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(The spelling and punctuation, or lack of it, are strictly Rev. Wilsonís.)

The following is a transcript of a letter written by Daniel Wilson in the late 1800 most likely while living in Bourbon Co. KS.†† The original transcript was provided by Mrs. Virgil L. Williams, the wife of Daniel Wilsonís great-great-great-grandson through Danielís daughter, Sarah Emeline Wilson.Sarah Emeline married Robert Arnold in 1867 in Miami Co. IN†† The letter is in very poor condition and has several tears and stains.A transcript of the letter was sent to bjhbeach who uploated it to this web site.Mrs. Williams submitted a copy of this letter to the Journal of North Carolina Genealogy in which it appeared in the Fall 1995 edition.


A sketch of Biography of my Pilgrimage and Travel through life.

(I?) was born in North Carolina Guilford county near Greensborough the county Seat on the 28th day of October 1813My Fathers name was John Wilson my Mothers name was Elizabeth Linthicum before she was Married to my FatherThey had Thirteen children Born to them one died an Infant the other twelve were all Raised to Man and Woman hood I was the Eleventh child born to themI became Religiously Enclined In Early life as my parents were Both Religious My Father adheared to the society of Friends my Mother was a true and zelous Methodist of the old Wesley StampI Embrace Religion on the 10th day of September 1831 at a Camp Meeting held In the Town of Greensboro under the supurintendency of the Elder Moses BrockIn a few days after I returned home from the camp Meeting I Joined the Methodist††††††††††††††† Ep - - - -(?) church at Muiers Chapel where I remained a member until I moved near a church In the same county call Rehoboth to which I removed my name and Soon after Married a Girl the name of Nancy Leonard having a clear sence of a call to the Ministry I applied for a licence to Exhort and was Licensed by the members of the Rehoboth church in the Spring of 1833, Exercised my gifts of Exhorten of Three years then applied for a License to Preach which was Granted by the quarterly conference held at Harmonlyhill Guilford county N.C. of 19th day of November 1836I remained to occupy a local Position oa Minister In the M E Church up to the time of the Division of the ME Church in 1844 & 45 when the Southern wing of the Church was Struck off and Formed the M E Church South which was accomplished by Southern Slave Holders the result was that several of the Members of the Guildford Circuit with drew from the M E C South and formed our selves Into clases and held our meetings as best we could as were locked out of the M E Church†† the way soon opened up so that we become united with the Wesleyan Methodist church the only Preachers we had for a time was myself John W Linthicum and Hugh Baker communication was soon had with the Ohio Wesleyan conference and they sent us a young Man the name of Adam Crooks who Preached a year for us with good Success when he returned to the Ohio conference and then returned again with Two other Preacher Jesse McBride and J C Bacon Great Success was given to their labors and our little church Prospered greatly until So that other churches became alarmed for fear that we Would out Strip any of the older churches I the south So like the Jews of old they Stired up Persercution raised mobs drove the Ohio Preachers of threatning their lives I f they did not leave So they all Three left the field & another Preacher from the Protestant Methodist had Joined the name of Wm Anderson the classes now met In quarterly conference to devise some way to keep the worke going and after consultation assigned me to the worke which Impbrace a Portion of 3 counties to with Guilford Davidson and Montgomery in the State of North Carolina which I traveled and had to charge of from 1849 to 1859 and the worked Prospered till the getting up the sivil War after being moved Several times and opposed as St Paul called It by false Brethern and In many ways Exposed and Threatned I gathered my Family and what little affects I could move In a One Horse veicle and Started for more congenial climes So we Journeyed for Indiana where we had Relatives and Friends and the Lord was with us and Prospered our way until we reached Henry county Indiana to our Brother John Wilsons and his sons where we found a welcome and Staid In that county for about Eighteen Months amongst our friends and Relations then we left Henry county and traveled Northwest across several countys to miamia county where we located for seven years and were Providentially favoured So that we concluded to look for a home in Kansa and commenced our Travel In the fall of 78 (corrected to 68 Ė family was listed in 1870 Bourbor Co KS census) and landed In Bourbon county Kansas on the 1st day December 1878 (actually 1868) and we Bought a Claim of Elisha Hu(- - -torn) on the waters of Pawnee creek In which Neighbourhood we have lived Ever Since afer we came here we connected of selves with the Church here and traveled In different circuits In the Kansas conference till 1876 when I was Elected Presiednt of the Kansas Conference and Traveled In that Relation that year Since which I have Travedled Serveral (?) (- - -torn) different charges but have now Retired.

Footnote:The year 1878 has been corrected by Sarah Wilson Arnold, his daughter, to read 1868 which is correct, as they are listed on the 1870 Census of Bourbon Co. KS


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Rev. Daniel Wilson's Autobiography  


Late 1800  


NC-IN-Bourbon Co. KS  

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Extracted from an family tree by Terry L. Linthicum