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My parent's families both came from Southern Indiana most recently in Brown and Crawford Counties. I am enjoying tracing the Linthicum family back to Kentucky, North Carolina and Maryland where Thomas Linthicum first appears about 1658.  At one time it was thought he was probably from Wales or Ireland but after in depth research by experts hired by some of the Maryland families, these conclusions by the early Linthicum researchers have been discounted and a safe statement seems to be that Thomas embarked for the Colonies from the British Isles. It appears that my McGuire roots originate in Ireland and John McGuire (1756 IR-1837 KY), who fought in the Revolutionary War, first appears in VA/KY and my McGuire ancestors then migrated to Lawrence, Monroe, Brown and adjacent Indiana counties. While my work on the McGuire family continues, these web pages are a very simplistic attempt to share some of the information and documents I've found in my ongoing efforts to trace my Linthicum roots back to NC and beyond. I ask your patience in clicking and opening the "Links" below to access the various web files which tell the rest of the story as it unfolds in my opinion.

This is the link to  My WorldConnect Tree which will show you the basic information I have compiled on my families: Linthicum/McGuire and Allied Families. I feel that the "Postem" feature at the WorldConnet Tree is an excellent feature and I welcome your contribution of comments/corrections or additional data pertaining to my ancestors. If you are an user, the Worldconnect Tree above is from the same GEDCOM data base and I would be happy for you to review the additional data and documentation that is more accessible through the Ancestry tree and will extend an invitation for direct access upon your request.

I draw heavily on Matilda Badger's Genealogy of the Linthicum & Allied Families, 1939 Link to Matilda Badger's Book and Harry Wright Newman's Anne Arundel Gentry, Lord Baltimore Press, 1933 and other published references for general knowledge of the Linthicum family. Unfortunately, the information about the branch of the family that went to NC is confused and generally lacking. I had set my sights on NC upon discovering records from the 1850 Census forward to his death showing my 2nd Great-grandfather, William A. Linthicum (ca 1824-1877), a Civil War veteran had been born in NC.

Although discovery of the information didn't exactly follow this sequence I am showing my discoveries in reverse chronological order with reference to the family history. After several years of sporadic North Carolina research which centered on Guilford and Randolph Counties, I had come to the conclusion that William A was very likely the son of John W. Linthicum and Diana Causey who both died before 1847 but not until the Dianah Linthicum's Estate Records were finally found and investigated did a series of documents fairly conclusively tie William A Linthicum to his siblings and parents.

In a truly remarkable find through a mass mail effort to Linthicums in Guilford and surrounding counties, I came into the possession of a set of records from the Guilford Circuit of the early Methodist churches which had a "memoir" or eulogy included for John W Linthicum which also named Daniel Linthicum as his father. See this link: Guilford Circuit Minutes and Records

I have every reason to believe that Daniel Linthicum (ca 1770 MD-1849 NC) is the son of Richard Linthicum and Mary Sherwood but I am still in search of better proof of this relationship. Richard and Mary appear to be the original Linthicum NC emigrants coming to NC from MD in the 1780's with Mary's family. As detailed in Linthicum Sherwood Connections , this marriage has only family tradition and a few written references as its documented basis. A fairly recent discovery Linthicum Deeds is very encouraging that someday we will find enough proof to write a history of the family based on what we see in NC as opposed to the way it is currently written by the "experts."

Another record, as found in several compilations had been hiding in  plain sight for years.  There is a very interesting reference to one RICHARD LINTHICUM being a member of the Broad Creek Company of theTalbot Co. Militia in the 1780s. Although, I think I know the answer, I pose the question "Which Richard Linthicum was theTalbot Co. Drummer?"

This brings me to the current state of my Linthicum family research efforts. In addition to finding better proof of Daniel's parents and lacking a single shred of evidence of who the mother of his children might be, I am slowly examining Maryland records to fill gaps and discrepancies in published research order to better document Richard Linthicum's lineage.

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This page belongs to Terry Linthicum aka "fayrankin". Though I will probably never be identified with the words, "highly organized" and "precise", I do strive to collect documentation & sources for the facts and relationships I depict in my family tree. I would be pleased to establish mutually beneficial correspondence with others with interest in these and allied families.

Terry L Linthicum

Green Valley, AZ