparents Benjamin F and Cora Shreve living in Eagle, Harrison, West Virginia and Great Grandparents Francis M. and Mary E. Shreve living in Clarksburg, Clay twp, Harrison, West Virginia, Francis & Mary born in Virginia) Would love to know the father of Francis M Shreve...could he be a grandson of Benjamin & Anne Berry Shreve?

  • 8.
  • West Virginia Census
  • Mt.Rupert Cemetery
  • William Martin Shreve
  • Henry Miller Shreve
  • John and Mary Burke Shreve