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Stockholders of the First National Life and Accident Insurance Company of Pierre, S D.

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This is a list of the stockholders pictured in a small book issued in 1910. According to the book, the portraits and letters reproduced in it are only a partial list of the stockholders.

Mr. Chas. L. Hyde, Pierre SD                     
Hon. C. D. Tidrick, Chamberlain SD
Mr. Albert Wheelon, Pierre SD
Hon. S.W. Clark, Redfield SD
Mr. H.C. Moore, Pierre SD
Mr. T. A. Campbell, Pierre SD
Dr. D. W. Robinson, Pierre SD
Mr. Byron S. Payne, Pierre SD
Hon. A. W. Ewert, Pierre SD
Mr. L. A. Munson, Pierre SD
Hon. Chauncey L. Wood, Rapid City SD
Mr. R. F. Lyons, Vermillion SD     
Mr. J. A. Bushfield, Miller SD
Mr. L. E. Snyder, Onida SD
Mr. WM. J. Harris, Pierre SD
Dr. R. L. Murdy, Aberdeen SD
Mr. W. B. Johnson, Pierre SD
Capt. E. G. Bowen, Rapid City SD
Mr. W. P. Seguin, Aberdeen SD
Mr. T. Rendle-Jones, Aberdeen SD
Mr. W. H. Morgan, Aberdeen SD
Mr. J.J. Price, Aberdeen SD
Mr. Otto E. Wolter, Aberdeen SD
Mr. George Souther, Aberdeen SD
Mr. Perry M. King, Artesian SD
Mr. Llewelyn E. Thomas, Ashton SD
Mr. W. H. Lancaster, Belle Fourche SD
Mr. B. A. Oestreich, Bowdle SD
Mr. P. S. Engelbrecht, Buffalo Gap SD
Mr. August D. Engelbrecht, Buffalo Gap SD
Mr. Henry W. Engelbrecht, Buffalo Gap SD
Mr. Aaron Patterson, Carthage SD
Mr. H. H. Welch, Carthage SD
Dr. C. P. Farnsworth, Chamberlain SD
Mr. N. M. Kramer, Chamberlain SD
Mr. F. L. Kramer, Chamberlain SD
Mr. Alex. Miller, Cresbard SD
Mr. John Davies, Cresbard SD
Mr. R. M. Griffith, Cresbard SD
Mr. John W. Dalzell, Dalzell SD
Mr. Henry Robertson, Dell Rapids SD
Dr. Orson W. Tock, Flushing, Mich
Dr. Charles J. Lavery, Fort Pierre SD
Mr. Julius H. Johnson, Fort Pierre SD
Mr. W. L. Gerow, For Pierre SD
Dr. J. H. Stealy, Freeport, Ill
Mr. P.J. Nepper, Gregory SD
Mr. V. W. Strater, Hermosa SD
Dr. F. E. Walker, Hot Springs  SD
Mr. A. W. Riordan, Hot Springs SD
Mr. Wm. J. Magowan, Hot Springs SD
Mr. John T. Breen, Huron SD
Mr. C. N. McIlvaine, Huron SD
Mr. J. A. Sauer, Huron SD
Mr. W. A. Ritschlag, Huron SD
Mr. Philip Lawrence, Huron SD
Mr. Charles May, Huron SD
Mr. Hugh R. Roberts, Ipswich SD
Mr. F. A. Reynolds, Chamberlain SD
Mr. E. B. Miller, New Underwood SD
Mr. H. A. Needham (no town given)
Mr. Will Spencer, Onida SD
Mr. C. R. Garner, Onida SD
Mr. F. S. Barber, Onida SD
Mr. Noah Newbanks, Pierre SD
Hon. John I. Newell, Pierre SD
Dr. O. N. Hoyt, Pierre SD
Mr. D. A. Stoyer, Pierre SD
Mr. H. W. Dayhoff, Pierre SD
Mr. Morgan Jones, Jr., Plana SD
Mr. Michael Quinn and Mr. Peter Duhamel, Rapid City SD(picture of the two together)
Mr. James Halley, Rapic City SD
Mr. Thos. Sweeney, Rapid City SD
Mr. J.D. Patton, Rapid City SD
Mr. Freeman J. Lewis, Rapid City SD
Mr. Fred H. Rugg, Rapid City, SD
Mr. A.D. Clift, Rapid City SD
Mr. Milton Frease, Rapid City SD
Mr. John C. Haines, Rapid City SD
Mr. J. A. Behrens, Rapid City SD
Mr. Cloyd D. Sterling, Redfield SD
Mr. Milton L. Brenn, Spearfish SD
Mr. Charles Pierson, Spearfish SD
Mr. J. Edgar Jones, Turin NY
Mr. Martin L. Bowen, Viewfield SD
Mr. C. E. Prentis, Vermillion SD
Mr. M. J. Chaney, Wakonda SD
Mr. Gustaf Carl Werth, Warner SD
Mr. William F. Werth, Warner SD
Mr. Orton L. Reed, Wasta SD
Mr. A. L. Wiley, Wellfleet, Mass.
Mr. Robert L. Gernon, Westport SD
Mr. Orville C. Matteson, Westport SD
Mr. Wm. A. Matteson, Westport SD
Mr. Wm. F. Steuerwald, Wolsey SD
Mr. Charles H. Dillon, Yankton SD

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