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Irish Morrow Crest

Morrow history

On the Lancaster-Charlotte Highway is the above marker. And a little farther north on the Lancaster Hwy is the New Six Mile Cemetery off to the right on 6 Mile Rd and Waxhaw Presbyterian Cemetery south of the New Six Mile Cemetery farther off the Lancaster Hwy. Both are great places to visit. 2008 I made the trip to Union, North Carolina to another cemetery where Morrow kin are buried


As compiled by Janelle Morrow Walker Warden, 2006

The Morrow Clan came from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania, Somerset County, Maryland and Norfolk, Virginia stopping off in Prince Edward Co., Virginia as well as Guilford County, North Carolina and Buffalo Creek ; (1780-1790 Lancaster was a part of Mecklenburg, NC being in the panhandle of what is now South Carolina). It is uncertain as to how many and who of the MORROWS went West to North Carolina; however, they did seem to stay in groups of people who migrated from Ireland and Scots-Irish to America. Some may have been more adventurous and decided to strike out on their own to other parts. Morrow DNA show that James McKnight Morrow and David Morrow Sr. are related but we were missing a generation of kin ; both of these families made their move south to Mecklenburg-Lancaster-Waxhaw. James Morrow born 1765 of David & Martha Brashear Morrow was not well documented and was somewhat of a mystery in our researching. Our James McKnight Morrow 1765-1829 was certainly following David & Martha Morrow and family all around Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library , Charlotte, NC has a Genealogy Department with the Record and History of descendants of James McKnight Morrow & Allen Watson Morrow, c1968 by Azalee Morrow Lentz. Also found in the Lancaster County Public Library in Lancaster, SC was additions to the Morrows by Louise Pettus along with information posted by Worth S. Ray who has numerous materials about the Morrows. [Worth Ray has some good material in his book "Tennessee Cousins" but you do have to figure out which Morrow is the correct one. With the help of these researchers and their publications, I have formed my own theory to my MORROWS while living in the Carolinas before making their way to East Tennessee

As told by my family: the Morrows were originally from Northern Ireland as early as 1700. They made their way to the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Prince Edward County and Lunenburg, Virginia. Some emigrated to Guilford County, North Carolina. It is in Guilford County on Buffaloe Creek where David Morrow established a home with Martha Brashear Morrow. DNA testing shows that David Morrow is the son of James Morrow born 1715 Colerain twsp., Pennsylvania and died 1775 Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania and married to Ann (possibly GLENN). My Tennessee Morrows had said David and Martha were the parents of James McKnight Morrow. Our James McKnight Morrow and Susannah Watson got their license to wed December 31, 1785 in Prince Edward Co., Virginia and wed January 1, 1786 (some records say they married in Surry Co., NC but I believe this is a wrong record or the county properties changed) and by Fall of 1786 a movement was made to Lancaster County, South Carolina on the Six Mile Creek or "Bel Aire" as the community was called. In 1790 in Mecklenburg County, the Morrows, Maxwells and McKnights were living in districts #1 and #7 ; that is, Steel Creek and Beatties Ford Section. That area of Mecklenburg and Lancaster were much considered to be North Carolina

James McKnight Morrow was in Indian Land, Lancaster, SC by October 1786 and had settled there when their first child Sarah was born ; he helped to organize the Old Six Mile Creek Church, an old log church on the Henry Harris Rd. just off the Lancaster-Charlotte Highway. The old church is no longer there, but the Six-mile Cemetery is still there in a wooded area with lots of rocks for headstones and many stones buried under the mulch of leaves ; many have stood through the years. There may be a hundred graves there; only a few that are still readable. James M. Morrow and wife Susannah Watson Morrow and also some of the children are buried there. It was noted that James M. Morrow and wife received a land grant of six hundred and fifty acres. The old cemetery was called the Morrow Cemetery years ago. Today, the property around the land and the cemetery is well kept. As the present owner in 2006 of the land told Janelle, the road was once called the Old Charlotte Highway and people would camp on Six Mile Creek

    Sons of James McKnight Morrow and Susannah Watson Morrow
  • 1. DAVID MORROW the first son of James McKnight and Susannah Watson Morrow is my brick wall. David was born January 4, 1788 most likely in Indian Land, Lancaster Co., South Carolina. I believe I found David with a wife, two daughters and a son David Morrow Jr. living in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. If I am on the right track David Sr. may have gone to Missouri with a daughter in 1850. His wife probably died before 1850.
    [Another interesting David Morrow died before November 19, 1832 in Rutherford Co., Tennessee. Silas Tucker was appointed guardian for William Morrow, Sally Morrow, John Robert Morrow, Nancy Morrow and Silas Morrow, minor heirs of David Morrow. Silas Morrow was later in Missouri. Does anyone know who this family descends from?]

    • 2. Major BENJAMIN MORROW, second son of James McKnight and Susannah Watson Morrow, married (his second wife) Mary Jane Hawkins, daughter of Governor William Hawkins, and whose old home is at Pineville, North Carolina. Major Morrow's home was in what is now Myers Park, Charlotte, North Carolina. The family must have thought highly of Major Benjamin Franklin Morrow who served in the Mexican-American War of 1846-48, because most everyone of them named a son Benjamin Franklin Morrow. Major Benj was married two times. The first wife Catherine M. White is buried in the Old Settlers' Cemetery in Charlotte, North Carolina along with sons and daughters. Benj himself, is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte with Mary Jane Hawkins Morrow the second wife. (The one I kept calling third wife Elizabeth Stitt was married to Benjamin F Morrow Jr who was a Lieutenant in the Civil War ; Elizabeth Stitt and Benjamin II were married January 22, 1857 Providence, Mecklenburg, Co., North Carolina) one son John L. Morrow born 1861 and died August 6, 1926 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery. John L was a produce merchant ; John L's siblings Fred, Frank and Blanch are also buried at Elmwood Cemetery
    • 3. James McKnight Morrow, Jr was born May 2, 1792 the third son of James & Susannah married Mary Lemond/Lemmond and may have lived in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. 1870 Census James was living with his brother Benjamin F. and Mary Morrow. Benj and James were listed as farmers

    • 4. DRURY MORROW was the fourth son of James and Susannah and he too lived in the Belair area and by 1853 he made the move over the mountain with his family never to return to South Carolina. Morrows in South and North Carolina have told how the "Morrows were split by the mountain" Not only Drury but James McKnight Morrow siblings also went over the mountain and made their stops in Georgia, Mississippi and Texas where some live today

    • 5. ALLEN WATSON MORROW was the fifth and next to the youngest son of James McKnight and SUSANNAH WATSON MORROW. He and his descendants remained in the Carolinas. The oldest son and child, JAMES MCKNIGHT MORROW, III settled in Albemarle, North Carolina where he was a merchant of hardware with his brother, Robert Allen Morrow. Later he bought real estate and in 1939 he gave over 1100 acres to the state of North Carolina which was named MORROW MOUNTAIN STATE PARK. See my photos of MORROW MTN below. This family is buried in Monroe City (Suncrest) Cemetery Union Co., Monroe, NC ; Allen Watson Morrow gave the land for the New Six Mile Church. He also helped build the church. Many members of the Morrow family, and relatives of the Morrows, are buried in the New Six Mile Cemetery

    • 6. WILLIAM MORROW was the sixth son of James and Susannah ; William never married and died at age 19 and can be found buried with his parents and sister Susannah. William was mentioned in grandmother Martha Morrow's will: "I will to my grandson William Morrow, son of my son James, decd, the negro Allen"


      The family of James Hagin Morrow; left to right are Drury Lemuel, Sarah Alice, John M., Alexander Brabson, Vena, Frank Morrow. They are buried at Oakland Presbyterian Cemetery in Bowmantown where they lived and attended church

      Sarah Alice was the baby riding horseback with her mother Rebecca Jane Carson Morrow one cold snowy winter day in January 1871 to visit family, when she was tossed into the soft snow to escape the accident that killed her mother

      Sarah Alice age 17, received her education at Campbell Institute in Bowmantown

      Automobiles and computers were not around so Alice did a lot of writing letters and she received letters from girls and guys

      The two page letter above is just one of several letters Sarah Alice received from guys

      Reba, Dean, and Lucille Morrow at home in Telford (Bowmantown) TN

      The Morrow sisters and brothers in Closing Exercises, Bowmantown School, February 18, 1921 at 7:30 p.m.

      Frank and Drury Lemuel Morrow relaxing at home in Bowmantown ; I think I have heard Frank's home was once a school? today it is torn down and a modern house in its place

      Morrow Clan together at the homeplace in Bowmantown; small girl in front is Jacqueline Kay Walker daughter of Lucille Morrow Walker

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