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The original spelling is De BERCHELAI-BERKELEY-BARKLEY-BARCLAY. It is an English name meaning "Birch Meadow" - thus John who lived in the Birch Meadow became John Berkeley. When some went to Scotland it became Barclay and then to Ulster in Northern Ireland, it became Barkley. Washington County, TN records show Berkley and Barkley ; our Barkley came to Perth Amboy, New Jersey making their way south to Virginia and to Tennessee. Those that moved to Lexington, Fayette Co., Kentucky changed the spelling to Berkley and that is what is shown on their tombstones in Lexington Cemetery

  • Arms : Azure, a cross between two cross pattei enclosed by a border of cheques. All square figures are symbols of wisdom and signify verity, probity, constancy and equity. The phrase mens square dealing. Blue stands for truth and loyalty. Gold stands for superior rank and noble birth
  • Cross: All crosses mean religious persecution, constancy till death
  • John and Suzanne came to Leesburg from Virginia around 1780. John was given permission by the court "to keep a public tavern in Leesburg" in 1811. The Barkley tavern was just down the road from the famous Devault Tavern. The Barkleys bought eight town lots in Leesburg. They belonged to the Leesburg Presbyterian Church, but somewhere along the way they erred by giving a ball at their home, so they were "churched or read out of the church" as they called it. The following is contained in the minutes of the Leesburg Presbyterian Church dated May 23, 1835; "Alexander Kirk appeared before the Session and satisfied them of his sorrow for having attended a ball at the Barkleys some time since and is now considered a member in good standing in the church." John and Susannah came from predominately Episcopal Virginia where dancing was customary

    When John died, Susannah applied "to have leave to keep a house of entertainment" - an inn. The profession of innkeeping was passed on to her son, Daniel Burgess Barkley, who moved just outside of Jonesborough and bought an inn from Dr. William Chester, who went to Jonesborough to establish the famous Chester Inn. The "Farmers Journal" published in Jonesborough, dated November 25, 1825, which reads : "Public House" the subscriber having lately removed to Bowling Green one mile west of Jonesborough on the main leading to Greeneville by way of Leesburg has opened a house of Public Entertainment at the sign of the "Green Tree" - Daniel Barkley. This property is still owned by a member of the family. Today 2012 a man from England lives in the house

    Highlights from John Barkley's life in Tennessee
  • February 23, 1803, John settled in Leesburg, Tennessee
  • John bought 10 lots from Abraham Campbell
  • August 04, 1807, he bought 198 acres on Nolachuckey from Thomas Brabson
  • August 03, 1814, Susannah and son Daniel named administrators of John's inventory

  • 1. DANIEL BURGESS BARKLEY married twice (1)Jane Shields (2)Margaret Lucinda Hannah
  • 2. EBENEZER BARKLEY, b. 1791, VA; d. April 1872, Leesburg, Tn married Mary E. Taylor (daughter of Christopher Taylor)
  • I really believe a BURGESS BARKLEY should fit in here ; there are a lot of years between children. There was a Burgess Barkley married in Washington Co., TN and was living in Kentucky with a family. Ebenezer had a son John to go to Lexington, Kentucky where he married and the family is buried in the Lexington Cemetery
  • 3. BERGESS BARKLEY (BURGESS BARCKLEY) born abt 1794 I truly think is a son of John and Susannah Burgess Barkley. He married Elizabeth unknown in Washington Co., 1818 and move soon after to Fayette Co., Kentucky ; few years later a nephew of Bergess moved to Fayette Co and was living near Bergess and Elizabeth Berkley
  • 4. REBECCA BARKLEY, b. November 22, 1799 married George Cochran July 25, 1820. Children; William, Nancy Jane, James, John B. Sarah, Daniel B., Franklin D., Ebenezer, Samuel C., Jacob C., Robert, and Margaret Angeline Cochran
  • 5. JANE BARKLEY married twice (1)James H. Cochran and had one daughter Margaret L. Cochran who married Benjamin F. Swingle. (2)Jacob Cameron. Children; William B., Marquis DeLafayette, Mary N., James M Clin, John Whitfield, Elizabeth, Sarah Jane, and Harriet E. Cameron
  • James MClin Cameron father of Nola Frances Cameron born 1868 and grandfather of Mary Hardin. JANE BARKLEY and JACOB CAMERON were the great grandparents of Mary Hardin McCown of Johnson City, TN, writer, member of the Tennessee Historical Commission and Johnson City's official historian
  • 6. JOHN TALBOTT/TOLBERT BARKLEY, m. SARAH ELIZABETH CHARLTON ; their daughter MARY ESTHER BARKLEY married ROBERT ALLISON DUNCAN in 1853. Other children ; Emaline, Alexander Simpson, Henry Powell, John K., Susannah, Rebeccah M., Ebenezer B., Margaret Lucinda, William Charlton, and Mary Elizabeth Barkley
  • The family of Robert Allison & Esther Barkley Duncan. (Courtesy of Nancy Walker Shanks which must have been in a collection of Oma Walker & J Matt Hunt pictures ; any idea where the house was located most likely in Leesburg?

  • 7. NANCY BARKLEY, born in Tennessee July 25, 1811 m. HENRY MCCRACKEN . He married a 2nd time
  • 8. SARAH BARKLEY born about 1812 never married but left a will naming all her nieces. Sarah died after February 7, 1846
  • 9. ELIZABETH BARKLEY, m. JAMES HALE, May 10, 1839, Washington Co., TN. Elizabeth and James were living in Washington Co. with sons and a daughter-this line is unfamiliar

  • Wash Co TN Wills 1777-1872 by Goldene Fillers Burgner

    Sarah Barkley.........February 7, 1846 abstract of her will....

  • Rebecca Cochran to have a note I hold on George Cochran
  • Sarah Cochran, my furniture at Ebenezer Barkley's decd
  • One other to Delila Tennessee Barkley
  • Sarah Jane Barkley and Emaline Barkley, daughters of John Barkley. Pay Daniel Barkley a $20 debt I owe him. Pay Jacob C. Cochran $100 between John, Daniel, Franklin D.,, Samuel C. Cochran
  • Sarah Jane King daughter of Edward King
  • Sarah Ann Patton
  • Mary Cameron
  • Sarah Jane Bright
  • Evelina Cameron
  • Susannah Barkley daughter of Elizabeth Barkley Kentucky
  • Sarah Martin daughter of E. S. and Mary Martin
  • Executors: Ebenezer Barkley, Wit: Daniel Barkley, John B. Cochran, John Barkley. Probated March Term, 1846. Signed: Sarah (X) Barkley

  • 1. WILLIAM SHIELDS BARKLEY, b. June 16, 1813; m. LOUISA M. AIKEN
  • 2. JOHN A. BARKLEY, b. August 27, 1814
  • 3. EBENEZER M. BARKLEY, b. May 28, 1816
  • 4. SUSANNAH ELIZABETH BARKLEY, b. May 08, 1818; m. William BRIGHT and moved to Iowa by 1860
  • 5. SARAH ANN BARKLEY, b. May 1820; m. JAMES PATTON, a physician
  • 6. DANIEL BURGESS BARKLEY II, b. Abt. 1823; d. Abt. 1823
  • .
  • 7. DANIEL BURGESS BARKLEY III, b. July 16, 1826, Leesburg, Washington County, Tennessee; d. November 29, 1895 married Mary Ann Ingersoll
  • 8. AMANDA JANE BARKLEY, b. May 16, 1827; m. _____ MEAD

  • 1. ANDREW HANNA BARKLEY, b. July 25, 1829
  • 2. MARGARET LUCINDA BARKLEY, b. April 07, 1831 married James T. Blair October 18, 1853 ; two daughters & three sons ; moved to Loudoun, Tennessee
  • 3. JACOB CAMERON BARKLEY, b. September 17, 1833 married Sophia Alice Telford October 14, 1866 ; five girls & two boys

  • "D.B. Barkley is a young man of fair and unblemished moral and christian character." as said by Rufus P. Wells, November 2, 1852 in a recommendation. In early manhood he joined the Presbyterian church and ever afterwards adorned his profession by his earnest endeavors and sympathizing Christian kindness. He was energetic and did his work in the very best manner possible. He taught school for thirteen years. The two schools in which he taught were Elizabethton Male Academy and Limestone Academy. The five sessions taught in Limestone Academy from "about the second monday in April, 1856" to 1858 are recorded in an old ledger. The exact closing date was not recorded. The number of students attending the sessions varied. In session number one, twenty pupils enrolled. The enrollment of the second session was thirty-two. The enrollment for the third session was only twenty. Session number four, the enrollment increased to forty. Session number five had an enrollment of thirty-three and many of the pupils were enrolled in all sessions

    Only five girls were enrolled and one girl was NANCY GARBERborn September 25, 1848 and the daughter of Isaac and Rachel Brown Garber, granddaughter of John and Nancy Smith Brown attended all sessions and was the only girl in session number one. Tuition was five cents a day. Money was scarce so some paid in wood, wheat or corn. WILLIAM HALL paid his tuition for one session by "plowing patch." Another interesting payment was 2400 boards, $5.50 MARY BRABSON paid tuition with 14 bushels of wheat at .75 a bushel. D. BIDDLE got credit for 10 bushels of corn at .40 a bushel

    The first page of the ledger has CAROLINE INGERSOLL's name and underneath was D.B. BARKLEY. Also listed are the CONTRACTS OF EMPLOYEES of MOSES INGERSOLL recorded in the first half of the book ; Caroline Ingersoll sister to Mary Ann Prudence Ingersoll and Moses Ingersoll their father ; I have yet to locate this ledger

    D.B. Barkley was a schoolteacher, farmer and merchant *information from the Barkley tree with leaves by Anna Mae Barkley

    MARY ANN PRUDENCE INGERSOLL BARKLEY was a member of Mt. Bethel Christian Church. She was a devoted Christian and ardently attached to the church. She was a woman of culture and exhibited a type of noble womanhood. She merited the loyalty of all her friends and possessed a great power for making friends. Making beautiful quilts was one of her accomplishments. She won many prizes at the County Fairs on these unusual pieces of handiwork Daniel and Mary Ann were so devoted to each other, they prayed that they might depart this life together, so one might not mourn the other. For days the two lay so ill that members of the family wondered which would be the first to depart from the pain and suffering. At four o'clock in the morning of November 29, 1895 Daniel B. Barkley passed away, a victim of the agonizing disease of cancer. Thirteen hours later the death angel again entered this home and took Mary Ann Barkley. She had been unconscious and too weak to know of her husband's passing

    Found in Mary Ann Prudence Ingersoll Barkley's INGERSOLL BIBLE. Does any one know anything about what this might be? It reminds me of the chewable twist candies we have today. Was this a favorite candy of Mary Ann's as a young girl?
    Daniel Burgess, John Daniel, and Mary Ann Ingersoll Barkley
  • 1. Katharine Jane Barkley, born October 15, 1850, died December 10, 1915 and married Ethelbert Dudley Brabson September 20, 1876 at Leesburg, Washington Co., Tennessee. Ethelbert was a miller and operated the Brabson Mill at Carson Creek Rd and Bowmantown Rd
  • 2. Samuel Keebler Barkley, born February 06, 1855, married Elizabeth Achsah Bowman ; it was Samuel Keebler Barkley who received inheritance from Uncle Samuel Keebler
  • 3.John Daniel Barkley, born November 09, 1857, died December 20, 1943 and married Amanda Jane Deakins July 02, 1889
  • 4. Matthew Barkley born and died ... ; buried in the Keebler Family Cemetery (Bowmantown) Washington Co., TN
  • 5. William Burgess Barkley, born December 20, 1862 married to Achsa Hunt and died in Bristol, TN August 03, 1931

  • Youngest son of William Burgess and Achsa Hunt Barkley was William Ingersoll Barkley, I b.August 13, 1900, Wallace, Virginia & d.January 1984